Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sydney's temperatures hit 30 degrees

Temperatures in Sydney have hit 30 degrees after being the coolest summer in 15 years.

Travellers on flights to Sydney hoping for some sunshine could be pleased to hear the city has finally seen its temperatures increased to over 30 degrees C.

The city had been stuck in the high 20s for much of the summer, staying below 30 for a 60-day stretch.

However, Weatherzone has now reported it has increased past the 30 mark, ending the longest spell under 30 degrees the city has seen for 15 years.

While the summer so far may have seemed a little chilly for many people who live in Sydney, it was still better than the temperatures recorded during the summer of 1952/53, when not one day saw the mercury rise above 30 degrees.

"Today (January 30th 2012) we got a rare burst of northerly winds, which combined with mostly clear skies and a warm air mass," said Weatherzone meteorologist Brett Dutschke.

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Melbourne Food and Wine Festival to host sustainable company

Melbourne's forthcoming Food and Wine event will see a company with an interesting source of sustainable power hosting a stall.

People on flights to Melbourne who attend the city's forthcoming Food and Drink Festival could find that one stall has a very interesting idea on how to power its stand.

The pop-up restaurant from Greenhouse will be run by restaurateur Joost Bakker, who will be making his produce as sustainable as possible by using mustard seed oil to supply power to the stand, Hospitality Magazine reported.

He is also planning to harvest the urine from his customers to use it as fertiliser on his crops ready for the 2013 festival.

"We're building a waterless female urinal - and of course waterless male urinals already exist - and that gets diverted into a storage tank that goes straight to the farm," Mr Bakker explained.

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World's largest silk carpet on show in Dubai

The world's largest silk carpet has been put on display in Dubai as part of a shopping event.

People on flights to Dubai who want to pick up a truly unique memento of their trip could consider picking up the world's largest silk carpet.

The huge carpet is being showcased at the Carpet Oasis in the emirate as part of the ongoing fashion event taking place there, Emirates 24/7 reported.

Priced at $1 million (£635,000), it is the most expensive carpet being displayed at the exhibition.

Every now and then, the most expensive carpet is sold, so that title passes on to the carpet next in line," says Khalid Ahmed Al Muadhin, who helped to organise the show.

Only handmade carpets are allowed to be showcased as part of the Carpet Oasis event, which takes place in Dubai each year.

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Book Flights to Hong Kong to Explore Awing Charms

Hong Kong is one of the most charming travel destinations in the world. With lures like exuberant shopping scene, delectable cuisines, pulsating nights, lavish hotels and attractions galore, the city surely overwhelms the senses!

Ever corner of the city oozes its own brand of indefinable charm. Be it ferry rides amidst mesmerising scenic beauty of Hong Kong’s natural harbour or savouring multi-ethnic cuisines – those taking flights to Hong Kong can be assured of fun-filled holidays here.

Those taking cheap flights to Hong Kong in search of serenity can head to the Wong Tai Sin Temple. With its embellished ornamentation and an eclectic mix of Buddhist, Confucian, and Taoist traditions, this temple offers a spectacular sight to behold!

Shoppers hopping on cheap flights to Hong Kong can aim gratification at the Times Square. In fact, the bargains available here are worth all the scuffles one goes through while buying cheap tickets on flights to Hong Kong.

History buffs catching Hong Kong flights can have their fill at the Hong Kong Museum of History. This is a veritable treasure trove of interesting exhibits dating right back to the prehistoric times of Hong Kong.

Those looking for an escape from Hong Kong’s long lost past can take a stroll through the Statue Square. This place is a window to some of the most flamboyant and iconic edifices that dazzle the skyline in Hong Kong.

Holidays in Hong Kong spell as inexhaustible fun! Be it, the colonial remnants at the Victoria Peak, checking out the magnificent temples, or stepping on the world’s largest escalator, Hong Kong never fails to impress!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Contemporary dance festival planned for Johannesburg

A contemporary dance festival is going to take place in Johannesburg from February 17th.

Holidaymakers on flights to Johannesburg who are interested in contemporary dance have the chance to attend the new Dance Umbrella festival.

Taking place in several locations around the city, the festival will begin on February 17th and will play host to some of the most talented performers from the world of modern dance.

The event begins with a production of the interactive dance and video production of Nelisiwe Xaba and Mocke J Van Veuren's Uncles & Angels at the Goodman Space at Arts on Main.

Other works include a mixed media production of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar reworked by Jay Pather called Qaphela Caesar!, which is being held in the former Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

Running until March 4th, there will be range of other productions taking place exploring a number of different themes.

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Mumbai to see the arrival of new monorail

Soon people will be able to travel around Mumbai by monorail as the arrival of a new route is announced.

Travellers taking flights to Mumbai will soon be able to travel the city and get great views at the same time as it is poised to open its new monorail service.

A 19.5 km corridor of the new monorail network is due to open in the city between Jacob Circle to Chembur, with the service set to open later this year.

Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority(MMRDA) have announced the monorail will be split into two parts, with the Jacob Circle to Wadala section to open in the summer months, followed by the Wadala to Chembur by the end of the year.

"While Mumbai's local train is the backbone of the city's transport system and buses cater to areas where the local train is not available, Monorail and Metro will further strengthen the city's public transport system," a MMRDA official said.

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Line up announced for Cape Town Jazz Festival

The acts set to perform at Cape Town's Jazz Festival have been announced by the organisers.

People taking flights to Cape Town could decide to attend the city's Jazz Festival after the acts set to perform were announced.

Now in its 13th year, the event will see international headliners including Jamaican reggae band Third World playing, with Brooklyn-based performer and producer Marcus Miller also set to take to the stage.

Other acts taking part in the festival across March 30th and 31st at the Cape Town International Convention Centre are set to include Patti Austin and Kevin Mahogany, who will both be attending from the US.

South African performers will also be well represented at the event, with legendary trumpeter and band leader Hugh Masekela set to lead the list of artists from the home nation.

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Grab Flights to Toronto & Explore City’s Top Museums

Toronto is a delightful melting pot boiler of different ethnicities, cultures and traditions. It is a fascinating city that is fully capable of offering you not only the North American charms but also presenting you the Asian enigma and European romanticism!

A visit to top Toronto museums is a nice way to unravel the mystery of this Canadian city. Museums in Toronto take you back in time, make you glide across different continents and introduce you to all sorts of cultures. People from far and wide book flight to Toronto to experience all this and much more.

The Royal Ontario Museum
Referred simply as “The ROM”, Royal Ontario Museum is one enormously popular Toronto attraction! Most of the millions who book flights to Toronto are more often than not found exploring the incredible collection of this magnificent museum. The ROM features scores of enchanting exhibits that mirror the great history and culture of this nation. The museum also organises a wide variety of enrichment programmes for kids and adults alike, making it the perfect holiday stopover for families on a Toronto tour.

The Gardiner Museum
The Gardiner Museum is a treat for ceramic lovers, displaying some of the most exciting creations fashioned out of clay. Located just across the street from the ROM, the Gardiner Museum features exhibits of artists from different pars of the globe. The museum displays ancient as well as contemporary ceramic arts, beguiling art lovers to make reservations on Toronto bound flights.

The Bata Shoe Museum
The Bata Shoe Museum is dedicated to footwear and emphasises on the significance of footwear in the culture. The museum boasts an astonishing permanent collection that ranges from celebrities’ boots to silk shoes from early China. It sure is an interesting attraction to add in the travel itineraries of holiday makers booking cheap flights to Toronto.

The Textile Museum of Canada
The Textile Museum of Canada is yet another tempting addition to the sightseeing schedule of a rover in Toronto. This museum charms tourists with its large assortment of displays as well as by organizing interesting themed exhibitions that show off clothing, carpets and other related stuff from different cultures and eras.

Canadian Air & Space Museum
Tourists with a slightest of hint of interest in the subject will find the Canadian Air & Space Museum an incredible spot! The museum puts on show photos, artefacts and full-size aircraft and replicas, much to the visitor’s intrigue. Canadian Air & Space Museum is surely a place to be after grabbing those cheap flight tickets to Toronto.

Black Creek Pioneer Village
Featuring costumed historical interpreters, Black Creek Pioneer Village is a fantastic duplication of village life in 1800s Ontario. It has a general store that doles out items true to the time, lending a touch of authenticity to the whole scene. Black Creek Pioneer Village also organises programmes on special holidays.

Arthur Conan Doyle Collection
For the ardent fans of Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle Collection at the Toronto Reference Library is as fascinating an attraction as any other in the world! Tucked away on the fifth floor of the library, Arthur Conan Doyle Collection is an incredible gathering of everything and anything that concerns the celebrated author. A huge collection of Sherlock Holmes books can be found stacked in an orderly fashion, giving bursts of joys to interested visitors on a city trip!

MZTV Museum of Television
The MZTV Museum of Television is all about television! The museum claims to have one of the most complete collections of television sets in the North America. Along with television sets of all shapes and sizes, the museum also displays related documents, discs, books, magazines and toys to the visiting public. This museum of television also aims to contribute towards the understanding of the significance and impact of the television.

All Bike Race Day taking place in Cape Town

Motorbike riders in Cape Town will get the chance to race around the track at Killarney for one day this month.

Motorbike fans taking flights to Cape Town could be planning to hire a bike when they arrive in the city in order to take part in the forthcoming All Bike Race Day.

Held at the Killarney Raceway, the date is the only day of the year when motorbike riders are able to take to the track.

Taking place this year on January 28th, there are a wide number of events taking place across the day to attract all riders.

A race for female only riders is held, as well as a lunchtime race for cyclists, proving that the day really is an event for all bikes.

But if you would prefer to sit and watch rather than taking part in any of the races, spectator tickets are available for the day.

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New pier opened in Phuket

People taking a break in Phuket will now be able to enjoy taking a stroll along a new pier.

Travellers taking flights to Phuket will now be able to enjoy taking a walk on a new pier on the city's Coconut Island.

The new bridge was officially opened today (January 23rd 2012) after ten million baht (£204,000) was spent on the project, the Phuket Gazette reported.

Replacing a wooden structure that was in a state of disrepair, the new pier is 170 metres long and three metres wide, with the Phuket Provincial Administration Organization hoping the new bridge will make it easier for people to access the island.

It is estimated between 300 and 500 tourists will use the pier each day in order to spend time on the island, in addition to those who live there and travel to the mainland for school or work.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Celebrate Australia Day in Sydney

Celebrate Australia Day by paying a visit to Sydney's Darling Harbour.

Travellers booking flights to Sydney could be pleased to hear they may be in the city in time to celebrate Australia Day.

Taking place each year on January 26th, one of the most exciting places to celebrate the national day is at the city's Darling Harbour, where a range of events are held.

Each year around 200,000 people descend on the harbour to join in the fun, with a huge number of events taking place across the day.

Visitors can expect to see everything from bands and dancers performing on stages during the day.

In the evening, a parade of tall ships is one of the highlights, with a firework and laser show marking the end of the fun-packed day.

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Celebrate Republic Day in Delhi

Mark one of the most important days on the Indian calendar by celebrating Republic Day in Delhi.

Travellers taking flights to Delhi later this month could arrive in time to join in the city's celebrations of Republic Day.

Taking place on January 26th 2012, the event marks the date the country became an independent republic.

Celebrations are started with a flag raising ceremony in the morning which is watched by the country's president.

It is then followed by a parade of the armed forces, with a floats and performances then coming down the Rajpath to represent the culture of each of the vast nation's states.

Schoolchildren take part in the festivities by dressing up in traditional clothing from each of the regions.

The event is topped off with a flypast by the country's air force, making a dramatic ending to the exciting event.

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Take Flights to Singapore and Revel in Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island, the Asia’s Favourite Playground is a true asset of Singapore. A visit to this mesmerizing resort island completes one’s holidays to the island country. Brimming with immaculate beaches, intriguing aquariums, striking amusement parks, lush gardens, lavish hotels and world-beating attractions, Sentosa Island is devoid of nothing! The island is 30 minutes drive from airport and is conveniently accessible.

Sentosa Island is undoubtedly one of the popular attractions that lure holidaymakers to make mind for air travel to Singapore. Read on and get acquainted with some of the enchanting gems of the island resort that holds the essence of Singapore.

Siloso Beach
Siloso Beach is an uber-cool beach of Sentosa Island that exudes joie de vivre and make for a perfect beach destination. Replete with glitzy bars and restaurants and vast volleyball grounds, the beach offers a wide scope to revel in ecstasy and joy. Besides, travel buffs hopping on cheap flights to Singapore can indulge in myriads of fun activities including kayaking, cycling and rollerblading.

Universal Studios, Singapore
Universal Studios - Singapore, the movie and TV based theme park, is a major attraction in Resort World Sentosa that truly pays off for the money spent on tickets for flights to Singapore. Home to fascinating rides and spellbinding attractions, the theme park beguiles its guest with lures like Shrek 4-D Adventure, Madagascar: A Crate Adventure, Revenge of the Mummy, Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure and Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN vs. CYLON.

Songs of the Sea
Songs of the Sea is a veritable treat for visitors netting tickets on flights to Singapore. The enchanting show, embracing spellbinding performances, implausible dramatic effects and outstanding pyrotechnics, bewilders one to the hilt.

Images of Singapore
A trip to Images of Singapore is an ideal way to experience the captivating essence of this city-state. It is an award-wining attraction that portrays the diverse cultural, exciting values and customs of the island-country. Images of Singapore is a rite of passage for cultural buffs taking cheap flights to Singapore. Visitors can take delight in multimedia displays and feast their eyes on multi-screen presentations and enthralling tableau at the museum.

Underwater World and Dolphin Lagoon
Underwater World and Dolphin Lagoon tour is like a mystifying sojourn to ocean. Located in Siloso Point, the oceanarium boasts an impressive array of over 2,500 creatures including tropical fishes, crabs, sharks and more. An imposing walk-through tunnel and a fascinating dolphin show are among the popular attractions of Underwater World.

Fort Siloso
Fort Siloso in Siloso Point flaunts the stimulating array of World War II memorabilia and is an apt repository for historical aficionados grabbing flights to island-country. Located at the actual site of army barracks, the fort contains an old tunnel and is brimming with ancient objects, film clips and photographs.

Skyline Luge Sentosa
Skyline Luge is the first luge built in Southeast Asia and is decidedly a must-do thing for every traveller. The thrilling ride of a non-motorised, three-wheel carrier leaves every visitor craving for more.

Friday, January 20, 2012

See in Chinese New Year in Melbourne

Anyone heading to Melbourne is in for a treat if they head to the Chinese New Year celebrations.

Travellers taking flights to Melbourne could be in for a treat if they head along to the city's Chinese New Year celebrations.

Taking place in China Town on January 29th 2012, the celebrations will herald in the start of the year of the dragon in the ancient calendar.

As well as the exciting street performances and delicious foods on offer from stands along the roads, there will also be the amazing sight of the Chinese dragon.

Carried by 80 people, the Dai Loong is 92 metres long and it is considered lucky to touch the dragon as it passes by.

The city's celebration is known to be one of the largest in the country, with people from all backgrounds coming out to enjoy the colourful celebrations.

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Celebrate Republic Day in Delhi

Mark one of the most important days on the Indian calendar by celebrating Republic Day in Delhi.

Travellers taking flights to Delhi later this month could arrive in time to join in the city's celebrations of Republic Day.

Taking place on January 26th 2012, the event marks the date the country became an independent republic.

Celebrations are started with a flag raising ceremony in the morning which is watched by the country's president.

It is then followed by a parade of the armed forces, with a floats and performances then coming down the Rajpath to represent the culture of each of the vast nation's states.

Schoolchildren take part in the festivities by dressing up in traditional clothing from each of the regions.

The event is topped off with a flypast by the country's air force, making a dramatic ending to the exciting event.

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See the best music at Auckland's Big Day Out festival

Some of the world's biggest bands are set to perform in Auckland later this month.

People on flights to Auckland could make a last minute hunt for tickets to this year's Big Day Out festival in the city.

The huge event takes place across New Zealand and Australia each year and starts in Auckland on January 20th 2012.

It will see some of the world's biggest bands take to the stage, with headline performances expected from the likes of Kanye West, Kasabian and Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds.

There are also many local bands from each of the host cities performing, which could provide the perfect opportunity to be introduced to some brilliant new talent during your stay in the city.

Tickets are priced at NZ$160 (£83) for the one-day festival and doors open at 11:00 local time.

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Most popular holiday activities in Bali

The city of Bali adorns the island of Indonesia with its charisma, sophistication and splendour, luring hordes of visitors and flabbergasting with its unique appeal, which the city boasts of. This wonderful city offers ultimate surfing, amazing diving, incredible dining and eclectic shopping – every quintessential ingredient for perfect holidays. This tropical paradise is surely a dream city for those looking to ride the waves, dive deep into the sea, indulge in languid lounging, take in the tranquil surroundings or enjoy soul stirring shopping and dinning.

Bali boasts some of the best beaches with tropical white sands, swaying palm grooves and astounding waves. Some of the most frequented Bali beaches are Kuta, Nusa Dua, Uluwatu and Jimbaran Beach. Other less travelled beaches offer a unique ‘mystic beach’ feeling. Dotted with hotels and seafood restaurants, the sun-drenched Bali beaches offer some prominent diving and surfing sites to attract a range of vacationers, from the advanced surfer to the recreational enthusiasts, tempting them to book flights to Bali.

The varied topography of this wonderful city offers varied and widespread diving sites, micro to massive. The best diving spots are based around the east and north of the island with other dive spots on the islands of Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan. The fantastic diving spots with multi-coloured coral reefs and teeming marine life lure divers to book flights to Bali to partake in amazing diving trips around the stunning island.

Surfers hanker to book tickets on cheap flights to Bali to haunt the top-notch surfing sites to master the waves and penetrate the tubes. While Kuta is one of the most popular surfing sites with some of the most difficult surfs, Uluwatu remains high on serious surfer’s destination list with strong surfs that break on the reefs. Nusa Dua peninsula offers some of the nicest reefs that provide good waves for surfing. Bali, with its divulging oceans and amazing breakers lures surfers - from beginners to serious surfers.

For many tourists taking cheap flights to Bali, shopping tops the itinerary and the to-do-list. Bargaining in markets, shops and art shops is normal practice in this shoppers' paradise. From international labels to artistic handicraft - the eternal shopping spree here makes shoppers go woozy with an amazing variety of things to shop for. Avid shoppers can choose to take a shopping tour to Jenggala Keramik or Konderatu to pick up unique souvenirs to decorate their mantelpieces. Various shopping precincts around Candidasa Beach, Denpasar and Kuta Beach promise to sweep shoppers who travel the avenues!

The wide range of restaurants, eateries and local food joints in Bali caters to the culinary preferences and needs of travellers with varied taste and budgets. From traditional Balinese seafood to European style pizzerias, burger joints and steakhouses - food connoisseurs taking flights to this gourmet’s haven are surely spoilt for choice! The tempting and eclectic menu of full-flavoured and subtle cuisines like bebek betutu, nasi goring and mie goring certainly make for a culinary fanfare in Bali.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Emirates expands capacity to Durban

Emirates has announced it is planning to increase its services to South Africa by using larger planes to Durban.

Emirates has announced it will be adding more capacity on it flights to Durban in response to the high demand for the service from its passengers.

The carrier announced it will be commencing the larger flights to the city's King Shaka International Airport as its customers are asking for more seats to the city from the United Arab Emirates.

A 354-seat Boeing 777-Extended Range aircraft will now be used on the route, rather than the Airbus A330-200 which is currently used, a move which will increase the airline's capacity by around 30 per cent.

Jean-Luc Grillet, Emirates senior vice-president for commercial operations in Africa, said: "We have experienced positive growth which we attribute to a growing recognition of this city as a popular tourist destination and one of the key trading hubs in South Africa."

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Extra rail services announced for Hyderabad

People travelling to Hyderabad will now have the option of more train services out of the city.

People taking flights to Hyderabad planning to take a trip on the famous Indian railway out of the city now have the option of catching more services.

The railways authority has announced it is extending the Hyderabad-Ajmer Weekly Special, Hyderabad-Kolhapur CSMT Special and Secunderabad-Jaipur Special, which extra trains added to all of these routes, the Times of India reported.

Trains on the Hyderabad-Ajmer route will now leave on a Friday evening, while the Hyderabad-Kolhapur CSMT Special will leave the city on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, with the journeys set to commence on January 18th 2012.

More journeys have also been added to the Secunderabad-Jaipur Weekly Special, with trains departing on a Monday morning.

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Bangkok counts down to start of Futsal contest

Bangkok has begun the countdown to the opening of the Fifa Futsal World Cup at the end of the year.

People taking flights to Bangkok at the end of the year in order to attend the Fifa Futsal World Cup could be excited to hear the city has started the countdown to the event.

A ceremony was held in the city to mark the unveiling of the official logo and mascot for the upcoming tournament, with the slogan Siamese Smile announced for the contest.

The competition between 24 international teams will run from November 2nd to 18th 2012, with the final taking place at the new stadium in Bangkok's Nong Chok district.

Prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra said hosting the World Cup was a great opportunity for the country.

"There are a lot of people who play futsal in Thailand and the event should encourage more people to play sports in general and futsal in particular," Mr Shinawatra added.

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Casablanca is the most popular destination in Morocco

Find cheapest offers on cheap flights to Casablanca from United kingdom for popular destination in new year 2012.

Casablanca is one of the most glorious and dazzling city of Morocco, travelers travel each year making this city one of the top attractions in the Morocco. This beautiful destination is a home to so many attractions and attracts most of the art lovers because of her natural and scenic beauty. Thus cheap flights to Casablanca can lead you to this destination and famous hotspots and can be a source of delight and comfort during your air travel to this shining destination. The tourism industry has a major role in the economy of the city and the government on the other hand also facilitates and promotes the travel and tourism in the city.

The weather and the climatic conditions in this city are considered to be quite assisting and helpful for the travelers and visitors. The beautiful scenery, lovely and charming beaches and some quite and relaxed paces make this city a hotspot for foreign tourists. There are so many flights to Casablanca flying from United Kingdom for tourists and the business professionals as well.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Young designers event taking place in Dubai

Some of the best new fashion designers to come from Berlin and Dubai will be showcasing their work in the emirate.

People taking flights to Dubai who are interested in the latest names from the world of fashion could be interested to hear a showcase of some up and coming designers will be taking place in the emirate.

Young designers from Berlin and Dubai will be showcasing their creations at the event, taking place in the Arab state on January 23rd 2012, Trade Arabia reported.

Held at the Pavilion Downtown Dubai, it forms part of the Berlin-Dubai Festival, which took place at the end of last year.

The clothes on show have been developed by a group of four Emirati designers, as well as four Berliners, who have worked together to create a line that incorporates the influences of the two locations.

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Giant crab on show in Sydney

A giant crab at an aquarium in Sydney has grown even more since it was first put on display to the public.

People taking flights to Sydney could decide to pay a visit to the city's aquarium in order to see one of its faster-growing residents.

The aquarium has only had the Japanese spider crab on display for three months, but already it has grown by an impressive 15 cm, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

The crab, which is known as Sake, was measured for the first time since it arrived and its startling rate of growth was found.

As the creature is still only a juvenile, it is predicted it is likely to reach the upper limit of its estimated leg span, which is up to four metres.

"The Japanese spider crabs are a hugely exciting species of crab to have welcomed to the attraction and their significant progress highlights that they are comfortable and relaxed in their new home," said Martin Garwood, senior aquarist at Sydney Aquarium.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dubai 'to mark Car Free Day'

People heading to Dubai this week could find there are far fewer cars on the roads than usual.

Travellers taking flights to Dubai this week could find when they arrive there is a big reduction in the number of cars on the roads.

This is because the emirate is one of the places around the world to mark Car Free Day on January 18th 2012.

Car Free Day was introduced by the Dubai Municipality and it has since become globally recognised.

It was created to encourage people to think responsibly about their local communities and do what they can to cut down on the number of vehicles which take to the streets each day.

Hussain Nasser Lootah, director general of Dubai Municipality, said: "We expect this year to achieve more environmental benefits from the initiative due to the cooperation and added efforts of other government department."

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Bollywood star 'loves performing in Delhi'

A Bollywood performer has spoken about how much he loves to perform when he is in Delhi.

People taking flights to Delhi could find they enjoy spending time in Delhi as much as Bollywood star Raja Chaudhary.

Chaudhary gave a performance in the city on New Year's Eve at Rajouri Garden and told the Times of India that he loved every minute of it.

It was the second consecutive year he had performed at the city's new year festivities and said it once again proved to be a very special concert for him.

"I love performing in Delhi. An upbeat crowd actually charges you when you perform," Chaudhary added.

He added that the great start to the new year had filled him full of optimism for the months ahead and he wants to put any negative news stories from the past behind him and focus on having an upbeat and productive 2012.

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Cool and breezy beach tours to Casablanca in Morocco

The Casablanca city is an excellent mix the culture of French heritage, Arabic customs and Spanish. The Casablanca is pride on its grand royal architecture, unique attractions and fabulous sights. This is a gorgeous location to splurge a holiday. This multi ethnic environment pulls loads tourists to take the flights to Casablanca from United Kingdom to unearth the mystic charm of the city. The tourist accommodation facilities are also abundant and reliable. Among the various tours of Casablanca, the beach tours are very much liked. If you also like to enjoy slightly a chill beach vacation, then the springtime is the best take cheap flights to Casablanca to pleasure the cool blue waters in Casablanca.

Ain Diab Beach Casablanca

The exact position of Casablanca is on the banks of Atlantic side of the ocean. Ain Diab is the chief beach of Casablanca and welcomes the more international tourists through the cheap flights to Casablanca. It is a little journey from the city center, several modern beach bars exist to entertain its guests. Ain Diab is a stretch of beach that is easily more than a mile.

Bouznika Beach Casablanca

Bouznika Beach is located between the Casablanca and neighboring city, Rabat. Distinct from Ain Diab Beach, still preserves some of its Moroccan allure and draws many locals and tourists identically through the cheap flights to Casablanca. Bouznika beach is best for surfing and swimming activities and long walks upon a fresh sandy beach, sunbathing and enjoying the cool atmosphere are also the popular activities of Bouznika.

Agadir Beach Casablanca

Agadir beach is an awfully admired tourist destination as it is nestled in a curved shaped bay, it is privileged by surrounding hills. This is quite enjoyable during winter. Taking the flights to Casablanca and spending your vacations involve several activities and water sports including water skiing, swimming, sailing, surfing, and windsurfing.

Luxurious Holiday Homes at Marrakech in Morocco

Marrakech is famous for its pink-tinged landscape, palm trees, the medina and enormous traditional souks. This is also home to the incredible Djemaa el Fna, a market place recognized for its musicians, performers and storytellers. You can spend days here just hanging out and absorbing the unique energy. However, once you start feeling frazzled by a day exploring the Marrakech city, this is important to have a somewhere peaceful to relax. Here is a roundup of some luxurious holiday in Marrakech, get offers on cheap flights to Marrakech.

Marrakech lies in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains and is brimming with luxurious and well-priced holiday homes and boutique hotels in city. Beautiful and magical, a trip to Marrakech is like stepping back in time.

The holiday homes go, this one hits the spot, Kitted out with everything needed for a relaxing vacation in the sun, there is a jacuzzi, ornate courtyard, outdoor pool, terrace with banana and orange trees, sun bed, wifi, maid service and on-call treatments on offer. Managing to combine its original arabesque style with modern amenities, it is a cosy and authentic riad if ever there was one.

Just a stone throw away from the hustle and bustle of the city Marrakech, a Riad Porte Royale is a traditional riad near the mosque of Sidi-bel-Abbès, this chic retreat is a holiday homes with a touch of class. Fully staffed and with a stylish outdoor pool, the Riad Porte Royale is ideal for little escapades into the city combined with luxurious relaxation in Marrakech.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Hyderabad Literary Festival poised to begin

Hyderabad is set to see the start of its literary festival, with some big name authors expected in attendance.

Visitors on flights to Hyderabad on the hunt for a good book could be spoilt for choice if they pay a visit to the city's Literary Festival.

Beginning in the city on January 16th, the event is now in its second year and had built on the success of last year by getting some successful writers to attend the three-day expo.

Amita Desai, executive director of Goethe-Zentrum Hyderabad, which is organising the festival, explained it is important for promoting literacy and getting the city on the map as a cultural destination.

Some of the international writers set to attend this year include Mark Tully, Meena Alexander and Rahul Pandita, with many others to offer talks on their works at the free event.

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Take flights to Bali For Epical Diving and Surfing Adventures

Mere mention of Bali, the ‘Island of the Gods’, conjures up the images of volcanic hilltops, sun-kissed beaches, verdant tropical jungles and swaying palm grooves. While the stunning tapestry of natural vistas and entertaining activities soothe the senses, a wide range of incredible global and local cuisines make one a bon vivant!

Heaps of activities that surely spice up the holidays and keeps tourists taking flights to Bali engaged and entertained ranges from exciting shopping tour to thrilling diving trips. However, surfing and diving are by far the most sought after activities that entice tourists to look for cheap flights to Bali.

Diving is one of the most coveted activities here that lure divers from across the borders to book tickets on cheap flights to Bali. The divulging ocean offer extensive coral reefs and magnificent marine life for to charm divers of all ages and likes. Divers taking flights to Bali to explore the spectacular marine life can partake in drop off walls diving, wreck diving and drift diving at some of the top-notch sites like Nusa Lembongan, Sanur and Amed.

The surf is always up on the Island of the God's! Bali has become a compelling stopover for divers taking international flights to Indonesia for surfing. With so many exotic locations available, Bali's coastline provides an ideal place for surfing. Reef breaks, lagoons and varying conditions offer great waves for both veteran surfers and newbies. Kuta beach is Bali's major surfing beach that caters to both tyros and mavens. However, die hard surfers looking for some more serious surfing can travel to Uluwatu beach, which offers the most challenging surfing options.

Shopping and Dining are other good options that you may try during your holidays in Bali. There are hundreds of shopping options that you would love to visit during the tour. And if you are hungry after long air travel, shopping or you are a food lovers of tasty foods then here are good dinning option for you.

Spa and Massages are the best one to try during your holidays. Bali is very popular among global travellers for its spa and massages techniques and services. If you are in Bali then it is a must to try. These high-end Spas exhibit contemporary Balinese designs and award a romantically luxurious atmosphere to their guests. You will be delighted with Spa and Massages services there.

Have great holidays in Bali.

Make enjoy in Marrakesh on holidays

Book your cheap flights to Marrakech from London on new year holidays with cheapest airfares.

The Palmeraie in Marrakech is not only talk about a neighbourhood, but rather about a forest, a huge garden planted with thousands of palm trees located on the outskirts of Marrakech. This oasis has been reduced considerably in the last few years due to indiscriminate tree felling and to abusive constructions.

There is now a legislation that protects these palm trees, original inhabitants of this area that has become the property of millionaires and celebrities of all nationalities. Politicians, fashion designers, Hollywood actors and actresses and all kinds of cool people spend their on new year holidays in this stunning area in Marrakech city, isolated from the noisy traffic and the metropolitan chaos, and also quite safe from bumping into the true the Morocco. In the Palmeraie, there are many private residences surrounded by high walls, so that the intimacy and isolation of homes and gardens is guaranteed.

Go to Marrakech and enjoy its wonderful the Palmeraie, full of life, history and entertainments. The Ochre City offers on culture and a fascinating tradition, monuments and countless tourist attractions, as well as a delightful gastronomy and the widest range of shopping opportunities for tourists.

Emirates announces Dubai flights from Glasgow

Passengers will soon have a choice of flights to Dubai from Glasgow with Emirates.

Passengers wishing to take flights to Dubai from Scotland will soon have the choice of booking a trip from Glasgow.

Emirates has announced it is to start running the route between the Scottish city and the Middle East as of June 1st 2012 in addition to the once a week journey that is already made by the carrier.

The carrier has announced it will be increasing the number of flights it offers following the success of its first route.

"Our Glasgow route has been a real success story and we are extremely confident that there is the demand for additional services flying east to Dubai and onward to our global network," said Laurie Berryman, Emirates vice-president for the UK and Ireland.

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Casablanca is a great historical city in Morocco

Casablanca has a great historical significance and is more popular amongst the tourists for more notable sights, a bustling city which tempts an agglomeration of people to take cheap flights to Casablanca to observe the magnificence and elegance of the city.

Casablanca is situated on the plain of Chawiya which is known to be the breadbasket of the Morocco. It was established in the 7th century by Berbers and served the purposes of a port in the Roman era. The Hassan Al Wazan in his book Wasf Afriquia has declared Anfa as a great city which was founded by the Romans. He was also believed that Anfa was the most prosperous city on the Atlantic coast because of its fertile land. The Casablanca has gained much fame because of its only natural attraction which is Bouskoura forest, which is a perfect escape from the busy and noisy life of the city.

The most striking feature of the Casablanca is the New Town that was modelled by a famous French architect Henri Prost. The New Town is also called as the Ville Nouvelle and radiates east and south from the area, where the main market of Anfa was located. New Town is considered to be the most distinguished and impressive region of the Morocco as it is bordered by luxurious hotels and numerous administrative buildings whose designs are the blend of Art Deco and Hispano Mauresque styles.

The remarkable and note-worthy landmark in Casablanca is Hassan II Mosque whose architecture was devised by Michel Pinseau and is located on that mass of land which overlooks the Atlantic, visible through an elephantine glass-floor that owns a number of rooms for visitors.

RuPaul taking act to Melbourne

Melbourne is set to see the inimitable RuPaul performing in the city.

Travellers on flights to Melbourne could have a fabulous experience if they head to see RuPaul in the city.

The world famous drag queen is said to be planning to bring her Red Hot show to the Australian city, the Herald Sun reported.

She is poised to perform a show after headlining at this year's Sydney's Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

It is expected the Supermodel of the World performer will be playing several dates in the city, although the exact times and venues are yet to be confirmed.

RuPaul has earned herself a huge cult following since bursting on to the scene in the 1980s and has gone on to have a make up line produced in collaboration with MAC cosmetics.

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81 year old jumps Auckland bungee

An 81-year-old woman has jumped the Auckland bungee jump twice.

People on flights to Auckland concerned about doing the city's famous bungee jump could take courage from the story of one octogenarian.

Wilmina van Hoof has taken on the jump despite being 81 years old and enjoyed it so much that she did it twice, Stuff.co.nz reported.

Mrs van Hoof was excited and told the newspaper she loved the experience, something that was overheard by an anonymous donor who paid for her to do it again.

"I felt like I was flying like an eagle, it was everything I imagined and more," she said.

However, her daughter Tia O'Reilly was not so sure, who said she was a "wreck" during the jump but thought her mum was an "inspiration".

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sydney to host huge Chinese New Year celebrations

Sydney is set to kick off Chinese New Year in style with a huge party to mark the event.

Travellers on flights to Sydney could be treated to some of the most exciting Chinese New Year celebrations they have ever seen as the city is planning a huge event this year.

City authorities have pledged this year's event on January 20th 2012 will be the biggest of its kind seen outside of China.

The City of Sydney Council announced there will be a total of 80 events taking place around the city to mark the start of the year of the dragon.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore explained the celebrations also have an important message this year as the event will promote the plight of the endangered komodo dragon.

To raise awareness, the events will be held in collaboration with the Taronga Foundation.

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Delhi pedestrians 'to receive rewards'

Being careful when crossing the street in Delhi could reap rewards.

People crossing the road after taking flights to Delhi could bear in mind the importance of keeping safe, as it may see them picking up a reward.

In an attempt to promote the safety of pedestrians in the city, the traffic police have devised the idea of offering prizes worth 5,000 rupees (£61) for people who use the capital's many footbridges.

People that use the bridges at peak times will be handed leaflets and a prize draw will be conducted, with the holders of the winning tickets to be given the money.

Coupons were first handed out from January 1st 2012 as part of Road Safety Week, with Satyendra Garg, joint commissioner of Delhi's traffic police, explaining nearly 20,000 were given to people in the first week alone.

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Luxurious Hotels In Marrakech

Book cheap flights to Marrakech from United Kingdom on new year holidays.

The Marrakech is an exotic city, the first thing that comes in mind is Jemaa el-Fna, the city is renowned town square and in market place. During the day you will find numerous snake charmers, monkeys, and roadside shops filling up the streets of the Marrakech, whereas at night the atmosphere is completely different - thundering drum beats with dancing acrobats, and the smell of fresh mint tea and freshly cooked Moroccan cuisines fill up the air. With increasing number of visitors to visiting The Marrakech city each year the numbers of Marrakech hotels have also gone up.

The Terre Resort & Spa Hotel is 5-star accommodation is just a couple of kilometers away from the Marrakech city centre and quite close to popular tourist destinations like The Place of the Dead, Souk de la Medina, and Jamaa Lafna Medina. Terre Resort and Spa Hotel has offers a number of facilities to its guests like 24-hour laundry service, restaurant and food facilities, fitness center, and swimming pool. If you like to play golf, then you can also try this hotel is very own mini golf yard.

The Ryad Mogador Marrakech Hotel is looking for a budget accommodation with good facilities, then Ryad Mogador Marrakech Hotel is a good option. One of the most beautiful amongst other Marrakech hotels this 3-star boarding house is a bit closer to Marrakech city center. The hotel offers several amenities like in-house market, baby cots, and a 24-hour laundry service. The Ryad Mogador Marrakech Hotel has its own swimming pool and you can also use the hotel's internet access and currency exchange facilities also.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sydney 'named top Australian destination'

Sydney has been named as the best place to visit in Australia for the second time.

More people could be planning to book flights to Sydney soon after the city was named as the best place to visit in Australia.

The city was named as the top place to visit in a poll carried out by accommodation website Wotif.com, which saw Melbourne held back in second place, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

In addition, the Gold Coast was ranked in third place and Brisbane followed soon behind, being named the fourth best location to visit in Australia.
"It's great to see everyone managed to maintain their spots, particularly in some of the smaller regions," said Megan Magill from the website.

However, Queensland was the big winner of the survey, as it had eight destinations named in the top 20 places.

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The Casablanca is popular city in Morocco

Find holiday offers on cheap flights to Casablanca from United kingdom in the year 2012.

If you are looking for a superb holiday climate, untouched sandy beaches, picturesque fishing and mountain villages, than you should think about Casablanca in Morocco. The Casablanca is a beautiful city.

It is the major city where visiter growth has been at its highest most notably, in Casablanca. The Casablancas strategic location has made it Moroccos largest port and the countrys economic capitol. It has been called the gateway to North Africa, and as such attracted interest from the major European powers in the early 20th century.

The Casablanca is an icon of Arabian mystery and ancient beauty crated in luxury. Spread across a massive expanse of land Casablanca is embraced by four adjacent compounds, with villas that offer residents the most modern and comforting amenities that redefine the art of living and capture the next generation in comfort. The designs, colors and landscaping represent attention to detail - personified. This Casablanca property with its designer apartments and gorgeous locations.

The Marrakech is the second largest city in Morocco

Book beaches offers on cheap flights to Marrakech to visit once in second largest city in Morocco.

The Marrakech is situated in south west Morocco at the foothills of the Atlas Mountains. The city is known as the Red City after the magnificent red fortifications that surround it.

Marrakech has an exotic traditional atmosphere and is home to the largest square in Africa, namely the Djemaa al Fna which comes alive during the day with acrobats, water sellers, dancers and musicians and by night becomes a huge outdoor restaurant, with numerous food stalls selling traditional Moroccan cuisine.

Generally the Marrakech property inside, are decked out in traditional fittings, with arches and fountains prominent; although several foreign owners of property in the Marrakech are now taking a more modern approach. Indeed, of the 400 riad-hotels that the Moroccan tourist board says exist in the medina, around 30% are foreign owners of the Marrakech properties. On the whole, this has been a recent trend a small, unrenovated riad in Marrakech would have cost around 300,000 Moroccan dirham (25,000) in 1998, whereas today the same Marrakech riad would fetch closer to a million dirham and three million if tastefully refurbished.

And also dont forget about the Mediterranea Saidia, which aims to be an entirely self-sufficient five star holiday resort, with all of about the beach, sports and leisure facilities of any self-respecting up-market resort of the 21st century.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Thailand 'one of the world's best destinations'

More people could be booking flights to Thailand soon as it has been named one of the world's best destinations.

An increase in the number of people taking flights to Thailand could be seen soon following the news the country has been named one of the best places in the world to visit.

In the annual awards from Conde Nast Traveler, the Asian nation was named as the fourth best country to visit, an impressive increase on its 19th place ranking in 2010.

The nation was only ranked behind Italy, the US and Turkey in terms of desirability as a place to holiday.

In addition, the country also performed well for its islands, with Koh Samui rating fifth and Phuket coming 13th in the best islands category.

People heading to the country are also guaranteed a reception to remember, as the country was ranked by the magazine's readers as offering the warmest welcome to travellers.

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Celebrate Children's Day in Phuket

Phuket is set to host a series of events to mark this year's Children's Day.

Holidaymakers taking flight to Phuket with small children could be pleased to hear the city is set to host a series of events in honour of this year's Children's Day.

The event takes place annually in Thailand on the second Saturday in January, which will this year be on January 14th 2012 this year.

In order to mark the special event, Phuket Fantasea will be offering free entry to Fantasea Village from 15:00 to 17:00 local time.

There will also be a range of events taking place at the Central Festival Phuket Exhibition Hall, where there will be a bouncy castle, children's singing contest and concerts by Thai performers.

Children who like learning about planes could enjoy a day out at Phuket International Airport, where there will be an airshow by the Royal Thai Air Force.

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Wine festival to begin in Mumbai

The annual wine festival is set to begin in Mumbai to showcase some of India's best produce.

Wine fans could be planning to take flights to Mumbai in the coming days as the city is poised to host its annual festival dedicated to the drink.

The York Festival is set to begin in the city on January 20th 2012 but those who are planning to attend need to be quick getting hold of tickets, as there will only be a limited number available, the Hindustan Times reported.

Speaking about the event, organiser and owner of York Wintery Ravi Gurnani told the newspaper he has high hopes for its second year.

"The weather's great and it coincides with the vintage season, so we decided to host the festival and celebrate the kick-starting of another year’s wine making," he said.

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Traveling to Casablanca - Book cheap flights online

The Casablancas mild Mediterranean climate and beautiful architecture make it one of the most desirable locales in the world. This city is as surprising as it is beautiful. While it doesnt conform to Hollywoods version, here you will find the citys own secrets and treasures and realize that the Casablanca is much more than you were expecting.

The Casablanca is fast gaining popularity as one of the most sought after travel destinations in the world. Characterized by a cocktail of religions and languages, ancient culture and modern sensibilities, this city is a fascinating land replete with majestic natural beauty. With cheap flights to Casablanca being available online all through the year, thousands of travelers reach its coasts from around the world to explore the yet unexplored facets of this city. Research the Internet to find the best deals as you book your flights along with a hotel to get maximum bang for your buck. Here are some of the best Casablanca hotels that provide travelers with an unforgettable stay amidst the most luxurious surroundings and best of services and facilities.

The Casablanca is the hottest city that boasts of ultra luxurious and world class hotels and resorts characterized by the most beautiful and exquisite architecture. Check out the most elegant Royal Mansour Meridien that is located right in the heart of the city. Welcoming a slew of both business and leisure for travelers.

Various modes of transportation in Canada

The largest country in North America and the second largest country in the world, Canada is extremely vast. Replete with untouched natural splendour, blend of different cultures and rich history, the mesmerizing country drives millions of holidaymakers to dig for low-cost tickets for flights to Canada.

Canada boasts over 500 airports and about 800 unpaved landing strips. The country is well connected to UK and there is no dearth of direct flights to Canada. Major airlines like British Airways, Air Canada and Air Transit operate over 40 flights from London to Toronto everyday. Air Canada offers direct flight from London to Calgary, Montréal, Vancouver and Halifax while British Airways serves to Montreal and Vancouver.

Due to the sprawling area of Canada, it may be an onerous job to move around the region. There are numerous modes of transport like planes, cars, buses and trains at one’s disposal, but it is essential for one to get acquainted with a right way of utilising these.

By Plane
Air travel is the best option to get around the sprawling country. Flying between the different cities of Canada is comparatively cheaper than bus or train. The country is brimming with numerous airlines that ensure comfortable and fast travel. Air Canada is a major national carrier that has a largest network. The carrier also offers most frequent schedules for travellers on Canadian tour.

Apart from this, there are many other companies like Air Transat, Zoom and discount airline WestJet that make for a perfect choice to trip the country.

By Car
If you are sharing the costs with others, then renting a car in Canada is undeniably an economical alternative. One can find countless companies, strewn all over the country, that offer cheap car rentals. But one has to stay conscious of all the rules and regulations. Heed the traffic rules while driving into Canada and keep your home driver’s license, registration papers of a vehicle and proof of liability insurance. Gasoline is not cheap in Canada and it is sold on the basis of litre.

There are several points along the border where the Canadian highway system directly links with continental USA. Canada has two major highway routes cross Canada east to west. Highway 1 is a four-lane Trans-Canada Highway (TCH) that links over 10 provinces of Canada and runs from Victoria (British Columbia) to St. John's, Newfoundland. The other one is Yellowhead Highway (Hwy. 16) that connects Winnipeg to Prince Rupert.

By Bus
Holidaymakers travelling on cheap flights to Canada can also make use of intercity buses available between major metropolises. Best services are provided within the Quebec City – Windsor Corridor. Coach Canada is one of the best bus services in Southeastern Ontario and Southern Quebec that provide safe travel. The popular one is Greyhound that Canada that offer great services and covers the Toronto - Ottawa route, the Montreal - Ottawa route and between Toronto and south-western Ontario. Orleans Express is another effective alternative that offer secure bus services for travellers hopping on flights to Canada.

In Canada, the license of running a particular route is given to only one company and there is no competition among providers. Most of the companies charge higher prices for the services.

By train
Least but not the last, vacationers taking flights to Canada can also avail the country’s passenger rail services. Train ride is the finest mode for travellers having penchant for scenic vistas. The three-day train ride between Toronto and Vancouver that passes through the magnificent Canadian prairies and the Rocky Mountains.

Travelling in train is quite expensive and consumes much longer than car or plane. It is better to make preparations ahead of time in order to get the lower fares.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Dubai prepares for launch of Shopping Festival 2012

Shoppers heading to Dubai will find plenty to keep them interested in the coming days.

Travellers taking flights to Dubai may want to make sure they have some extra space in their suitcases as the emirate is poised to launch its Shopping Festival 2012.

The month-long event will kick off this evening (January 5th 2012) with a huge fireworks display that will stretch around six kilometres from Business Bay to Dubai Creek and Sindaghah.

People visiting will have a huge number of attractions to choose from to keep them entertained, with the Global Village set to be one of the most popular events again this year, showcasing the work of a number of companies and offering entertainment from circus performers.

Other highlights include performances from a range of international stars and raffles which will give away amazing prizes, including a Nissan car every day.

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Phuket Airport plans extension project

Phuket Airport has announced it is planning to carry out large extension works.

Travellers taking flights to Phuket could soon be heading into a terminal as the airport has revealed it has plans to expand.

Phuket International Airport has announced it will be able to receive as many as 12.5 million visitors each year by 2014 after its work to enlarge the site are completed.

Thailand's deputy transport minister Kittisakdi Hathasongkorh said the runway would be expanded by 700 metres to allow the new superjumbos to land at the airport, while the terminal will also be expanded to cope with the rising passenger numbers.

The plans to expand the runway were confirmed in 2008 but it is thought completing the project will require either neighbouring hills to be levelled or land to be reclaimed from the sea.

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Phuket 'to celebrate Jewish festival for the first time'

Phuket is set to play host to the celebration of Passover for the first time this year.

Some people taking flights to Phuket in the coming months could be planning to attend the city's first ever celebration of the Jewish festival of Pesach.

The festival, which is also known as Passover, will be marked in the Thai city for the first time this year due to the amount of demand being seen for the event.

Held in JW Marriott Khao Lak Resort and Spa between April 5th and 15th 2012, the event will be overseen by Kosher Australia to ensure all food served has been prepared correctly.

''This will be a memorable sun filled Passover experience for anyone wanting to do something completely different for Pesach this year," said programme organiser Lisa Mochkin.

She added that as most celebrations last for eight days their ten-day event could prove an attractive draw.

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100 year old boat sets sail in Abu Dhabi

A century old Irish boat has been transported to Abu Dhabi to take part in the Volvo Ocean Race.

Travellers heading on flights to Abu Dhabi in order to attend the Volvo Ocean Race could see one very special vessel taking part in the event.

A 100-year-old Irish boat named the Nora Bheag has been shipped over to the emirate to act as a guest on Irish Day on January 6th 2012, among the modern racing yachts.

The eight-metre long Galway Hooker was transported in a refrigerated container to reduce the risk of it being damaged as it travelled.

Owner Coilin Hernon explained he was concerned that the change in weather conditions could harm the century-old vessel as it had not had a chance to dry out after being used in Ireland over the summer months.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dubai Mall plans pedestrian link

Visitors to Dubai could soon be able to get to the huge Dubai Mall with a pedestrian walkway.

Travellers taking flights to Dubai could find it easier than ever before to get to the Dubai Mall soon as plans to create a new pedestrian link has been announced.

The Dubai Mall Metro Link has been planned, which will see an 820 metres long pedestrian link created that connects the Burj Khalifa/The Dubai Mall Metro Station with some of the most iconic locations found in the emirate.

As well as offering visitors with a convenient way of gaining access to the world's largest shopping centre, another benefit is that the amount of traffic in the area will be reduced.

"While the mall offers covered parking for over 14,000 vehicles, we have been evaluating various alternatives to further streamline visitor traffic and add to their convenience," said Mohamed Alabbar, chairman of Emaar Properties.

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Actors perform train 'heist' in Delhi

Commuters in Delhi were delighted recently when a group of actors performed a scene from a film.

Travellers who had taken flights to Delhi and were using the city's Metro may have recently been delighted by the experience of seeing a group of actors performing a heist in the city's stations.

Abhishek Bachchan, Sonam Kapoor and Neil Nitin Mukesh are all set to star in the new film Players and took part in a promotion on the theme of the new movie, which is a Bollywood remake of the film The Italian Job.

The film features a thrilling train heist and the producers of the film explained they wanted to showcase to people how exciting the scenes are.

Commuters who saw the exciting scenes acted out in front of them while they made their journey were also able to meet with the stars after the event.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Delhi Metro builds two underground sub-stations

The Delhi Metro will soon be powered by two sub-stations which have been constructed underground.

People taking flights to Delhi who plan to use the city's Metro system could be among the first to benefit from the construction of two new sub-stations.

Delhi's city-wide transportation link is now being powered with the assistance of two new underground sub-stations, the first of their kind to be used in the city.

"The sub-station, which is six metres below the ground, has already started feeding the Airport Line since June and will provide power supply to the Central Secretariat-Badarpur Line from next month," said Delhi Metro Rail Corporation director for Electrical Satish Kumar.

There are plans to expand the use of these power stations with the creation of a further nine sites as part of the next phase of the project.

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Monday, January 2, 2012

Foreign students and education tour to India

Welcome to Incredible India! The land of greatest philosophers, scholars, architects, scientists and whatnot! One of the most favourite holiday haunts, India has emerged as a sought after educational tourism spot in the world. This enigmatic country has been a leader in terms of education and learning for centuries, such that India tops the travel itinerary of scores of foreign students.

With far-famed institutes like the IIM and IIT - Indian Universities tempt foreign students in droves to take flights to India. Every year, Indian institutions witness streams of overseas students flocking here for enrolling into time efficient and knowledge packed short term courses. Diverse choices of multi disciplinary courses along with renowned faculties are key lures that tempt overseas students to catch cheap flights to India.

Additionally, the tuition fees for these enriching courses often turn out to be a fraction of what is charged in many other parts of the world. No wonder, scores of knowledge seekers who buy tickets for cheap flights to India for pursuing these courses save a great deal of money.

Another major reason that prompts a large number of foreign students and scholars to catch flights to India for educational pursuits is the prolific usage of English in most institutions. And the brilliant climatic conditions and varied diversity of the country add to the already long list of factors responsible for flourishing for educational tourism here.

Apart from the regular courses, many Indian universities and institutions also offer cost efficient educational tourism packages for foreign students details of which can be gathered from the internet. Occasionally, these brilliant educational tourism packages comprise of a number of supplementary features like an introduction to India’s rich history and cultural legacies, wildlife and ecology.

The beneficial students exchange program and educational tours that numerous Indian universities actively indulge in, are effective ways for foreign students to get a rare insight into India’s cultures and traditions.

Almost all the recognised Indian universities help foreign students with passport, visas, flights and hotel bookings. Internationally approved knowledge packed courses and perfect environ with utmost security and facilities remains the key strengths of Indian institutes.