Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lily Allen to launch fashion chain in Dubai

A Dubai boutique is due to start selling clothes from Lily Allen's Lucy in Disguise collection.

Fashionistas hoping to fit in with the jet set after catching flights to Dubai will have another option for looking fabulous, after Lily Allen announced plans to launch her vintage fashion concept in the UAE city.

The 26-year-old singer has recently taken a break from music to focus on launching Lucy in Disguise, which allows savvy shoppers to rent designer clothes for a glamorous night out.

Now, homegrown luxury fashion chain Boutique 1 will sell clothes from the Lucy in Disguise collection in Dubai, Arabian Business reports.

Other worldwide boutiques to offer clothes from the collection, include Le Bon Marche in France, Shopbop.com in the US, Lane Crawford in Hong Kong, and Harvey Nichols in London.

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Boston Logan Airport – Shopping & Dining Guide

Boston Logan International Airport is one of the United States’ busiest airports. Millions are served by this airport every year, and most of those millions leave this airport utterly satisfied! The airport serves as a focus city for JetBlue Airways apart from handling some popular US airlines, code share and global alliance airlines.

Boston Logan Airport is an incredible facility that guides its passengers through a maze of services and amenities. It is a huge airport and features 4 terminals, each of which has its own fire department, police department, hotels and even a non-denominational chapel! Since it is such an enormous airport not many people are able to check out each and every part of Boston Logan. Here is an extremely compact Boston Logan International Airport Guide that offers information and tips on the shopping and dining options at the airport.

Terminal C – This terminal features some award winning restaurants and some wonderful shopping alternatives. From local to international, people can find a variety of delicious cuisines at this part of the airport. For shopping freaks, there is really no dearth of places where you can spend some of your hard-earned money, clothing, accessories, gifts, books, jewellery – you name it they have it. Log onto Boston Logan Airport’s website for more information on shops and eating joints at Terminal C! One can also check out other valuable Boston Logan Airport information while one is logged in!

Terminal E – This terminal is another paradise for food and shopping lovers. Terminal E features a duty-free shopping arcade which automatically makes it one popular place among travellers. Other shops that one can find at this terminal are TechShowcase, Brookstone and Zoom Systems.

Reasons Aplenty For Travellers to Book Flights to Hawaii

Hawaii is an incredible holiday destination – one that beguiles vacationers from all corners of this planet. The place is inundated with a stunning variety of natural splendours – be it vast sandy beaches, cascading waterfalls or tropical rainforest. Such natural marvels cocooned up in the warmth of locals and world class infrastructure makes Hawaii such a fine vacation spot among all kinds of people.

Top Charms of Hawaii
It is not surprising to know that cheap tickets on flights to Hawaii are highly popular as millions await their chance to get acquainted with the mesmerizing locales of the region. Hawaii casts a kind of enchanting spell on visitors who book flights to Hawaii and travel to the state. Check out some information on few of the most popular attractions and activities that await holiday makers in Hawaii.

Beaches are perhaps the biggest charms of the Hawaiian state. Many book their seats on flights to Hawaii just to sample the myriad of beaches that grace the land of the region. Beaches in this part of the world are known for their excellent sand texture and remarkable water clarity.

The island of Maui in Hawaii is known for its beautiful, picturesque beaches that are immensely popular among foreign tourists. One can take part in a range of activities at these beaches like swimming, snorkelling or surfing. There surely is no dearth of interesting options when it comes having fun at the beaches in Maui. Popular beaches in the area are Kaanapali, Black Rock Beach, Kapalua Beach and Oneola Beach.

There is a flood of options as far as sightseeing in Hawaii is concerned. Those people who are hard pressed for time on Hawaii holidays will find that it is really difficult to decide what all tourist attractions to miss out – they all are astonishingly wonderful! Still, if one has pick few of the most remarkable ones than they have to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Panaewa Rainforest Zoo, Waimea Canyon and Pearl Harbor Memorial. There is no point in getting seats on cheap flights to Hawaii if you are going to miss any one these must-see tourist delights.

Events and Festivals
Hawaiians love to celebrate and celebrate they do! It is this very spirit of joyousness and jubilation that sets Hawaii apart from others as a holiday destination. All throughout the year, Hawaii organises a variety of activities and events - ranging in size from gatherings of few hundreds to state-wide events with over 100,000 participants.

Hawaiians celebrate music and the arts, sports, culture, agriculture and traditions. Through music, dance, games, food, parades and competitions, festivals and events in Hawaii provide visitors with an experience that is way beyond just sun, sand and surf!

Some of the popular and significant events and festivals that are organised in the region are Merrie Monarch Festival, Aloha Festivals, Molokai Hoe Canoe Race, Spam Jam and Hawaii International Film Festival. It surely is worth the effort to schedule your trip in Hawaii keeping in mind some of the major festivals in mind!

Just like every popular holiday destination, Hawaii too allures people with its enchanting range of shopping options. The place promises to satisfy and gratify even the most judicious of shoppers. Hawaii is most famous for its print clothing, long-lasting tropical flowers, and its unbelievable assortment of mementos and gifts.

Food is another big charm of this place. Hawaii features a number of eating joints that serve incredibly delicious food amidst the most soothing of surroundings. Try out any of the many regional cuisine joints to sample something unique and exceptionally delectable!

Monday, May 30, 2011

South Africa visitors urged to catch Royal Show

A major agricultural show is expected to greet 250,000 visitors in South Africa's KwaZulu-Natal province this weekend.

Families and animal lovers alike are advised to fit in a trip to the Royal Show during their South African summer holiday.

Starting on Friday (May 27th), the ten-day festival features a wide range of attractions, including live music concerts, chainsaw racing, show jumping, fireworks displays and animal shows.

Celebrating its 160th anniversary, the highly popular event expects to draw around a quarter of a million visitors to the KwaZulu-Natal Showground, including many overseas guests on flights to South Africa.

Hosted by the Royal Agricultural Society, The Royal, as it is referred to by the locals, will include a wide range of wildlife, ranging from race horses to birds and livestock.

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Virgin Australia launches A330 on Sydney to Perth route

Virgin Australia launches A330 on Sydney to Perth route

A new domestic route from Sydney to Perth has been launched by Virgin Australia.

The first Airbus A330 flights to Perth from Sydney with Virgin Australia have been launched, with new business class cabins and economy class features included.

Passengers in economy class can enjoy luxury leather seats and in-flight video entertainment on their own personal screen.

Meanwhile, business class options include daily newspapers, airport lounge facilities, meal service, additional carry-on luggage storage, and blankets and pillows on all flights that last three hours or more.

The new service will be running at a peak frequency of three times per day by July, carrying 33,000 passengers a week, the airline added.

Prices on this new service start at 219 Australian dollars (£143) each way in economy class and 1,399 Australian dollars each way in business class.

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Singapore Airlines to set up low-cost carrier

A new low-cost, no-frills airline is being set up by Singapore Airlines, with the aim of offering affordable air travel throughout Asia and beyond, the airline has said.

Cash-conscious travellers will soon be able to benefit from cheap flights on offer from Singapore Airlines' new low-cost partner.
Both medium and long-haul routes will be served by the as-yet-unnamed airline, which is being set up in response to the growing demand among consumers for low-fare travel.

The first flights are expected to begin within the next 12 months, and more details including the range of routes on offer, will be confirmed "in due course", the airline's owners SIA Group added.

Goh Choon Phong, chief executive officer of SIA, said: "As we have observed on short-haul routes within Asia, low-fare airlines help stimulate demand for travel, and we expect this will also prove true for longer flights."

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Stunt Orchestra coming to Australia next month

Music lovers can enjoy a memorable mix of rock, classical and aerial acrobatics in Sydney next month.

Brits catching flights to Sydney next month will be able to catch a free musical performance, which is certainly out of the ordinary.

Shenzo Gregorio, leader of the Stunt Orchestra, combines the skills of a virtuoso with the athleticism of an acrobat, playing violin and singing, whilst suspended up to 46 feet above the ground.

As if that wasn't enough, Shenzo is accompanied by two aerial acrobats, who perform choreographed routines to the music, and a three-piece band, featuring guitar, drums and bass.

Fresh from a run of highly successful shows in Hong Kong, the Stunt Orchestra will be playing eight free performances at Sydney's Queen Victoria Building, starting on June 16th.

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Google Street View to boost flights to India?

New online images of India as seen from street level could result in a tourist boom, with many monuments and attractions included.

An increased number of Brits may consider booking flights to India after exploring the country online, as Google has announced that it will be capturing the country with its Street View technology.

Starting today (May 26th), the US-based company will be gathering data via its vans, which are mounted with specially-designed 360-degree cameras, AFP reports.

Google Street View, which launched in the US in 2007, is currently available in 25 countries worldwide and allows site users to explore nearby and foreign destinations in detail, by simulating what it would be like to walk down the street.

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Entry Requirements for Britons Booking Flights to Hong Kong

Sitting in the Far East, Hong Kong is a destination of choice for countless travellers worldwide. Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of People's Republic of China and has its own set of rules and regulations concerning immigration. Take a look at some of the necessary points before paying for your airfares to the destination.

Visa Facts
  • British citizens can book tickets for their cheap flights to Hong Kong as they can visit the country without a visa and stay there for as long as six months. The website of the Immigration Department of Hong Kong states that the time period is 90 days for other British nationals such as British Protected persons, British subjects, British Overseas citizens, and British Overseas Territories citizens.

  • The length of stay allowed is again 90 days for citizens of British Indian Ocean Territory, British Virgin Islands, and British Antarctic Territory arriving in Hong Kong without a visa.
Passport Policy
  • British citizens catching flights to Hong Kong can stay in the country for 6 months provided their passports are valid for this duration. Hong Kong Immigration allows passport holders with less than six months of validity on their passports to stay for an additional month above the scheduled stay if the passport covers this time frame.

  • Many British passport holders book flights to Hong Kong and plan to visit Mainland China via the destination. Such travellers are required to get a Chinese visa before reaching the border of China. Violating this rule can result in a fine and even detention. While entering Hong Kong through Mainland China and leaving again through the Mainland, one should definitely carry a multiple or double entry visa for Mainland China.
Safety and Security
  • Thankfully, violent crime is quite rare but petty crime does happen. For instance, it is necessary to be on your guard against pickpockets in crowded areas.

  • One should also avoid drinking with strangers or accepting any drinks or edibles. There have been instances of spiked drinks being served to trusting tourists.

  • Be extra careful of your luggage, when you check in and out of hotels.

  • It is unadvisable to stray into unfamiliar areas on one’s own.
Health Tips
  • Seek medical advice before booking your cheap flights to Hong Kong. Ensure that you have all the necessary vaccinations. The UK and Hong Kong Reciprocal Health Care Arrangement came to an end in June 1997 and visitors can be made to take temperature screenings on arrival. As per the results of temperature screening results, additional tests can also be conducted.

  • With dengue being reported almost every year, travellers should be careful against mosquitoes. Similarly, it is wise to exercise due caution against different STDs.

  • For further information on health, call NHS Direct on 0845 46 47 or visit the websites of the National Travel Heath Network and Centre NaTHNaC and NHS Scotland’s Fit for Travel.
(Source: Websites of FCO and Immigration Department of Hong Kong which must be referred for more detailed information. The author disclaims liability of any kind of losses or damages resulting from the use of above information)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thai spa resort offers one-off treatment deal

A spa resort in the Hua Hin is offering a one-off day of special holistic treatments.

British travellers looking to feel their very best after arriving on flights to Thailand are advised to check out the one-day deal being offering at wellness retreat The Barai, Hua Hin.

The resort promises to take guests on a journey to discover inner peace, and balance the body, mind and spirit, during the Seed of Happiness special spa event.

This six-and-a-half-hour package includes a 90-minute group meditation session, conducted by Dr Buathon, a renowned Thai holistic practitioner.

Later on, there will be a 90-minute 'sound healing' workshop, to help improve concentration by using the vibration of a singing bowl.

After a light lunch, guests will be treated to a 90-minute blend massage, which uses Thai, Swedish and aromatherapy techniques.

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Entry Requirements for Britons Taking Flights to Hong Kong

The entry requirements for the Far East destination of Hong Kong are sometimes confused with China and Macau. Hong Kong along with Macau is one of the two Special Administrative Regions of China. It would be worthwhile for British travellers to take a look at some visa and passport related information before paying for your airfares to Hong Kong. The information finds it source in the websites of Foreign and Commonwealth Office and that of Hong Kong’s Immigration Department which must be referred for detailed insight.

Visa Tips

  • British citizens can rush to buy tickets fo flights to Hong Kong since they can stay in the destination for six months without a visa. Other British nationals including British Protected persons, British subjects, British Overseas citizens, and British Overseas Territories citizens are allowed to stay for 90 days.

  • Citizens of British Indian Ocean Territory, British Virgin Islands, and British Antarctic Territory can also stay for 90 days if they don’t procure a visa before catching their cheap flights to Hong Kong.

Passport Tips

  • For a six month long visa free stay in Hong Kong, British citizens taking flights to Hong Kong must ensure that their passports are valid for six months to cover this duration.

  • In case of less than six months’ validity, you may be allowed to stay only for an extra month over your originally planned stay. However, this duration must also be covered by your passport validity.

  • Overstaying the allowed duration may result in heavy penalties which can easily nullify the savings you made on booking those cheap flights to Hong Kong.

Grab Flights to Dubai & Greet Lavishness at City’s Hotels

Holidays to Dubai – a set of words that triggers off fancies of many a keen vacationers! In the recent years, Dubai has become an increasingly popular tourist destination. Thanks to its wonderful year-round weather, rich local culture and tempting attractions, Dubai is the perfect holiday destination!

At any given point of time, there are millions of holiday makers who are on a lookout for cheap tickets on flights to Dubai. The city is inundated with attractions and tourist delights that are simply astounding! In fact, if there ever was a city that could be classified as a ‘tourist paradise’, it would undoubtedly be Dubai! Apart from all other charms and wonders, one standout feature of this glorious emirate is its grand hotels. Redefining opulence and luxury, Dubai hotels make sure that flights to Dubai are brimming with people with a refined taste and a liking for supreme comfort. Some information on few of Dubai’s top hotels is available below.

Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab is comparatively a recent addition to the spectrum of Dubai attractions but to its credit the hotel is already regarded as an iconic symbol that is grand, gaudy and glamorous! Burj Al Arab is located along the Jumeirah Beach and those travellers who can actually afford a stay in this 7-star hotel, holiday to Dubai is more like a visit to the paradise! Burj Al Arab is often billed as the ‘world’s most luxurious hotel’ – a claim that would be really hard to refute! From chauffeur driven Rolls Royce to private in-suite check-ins, Burj Al Arab ensures that every guest is pampered like king! But it is in the domain of food that Burj Al Arab really scores big. Guests of this hotel are subjected to a gastronomical nirvana as they are served the very best of food ever created by the humankind.

Atlantis, The Palm

Travel to Atlantis, The Palm and get dazzled by the utter affluence of this majestic hotel! Located on the wonderful Palm Jumeirah - an artificial island that stands out a sparkling jewel on the world’s globe – Atlantis, The Palm lets you know why Dubai attracts people who wish to sample the ultimate in luxury. The hotel’s décor is compelling enough to sweep you off your feet with its finesse, luxury and opulence that is ever so charming. Atlantis, The Palm fascinates families, couples and business travellers alike and to be honest, who can blame them!

Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort

Many consider Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort to be the final word in hospitality! This one is really one of the most lavish resorts that were ever built by the human race. Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort complements Dubai’s over the top image quite beautifully as the resort itself is pretty sensational. Not really for the ones who prefer cheap flights to Dubai, Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort is rather popular among business travellers as the hotel features some of the finest corporate services to its guests. Amenities and services like a state-of-art business centre, high-speed Internet access, video conferencing, printing and express mail make sure that business executives who book flights to Dubai and stay at this hotel once find it very hard to stay somewhere else!

Metropolitan Hotel

Metropolitan Hotel surely manages to hold its own among the plethora of swish and swanky hotels in Dubai! The hotel is an incredible place to stay in if you have a refined taste and a liking for everything perfect. Metropolitan Hotel features a cinema complex and multiple theme restaurants, making it hard for tourists to miss the hotel on their holidays to Dubai.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

All Seasons hotel opens in Bangkok

Bangkok has seen a new central hotel opened to the public this week.

Visitors to Thailand arriving on flights to Bangkok have been offered another affordable accommodation option, as Accor has opened its latest All Seasons hotel in the south-east Asian city.

All Seasons Bangkok Victory Monument is the fifth Accor hotel in the Thai capital and offers British travellers a range of facilities, including an indoor pool, wireless internet access and an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet.

The 162-room hotel also serves a choice of regional and international dishes at its signature restaurant A Touch Of Lime.

Perhaps the hotel's most appealing aspect is its convenient location, just a two-minute walk from key Bangkok attractions, including the Victory Monument, Siam Square and Chatuchak Market.

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Volcano, Ash & Flights: Know Your Rights

The volcano ash is back, back again to haunt the holiday makers who planned fondly for their vacations! Iceland’s volcano eruption is sending plumes of ash into the atmosphere around Europe and preventing airlines from operating in the affected area.

Around 500 flights have been cancelled so far in the UK, disturbing the plans of many a holiday makers. Travellers who were lucky enough to get cheap tickets on flights are surely disappointed. However, the clouds of gloom look to fade away as many airlines are set to resume almost normal flight schedules.

Budget airlines like Ryanair and easyJet that are renowned to provide tickets on cheap flights believe that the volcano ash is not likely to cause massive flight trouble. UK’s flag carrier, British Airways also believes that the situation is not that bad, especially after the airline conducted an approved test flight into the ash cloud's red zone with no damage to the plane.

Mr Walsh told BBC, “We flew in the red zone for about 45 minutes at different altitudes over Scotland.

“'Initially it flew over the north of England, Newcastle, Glasgow, Edinburgh, back to Newcastle.

“The aircraft then returned and has been examined. All the filters were removed and will be sent to a laboratory for testing. The simple answer is that we found nothing.”

While the extent of damage on flight operations is still debatable, there is no doubt in the fact that there have been people who have affected by flight cancellations and delays. Let us find out about the alternatives such travellers have.

What If Your Flights Get Cancelled?

If your flight is cancelled airlines are liable to offer you either a full refund of your unused ticket or a substitute flight. EU-based airlines are obliged to provide you accommodation and meals if the traveller is delayed.

Under EU rules, airlines within the European Union must pay compensation to the passengers if their flight is cancelled or delayed, unless the situation has been caused by ‘extraordinary circumstances which could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures had been taken.’

Airlines may try to claim the case of volcanic ash delays as 'extraordinary circumstances', however they still are obliged to offer travellers with accommodation, meals and refreshments and transport between the airport and accommodation.

One must keep in mind that if you are flying back to the UK from outside the EU on a non-EU airline, then these rules do not apply. Is such circumstances, passengers must contact their airlines.

Travel Insurance Coverage

Travel insurers must refund your premium (single trip travel insurance) if your flight is cancelled and you do not travel. If you make plans for an alternative flight at some other date, your travel insurer should be able to change your policy to cover this. However, it is best to check with your insurer for all the details.

Finest of Washington DC’s Festivals & Events

A number of Britons add substantially to the ever increasing number of travellers booking flights to Washington DC, USA. Scratch beneath the political layer, and you will see that the capital of allegedly the most powerful country in the world has a lot to offer. The best time to travel to DC is the spring months of April and May or still better the autumn months of September and October.

Apart from the government buildings, which no doubt form a part of the sightseeing expedition of many traveller’s booking flights to Washington, the charm of the city’s interesting events and festivals is no less significant. There are some uniquely popular events that the city hosts during autumn months which are amongst must experience events – particularly for food and music lovers who plan their holidays here. Read on to find information on just three of them.

Taste of DC

Billed as the region’s largest food and wine festival, Taste of DC is a much anticipated annual event. This year the festival is schedule from October 8 to October 10. The visitors to the event are not only swept off their feet by delicious food and wine and beer, but there is a lot for the culturally minded to experience at the event. A popular crowd magnet, the festival in 2011 will showcase wine and beer pavilions, fine dining pavilion, some of the areas finest eateries, musical performances, family entertainment zone apart from other personalized brand experiences. Gourmets booking cheap tickets to Washington for October are sure to experience some of the finest food and wine apart from other entertainment.

Maryland Seafood Festival 2011 - Annapolis, Maryland

The Maryland Seafood Festival is an annual event that is being held for more than four decades. The highlights include music performances, great food, arts and crafts and family activities. The event also features The Capital’s 21st Crab Soup Cook-off.

The event is seen as a tradition and is held at Sandy Point State Park, Annapolis in Maryland, conveniently close to Washington. With a larger focus on providing family friendly atmosphere and great seafood, the event attracts visitors on cheap flights to Washington from all over the country’s east coast. No doubt the event can be a great retreat for international travellers with love for seafood, especially those planning to book flights to Washington during early September. This year the event is scheduled to take place on Saturday and Sunday, September 10 and 11.

Abbey Road on the River 2011 – Washington DC

Rock-n-Roll aficionados, particularly the Beatles lovers booking cheap flights to Washington to visit the city during first week of September can rejoice as they have an opportunity to witness the largest Beatles Music Fest in the world. Abbey Road on the River 2011, marks its 10th anniversary when it begins over the Labor Day Weekend on the 1st September to conclude on 5th September. The live performances, dancing and shaking on some of the greatest tracks composed and sung by the great Beatles, for sure, uplift the spirits of thousands of visitors that arrive to witness this event from many countries. Needless to say that a substantial chunk of Beatles’ fans arrive in from Britain to drink in the music of this English rock band which rose to popularity at the Cavern Club in Liverpool, England.

The music festival will feature some 75 bands from around the globe and thousands of Beatles fans will join hands at the Gaylord National Resort at National Harbor in the Washington DC capital region. The venue itself is a wonderful retreat for tourists with its attractive glass-covered atrium and is known for luxury accommodations and some of the popular restaurants. Sprawling grounds and ready to be photographed fascinating views of the Potomac River as well as the impressive skyline beguile numerous visitors.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Holidaymakers invited to dive into Egypt

A Red Sea resort town has been highlighted as the ideal place to learn to scuba dive.

British travellers looking to try a new outdoor activity this summer have been encouraged to book flights to Egypt, due to the ideal conditions at the Red Sea resort of Taba Heights.

Clear waters, gentle currents and shallow dives make for the perfect place to learn scuba diving, the resort instructor Waterworld claims.

Nervous first timers are urged to try out the Discover the Red Sea half-day package, which can lead onto a full-day PADI Open Water course the very next day.

Nicola Osgerby, assistant operations manager of Red Sea Waterworld, said: "We strive to make our first-time divers feel as comfortable as possible in the water and so many people - ranging from eight to 88 - immediately come back for more."

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Dubai to open world's first Fashion Hotel

Fashion-mad visitors to Dubai will soon have a suitably stylish hotel to meet their every need, it has been announced.

The UAE city of Dubai is set to become the home of the world's first Fashion Hotel, which will feature round-the-clock catwalk highlights broadcast on a giant screen.

Al Habtoor Group has teamed up with Fashion TV to set up a 100-metre LED screen at the new five-star hotel, with a range of special features also on offer to tempt fashionistas arriving on flights to Dubai.

Each of the 200 rooms will feature access to Fashion TV's 30 channels, as well as the biggest fashion DVD library in the world, Emirates 24|7 reports.

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Los Angeles Greek Film Festival: Making Flights to LA Hot

The 5th annual Los Angeles Greek Film Festival is just around the corner and it is time for every film buff to pack bags and land at the wonderful city of Los Angeles!

About the LA Greek Film Festival

The Los Angeles Greek Film Festival will showcase films from Greece and Cyprus, and will feature works by international filmmakers of Greek origin.

The Festival showcases new films from Greek filmmakers worldwide and aims to support the Greek Cinema throughout the globe. The festival also strives to promote cultural exchange as well as to bridge gap between the Greek filmmakers and the Hollywood.

Cinema enthusiasts from different parts of the world are sure to book flights to Los Angeles to be a part of this astounding 4-day event. All of those who want to avoid those soaring airfares on flights to Los Angeles, it is advised you book as soon as possible as the festival kicks off from June 9, 2011.

Great Forum for Filmmakers

The Los Angeles Greek Film Festival encourages the Greek filmmakers to assume an active role in the world cinema and it promotes the modern Greek culture by focusing on its hidden treasures and subverting age-old clichés. It really makes sense to look for cheap tickets on flights to Los Angeles as people who will be there at the festival will be part of an initiative that is sure to take the world of cinema by storm!

Apart from offering a platform for Greek films and culture, the Los Angeles Greek Film Festival tries hard to acquaint visiting filmmakers with the entertainment business. The festival’s special panel series and the popular One-on-One Program allows participants - both experienced veterans and novice filmmakers - to intermingle with the working industry players in a friendly milieu.

Festival Organisers

Los Angeles Greek Film Festival is organised by the Eastern Mediterranean and Balkan Cultural Center, which is a non profit organization that works to promote the awareness of the Eastern Mediterranean and Balkan cultures through the arts and sciences.

Orpheus Award

The Orpheus Award is the Los Angeles Greek Film Festival’s annual accolade that is presented to honour the best in Greek and Greek inspired cinema. The award has become a pivotal part of the festival and highlights the art and artists who are changing the way people think about the films.

Festival’s Film Schedule

Holiday makers who have their bookings on cheap flights to Los Angeles and are all set to travel to the gala festival must have the all-important information on the movie screening schedule.

June 9, Thursday

6:00 PM – Red Carpet Event

7:00 PM – RF (Director: Stavros Liokalos), Pelican’s Watch (Director: Lea Binzer)

9:30 PM – Opening Night Gala

June 10, Friday

5:00 PM - 13 ½ (Director: Haris Vafeiadis), Harisma (Director: Christina Ioakeimidi)

7:15 PM - Marios and the Raven (Director: Yiannis Bougioukas), My Sweet Canary (Director: Roy Sher)

9:45 PM - Alter (Director: Petros Antoniadis), The Death I Dreamed Of (Director: Panagiotis Kravvas)

June 11, Saturday

1:00 PM - The Dog (Nikos Charalabopoulos), With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story (Directors: Will Hess, Terry Dougas, Nikki Frakes)

3:15 PM – Knifer (Director: Yannis Economides)

5:30 PM - Pyramids of Athens (Director: Yolanda Markopoulou), Mikis Theodorakis, Composer (Directors: Asteris Kutulas, Klaus Salge)

7:15 PM - Without Borders (Director: Nick Gaitatjis)

9:30 PM - A Woman’s Way (Director: Panos Koutras)

June 11, Saturday

11:00 AM - 1.2 Million Children (Director: Effie Pappa), What Time Will You Be Back? (Director: Maritina Passari), The Game Must Go On (Director: Angeli Andrikopoulou, Argyris Tsepelikas)

1:30 PM – Commentary (Director: Jonathan Crow), Biloba (Director: Sofia Papchristou)

7:00 PM - Burning Heads (Director: George Siougas)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Phuket resort offers two-thirds off spa break deal

Visitors to the Thai island destination of Phuket can get a 65 per cent reduction on a one-night spa break deal.

Brits arriving on flights to Thailand have been offered another great value accommodation deal, after a Phuket resort knocked 65 per cent off the price of a one-night break.

Visitors staying at the Ban Yuree Resort and Spa Hotel near Patong Beach on the island of Phuket can stay the night for just 1,980 baht (£40), down from the standard price of 5,750 baht per night.

For this price you also get a double room and a free one-hour Thai massage at the resort's spa for both of you (normally priced at 750 baht each).

Furthermore, when it comes to dinner, you can get ten per cent off at the hotel's restaurant, while the airport pick-up and drop-off service is also reduced by ten per cent.

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Catch flights to India to see a Buddhist festival

An ancient Buddhist temple in India is celebrating its annual festival next month.

A traditional Buddhist festival is just one of the many cultural attractions in store for those catching flights to India this summer.

The annual celebration of Yuru Kabgyat takes place during the month of June at the ancient Lamayaru Monastery, which dates back more 850 years.

Known to the locals at Yuru Gonpa, this temple in the Ladakh region of Northern India was founded by monks from the Drikungpa School of Tibetan Buddhism.

The temple's founder Nimagon visited the site on which it stands in 1143 AD and, upon seeing that the entire valley was full of water, he said "may a monastery be founded in this place", made offerings to the gods, and the water drained away.

Visitors to this sacred monastery are expected to give a small donation towards the upkeep of the building and the living expenses of the 200 llamas that call it their home.

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

South Thailand resort offers couples luxury deal

A Thai holiday resort has launched a special summer deal including a day-trip to the local hot springs.

The island resort of Crown Lanta is offering visitors on flights to Thailand a special deal all summer, including two nights' accommodation and a day's excursion to the nearby hot springs.

Situated in the Andaman Sea on the island of Koh Lanta, Crown Lanta Resort and Spa is offering the Summer Breeze Package until October 31st.

Visitors choosing this deal will be welcomed with a complimentary drink and a fruit basket in their Holiday Deluxe Gazebo.

Breakfast is provided each morning, while the resort has also laid on a full-day trip to the Hot Spring and Emerald Pond, including lunch.

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Greek Food Festival – Yummy Reason to Buy Flights to Las Vegas

Las Vegas, renowned world over as the Sin City, is a potent tourist destination that is engulfed by many glitzy attractions and charms. The city’s almost legendary strip area is lined up with several casinos and hotels and is perhaps the biggest highlight of the region.

Undoubtedly, it is the glamour of the city that entices many to book flights to Las Vegas but to say that the allure of this city is limited just to that would surely be a big mistake! People who travel to this remarkable city will be taken aback by the variety of tourist delights that awaits them. And one of those magnificent attractions is the Las Vegas Greek Food Festival – a scintillating event that beguiles people from all over the globe to catch flights to Las Vegas!

Las Vegas Greek Food Festival

The Las Vegas Greek Food Festival is the perfect proposal for everyone who wants to do something different on their next trip to Las Vegas. It is an annual event that takes place in the month of September. So it is not a bad idea to tailor your Las Vegas holidays around that time. St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church hosts and sponsors this remarkable annual event that has been responsible for making people book cheap flights to Las Vegas for years now!

The Las Vegas Greek Food Festival acquaints you with all the aromas, sounds, tastes and traditions of Greece! Come and share the food, culture, information and heart at the Las Vegas Greek Food Festival! Come and be a Greek for a day!


The scents of oregano and the aroma of cinnamon will take you back to a place that sure is tastier! The cooks at the Las Vegas Greek Food Festival are well versed with art of making delicious Greek food, enabling you to sample some of the best Greek food in the city of Las Vegas. There is so must to taste, devour and relish at the festival that you surely will be loosening your trouser belts at the end of it all!

The combination plate that is on offer at this year’s Las Vegas Greek Food Festival is one of the best ways to go about it. The plate will consist of either Lamb or Greek Chicken, Dolmathes, Pastitsio, Greek Salad and Rice Pilaf.

For the adventurers and ‘gluttons’, a number of dishes are available like Gyro, Ouvlaki Sandwich, Calamari, Pastitsio and Spanakopita.


Greek food is not the only wonderful thing that awaits travellers who book their tickets on cheap flights to Las Vegas to participate in 2011 Las Vegas Greek Food Festival. There is Greek music too!

The Greek Company

The Greek Company is one of America's best Greek orchestras. The Greek Company showcases an array of Hellenic music styles, and can make the crowd sway with its vibrant blend of dance music and soothing tunes.

The Levendes

The Levendes have played all over the U.S. and Canada in weddings, festivals and dances. They are renowned to lend a distinctive flair to traditional and modern Greek music with a vast gamut of Dimotika, Rebetika and modern Laika. The Levendes have performed with several Greek stars such as Trio Bel Canto to Yiannis Parios.

Liondaria, Hrisi Thisavri, Stavrofoi and Argonaftes are other dance groups that will entertain each and every visitor who participates in the Las Vegas Greek Food Festival. Each of this dance troupes is a Youth Greek Folk Dance Group of St. John the Baptist.


Apart from eating and getting entertained at the Las Vegas Greek Food Festival, one can also shop at the festival! One can buy a variety of Greek items, such as authentic Greek food items, ceramics, clothing, books, jewellery, gold and handcrafted items.

Friday, May 20, 2011

South Australia offers Elton John shows and kite boarding

Big name music concerts and exciting new outdoor activities are all on offer for visitors to South Australia.

Outdoor enthusiasts and music fans alike will find plenty of reasons to book flights to Adelaide this summer, as the South Australia region is hosting a range of exciting events and activities.

Those looking to try a new watersport are encouraged to check out Xtreme Kites and Paddle, which offers kite boarding and stand-up paddling.

The company's highly-qualified instructors include company co-owner, Jacqui Hockaday, who is South Australia's female dual kite surfing champion.

If you prefer to stay dry, then there are plenty of top music concerts planned for the coming months, with both Elton John and Olivia Newton-John due to perform in Adelaide this year.

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Cheap Flights to Orlando Are Just What Movie Buffs Want

Orlando - the city that features on top of every top holiday destinations list! Inundated with theme and amusement parks, Orlando is tremendously popular among kids. But the city has various other facets to it that makes it such a wonderful vacation spot among people of all ages. The charms of this city surely know no bounds when it comes to alluring people of varied tastes as well.

Orlando is hugely popular among movie enthusiasts as the city hosts a number of film festivals all throughout the year. Film buffs from all over the world are on a constant look out for cheap flights to Orlando so they can enjoy wonderful movies that are screened in such festivals. Take a look at few of the most popular film festivals that are organised in this fabulous city and entice people to grab flights to Orlando.

Orlando Latin American Film & Heritage Festival

The Orlando Latin American Film & Heritage Festival (OLA FEST) strives to make the independent and new Latin American cinema socially relevant and acceptable. Everyone who gets his cheap tickets on flights to Orlando will be able to witness some incredibly challenging films that are not readily shown in Florida. The Orlando Latin American Film & Heritage Festival is annual event that is held in the initial part of the year.

OLA FEST is not just about films, the festival is as much educational as it is a celebration! The festival is a community-building exercise that promotes dialogue, cordiality and usefulness in the same way it encourages the art of film making! So, vacationers who wish to be a part of this gala fest can experience much more than just movies.

Florida Film Festival

Florida Film Festival is perhaps the biggest and the most popular of them all! It is an annual international film festival that showcases the finest of the independent American and foreign films.

Individuals who decide to be a part of this spectacular show can enjoy narrative and documentary features, animation, midnight movies and a full array of educational forums. One can also experience all the glitz and glamour at the parties and other special events. Florida Film Festival is also known to feature experimental new media works. So, one can well witness the birth of something extraordinary, something that might take the world of cinema by storm in the coming years! All this and much more await people who book their flights to Orlando and become an element of this majestic show!

The past guest list of the Florida Film Festival includes some of the biggest name in the industry like Oliver Stone, Jason Lee, Christopher Walken, Dennis Hopper, Steve Buscemi, Campbell Scott and William H. Macy.

Orlando Film Festival

Orlando Film Festival is another celebration of the art of movie making in Orlando. The festival supports the cause of independent cinema, and promotes art and culture of the Orlando region. The event showcases works of independent filmmakers from around the world and thus exposes visitors to a variety that is simply hard to imagine!

In the year 2011, Orlando Film Festival is going to be held in October – which automatically makes it one of the best periods to plan holidays in Orlando. More than 300 filmmakers are expected to attend the festival and after every screening a round of Q & A will be held. And as per the reports, an Oscar Winning Actress is going to attend this year’s Orlando Film Festival!

Apart from movie screenings, various other events and activities will also be organised for the people who will travel to Orlando for the fest. For information on tickets for the festival one can visit the official website of Orlando Film Festival.

Lufthansa offers extra baggage allowances

A major German airline has increased the amount of luggage passengers can check in for free.

German airline Lufthansa has expanded the amount of luggage that passengers are allowed to check in for free, meaning that long-haul travellers on flights to Delhi or Dubai can pack even more in.

Previously, economy class passengers were limited to just 20kg of luggage each, but that has now been increased to 23kg each.

Furthermore, those travelling in Business Class can pack more than twice as much, as the limit has been raised from 30kg to 64kg across two bags.

First Class passengers also have a big upgrade, from 40kg to three bags weighing a maximum of 32kg each.

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

EasyJet Claims APD Changes Could Hurt the Economy and Environment

Jacking up the Air Passenger Duty (APD) would have a 'destructive' effect on the economy, the environment and jobs, a report commissioned by budget airline EasyJet said yesterday.

The airline that is renowned most for doling out cheap tickets on flights posted the report yesterday on its official website.

The report claims that changes in the Air Passenger Duty will reduce the numbers of UK travellers by three million a year, increase in CO2 emissions by 360,000 tonnes a year and trim down the tourist spending in the country by £475 million a year.

The Government proposals, published in the month of March, would raise APD from £12 to up to £16 per person for flights up to 2,000 miles and reduce the rates and number of tax bands on long-haul flights.

As per the report by Frontier Economics, even though the duty change would cut down the total number of flights, the level of CO² emissions will go up as more and more people will be encouraged to book long-haul flight tickets.

The report also states that the changes would shrink down the UK gross domestic product by more than £2.5 billion a year. This could lead up to the loss of up to 77,000 jobs and could impact regional airports.

EasyJet, one of the most popular carriers in the UK, is in the favour of a per-plane tax as against the move to charge per-plane tax. The airline fears that the increase in the APD would discourage some British travellers from planning their holidays, particularly the short, weekend breaks. EasyJet considers that vacationers who look for tickets on cheap flights will perhaps be disheartened with the increase.

EasyJet’s CEO, Carolyn McCall called on the Government to think again on the policy of aviation taxation, “This independent report shows that the Government’s proposals on APD would be bad for the environment and the economy. APD has already risen by 140% since 2007 on short haul flights. This report provides convincing evidence that the Government should not impose further increases in APD on short haul flights and should rethink its policy on aviation taxation,” she stated.

Virgin Atlantic Joins the Chorus

Virgin Atlantic was seen to be sharing the concern raised by the independent report published by EasyJet. A Virgin Atlantic’s spokesperson said, “We share concerns about the impact of further increases on APD on family holidays, British business, and tourism alike.

“However, if the Government is determined that increases are necessary, then these should be apportioned fairly. Historically the percentage increase in this tax has been much higher for long haul flights than it has for short haul flights where alternative forms of travel often exist. This is illogical for a tax that is claimed to be an environmental one,” VA’s spokesperson observed.

Passenger Duty Increase to Hurt Economy and Jobs, Says EasyJet

EasyJet is surely not taking the proposed Air Passenger Duty (APD) hike easy and it is letting the world know it!

The budget airline published a report on its website that claims that increased APD would have an adverse effect on the economy, the environment and jobs. EasyJet is one of the most popular airlines in the UK and is known most for offering tickets on its cheap flights.

EasyJet posted the report yesterday and hopes that the Government will take notice and act accordingly. The independent report claims that the proposed changes in the APD will reduce the numbers of UK travellers by three million a year, increase in CO2 emissions by 360,000 tonnes a year and downsize the tourist spending in the country by £475 million a year.

Government’s proposed hike would raise APD from £12 to up to £16 per person for flights up to 2,000 miles and condense the rates and number of tax bands on long-haul flights.

EasyJet advocates that the increased APD will curtail down the number of travellers planning holiday travel, more so the ones who look for cheap tickets on flights.

The report claims that the duty change would surely cut down the number of flights but the level of CO2 emissions will go up since travellers will be encouraged to book long-haul flight tickets.

The report also says that the APD changes would bring down the UK gross domestic product by more than £2.5 billion a year, leading to a loss of up to 77,000 jobs and impacting regional airports.

Photo exhibit to provide a snapshot of Dubai

A new photography exhibition in Dubai will explore how the UAE city developed its global reputation.

Hundreds of photos exploring the rise of Dubai have gone on display in the UAE for the first time, following a successful exhibition in Germany.

Culture vultures arriving on flights to Dubai are urged to catch the display, which features the work of Dutch artist Charlie Koolhaas.

Dubai Then captures how the city emerged to become a globally-recognised destination and it will be open to the public at the Pavilion Downtown Dubai until August 18th, The National reports.

Ms Koolhaas said of her project: "Dubai Then is about this nostalgia we have for this euphoric past that's only three years ago."

The original exhibit has been updated with ten recently shot images, showing how Dubai has developed since 2008 and how it has responded the financial crisis.

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South Africa visitors urged to catch annual Wine Show

A major wine show is returning to Johannesburg next month for its second year running.

The South African city of Johannesburg will be hosting its annual Wine Show next month, offering a taste of more than 130 of the Rainbow Nation's finest estates.

Discerning Brits on flights to South Africa can taste and buy various East Cape region wines, as well as learning about how they are made.

Furthermore, there are plenty of fun stands, including Virtual Golf and Boules to interest all sorts of visitors, in addition to various food stalls and the Friends for Dinner Theatre, which will host seminars on pairing wines for a dinner party.

Last year's inaugural event was met with a great response from around 2,000 locals and international guests alike, so this year's show in Nelson Mandela Bay will be even bigger, the organisers have said.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Qantas launches Melbourne to Darwin flights

The Northern Territory city of Darwin will be getting an extra three flights a week from Melbourne.

Australian airline Qantas has launched a new direct internal service linking the Victoria city of Melbourne with Darwin in the country's Northern Territory.

The Qantas Cityflyer service got underway yesterday (May 17th) and is due to operate three times per week on Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Furthermore, from October onwards, a fourth service will be offered on Mondays, making it easier for Brits to explore various cities down under.

Malarndirri McCarthy, Northern Territories tourism minister, estimates that there are now 20 flights to Darwin from Melbourne each week.

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Stern Grove Festival Lures Fans to Book Flights to San Francisco

The world is getting ready for the Stern Grove Festival 2011 - a festival that comprises a series of incredible admission-free concerts in San Francisco. The fantastic festival is sure to attract music lovers from different corners of the world!

Basics of the Stern Grove Festival
The festival strives to provide high quality performances, free of charge, to all Bay Area residents and visitors who grab flights to San Francisco and travel to this charming city.

Stern Grove Festival offers paid performance opportunities to professional artists and performers.

The festival seeks to serve all kinds of diverse audiences by arranging performances and shows by a variety of artists across different genres on Sunday afternoons.

Stern Grove Festival is also an attempt to enhance and promote San Francisco's culture and heritage, and present to the world a range of musical charms that may entice people into buying tickets on flights to San Francisco.

The Festival Venue
The Stern Grove Festival is held in Sigmund Stern Recreation Grove, locally known as Stern Grove. It is a 33-acre recreational site in the Sunset District of San Francisco, California that is governed by the city's Recreation and Parks Department. Stern Grove is a eucalyptus-wooded natural amphitheatre where the trees form the walls for this exquisite outdoor concert venue. In fact, the name Stern Grove refers to the grove of these eucalyptus trees!

Getting There
Holiday makers who are in mood to experience the charm of this spectacular festival and are all set to book their cheap flights to San Francisco must know a way around the city and should know how to get to the Stern Grove. Public transportation is undoubtedly the most convenient mode of transportation to get to the Stern Grove as there is no public parking space available at the place and street parking is really limited. Muni Metro and Muni Bus are couple of options that visitors can opt in order to reach the venue for the Stern Grove Festival.

Schedule of Concerts and Events in 2011
Each Sunday afternoon from mid June through mid August, people will be treated with world class performances. Below mentioned concert schedule information will be surely be helpful for holiday makers who are planning to book their tickets on cheap flights to San Francisco to enjoy the free concerts.

June 19 - Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings will enthral the audience with their classic R&B and soul sound. French soul crooner Ben L’Oncle Soul will also be performing.

June 26 - Jazz Mafia Symphony will be highlight of the afternoon as they perform their genre-defying fusion of jazz, funk, hip-hop, electronica and symphonic music. Chali 2na, Jurassic 5 and Ozomatli are other guest stars for the day.

July 3 - Neko Case, an Indie powerhouse singer-songwriter will mesmerise the crowd with her passionate vocals and brilliant lyricism. The Dodos, known for their melodic folk-rock sound, will also perform.

July 10- AfroCubism will scintillate people with their global jams and danceable rhythms. Pellejo Seco, with their salsa-infused sound, will complement them.

July 17 - The English Beat will bring reggae and dub-infused ska to the festival, while My First Earthquake will kick off the day.

July 24 - San Francisco Symphony, with conductor Michael Francis and pianist Sara Davis Buechner, is all set to captivate the crowd.

July 31 - San Francisco Ballet, one of the most incredible ballet companies in America, will be the highlight of the day.

August 7 - R&B star Aaron Neville will serenade the Grove with his hits. Quinn Deveaux and the Blue Beat Revue will open the concert.

August 14 - Javier Limon, Buika, La Shica, Sandra Carrasco and Luisa Maita will be the performers of the day.

August 21 - San Francisco Opera will perform an afternoon of arias and solos. Dolora Zajick will also be performing on the day.

Queensland resort gears up for humpback whale season

Whale-watching is set to be one of the biggest attractions on Australia's Frasier Island this August.

While the Australian region of Queensland may be more famous for its pure-bred dingoes, each August a giant of the seas steals the limelight for nature-loving visitors.

Hervey Bay's famous humpback whales are spotted off the coastline at this time each year, and Brits hoping to see these amazing creatures are encouraged to book flights to Australia.

An estimated 4,000 whales visit the region from August 1st to the end of October each year to wallow in the warm waters of the coast of Fraser Island.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ayers Rock Resort set to host Australian Outback Marathon

A remote Australian holiday resort is set to welcome the brave runners taking part in the second annual Australian Outback Marathon this July.

Justify Full
Runners from all over the world will be heading to Ayers Rock this July for a challenging marathon in the Australian outback.
Ayers Rock Resort will be supporting the event, which features Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park as the spectacular backdrop for this endurance race on July 30th.

Runners from all over the world are expected to attend, with competitors from New Zealand, England, French Polynesia, Ireland, and the USA all due to catch flights to Australia.

With a choice of half-marathon, 11km and 6km distances on offer, runners of all ability levels will find something challenging.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Koh Phi Phi Don named as top global destination

An island hideaway in Thailand has been named as one of the world's best travel destinations.

The exotic island of Koh Phi Phi Don has been voted as one of the world's 20 best travel destinations, giving Brits on flights to Thailand another reason to visit this secluded spot.

A perennial favourite among diving fans, Koh Phi Phi Don has been recognised by the readers of TripAdvisor, the world's largest travel website.

Under the management of Hat Noppharat Thara-Moo, the national park in the Krabi region of Thailand offers unspoilt limestone coast as well as tropical coral reefs.

Furthermore, several local dive shops received good reviews from users of the website, which offers online feedback on worldwide holiday experiences.

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Flights to Muscat-An Escapade to Serenity

Pristine Muscat, with its languid beaches, marvellous historic buildings, rugged mountains, and warm friendly people proves to be an excellent choice for a relaxed holiday. Many travellers, who catch flights to Dubai, often end up escaping to Muscat’s refreshing tranquillity when Dubai becomes a tad too overwhelming. However, Muscat is also emerging as a wonderful destination in its own right. Get acquainted with some of the most popular sights of the destination.

Bait al-Baranda

The Bait al-Baranda is another popular place to visit if you have booked flights to Muscat. Exciting creative and interactive exhibits take one through a tour of Muscat’s history. In fact, rich slices of Oman’s cultural and commercial life can also be witnessed at the Bait al-Baranda. Amongst the many exciting exhibits, a very popular one is the dinosaur. Bones fond from Muscat’s Al-Khoud area have been used for creating the dinosaur.

Mutrah Souq

Shopping is a primary tourist attraction in most holiday destinations. Muscat is also no exception. So, if you have painstakingly searched and booked cheap flights to Muscat, don’t skip the Mutrah Souq. It proves to be a rewarding experience to feel the ambience of a traditional livewire Arab market at the souq. Hardware, gold, textiles, and artefacts from India and Oman are some of the goodies on display. Bargaining is an absolutely normal affair at the souq. A visit to the souq also brings one in close proximity to the historic walled Shiite district of Al-Lawataya. Visitors are forbidden from entering the area.

Sultan's Armed Forces Museum

If you love military pomp and glamour, definitely keep the Sultan's Armed Forces Museum on your itinerary while booking your cheap flights to Muscat. The museum is also visited by foreign dignitaries. The museum serves as an excellent spot for picking up interesting information on Oman’s history, military competence, and international relations. Originally built as a royal summer residence, the place has mainly served as the armed forces’ headquarters.

Ghala & Al-Ghubrah

Give a little religious touch to your Muscat sightseeing by visiting the Grand Mosque or Ghala & Al-Ghubrah. This imposing mosque is richly decorated and has an immense main prayer hall. In fact, even the Persian carpet here is said to be the world’s largest carpet, which was woven over period of approximately 4 years. The mosque is just about 8 km from Al-Khuwair, where visitors can find a number of cheap hotels.

Al-Mirani Fort

If you have booked flights to Muscat, it would be a good idea to visit the Al-Mirani Fort. Although, you will not be allowed to enter, you can always click snaps from outside to add to your collection of Muscat holiday souvenirs. Built during the 16th century, this fort’s main claim to flame is the heart stirring legend behind it. The story goes that the commander of the Portuguese forces was smitten by a Hindu supplier’s daughter. The girl’s father was against the match but could not take on the might of the commander. Instead, he cleverly took the commander in his confidence and betrayed military secrets to Imam Sultan bin Saif, who stormed the fort. It is a fact that Muscat was freed of Portuguese rule quite soon after the incident.

Al-Jalali Fort

The Al-Jalali Fort is also not open for the general public. The fort hides gems of Omani heritage meant exclusively for the eyes of visiting dignitaries. However, if you are visiting during one of the military occasions, be sure witness the impressive spectacle of bagpiper bands performing atop the battlements of the fort. The royal yacht and dhow are also sailed and fireworks are let off.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Katy Perry offers pop delights on Aussie tour

Pop music lovers can book tickets to see Katy Perry in Brisbane next week.

American pop superstar Katy Perry will be entertaining music lovers in Australia and New Zealand for the next ten days as part of her California Dreams world tour.

The singer, who is famous for hits such as I Kissed A Girl and Firework, is performing at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre (BEC) tonight (May 5th), while Brits on flights to Sydney can catch her live in concert at the city's Entertainment Centre on May 14th.

Other Australian shows include a date at the Newcastle Entertainment Centre on May 13th and a second BEC show at the 13,500-capacity venue on May 15th.

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Easter treats at Sydney's Hoopla Festival

Grab Flights to Sydney & Get Spellbound

If there ever was an award for a city with most number of tourist attractions, Sydney would have been the clear winner! The place is just inundated with attractions that are as ‘touristy’ as they can get. Travel to this scintillating Australian city and get yourself overwhelmed by the sheer number of charms this part of the world posses!

Popular Sydney Attractions
Heaps of tourists grab flights to Sydney to enjoy its various elements. Be it the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Royal Botanic Gardens or Sydney Aquarium – people can explore a wide variety of delights after they have landed up with tickets on cheap flights to Sydney. Sydney Opera House is the most iconic facet of the Sydney skyline and it just might be one of the most recognisable contemporary structures around the world! Sydney Opera House hosts numerous shows and events every year, enticing every individual who plans Sydney holidays to dig out as much information as possible on various events hosted by this performing arts centre.

Bondi Beach is another glittering Sydney tourist charm that is incredibly popular among leisure vacationers. It is a kilometre long stretch of sand that offers a perfect setting for swimming, surfboarding, and sun bathing.

The Rocks is one more massively popular tourist attraction that allures history buffs in particular. Regarded as the birth place of Sydney, the Rocks is brimming with colonial flavours that are incredibly enchanting. The Hero of Waterloo Inn, Cadman’s Cottage, Susannah Place and Sydney Observatory are some of the various attractions here.

South Africa offers newly-weds the 'wow factor'

Honeymooners can combine exciting safari experiences with relaxing days on the beach in South Africa, a travel expert has said.

Newly married couples looking for something special on their honeymoon should consider booking flights to South Africa, to enjoy a wide variety of activities.

This is the view of Jane Anderson, former travel editor of You & Your Wedding magazine and founder of 101honeymoons.co.uk, who noted that newly-weds are becoming "increasingly travel savvy".

"The traditional two weeks on a foreign beach is on the decline. Honeymooners are becoming a lot more adventurous and incorporating anything from trekking to scuba diving," she said.

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Songs, shrines and shopping at Indian holy fair

Visitors to India this month can soak up the local culture and visit a traditional market in the town of Bairath.

The Indian celebration of Banganga Fair is due to take place this May, with thousands of Hindu worshippers drawn to the historic town of Bairath in the Jaipur region.

Marked on the full-moon day of Vaishakh season, devotees engage in rituals and blessings as part of a lively and exciting festival.

A visit to the holy site of Radha-Krishnaji Temple on the banks of the Banganga River is believed to purify the soul, as Hindus sing traditional devotional songs or bhajans.

The day also features bathing in the sacred river as well as processions to the nearby shrines to pay homage to various gods.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thai resort offers special summer offers

A luxury holiday resort in Thailand is offering special room rates and spa treatment discounts this summer.

Boutique resort Casa Del Mare Hua Hin is offering luxury villa accommodation at reduced prices this summer, meaning Brits catching flights to Thailand have another great value hotel choice.

Superior double rooms are available until October 31st for just 2,500 baht (£50) per night, while Deluxe upgrades are available for just 1,000 baht per room per night.

Furthermore, guests can get a 30 per cent discount on spa treatments, as well as a free 30-minute foot or shoulder massage on any day from Sundays to Thursdays.

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Mauritius Flights – Gaining Popularity in 2011

Mauritius is an incredible holiday destination that has been beguiling tourists since ages now. However, with rapid development and massive infrastructural improvement Mauritius hopes to become the biggest tourist magnet of the Indian Ocean in the year 2011.

Glorious natural marvels, remarkable cultural heritage and extraordinary adventure sport options all blend together to make sure that tickets to Mauritius remain as popular as ever in the year 2011.

Top Mauritius Attractions in 2011
Affordable Mauritius holidays are increasingly becoming popular among honeymooners, families and adventurers. Tourists who reach the shores of this splendid island nation are sure to be impressed by its extreme beauty. Here are some of the reasons why Mauritius-bound flights are always full.

Pamplemousses Botanical Garden
You haven’t been to Mauritius, if you haven’t been to Pamplemousses Botanical Garden! One of the most wonderful tourist spots in Mauritius, Pamplemousses Botanical Garden is the place to be to experience nature at its full glory. Brilliant flowers and medicinal plants along with delightful fish ponds are some of the attractions of the garden.

Casela Bird Park
Casela Bird Park is another big reason why enquiries about Mauritius tourism are growing day by day. The unique bird park is home to more than 140 bird species including some of the very rare ones. Visit the Casela Bird Park and enjoy the serenity amidst the cacophony of bird chirpings!

Blue Bay Beach
Blue Bay Beach is regarded by many as the best beach in Mauritius! It is a gorgeous piece of white-sand land that meets the lovely azure sea and in the process churns out a paradise that is so soothing to the eyes that you just fall in love with it! Highly recommended by travel operators on holidays to Mauritius 2011, Blue Bay Beach is also the red hot spot for adventure sports.

Flic en Flac and Mauritius Aquarium are couple of other major tourist attractions that are charming, educating and entertaining!

Mauritius Festivals
Festivals are windows through which the outsiders can have the best view of the region’s cultural, religious and historical milieu. Check out different festivals that are considered significant in the nation.

Maha Shivaratree
A major Hindu festival, Maha Shivaratree is usually celebrated in the month of February in honour of the Lord Shiva. Religious fever is high so is the level of excitement and thrill.

Cavadee is celebrated by Tamil Indians with great fervour. Festival participants get their cheeks, tongues and chests pierced, and also perform a remarkable fire-walking ceremony

Mauritius is highly influenced by Indian, Chinese and French cultures, and the festivals in the country portray just that. Apart from Hindu festivals, Chinese, Christian and Muslim festivals are also observed. Make sure you book flights to Mauritius around such major festivals in order to have entertaining and enlightening holidays.

An Aussie day at the races in Burrandowan

British travellers are encouraged to head to Burrandown this weekend to see how the Aussies do a day at the races.

Holidaymakers looking for a memorable day out are encouraged to check out the Burrandowan Picnic Races, an annual celebration of horseracing, which is taking place this weekend (May 7th).

Horse-loving Brits catching flights to Australia would be well advised to book their tickets to the race day, which includes five equestrian competitions as well as clay pigeon shooting.

At the end of the day you can enjoy a traditional Aussie barbecue, with rib fillet burgers and T-bone steaks on offer, while guests are invited to camp overnight at Burrandowan Race Track.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Qatar Airways Adds Uganda, Azerbaijan and Georgia to Its Network

Continuing with its aggressive expansion plans, Qatar Airways yesterday announced the launch of three new routes out of Doha this year.

Qatar Airways, the flag airline of Qatar, will roll out flights from its hub at Doha airport to Uganda, Azerbaijan and Georgia. The carrier will launch daily non-stop flights to Entebbe, Uganda’s second largest city from November 2. Four weeks later, the airline will start daily non-stop flights to Baku, Azerbaijan continuing onto Tbilisi, Georgia.

The new routes will be served by the carrier’s Airbus A320. Qatar Airways will be offering tickets for 12 business class seats. While, for those looking for economy class cheap tickets on these flights, 132 economy class seats will be available.

The announcement was made by Qatar Airways’ Chief Executive Officer Akbar Al Baker at the opening day of the Arabian Travel Market, one of the Middle East’s premier travel trade shows. At the press conference of the travel show, Al Baker observed that Uganda, Azerbaijan and Georgia are massively underserved by the global airlines.

“But there is clearly demand and huge potential and, as a network global carrier, we are able to fulfil the needs of the travelling public from these three countries and for those wanting to travel there from markets we serve around the world,” Qatar Airways’ website quoted Al Baker as stating.

“Qatar Airways already has a successful operation to the Russian capital Moscow. Expanding our presence deeper into Central Asia has been a focus of ours for some time so it is with extreme delight to be able to announce we will soon have new routes to add in this part of the world.

“And we are pleased to be reinforcing our presence in Africa, four years after our last move there when we launched flights to Tanzania’s capital city of Dar es Salaam. Adding Entebbe provides us with another foothold deeper into the African continent, where we already serve 15 destinations. We are confident this route start-up will be as successful as the others being planned,” he further added.

Qatar Airways is one of the very few airlines that enjoy 5-star ratings by Skytrax, so one can be well assured of the quality of on-board services and amenities offered by the airline. The airline may not be the cheapest of the lot but budget travellers who wish to enjoy the very best of on-board luxuries can book well in advance to grab cheap tickets on flights.

Qatar Airways’ Aggressive Expansion
Qatar Airways has been on a kind of expansion roll for some time now. The airline launched flights to Bucharest, Budapest and Brussels in January, to Germany’s Stuttgart in March and to Syria’s Aleppo in April.

The carrier also awaits the start of operations to Shiraz, Venice and Montreal in June; Kolkata in July; Sofia in September and Oslo in October.

Dubai named 'top destination' in Middle East

Golf resorts, hotels and travel organisations in Dubai have all been honoured at a regional awards ceremony.

Brits looking for a top quality holiday in the Middle East have been urged to book flights to Dubai, after the Emirati city was named the top destination in the region.

Last night (May 2nd) saw the 2011 World Travel Awards Middle East take place at the Armani Hotel Dubai, with the city's resorts, travel companies and destinations picking up 20 awards in total.

Key winners included Atlantis The Palm, winner of best resort in the region, as well as Burj Al Arab, which won the best hotel award.

Golf fans are also well catered for in Dubai, as the UAE city has both the best course (The Address Montgomerie) and the best golf resort (Jebel Ali Golf Resort & Spa) in the Middle East.

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Air Tickets to Mauritius – What Makes Them Popular in 2011

Lovely azure waters, remarkable marine life and throbbing cultural scene! These along with many others factors are making holidays to Mauritius incredibly popular in 2011. Make sure to grab your airline tickets to Mauritius in 2011 if you want your year to be a rocking and scintillating one! Few days in this spectacular country and you will refuse to come back! This island nation is that incredible!

Popular Attractions on Mauritius Holidays 2011

The Mauritius tourism hopes to arrive big on the world tourism scene in 2011. The country has all the tourist trappings that make a destination hot! Let us delve further and find out various attractions that make tickets to Mauritius so freaking popular.

Pamplemousses Botanical Garden
Pamplemousses Botanical Garden is a delightful place that mesmerises tourists with its colourful flowers and therapeutic plants.

Blue Bay Beach
Blue Bay Beach is one of the biggest reasons that make holidays to Mauritius extremely popular for adventure sports and terrific beauty. Experience bliss at its zenith at the incredible Blue Bay Beach!

Other attractions that are responsible for making flights to Mauritius so popular are Casela Bird Park, Flic en Flac and Mauritius Aquarium.

Mauritius Festivals 2011

Maha Shivaratree, Cavadee, Chinese New Year, Christmas and Father Laval Day are some of the major festivals in Mauritius that allow tourists to have peek at the country’s vibrant culture and history. Booking tickets to Mauritius during such festivals is not a bad idea for tourists who wish to experience the nation’s cultural magnificence.