Friday, June 28, 2013

Sunderbans – the Natural Habitat of Royal Bengal Tiger

Named after Sundari trees that abound the region, Sunderbans literally means ‘Beautiful Forests’.  Located in the state of West Bengal in India, it is a part of the largest river delta formed by the Ganges, and largest single patch of halophytic mangrove reserve in the world. The site is a renowned UNESCO World Heritage site.

Sunderbans is the single largest home of the royal Bengal tiger, the national animal of India. There are approximately 400 ferocious tigers in Sunderbans and some are known for their man-eating tendencies. To catch sight of these terrific beasts, visitors reserving holiday packages to Kolkata can hit watch towers located within the jungle from close proximity.

The sight of these deadly ferocious yet fascinating animals, roaring wildly in its natural habitat is worth all the monies spent on booking holidays packages to Kolkata, and including Sunderbans in the itinerary. Other wild beasts that inhibit this dense forest are fishing cat, leopard cat, macaques, boar etc.

Sunderbans also protects in its enclosure a vast array of  aquatic animals like water monitor lizard, Gangetic dolphin, lesser adjutant stork, and Indian dog shark to name a few. Reptiles like king cobra, rock python, monocellate cobra, common rat snake are commonly found here.

Twitchers reserving holiday packages to India will be overwhelmed by 248 species of avifauna at this dense region. Some of the lovely feathered creatures that could be spotted at Sunderbans include wood sandpipers, green pigeons, rose ringed parakeets, paradise-flycatchers, seagulls and whistling teals etc

People availing holiday packages to Kolkata can visit Sunderbans by bus or cars. There are regular bus services from Kolkata, but the main areas of the jungle could only be accessed by waterways.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Jet Airways and Air France- KLM Sign Codeshare Pact

India’s premier airline, Jet Airways recently signed code share agreement with premium European carriers Air France (AF) and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. The carriers have signed the pact in order to delight tickets seekers looking for flights options for seamless connectivity for destinations in India and Europe. The tickets are open for sale from June 17 for travel effective from June 19, 2013.

The codeshare agreement enables Air France to place its marketing code (AF) on Jet Airways’ domestic flights to three major Indian cities beyond Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai. Passengers booking tickets to travel from Europe to India on AF flights will now be able to connect with one ticket to Chennai via Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai, and to Kolkata, Hyderabad via Mumbai and Bangalore.

Likewise, KLM will place its marketing code (KL) on Jet Airways’ domestic flights to four major Indian cities, allowing passengers booking tickets to travel from Europe to India connecting to Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai via Delhi.

The expansion of the agreement is sure to bring manifold rewards for tickets seekers in the form of reciprocal frequent-flyer program benefits. With the code share in place, members of Jet Airways’ JetPrivilege and Air France-KLM’s Flying Blue frequent flyer programs will now be able to earn status miles/points when travelling on the respective codeshare flights.

Air France and KLM are members of the SkyTeam alliance and offer tickets aboard 27 weekly long-haul flights between Europe and India. Based in Mumbai, Jet Airways is one of the largest airlines in India that offers tickets aboard flights to around 72 destinations within India and across the globe.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Melbourne Film Festival 2013 to Start from July 25

Tickets on cheap flights arriving in Australia have long been popular amongst those who wish to soak up some Australian sun, sample cultural offerings and see iconic landmarks. However, foreign cineastes booking tickets aboard flights arriving in Melbourne during the month of July-August will be treated to an amazing entertainment extravaganza as one of the world's oldest fests; Melbourne International Film Festival 2013 is all set to unfold in the city.

The 2013 edition of Melbourne International Film Festival will take place from July 25 to August 11, 2013. All set to catch the world’s fancy, the fest will showcase the best in current cinema from around the world as well as from new-age cinema Australia.

Though Australia’s popular destination of Melbourne is most known for its laid-back culture, pulsating shopping, tantalizing nightlife and iconic attractions, the fiesta is all set to introduce visitors who have booked flights tickets to the country with such a colourful showcase of thought provoking Australian cinema like " Frances Ha", "Upstream Color", "The Captain", "I Missed My Mother's Funeral", "Galore", "Patrick" and "Tim Winton’s The Turning", amongst a host of other thought-provoking films.

The time of July-August remains cold and windy and is not a very bad time for those booking tickets on flights arriving in Australia for sightseeing trips. Surely, motion picture enthusiasts booking flights tickets to the city particularly for the event can have a wonderful time with plenty of things to do and see in Australia.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

India’s Goa Registers Record Arrival of Tourists in 2012-13

It seems India’s most potent beach destination is getting popular with holiday makers all over the world. As per media reports in India, there has been a rise in the number of domestic and foreign tourists booking tickets on flights to the province of Goa during the last fiscal. The smallest Indian state registered a record arrival of 2,780,000 tourists in 2012-13 as against 2,670,000 in 2011-12. In 2012-13, 450,000 foreigners grabbed tickets on flights heading to Goa in India, a marginal yet noteworthy climb from 445,000 passengers who booked tickets on flights heading to India in 2011-12.

Also, there has been a considerable increase in arrival of chartered flights to the region. As per official data, 987 chartered flights carrying 215,000 tourists arrived in 2012-13 as against 910 flights with 169,000 holiday makers in 2011-12. Chartered flights arrived in the coastal state from nine global destinations from October 2012 to mid-May 2013. Around 742 of them arrived in Goa from Russia and 152 flights from the United Kingdom, as per the data. 

Goa has come out as a preferred destination for MICE (meetings, incentives, conferencing, and exhibitions), weddings as well as leisure travel. This encourages people from not only within India to seek airline tickets to the state but also compels business and leisure travellers from all over the world to make reservations for tickets to travel to Goa.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Great Accommodation Choices for Superb Nairobi Holidays

Dubbed as the safari capital of Africa, Nairobi is by all odds a popular tourist destination that boasts umpteen accommodation choices. Strewn with luxury hotels, cheap guesthouse and even unique tents at the centre of Nairobi National Park, it caters to all who seek to make the most of their money spent on tickets aboard flights and Kenya holidays. Take a look at two interesting accommodations that offer staying experience beyond imagination. 

Nairobi Tented Camp
Set in the heart of thrilling Nairobi National Park, it is a very place where you can experience the real definition of wilderness!  The eco-tents are the first accommodation of any sort to be allowed in safari capital. No wonder, it is one of the most preferred choices of that explorers seek to get the maximum bang for the bucks invested on flights tickets and holidays to Kenya. There are over eight luxury tents featuring en suite facilities to ensure comfort in the middle of the park.  Staying here, you can make a beeline to city’s tourist trapping, enjoy sundowners under canvas and take delights at never-ending expedition.

Fairview Hotel
Situated at Bishop Road in proximity to chic restaurants, shops and offices, Fairview is a convenient option for both tourists and business travellers who book tickets aboard Kenya bound flights.  With superb services, spacious rooms and scrumptious meals, it never dismays the guests. There are about 100 rooms’ sophisticated adorned and well-appointed with modern amenities. Lush garden, pool, free WiFi, trendy brasserie serving outstanding wines and exotic sushi are some other great features and lures. Certainly, it shines on the itineraries of hordes of travellers who spend on air tickets on flights to arrive in Kenya for holidays.

Air India Plans to Recommence Services to Africa

Indian national airline, Air India is planning to restart direct services to East African nations in order to cater to the growing demand for tickets on flights between India and Africa among business as well as leisure travellers. 

According to the India’s Civil Aviation Minister, the carrier is planning to start operations to Africa soon. There is great potential considering the increasing traffic between India and some of the African countries. 

Africa has emerged as one of fastest growing aviation sectors in the world. There has been significant boost in tourist inflow and demand for tickets aboard flights among business as well as leisure travellers. 

The flag carrier of India is going to be the first Indian passenger carrier to offer tickets on flights for services to Africa.  The airline is mulling to run services to Nairobi and hoping to draw all kinds of passengers like medical tourists, professionals, transit fliers and students. 

The airline revealed that it is looking forward to run flights to Nairobi from Delhi. They used to operate services nearly a decade ago from Mumbai, the financial centre of India.  

Middle East-based airlines like Dubai’s Emirates and Abu Dhabi’s Etihad Airways have been providing tickets on flights between India and Africa and are currently the only dependable air link between the destinations. Even US-based passenger airlines are focusing on their presence in African markets. Furthermore, Kenya Airways, South African Airlines and Ethiopian Airlines are looking forward to grow their operations to India, offering seamless connectivity and flexible options to passengers seeking tickets on flights running on the sector.

Friday, June 21, 2013

National Arts Festival All Set to Take Place in South Africa

Tickets aboard South Africa bound flights arriving in Grahamstown are particularly popular amongst those planning game safaris. However, festival goers who have already booked their tickets on international flights destined for the city during June-July 2013 will be able to partake in one of country’s most eagerly awaited cultural extravaganzas, National Arts Festival.

The 2013 edition of longest running and major events will take place from June 27 to July 7. The event will unfold itself as a feast of arts, crafts and sheer entertainment.

Though Grahamtown’s myriad game reserves and a string of mind-boggling attractions has long been the major draw for travellers, this 11-day cultural extravaganza is sure to become an inescapable excuse tempting thousands of culture vultures to look for last minute tickets deals aboard international flights bound for the city in Eastern Cape of South Africa.

The latest edition of this superb fiesta offers more than 500 shows from opera, cabaret, drama, jazz, stand-up comedy, folk music, street performances, buskers, live performances, ballet, and varied artwork exhibitions amongst a host of other entertaining affairs. The fest will also feature an annual film fest showcasing some of the most thought-provoking films from across the globe. 

Apart from all these activities, artistic souls who have already booked or are planning to book last minute deals for tickets on cheap flights landing in South Africa may also indulge in shopping for products that range from tie-dyed T-shirts and woven rugs to handmade jewellery and customized telephones during the event.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Goa Promotes Monsoon Tourism in India

Goa, India’s popular beach destination has decided to go all out to promote monsoon tourism and to pull in tourists from all over. The coastal Indian state usually attracts beach lovers who book tickets on flights to the region only to revel in the place’s much famed amalgamation of sun, sand and surf. Such travellers are generally not too inclined to book tickets on flights headed for the state’s shores in the monsoon. However, Goan tourism industry, seem in a mood to change all that this time.

The authorities in the coastal province have launched several new attractions like white water rafting in the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary, something that is going to attract tourists to seek tickets for the place. Various other initiatives are being planned to convince people to grab tickets on flights to the smallest province of India. Even hotels are providing special packages for the slow season, making for a cheap holiday package for those booking flights to the destination.

The Indian state is also being promoted as monsoon wedding destination and for MICE (meetings, incentives, conference and exhibition) tourism. Industry experts believe that citizens from West Asian countries are expected to get hold of tickets on flights headed for Goa as their home country witnesses extreme heat during the period.

Goan authorities are also looking to encourage domestic tourists in India to board Goa flights or book train tickets and land here. Road shows and publicity campaigns are being organised in several states of India for the same.

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Top Three Incredible Attractions of New York

New York is perhaps the first city that pops in mind on mere mention of this massive country called the USA. And why not! The city, although located on the eastern extreme, is the beating heart of the country.  It is a blend of rich history, multicultural people, shopping and entertainment precincts steeped in glitz and glamour, world beating hotels and restaurants, clubs and bars… and the list goes on! But the countless man-made heritage-steeped monuments and gigantic structures that the city is peppered with are among its main claim to fame, compelling holidaymakers from far and wide to look for cheap air tickets to this ‘Big Apple’ of the USA. Here are just some of such draws that fuel the demand of tickets on flights to the destination.

·   The giant, green statue of a crowned woman holding a torch is perhaps the most identifiable landmark of the city of New York. You guessed it right; we are talking about the Statue of Liberty! Any visit to New York is simply incomplete without visiting this colossal statue officially called ‘Liberty Enlightening the World.’ This magnificent structure has captivated the visitors who book tickets for USA flights for rewarding holidays in New York.

·   The Times Square is the ever vibrating and the most happening precinct of the New York City on any given day. The brightly illuminated area on the Broadway, which is primarily a theatre district, shows high on the itineraries of hedonists and culture vultures buying tickets and boarding flights to arrive in NYC, USA for delighting entertainment and an interesting insight into the city’s multiculturalism. The place is worth a visit especially during popular holidays of X-mas and New Years etc.

·   Majestically spanning the New York City's East River, the iconic Brooklyn Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge Park overlooking Manhattan offer a unique experience to locals and tourists alike. People who buy flights tickets for New York holidays come here to indulge in a leisurely stroll on the elevated walkway and delight in the stunningly enchanting vistas of the New York Skyline. Relax in the waterside park, or gorge on tasty food and take a cultural trip at nearby DUMBO precinct – an expedition here is always great. 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Thai Airways to Place A380 on Bangkok-London route

Thai Airways, the flag carrier of Thailand, will position an A380 for its daily flights between Bangkok and London Heathrow from December 1st 2013. The airline made the announcement recently. Airbus A380 is the world’s largest passenger aircraft and is one of the most environmentally and technologically developed civil aircraft operating flights currently.

Flights will operate under code TG911 when it takes off for London at 1150 and lands in Bangkok at 0610 the next morning. The return flight, TG910, departs Bangkok at 0110 and arrives at LHR at 0715.

Airbus A380 is also popular among travellers who book tickets on flights and look for increased space and enhanced levels of comfort.

Bangkok-based Thai Airways has decided to offer 507 seats for passengers seeking to book tickets on Bangkok-LHR flights. The standard cabin arrangement offered by the superjumbo has space for 525 to 853 passengers. But the airline has on purpose kept the number of seats to 507. This will allow maximum comfort and increased space to those booking tickets on the flights. Thai Airways’ seven galleys and food service stations onboard will additionally ensure faster and better service to passengers investing on tickets on flights for flying the route.

Fliers who are looking to grab tickets with the carrier on the big aircraft will have the option of 12 seats in Royal first class, 60 in Royal Silk business class and 435 in economy class. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Surge in Maldives tourism stimulates Thai investors

Maldives has long been a popular destination for travellers across the globe who book air tickets on flights to the destination to revel in its spectacular palm fringed islands, white sand beaches, inimitable water sports like scuba diving, snorkelling etc. Maldives has seen a twenty percent increase in tourist activities in the present year which has instilled confidence, particularly, in Thai hospitality services to launch more ventures in the archipelago. 

The recent increase in frequency of flights to Maldives by Thailand’s aviation giant Bangkok Airways shows the positive mindset amongst Thai companies for future prospects in the Maldives. This will also prove to be a great boon for travellers as availability of tickets will increase and also cheaper prices can be availed.

Besides, well known hospitality firm, Centara Hotels and Resorts, plans to extend their services in the Maldives by opening a new five star hotel, Centara Hudhufushi Resort & Spa. The resort will have approximately 110 rooms and can be accessed via a 25 minute seaplane ride from the Malé International Airport.

Tourism provides Maldives with a big chunk of its GDP by contributing to almost thirty percent of the product. Tourist numbers are expected to touch 1.2 million in 2013 and with Maldives increasing the tourism budget from USD 1.2 million to USD 5.1 million.

No wonder, global brands thriving on tourism including those of Thailand are looking to cash in on these ever increasing revenue numbers by investing at the destination and providing first-rate services. 

And amidst all these developments, it is indeed the international tourist who stands to benefit from the growing number of flights and accommodation options in the Maldives. Considered to be an expensive destination, the increase in alternatives may even spell availability of cheap flights tickets and accommodation.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Kerala to Launch ‘Caravan Tourism’ To Tempt Tourists

Kerala seems to be in no mood to let go of its tag as India’s most revered holiday destination! Authorities in the South Indian state have decided to introduce the new concept of caravan tourism. It is hoped that this initiative will encourage more number of people to book air tickets on flights to the state of Kerala. A detailed project report is being prepared by relevant establishments.  

As per media reports, caravan-parks will be set up in different locations across the state - Thirunelli, Vagamon, Soochippara, Bekal and Ponmudi, and will tempt  keen vacationers to experience something new after getting hands around tickets aboard cheap India flights connecting Kerala. The caravans will have essential facilities like bedrooms and kitchen, and can be set up at places and spots where hotels can't be built for tourists who are securing tickets on flights to enjoy the picturesque beauty of even remote places in the province.

For the same, the government is considering ultra-light weight 32-feet travel trailers that are easy to tow by SUVs in India. Both self-drive and ‘with driver’ alternatives will be offered to tourists. Bicycles, rafting gear etc., will also be available in order to create interest among those who grab hold of tickets on flights to enjoy outdoor activities in the region. 

Kerala is a popular holiday destination in India. Every year, millions of foreigners seek air tickets aboard India flights to visit this state in southern part of the nation.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Malaysia Airlines Increases KL-Phuket Services

International fliers who are often to be seen in a look out for tickets on scheduled flights to travel between the popular Far East destinations of Malaysia and Thailand are certainly a happy lot. One of the highly acclaimed full service carriers; Malaysia Airlines (MAS) has recently announced to offer tickets for increased weekly flights frequency between Malaysia’s capital city of Kuala Lumpur and Phuket in Thailand with effect from June 1, 2013. 

The popular Malaysian carrier has started offering tickets aboard 26 weekly flights on the popular travel sector. With one new daily service, the budget carrier is all set to tap the increasing travel demand on the route.

The new flight, MH798 will depart daily from KL at 4.55am arriving in Phuket at 5.10am while the return flight MH799 will depart Phuket at 6.15am arriving in KL at 8.45am. Meanwhile, the existing flight MH794 departs from KL at 1.05pm arriving in Phuket at 1.20pm.

The airline has deployed its Boeing 737-800 aircraft with two-class configuration on the sector. The operator is now offering tickets for 144 economy class seats and 16 business class seats aboard its flights on the route. 

Industry insiders believe that the higher availability of reasonably priced economy class seats aboard Malaysia Airlines’ flights on the route will catch the fancy of budget vacationers who wish to relish airline’s swanky in-flight services and products but end up booking tickets with cheap airlines in order to not inflate their travel bills.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Authorities to Start AC Buses to and from Mumbai Airport

International travellers booking tickets aboard flights arriving in India’s entertainment powerhouse, Mumbai in the near future will have all the more comfort in terms of travelling to and from the airport. Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) is planning to start AC buses from Mumbai Airport, every 15 minutes. 

The service has been planned to offer reasonably cheap local travel options to the millions of passengers who spend on tickets on flights landing in Mumbai, India and then look for affordable transportation to move to the prominent city centres.

Authorities at BEST maintain that the bus tickets would cost around one-fifth the fares of prepaid cabs to both locals and tourists booking tickets on flights bound to India’s financial hub. There could be point-to-point service for business passengers to city’s prominent commercial hubs like Lower Parel and Nariman Point.  

At present, the airport is a transit point for BEST buses with five to six coaches in operation. But, these coach services are mainly non-AC. 

The development will spell as affordable and convenient options for tourists, who book tickets aboard India bound flights arriving in Mumbai. In addition, the services will help strengthen city’s public transport system with locals as well.

The authorities also plan to start counters for distributing smartcards to tourists boarding India bound flights so that they can make a one-time payment and travel by any bus across the city.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Partido Fest 2013 Set to Rock Music Lovers in Mumbai

Much talked about electronic dance music (EDM) fest, Partido is just around the corner and it is time for every muso with tickets deals on India bound flights arriving in Mumbai to get ready for pleasing trip down the musical alleys! The one-day fest is all set to take place in India’s entertainment powerhouse, Mumbai on May 31, 2013.  

This newly announced fest promises a gala time to the visitors spending on flights tickets for holidays to India in the month of May. Both locals and out-of-state visitors buying tickets on flights to the city will be able to witness action packed live musical performances by some of the legendary international DJs. 

Some of the international artists who will entertain those buying tickets on flights landing in Mumbai, India during the fest includes headlining act by the popular Dutch DJs, Richard Durand, Allure, Russia-based Bobina and UK’s Paul Thomas amongst many other well known names from the international DJ fraternity.

Besides, popular Swiss DJ, Daniel Portman also features in the much talked-about line-up and will perform for crowds at the after party. 

Musos from different parts of the world with tickets deals on India bound flights landing in Mumbai to be a part of this astounding one-day event. Even the most budget concisions visitors may plan to attend the event after procuring last-miute tickets aboard cheap flights arriving in India.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Top 3 Nightclubs of Las Vegas - Entertainment Capital of the World

Las Vegas in the USA is a dazzling crown in the nightlife scene of the country, and ranks first in the itinerary of the travellers seeking sheer fun! From glitzy clubs, glimmering bars, vibrant casinos to the fabulously radiant strip area, there’s everything that dazzles the tourists booking tickets on the flights to this sin city with nightlife on their mind. Here’s a rundown of top clubs in Las Vegas, USA that will blow your mind away!

Party maniacs who book their tickets on flights to Las Vegas, USA to experience the most amazing and fantastic nightlife, do visit XS! One of the priciest venue, XS is opulently designed to cater to the crème de la crème. The star attraction here includes 10 feet long gleaming chandelier, and glittering staircase etc, that add perfect charm to this already stunning place. The club hosts some of the best DJ’s in the world on Fridays and Saturdays. 

Tao in Las Vegas, USA should be visited by tourists having fascination for Hollywood. Some celebs who are regular here include Madonna, Rihanna, Drake and many more. This upscale night haunt is fashionably done-up in Asian themed décor. Tao is a must visit, for the tourists booking their tickets on the USA flights to Las Vegas to experience the sizzling hot party scene of the city. The club also houses and is popular for the infamous bathtub models well immersed in rose-petal baths here!

For all the dance addicts who book tickets aboard flights arriving in the USA’s Las Vegas with an aim to rejoice in its ultimate entertainment experience, Marquee is definitely worth a visit. One of the hottest hit in the list of clubbers, Marquee invites most acclaimed deejays like the EC Twins, and Sander Van Doom etc, who play mind-blowing music.

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