Thursday, March 31, 2011

Discover Western Australia's best-kept secret

The owner of Maitraya has claimed that the Western Australian holiday resort is the region's best-kept secret.

The mansion retreat of Maitraya may be Western Australia's best-kept secret, but it won't stay that way for long, with the unique destination attracting worldwide attention.

Travellers arriving into Australia on flights to Perth can reach the resort in under an hour, while the private airstrip and helipad mean that super-rich guests can get there even more easily.

The exclusive resort can accommodate up to 21 guests at a time and features include an indoor heated pool, as well as an outdoor swimming lagoon. Guests can also relax in the sauna and spa or get active on the tennis court and football pitch.

Perhaps the most attractive feature is the bespoke approach that the owner takes towards optional extras, though.

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Uluru nominated for Wonder of Nature honour

Australians are being encouraged to vote for their favourite natural landmark in a new online competition.

The Central Australian landmark of Uluru has been put forward as one of 28 global sites competing to be named one of the world's New Seven Wonders of Nature.

As part of a seven-month online competition, global citizens will be encouraged to vote for their favourite natural marvel, with the Great Barrier Reef also nominated, proving that nature-loving travellers taking flights to Australia will be spoilt for choice.

Other global landmarks nominated include the Grand Canyon in America, the Black Forest in Germany and South America's Iguazu Falls.

Malarndirri McCarthy, the Australian tourism minister, said that she would be writing to celebrity fans of Uluru, such as Oprah Winfrey, to encourage them to vote.

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Grab Flights to Mauritius & Explore Heavenly Beauty

If you are looking to have a vacation in one of the world’s most beautiful places, then Mauritius is the way to go for you! Situated in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a small island nation that has been blessed with nature’s most stunning wonders and splendours. The country boasts of remarkable countryside, pristine beaches, crystal clear waters and mesmerising underwater life. Apart from natural marvels, Mauritius’ other charms include colourful culture, soaring sky-scrapers and other man-made attractions. It is not surprising that Mauritius is one country that lures all kinds of holiday makers – be it families, adventurers or honeymooners! The majestic Mauritius is certainly capable of offering you a fun filled vacations – one that you will treasure and relish forever!

Tourist Delights in Mauritius
Mauritius is inundated with several tourist delights. Take a look at some of the attractions under broader categories that are compelling tourists from all over the world to book flights to Mauritius.

Brilliant Beaches
The beaches in Mauritius are just perfect, portraying visual delights beyond belief! Mauritian beaches are the world’s most scintillating ones, providing the ideal blend of sand, water and sun! Palm -fringed beaches are indeed one of the biggest attractions in Mauritius and one of the major reasons why cheap flights to Mauritius are so highly sought after by honeymoon couples and families on leisure vacations. These beaches are the perfect spots to enjoy a quite afternoon or revel in some beach side fun activities. Holiday makers can undertake a variety of water activities with their families and friends. Pereybere, Belle Mare, Flic en Flac, Le Morne, Blue Bay and Grand Bay are some of the most popular and beautiful beaches in Mauritius that are loved by tourists from all over the world and entice them to look for cheap flights to Mauritius.

Wonderful Wildlife
Apart from gorgeous coastlines, Mauritius is renowned for its exotic wildlife parks and sanctuaries. In fact, wildlife charms play a very prominent part in Mauritius Tourism and making this country such a top tourist spot! Some of the popular wildlife reserves and parks are La Vanille Crocodile, Domaine du Chasseur, IIe aux Aigrettes and Black River Georges National Park. You will be amazed with the incredible wildlife and scintillating beauty of the lush greenery! Grab flights to Mauritius and greet the nature in its supreme glory and witness the varied species roaming freely in the natural kingdom!

Riveting Religious Sites
Away from exotic natural beauty, Mauritius also boasts of some stunning religious sites and attractions that sway and stun every tourist who visits them. Triolet Shivala is one such example that allures holiday makers to Mauritius. Triolet Shivala is the largest Hindu temple in the country and is dedicated to God Shiva, Brahma, Ganesha, Vishnu and others.

Other Attractions
Mauritius attractions are not limited just to the above mentioned. There is a lot else in the city that warrants a visit from the travellers. Pamplemousses Garden is one such top tourist delight that enchants visitors. It is an extremely well maintained botanical garden that is known for its wonderful giant water lilies, exotic plant and palm trees. Pamplemousses Garden indeed fascinates everyone with its fantastic flora!

Tourists to Mauritius can also enjoy a pulsating nightlife, delicious local cuisines and incredible shopping options. The country is full of wonderful hotels that offer the best in terms of luxury and comfort. Cheap budget hotels are also available in different parts of the country that cater to holiday makers who look for cheaper accommodation alternatives on their budget vacations. The radiant country of Mauritius has everything going for it! No wonder, travellers from far and wide travel to this glorious destination to enjoy few of the world’s most amazing attractions.

Severe floods leave Thailand tourists stranded

Tourists in Thailand have been left stranded as the country copes with heavy flooding.

Flights to Thailand have faced major disruption today (March 30th), as the south of the country is dealing with major flooding, it has been reported.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has warned British travellers in the region to avoid the Nakhon Sri Thammarat, Surat Thani, Phattalung, Chumphon, Trang and Satun regions.

Furthermore, Nakhon Sri Thammarat airport has been temporarily closed and flights are suspended due to runway flooding, while flights from Koh Samui airport are also disrupted.

Other popular tourist destinations, such as Kho Pha Ngan and Kho Tao have also been affected, while ferry services have also been hit.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Travellers Set To Suffer As BA Cabin Crew Votes for Strike

British Airways cabin crew seems to be in no mood of giving up their fight as they vote overwhelmingly in favour of fresh strikes. This is the fourth time the cabin crew has voted for an industrial action in two years.

The dispute between BA and its staff brewed over pay and working conditions but currently the matter seem to be focussed on the decision of the airline to take away travel perks from staff members who participated in previous strikes. BA has witnessed and experienced a total of 22 days of strike last year in which the airline is reported to have lost an estimated £150m. Several flights were also cancelled or delayed creating scenes of chaos at different airports and troubling passengers who bought BA flight tickets.

Unite announced that over 80 percent of the airline’s cabin crew with valid voting papers voted in favour of the strike against the national flag carrier. The date of the strike is yet to be announced by the union but it is likely that the industrial action is going to be called on during the Easter holidays, denting travel plans of hundreds. Several travellers who were lucky enough to procure tickets on cheap flights are sure to be disappointed if the strike indeed ‘strikes’ during Easter holidays, which is a popular travel season and tickets on cheap flights are not easy to come by.

The general secretary of Unite, Len McCluskey was quoted by online sources as stating, "This vote shows that cabin crew remain determined to win justice. We urge BA's boardroom to see this as a clear message that they must think again about how to regain the trust and confidence of a significant part of their cabin crew operation." Len McCluskey further added, "We continue to be in discussions with the company to find a solution to this long-running dispute."

British Airways also seemed in favour of sorting things out peacefully. "We began talks with Unite earlier this month, and those talks are continuing. We hope they will bring an end to this dispute, which is what the overwhelming majority of our cabin crew want," BA was quoted some of the leading news portals.

Keith Williams, BA’s new chief executive, promised that the airline is prepared to face any adverse situation. Mr Williams was confident as he promised that British Airways is going to continue with its long-haul flights from Heathrow, as well as the scheduled services from Gatwick and London City in the event of a strike.

However, Mr McCluskey is surely not on a same page with Mr Williams on this one. Mr McCluskey shrewdly observed, "He (Keith Williams) has no way of knowing what weird and wondrous initiatives we might take should we engage in industrial action."

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lizard Island gets revamp and makeover

Visitors to the Great Barrier Reef can enjoy a stylish new look at Lizard Island.

The Great Barrier Reef resort of Lizard Island has undergone a soft makeover in order to better attract visitors on flights to Australia.

A fresh new look has been designed for the Lodge Bar and Osprey's Restaurant, while many suites and villas have also been given a revamp.

The Anchor Bay Suites now feature new rugs and coffee tables, while the Sunset Point Villas offer a private deck with a hammock.

Lizard Island is an ideal destination for diving enthusiasts, as you can mix with green sea turtles, giant clownfish, and 100-year-old giant clam gardens.

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Spiderman' scales Dubai's Burj Khalifa tower

A controversial freeclimber has completed his record-breaking attempt to climb the tallest building in the world.

French daredevil Alain Robert climbed into the record books last night (March 28th) after reaching the top of the Burj Khalifa tower.

Mr Robert, who has earned the nickname Spiderman, took six hours to ascend the 828-metre high Dubai skyscraper, which is the tallest building in the world.

A large crowd of visitors gathered to cheer him on and as night fell he had to be lit up by spotlights so he could continue his ascent.

His gruelling climb began two hours later than planned at 18:00 local time, meaning he didn't reach the top until around midnight.

The notorious freeclimber often eschews ropes and harnesses in his death-defying climbs, but on this occasion he was forced by Dubai authorities to take safety measures.

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Phil Spencer recommends Melbourne breaks

The host of Location, Location, Location has spoken of his love for the Australian city of Melbourne.

TV presenter Phil Spencer has named his Melbourne highlights as well as offering plenty of sage travel advice for travellers contemplating booking flights to Australia.

The Location, Location, Location host told the Telegraph that his best ever holiday was spent in the Australian city, including a trip to the "spectacular" Byron Bay.

He added that both he and his wife Fiona, who is a native Aussie, are very fond of Melbourne and its "great" weather.

Phil's key criteria for a perfect holiday are simple: "I need my wife, my children and blue skies. If there is white sand and warm water, then I've ticked the boxes."

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Kuwait sandstorm leaves Dubai dusty

A major sandstorm in Kuwait has led to highly dusty conditions and low visibility in the UAE, according to the local met office.

Visitors on flights to Dubai have been warned to expect dusty conditions until at least tomorrow (March 29th) as the United Arab Emirates (UAE) feels the aftermath of a severe sandstorm in Kuwait.

The local meteorological organisation warned that visibility is likely to be less than 1,000 metres until Tuesday, due to a large sand cloud, Emirates 24/7 reported.

As a result, temperatures have dropped and off-shore winds of up to 13 knots make for difficult swimming, surfing and sailing conditions.

Last Friday saw a major sandstorm in Kuwait, with winds reaching 80 kmph, and the resultant conditions forced many local flights to be diverted to alternative airports.

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Fishing and cooking experience launched at Thai hotel

Visitors to Thailand can experience the whole cooking experience from fishing through to cooking with the Sarojin's latest deal.

Luxury Thai hotel the Sarojin is offering guests the chance to fish like a local, cook like a pro and dine like royalty with a new foodie package.

Gourmet travellers have yet another reason to book flights to Thailand, as the hotel's new deal offers a thorough gastronomic experience.

Guests are invited to go native and explore the estuaries of the mangrove forest on a traditional longtail boat.

Furthermore, you can learn how to catch your own fish using the native techniques of line and rod fishing, as taught by local Thai fishermen.

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Monday, March 28, 2011

India's wildlife offers more than just tigers

Travellers visiting India are being encouraged to try a wider array of wildlife tours to take the pressure off the tiger population.

Visitors on flights to India are urged to discover the variety of wildlife on offer beyond the popular tiger tours, as Indian Experiences is running a series of alternative offers at its eco lodges this year.

Corbett National Park is celebrating its Platinum Jubilee this year with a range of jeep safaris from Jim's Jungle Retreat featuring elephants, crocodiles and around 600 species of exotic birds.

Elsewhere, Reni Pan Jungle Lodge in Satpura National Park claims to be India's best-kept secret, with leopards, wild dogs and sloth bears all sighted nearby.

In order to help preserve the local environment, Satpura is one of the only national parks in India that allows walking safaris within its core area.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Winter discounts for Tasmanian ferry crossings

Travellers booking flights to Australia and hoping to explore the island of Tasmania may be glad to learn that Spirit of Tasmania is offering a 60 per cent discount this winter.

The Spirit of Tasmania is offering a 60 per cent discount on ferry crossings from Melbourne this winter.

As a result twin and four-berth cabins are available from just $99 (£63) per person per crossing, provided you travel between May 3rd and August 31st this year.

Furthermore, you can take your hire car with you for just $79 each way, giving you extra space to carry all your essential holiday items.

Tasmania has plenty to offer British travellers on flights to Australia, including wine tours, outdoor adventures, historic tours and cultural events.

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Aborigine band to perform at Ayers Rock Resort

Drum Atweme have been confirmed to perform at Ayers Rock Resort in April.

Visitors to Ayers Rock Resort next month will notice that the Northern Australian destination will be alive to the sounds of Aborigine drumming, as Drum Atweme will be performing from April 8th to 10th.

These performances will give British travellers yet another reason to book flights to Australia, and visit this famous outback region.

Drum Atweme literally means 'hit the drum' in the Arrernte language of Central Australia, and members range from six to 16 years of age.

The group was formed in 2004 to meet the needs of at-risk Aboriginal youth that were interested in music, especially percussion.

Their performances feature a fusion of rhythm and dance from around the world with the voices of their own culture, while the songs and stories are based on their own sense of cultural identity.

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Spiderman' to climb Dubai's tallest skyscraper

A 48-year-old freeclimber, nicknamed Spiderman, will attempt to climb the world's tallest building next week.

A world-famous French daredevil will attempt to climb Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building on Monday (March 28th), it has been reported.

Alain Robert has earned the nickname 'Spiderman' for his death-defying freeclimbing achievements, which regularly involve no safety equipment and often result in police fines and arrests.

However, on this occasion Mr Robert has bowed to Dubai officials and agreed to use a rope and harness for his six-hour attempt to reach the top of the 828 metre-high skyscraper.

Mr Robert, 48, told the Associated Press of his struggles with health and safety officials: "I was trying and trying to get the approval, and it was always a big, big no."

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Four Islands to Consider before booking Flights to Seychelles

The Seychelles is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. The destination is a group of some 115 fabulous islands. Seychelles, with its enchanting jungles, a rare exotic flora and fauna life, and huge tracts of pristine milky white beaches, literally begs to be explored. This paradise on earth is no longer the exclusive privilege of the ultra rich. Be it some historical attractions at the National Museum in Victoria or a jungle trip in the Morne Seychellois National Park, every experience in Seychelles becomes a lifelong memory. Take a small look into four popular islands in Seychelles.


Seychelles’s main island, Mahé, has the distinction of being the country’s largest island and also its cultural and economic hub of Seychelles. The endearing travel destination of Victoria, the smallest capital in the world is quite close to Mahé. Being the location of the international airport, Mahé is well served by numerous airlines operating flights to Seychelles. The island of Mahé is a fantastic place for experiencing the famous outdoor locales of Seychelles. There are numerous nature walks and trails, fishing areas, dive centres, and cultural and ecotourism spots in Mahé. Exploring the destination on a hired car or a sailing boat makes for a memorable experience. Mahé also offers enough by way of restaurants, bars, casinos, and cafes. Travellers looking for cheap flights to Seychelles should definitely consider Mahé while booking their tickets.


Praslin, another wonderful Seychelles destination, is only second to Mahé in terms of size. In fact, Praslin ranks pretty high on the priority of many of the visitors catching flights to Seychelles. Praslin has a captivatingly beautiful landscape and has quite a few unique claims to fame. A trip here can treat visitors to the sight of Seychelles Black Parrots, which happen to be amongst the rarest parrot species on the planet. No less stunning is the flora life, especially the humongous palm tree forests famous for the Coco-de-Mer palm. This tree bears fruits, which have a striking resemblance to the female pelvis. Gorging on scrumptious Creole cuisines and lazing around in the mesmerising Anse Lazio and other wonderful beaches are just a couple of other charms that await travellers in Praslin.

La Digue Island

Many visitors book cheap flights to Seychelles to experience some old world unhurried way of life. The La Digue Island is undoubtedly one of the best places in Seychelles for such a trip. A ferry ride to La Digue from Praslin just takes about half an hour. Many of the old Seychelles traditions have survived in this island and tourists can be assured of a wonderful cultural experience. The laidback pace of life also makes the island a welcome break from a hectic schedule.

Silhouette Island

The Silhoutte Island is another irresistible seductress. Teeming with a rich colourful marine life, the island makes for a fairytale kind of setting and has many interesting tales attached to it. If legends are anything to go by, Silhoutte Island is the place where the notorious corsair, Jean-Francois Hodoul buried his treasure. The island is also believed to be home to numerous graves of medieval era Arab sailors. Besides legends and histories, Silhoutte Island has a lot by way of present day attractions as well. The Seychelles Sheath Tailed Bat and Seychelles Giant Tortoise are two rare forms of fauna life that survive on this island. Devilishly attractive views of the North Coast of Mahé are available from the island. Those looking for some underwater adventures can look forward to fabulous diving spots. A coral barrier reef and craggy granite cliffs further add to the visual appeal.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Qantas defends decision to put prices up

Australia's biggest airline has put prices up across the board by as much as $10 per person, due to rising fuel costs.

Australian airline Qantas has defended its decision to increase fares by as much as $10 (£6) from the beginning of next month onwards.

Furthermore travellers on flights to Tasmania will have to pay an extra eight per cent, the airline has announced.

The price hike was put down to the rising cost of jet fuel, which has gone up by 15 per cent over the last month, pushing the airline's costs up by an extra $2 billion.

Alan Joyce, chief executive officer at Qantas, said that the airline is also taking further steps towards improving its fuel conservation levels, but the global financial crisis was also playing a part.

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Santana's Guitar Heaven tour arrives in Brisbane

Carlos Santana is bringing his world tour to the Brisbane Entertainment Arena tonight, before shows in Sydney and Hunter Valley.

Legendary blues guitarist Carlos Santana arrives in Brisbane today (March 24th) as part of his Guitar Heaven tour of Asia and the Pacific region.

Travellers on flights to Australia can catch the veteran musician all this weekend, as the tour moves to Sydney tomorrow before arriving in Hunter Valley on Saturday.

Santana's career has spanned over 40 years to date, earning him numerous awards along the way, but he only broke into the mainstream in 2000 with his album, Supernatural, which featured a host of famous guest vocalists.

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Last chance to catch Sydney's beer festival

Cape Town tourism to get conference boost

The South African city of Cape Town is due to host a major tourism conference next week

Tourism in the South African city of Cape Town is expected to enjoy a boost after next week's Tourism Destination Conference.

The one-day conference, which will take place on March 28th, will include more than 100 influential figures and decision makers from the sector.

Following on from last year's Football World Cup, the theme of this year's event is elevating Cape Town's global profile.

Alan Winde, Western Cape tourism minister, said: "The conference is aimed at engaging with relevant topics that could enhance our destination's competitive advantage to contribute towards industry growth."

Furthermore, the keynote speech is to be given by South Africa's national tourism minister Marthinus van Schalkwyk.

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Indian city unveils ATM that dispenses milk

The Indian city of Katraj is to introduce a new ATM machine that can dispense cold milk for thirsty visitors.

British travellers on flights to India have another reason to visit the Pune region, as the city of Katraj will be unveiling the first ATM for milk-thirsty locals.

Aimed at the busy local workers, the Any Time Milk vending machines will offer the refreshing taste of cool milk on the go, 24 hours a day.

The developers insist they won't be milking people's wallets either, as the milk will be cheaper than the equivalent shop price.

Despite the planned launch date being just three days after April Fools Day, Pune District Milk Producers Federation insist that this new project is not a joke.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Last chance to catch Sydney's beer festival

Sydney's month-long German beer festival is coming to a close this weekend, with live music and brewery tours taking place.

German-beer lovers can catch the last of Hopfest this weekend (March 26th-27th), as the month-long festival at the Lowenbrau Keller at the Rocks, Sydney comes to an end.

Traditional German beer, or bier as the Bavarians call it, will be on offer until the end of the month, meaning that this weekend is your last chance to catch the Saturday Stammtisch.

This German pub tradition includes drinking bier with a special breakfast at a communal table to ease you into the weekend.

Accompanying music will come from renowned German Oktoberfest band Enzianer, who are fresh from a tour of Las Vegas.

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Shakespeare in Sydney all this month

Joe Cocker booked for Dubai gig

In his only Middle Eastern gig this year, Joe Cocker will play the Al Badia Golf Club on May 22, it has been announced.

Legendary British rock and blues singer Joe Cocker is due to perform in the United Arab Emirates this May, in his only Middle Eastern appearance this year.

The show, on May 22 at Al Badia Golf Club, comes on the back of his latest album, Hard Knocks, which was released last year and went straight to number one in the German charts.

Cocker has released more than 20 albums during his 51-year career and he was named by Rolling Stone magazine as among the 100 greatest singers of all time.

His major accolades include an Acadamy Award, a Golden Globe and a Grammy, so he is likely to prove a big draw for visitors on flights to Dubai.

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Flights to Hong Kong - Attractions and Activities that Make them Hot

Experience serenity, observe sheer beauty, enjoy lovely moments and be relaxed by the end of it all! Welcome to Hong Kong - one of the finest holiday destinations in the world! Entertainment is guaranteed to everyone planning Hong Kong holidays!

Hong Kong, a special administrative region of the People's Republic of China, offers a lot to its visitors. The city is best known for being a shopper’s paradise, with all of its many malls and street side markets. However, there is much more to Hong Kong than just shopping. Take a look at some of the popular things to do in the city after grabbing flights to Hong Kong.

Visiting Hong Kong’s major landmarks is perhaps the best way to get yourself acquainted with city’s history and heritage. Travel agents specialising in holiday packages to Hong Kong can organise tours of some of the most notable architectural wonders in the city, apart from getting you cheap flights to Hong Kong. On such tours, you may be introduced to different colonial structures like the Central Police Station and the French Mission, as well as some great contemporary architecture, including the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank building.

Hong Kong is inundated with numerous temples that are highly popular among holiday makers who wait eagerly for the announcement of cheap flights to Hong Kong. Man Mo Temple is one of the most significant religious sites in Hong Kong and is named after Man (the god of literature) and Mo (the god of martial arts).

Wong Tai Sin Temple is a hugely popular and beautiful Taoist temple in Hong Kong that is elaborately decorated with red pillars and a golden roof. Wong Tai Sin Temple is dedicated to a celebrated healer and Taoist disciple, whose portrait decorates the main altar.

Dim Sum
Dim Sum is perhaps the most popular dish in Hong Kong that tourists in the city ought to try! Dim Sum can be sampled out anywhere in the city but there are few restaurants in Hong Kong that serve the most scrumptious of Dim Sum. Yung Kee, Tsui Hang Village and City Hall are few of restaurants that make sure that travellers see their decision of buying tickets on those flights to Hong Kong as an excellent one!

Ocean Park and Waterworld
Ocean Park is a theme park and entertainment centre that is a major attraction in Hong Kong. Ranked by Forbes as one of the most popular amusement parks in the world, Ocean Park appeals to all sections of holiday makers. The theme park has six main areas - Lowland Gardens, Marine Land, Headland Rides, Kids' World, Adventure Land and Bird Paradise. Ocean Park also features a cable car ride and theatres conducting shows.

Water World is located very near to the Ocean Park. Water World is an enormous aqua park brimming with swimming pools, slides and diving boards.

Stanley Market
Your tour to Hong Kong is incomplete if you haven’t visited the Stanley Market! It is a popular tourist marketplace that sells everything - from antiques to electronics! Tourists can take home embroidered household linens, and little trinkets and artefacts from the Stanley Market.

Victoria Peak
A visit to this hilly landmark is de rigueur for every tourist in Hong Kong! Named after Britain’s Queen Victoria, Victoria Peak is perhaps city’s most famous attraction. A funicular (cable-pulled train) carries visitors to the peak and allows them to enjoy some of the most breathtaking views of the city!

Aberdeen Harbour
A boat ride at Aberdeen Harbour is another captivating activity that holiday makers in Hong Kong can undertake. A meal at one of the floating restaurants will make it one of the best experiences of your life!

Cape Town gets ready for annual Jazz Festival

Earth Wind and Fire are among the 40 bands due to play Cape Town's 12th annual International Jazz Festival this weekend.

The South African city of Cape Town will be alive with music this weekend, as the 12th annual international Jazz Festival gets underway.

Last year's two-day festival attracted 34,000 jazz enthusiasts to the Rainbow Nation, with many arriving on flights to South Africa from all corners of the globe.

This year, the country's president Jacob Zuma has given the music festival his official backing, mentioning it in his annual state of the nation address.

The line-up includes a host of stellar musicians from within South Africa, as well as renowned international acts such as Earth Wind and Fire, David Koz and Hugh Masekela.

A total of 40 bands will perform over two days starting on Friday (March 25th), as well as a series of 'concept bands' put together by the festival organisers specifically for the event.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shakespeare in Sydney all this month

March is Shakespeare month in Sydney, with a range of theatre events taking place in the Australian city.

With two major film versions of the Bard's works being released this month, the Australian city of Sydney is laying on a host of Shakespearean re-imaginings to excite visitors on flights to Australia.

If you've been to see Gnomeo and Juliet, or you're looking forward to Julie Taymor's version of The Tempest, starring Helen Mirren and Russell Brand, then Sydney is the place to be this March.

The Shakespeare season kicks off with Funk It Up About Nothing, an urban take on the classic comedy Much Ado About Nothing, starring a cast of international hip-hop talent.

This bold new production has already received high praise from Time Out Sydney and is running at the Carriage Works theatre until Saturday (March 26th).

Visitors invited to get snap-happy in South Africa

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Abu Dhabi to see return of Manchester City Soccer Schools

The Etihad Airways Manchester City Football Club Soccer Schools are due to return to Abu Dhabi this week for a second year running.

Football-mad youngsters in Abu Dhabi may be excited to know that the Etihad Airways Manchester City Football Club Soccer Schools are due to return this week.

The airline, which runs regular flights to Abu Dhabi from the UK, announced that more than 600 local children had been selected to take part in the second annual event.

Moreover, Manchester City's experienced international goalkeeper Shay Given will make a special appearance at Abu Dhabi’s Marina Mall at 7pm local time tomorrow (March 22nd).

Peter Baumgartner, Etihad Airways’ chief commercial officer, said that he was delighted to hear that Ireland international Given would be in attendance.

Head to Abu Dhabi and play with Big Boys Toys

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Fabulous Far East Destinations – Scintillating Singapore & Terrific Thailand

The enigmatic charm of the Far East entices many to book holiday packages for its holiday destinations. And if one has to pick two of the region’s hottest holiday spots – it has to the shimmering Singapore and tremendous Thailand! Both holiday destinations boast of dazzling tourist attractions, charming cultural traits and incredible eating options.

Singapore – the Lion City
Singapore is one of the most dynamic cities around the world that vibrates with energy and liveliness. The city is one mesmerising blend of different cultures and heritages that captivate holiday makers like a spider’s web – but only to entertain and amuse them! Singapore sojourns are all about sampling the finest from the different cultures and experiencing a society that is as diversified as a glowing rainbow. Singapore is highly influenced by Chinese, Malay and Indian cultures – a fact that is reflected in various aspects of life in the city. The beautiful island city is brimming with stunning architectural marvels that include majestic historical wonders as well as gaudy contemporary structures. The city also boasts of lush green forests and incredible ethnic urban areas. With so much to do and so much to experience, it is hardly surprising that cheap flights to Singapore are booked as soon as they are announced!

Popular Attractions in Singapore
The Singapore Flyer, The Merlion and Raffles Hotel are the iconic landmarks of Singapore that are popular all over the world and people from far and wide book flights to Singapore to come to take a look at these incredible structures. Some other attractions of the city include Underwater World on Sentosa, Jurong Bird Park and Singapore Botanic Gardens. Be it walking around the city, taking a dip at any of the sun-drenched beaches or sampling out the scummiest local food - holiday makers will be spoilt for choices in Singapore!

For party animals who love a wild time, Singapore is again a terrific option as the city enchants holiday makers with its pulsating and vivacious night life!

Thailand – the Land of Smiles
With mesmerising plains, wonderful cities, brilliant attractions and genuine warmth of the people – it is no wonder that Thailand is right up there when it comes to being the most popular holiday destinations around the world. The resplendent country is brimming with attractions and delights that are just mouth melting for holiday makers. Cities like Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya have gained international prominence as red hot tourist destinations that have compelled many to book air tickets to Thailand.

Bangkok is as touristy as one city can be! A true holiday makers’ paradise, Bangkok overwhelms vacationers with splendid entertainment, everlasting fun and fascinating sightseeing wonders. The city is particularly famous for its night time adventures that attract many a bachelors to Bangkok’s golden shores!

Another Thailand city that has caught the fancies of holiday makers from all over the world is the fantastic Phuket! It is a resort island that is teeming with some fine beaches with Rawai and Patong being among the most popular ones. Phuket also attracts vacationers who seek a date with excellent marine life as the place boasts of perhaps the finest under water life in the region. Phuket FantaSea, the Simon Cabaret and Chalong Temple are few other charms that compel travellers into booking cheap air tickets to Phuket.

Pattaya is no less a tourist destination than Bangkok or Phuket. It is equally splendid and equally loved by travellers. Known popularly as Thailand’s party place, Pattaya is the way to go for those in search of adult entertainment on Thailand holidays.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Travellers to south-east Asia could get single visa

A group of nine south-east Asian countries may soon be offering a unified visa, similar to the one currently available in Europe.

Adventurous tourists think of booking flights to Thailand may be excited to learn that they could soon get a single visa allowing access to several other south-east Asian nations as well.

Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia are among the countries joining Thailand in considering the new system, AFP reports.

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is said to be developing a plan, which is similar to the unified European visa, leading to easier travel between member countries.

As a result, travellers would be easily be able to string together a tour including surfing in Bali, exploring the historic temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia and shopping in Bangkok.

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

South Africa's booming tourism tempts Air France

More flights to South Africa could be added by Air France, while Fly Emirates is also due to increase the number of services it runs to the country.

Air France may be considering recommencing flights to Cape Town for the first time in ten years after last year's boom in tourism, a South African news site has claimed.

The Independent Online says that the move is being considered by Air France commercial director in southern Africa, Ralf Karsenbarg.

Last year's Football World Cup proved to be a major boon to South African tourist numbers, with minister of tourism Marthinus van Schalkwyk announcing earlier this month that visitor numbers were up 15.1 per cent in 2010.

"We are delighted with these strong growth figures, particularly as it comes so soon after a global economic recession," he said.

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Sydney youth hostel award news

Visitors invited to get snap-happy in South Africa

South African game reserve Ulusaba is offering amateur photographers a new three-night deal.

Budding photographers and seasoned safari experts alike can get close up to some of South Africa's most exciting wildlife, with the new photographic safari at Ulusaba Private Game Reserve.

Those planning on booking flights to South Africa may be tempted by the three-night deal, which includes expert advice on wildlife photography techniques.

On your arrival date, you will be picked up at Ulusaba's airstrip and transferred to either the Rock or Safari Lodges, which offer great views over the South African bush.

Each day, visitors are supplied with tips from expert photographers during the twice-daily wildlife drives on open Land Rovers, as you track lions, leopards and rhinos.

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Ayers Rock Resort to support Earth Hour

Northern Territory holiday destination Ayers Rock Resort has signed up to WWF's Earth Hour.

Passengers on flights to Australia on the night of March 26th may notice that the country is a little darker than usual, as a main holiday resort has signed up to WWF's Earth Hour.

Each year on this date many of the world's major landmarks are plunged into darkness for one hour in order to raise awareness of climate change.

This year, they will be joined by Ayers Rock Resort, where guests will be treated to a special night of eco-friendly fun.

Stargazing, live acoustic entertainment and animal walks will all take place from 7.30pm to 9.30pm on the night, in conjunction with the nearby Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park.

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Barrier reef cyclone damage 'patchy' say scientists

Cyclone Yasi only affected 13 per cent of the Great Barrier Reef, Australian marine scientists have reported.

Marine scientists at the Great Barrier Reef say that the damage done to the underwater landscape by last month's cyclone Yasi is "patchy".

Passengers planning on booking flights to Australia to see the reef may have thought twice, after the tropical storm hit the country's east coast on February 2nd.

However, Dr Paul Marshall, assessment coordinator at the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, said that only 13 per cent of the reef was exposed to the cyclone's destructive power.

"The good news is that the damage to these reefs has been patchy," he said, "Cyclone Yasi tracked between the main tourism sites in Cairns and Port Douglas and we were very pleased to find that those areas are still healthy and thriving."

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Head to Abu Dhabi and play with Big Boys Toys

The Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre is playing host to the Big Boys Toys Super Show this week.

Travellers looking for flights to Abu Dhabi may be interested to know that the Arab Emirate is hosting the Big Boys Toys Super Show this week, a four-day celebration of some of the world's most advanced gadgets and vehicles.

The event, which starts today (March 16th) at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, includes live demonstrations and opportunities to get hands-on with gizmos that would turn James Bond green with envy.

Car enthusiasts will find plenty to delight, including off-road vehicles and high-end sports cars, including Maxximus G Force, the fastest car in the world.

Off-road lovers can also find a range of quad bikes and dune buggies, while the Marina zone showcases a bevy of fast boats and luxury cruisers.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Getaway to Thailand for a Royal Wedding escape

A luxury resort in Thailand is offering a four-day Royal Wedding escape for Brits looking for a springtime getaway.

UK travellers can avoid the Royal Wedding crowds this spring and abandon London for a regal getaway to Thailand, as the luxurious Rayavadee, Krabi is offering a four-night package fit for royalty.

Rayavadee is a luxury resort situated on Thailand's Andaman Coast, within the Krabi Marine National Park and surrounded by limestone cliffs and coconut groves.

Guests arriving before April 30th can take advantage of the four-night offer, which includes a 75-minute Royal Siam massage for two at The Rayavadee Spa, three classic Thai dinners for two, afternoon tea every day and an exotic fruit basket on arrival.

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US Airlines Resume Operations to Tokyo

Various American Airlines announced that they have resumed their normal flight operations and regular schedules to Japan. Japan, the world’s third largest economy, was devastated by a powerful earthquake and a massive tsunami on Friday. Several airports in the country were closed down affecting flight schedules of various airlines.

Delta Air Lines and American Airlines announced on Sunday that they will operate their full schedules to one of the Japan’s primary gateway, Tokyo's Narita International Airport. The airlines also announced that they are not going to evacuate their locally based employees from Japan.

However, United’s Continental Airlines abandoned its daily flight from Guam to the Sendai airport for an indefinite period. Sendai is located very close to the epicentre of the earthquake and was washed away by the resulting tsunami. The airline is trying to get its travellers to Japan’s other airports.

United’s spokeswoman said that company’s nearly 1,000 employees are currently in Japan at different airports and offices. The spokeswoman announced that there no reports of injuries to any of these Japan-based employees. To an apparent relief to various cost conscious travellers, United further added that passengers who booked tickets on flights to, from and through Japan can have their flight schedules changed without any penalty fee through March 18. This indeed comes as a respite to travellers who booked early and landed up with tickets on cheap flights.

Delta Air Lines and American Airlines also announced fee waivers on any schedule changes. Passengers who booked cheap tickets on Delta flights to and from Japan will be entitled to make one-time travel change through March 20. Delta Air Lines further said that the airline is not evacuating its 1,200 Japanese-based employees, majority of who are Japanese nationals.

Japanese Airports’ Updates
The Sendai Airport is undoubtedly the most affected Japanese airport as it was completely flooded with water as tsunami struck the north-east Japan. Military’s technical personnel have been called in to gauge the damage and begin the restoration process.

Japans’ Ibaraki Airport also experienced some anxious moments as airport terminal’s ceiling panels fell off to the floor. The airport is expected to resume normal operations from 14th March 2011.

Hanamaki Airport and Fukushima Airport will be used to transport relief and rescue supplies.

Travel Advisories for Japan
Different countries have issued travel warnings to Japan as the country battles with nature’s fury. United States recommends its citizens to avoid non-essential travel to Japan, while UK’s FCO has advised against all non-essential travel to Tokyo and northeast Japan. Similarly, the French government has urged its nationals to leave the Tokyo region, citing the threat of more earthquakes and leakage of nuclear plants. Germany’s foreign minister also advised Germans to consider if their travel to the Yokohama/Tokyo region is really necessary.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sydney youth hostel wins top tourism award

YHA Sydney has celebrated a brace of wins at the recent Australian Tourism Awards.

The Youth Hostel Association of Australia has scored a hat-trick after its Sydney Central hostel was named as Australia’s Best Backpacker Accommodation for a third year in a row at the Australian Tourism Awards.

Facilities on offer to gap year students and adventurous travellers alike include an in-house cinema, a heated pool and a sauna, while the centre also boasts panoramic views of the city.

The hostel is conveniently located opposite Central Station, and famous Sydney attractions including Darling Harbour and Chinatown are just a short walk away.

Prices at Sydney Central start at $32 (£20) per person per night, based on dormitory accommodation, or $106 per night for an en-suite double room.

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Exploring Cape Town Vineyards – Tips & Advices

Any conversation about vineyards often hovers around the vineyards of Europe especially those of France but few people know about the picturesque vineyards South Africa has in its fold. Its unique topography allows farmers to grow a variety of grapes resulting in wines having their own unique flavour and taste.

Each year thousands of tourists book cheap flights to Capetown to visit South Africa’s wine growing regions that include the Breede River Valley, Little Karoo, Wellington, Paarl, Robertson, Walker Bay, Cape Point, Constantia Valley, Durbanville, Franschhoek, Tulbagh, Elim, Breedekloof, Orange River, Olifants River, Darling & Swartland.

Interestingly, most of them are located along Cape Route 62 that boasts of splendid landscapes, soaring cliffs, crystal clear streams and abundant flora. Considered to be one of the most stimulating routes for tourists, Cape Route 62 is famous amongst travellers for the calmness & serenity it offers. Even the people you meet along this route are very warm, friendly and amiable making your trip a smooth & pleasant experience.

If you are planning to book your flights to Capetown, we suggest you reserve your tickets either for February or for November which are the ideal months for touring South Africa’s major wine regions. Most of the wine growing regions are not far from CapeTown & one can easily spend an entire day touring vineyards and tasting wine that is produced in these regions.

Stellenbosch- A ‘must-visit’ Destination
One place you should not miss while on a wine tour of South Africa is Stellenbosch that has nearly 300 wineries in its fold. Blessed with a mountainous landscape, StellenBosch is replete with lively coffee shops, stylish boutiques & galleries. The region can be further sub-divided into Bottelary Hills, Helderberg, Devon Valley Vintners & Simonsberg. Bottelary Hills is famous for producing the finest red wines while in Heldenberg you can taste wines from century-old cellars and even visit some chic classy boutiques that are famous amongst locals. Sparkling wines from Devon Valley are quite popular while Simonsberg is famous for its rich, full-bodied Cabernets.

The best part about South Africa’s wine regions is that they have promoted wine tasting by backing it up with some top-quality dining facilities. The experience of tasting wines in the backdrop of beautiful landscapes is something that needs to be experienced first-hand. Join a tour of South Africa’s vineyards today – it will be one of the most enriching experiences you will ever have.

Author: Jack Olivor

Malaysia Airlines launches March seat sale

Malaysia Airlines has launched its latest seat sale, with offers including reduced-price flights to Malaysia, Thailand and Australia.British travellers looking for flights to Malaysia, Thailand or Australia may be interested to learn that five-star operator Malaysia Airlines has launched its March sale.

British travellers looking for flights to Malaysia, Thailand or Australia may be interested to learn that five-star operator Malaysia Airlines has launched its March sale.

Book before April 5th and you can get special rates on routes to a range of destinations in South East Asia, including Kuala Lumpur, for just £599.

Local attractions on offer include the Islamic Arts Museum, Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, the Petronas Twin Towers and Batu Caves.

Other routes include flights to Phuket for just £579 and flights to Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne from £719.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Monsoon Travel in India

This famous quote rightly sums up the experience of holidaying during the monsoon season in India. The sheer sight of cascading streams, tumbling waterfalls and ferocious torrents carving their way through jagged cliffs and rocky gorges is simply breathtaking.

The cool monsoon air redolent with the smell of wet earth, murmur of squeaking frogs and chirping of insects is something that just needs to be experienced firsthand. Eagerly awaited each year, the south-west monsoon lashes most parts of north, west and eastern India from June to September offering the much needed respite from the scorching summer heat of the plains. The Retreating Monsoon season, on the other hand, brings rainfall to the southern regions from October to December.

If spending a monsoon holiday is on your mind then there a multitude of options to choose from. Bharatpur, Damdama, Barrackpore, Yelagiri, Khandala, Lonavala, Bakreswar, Bakkhali, Diamond Harbour, Vedanthangal, Bhandardhara, Mahabaleshwar, Malshej Ghat, Panchgani - the list of exciting monsoon destinations in India is endless! Quite a few airlines offer economical air tickets to exciting monsoon destinations for those who want to experience the beauty of the Indian landscape during monsoons. Book your flights to India and head to the backwater paradise of Kerala to experience the magic of 15th century Ayurvedic treatments that have the power to heal modern day ailments. Even Goa with its lush greenery and overflowing beaches is a good option. Surprising as it may sound, Goa during monsoons is no less exciting.

Cheap Flights to India are plentiful during this season and one can easily find cheap tickets to any destination on all major airlines. Notwithstanding the possibility of floods playing spoilsport there are certain places which should be on your itinerary on your next monsoon holiday .Offering some spectacular scenery, the Valley of flowers is one such place and the 15-kilometre uphill trek to this picturesque vale is an adventure that you should not miss at any cost. Watching innumerable varieties of flowers in full bloom is an experience that is sure to stay with you for long.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Air India introduces online check-in option

Air India has launched a new service that will allow passengers taking flights to India to check-in online.

The carrier will open check-in 48 hours before departure for domestic and international flights originating from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad, reported Express Buzz.

Passengers will be able to print out their own boarding pass and once at the airport will be able to go directly to security checks rather than check-in.

Anyone travelling with baggage will still need to collect registered baggage tags and take their luggage to the appropriate drop-off point.

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Cheap flights available in south-east Asia

The number of cheap flights available in south-east Asia makes it easy for Brits to explore the region, claims Lonely Planet.

Heather Carswell, a spokeswoman for the travel guides, explained that many tourists initially take flights to Thailand but in recent years people are starting to then visit other places across Asia because flights are affordable.

She explained: "An increasing number of visitors are flying to the major cities such as Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur and jumping on a cheap flight, for example to Siem Reap in Cambodia to see Angkor Wat or Vientiane to explore Laos."

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Brits remain attracted to Dubai

The number of Brits taking flights to Dubai remains strong as the UAE reports increased visitors during 2010.

Figures published by Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DCTM) show that a total of 8.3 million people visited the emirate last year, with 719,889 coming from the UK.

Despite a global slowdown within the tourist industry, Dubai still maintained hotel occupancy rates of 70 per cent. There was also a rise in the number of people opting to stay in self-catering accommodation, with a rise of 17 per cent to 1.7 million.

Ian Scott, director in the UK and Ireland for DTCM, explained that there had been a tough start to the year but a number of tempting hotel promotions had encourage more Brits to take flights to Dubai in the final three months of the year.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hua Hin popular Thai destination for Brits

The beach resort of Hua Hin in Thailand is proving to be a popular attraction for Brits, claims the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Hua Hin is around two hours' drive from Bangkok International Airport so ideally placed for those taking long-haul flights to Thailand and its recent development has transformed it into a major hotspot.

Chris Lee, trade marketing manager, UK and Ireland, Tourism Authority of Thailand, explained: "Over the last few years the resort has seen a number of new boutique hotels such as Let's Sea and the Alila Cha-Am, which compliment the more traditional, quality hotels like the Anantara and the Sofitel Centara Grand Resort."

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Queensland to feature new marketing campaign

Queensland will play an important part in a new campaign aimed at encouraging more people to take flights to Australia.

Tourism Australia is launching the 'Making Tracks' promotion that will feature four musicians involved in the forthcoming YouTube Symphony Orchestra event in Sydney.

Stu Cullen, a keyboard player from Melbourne and American bassoon player Samuel Blair are set to spend a few days exploring the various attractions of Queensland and will create music based on their adventures.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Excuses for Booking Flights to Bali

Bali, a sizzling holiday destination in Indonesia, plays host to hundreds of visitors year after year. With a large number of cheap hotels, Bali also fulfils the needs of travellers on a small budget. Connectivity is pretty good to the destination as most of the major airline company’s operate flights to Bali.


Ubud is a hot favourite attraction with most travellers catching flights to Bali. Its high altitude location ensures a pleasant climate. Ubud is well known for museums like Purl Lukisan and Neka. The Purl Lukisan is well stocked with Balinese art works dating back to some hundred years. The museum even houses art galleries and is home to eminent artists like Antonio Blanco and Hans Snel. Similarly, the Neka Museum is full of exquisite works of Indonesian as well as overseas artists.


Kuta, a bustling tourist resort, has come a long way since its days as a sleepy little village. The beach here is a very potent tourist magnet, although the treacherous currents make it unsafe for swimming. However, surfing is a popular activity. Kuta is one of the absolute must visits for travellers saving up painstakingly to buy tickets for cheap flights to Bali. There is no dearth of discotheques, shops, and restaurants in Kuta. Special Balinese song and dance performances are held for tourists. Kuta’s westward location also makes it a wonderful spot for watching sunsets. For accommodation, travellers can take their pick of swanky hotels as well as cheap home stays.

Pura Besakih

Sitting on the slopes of Mt. Agung, Pura Besakih is amongst the biggest as well as the holiest temples in Bali. More than a thousand years old, the temple’s main courtyard is home to cloth wrapped Trinity shrines of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Besides the main shrines dedicated to the trinity, there are sanctuaries for other gods as well. Pura Besakih is decorated with colourful banners during festivals and its splendour reaches its peak. Visiting the temple is like a special pilgrimage for the locals and a major part of the holiday itinerary of tourists booking flights to Bali.

Nusa Dua

The Nusa Dua is a tourist resort famed for pristine beaches and crystal clear waters. It is part of the famed Bukit Peninsula, one of the most favoured visiting spots of travellers catching flights to Bali. While the Southern side of the peninsula has big surfs, the northern side is marked by gentler surfs.

Tanah Lot

The majestic temple sanctuary here is amongst the most famed sea temples in Bali. The temple makes for spectacular sight from its base atop an immense rock surrounded by the sea. The temple has a special history. It is said to have been built one of the last priests who come to Bali from Java during the 16th century. The temples rituals include paying homage to the sea’s guardian spirits. Legend has it that the sea snakes at the island’s base guard the temple from robbers, evil spirits, and other intruders. It goes without saying that tourists should positively try to visit the temple. The experience will definitely add more value to the price that travellers pay for the tickets of their cheap flights to Bali. The magnificence of Tanah Lot is best evident during the evenings.

Gunung Batur

The Gunung Batur is yet another attraction, which serves as one of the major excuses for buying some airline ticket to Bali. Standing at an altitude of about 5,635 ft, the Gunung Batur is the site of a still active volcano. The Balinese people revere it as the island’s second holiest mountain and a symbolisation of the female element.

Monday, March 7, 2011

British Airways Crew Unlikely to Strike during Royal Wedding

Unite, the trade union representing the British Airways cabin crew is likely to rule out industrial action during the royal wedding if the new strike ballot mandate is in the favour of an action against the airline.

Earlier, the general secretary of UK’s largest union, Len McCluskey declined to discount the wedding from the potential strike dates. However it is now understood that Unite does not want to create any hassles during the major public event.

The dispute between the UK’s flag carrier and its crew has been going on for more than a year now, during which British Airways is estimated to have lost some £150 million in more than 20 days of strike apart from causing great deal of trouble to travellers and creating commotion at various airports.

Unite is on the brink of announcing its fourth BA cabin crew strike in nearly 16 months. A strike ballot that took place recently indicated that thousands of the airline’s staff members are unwavering as far as pushing forward the dispute with British Airways is concerned. The ballot, however, was scrapped following a legal challenge by the airline over the validity of the union ballot.

McCluskey, in an interview to the BBC this month, denoted that Unite members might be a bit reluctant to strike during the royal wedding. "It is a bank holiday. I doubt whether many of our members will want to take strike action," McCluskey was quoted. "But, if they do, then it is because they have reached a particular point in their positions at work where they feel they have got no alternative." When asked if he would lend support to the strike action on the royal wedding weekend, he replied: "Absolutely".

However, it is implicit that McCluskey is not likely to approve industrial action during the wedding weekend. Unite is currently preparing to organise the new strike ballot before the end of this month which provides it with a likely closing date at the beginning of April, which in turn exposes the grand royal event to the potential strike if there rolls out a yes vote to the action ballot.

Unite has not ruled out industrial action during Easter, which falls on the weekend before the wedding and is an ideal time for anyone who plans to have refreshing holidays. In fact, many have even booked flight tickets on the airline in order to avoid spiralling ticket costs later as cheap tickets on flights might not be available in plenty during the peak holiday travel period.

British Airways’ lawyers are expected to carefully scrutinise the Unite’s mandate if it is in the favour of a strike action. The union had to declare its last ballot invalid after the airline announced that members who took part in an ‘illegal’ strike would be exposed to dismissal.

It is also considered highly unlikely that the union members will engage in traditional walkouts if they have another mandate supporting strike action. The airline’s plans of recruiting a back-up workforce, and its promise to run 100% of all long-haul flights, has compelled the union into a strategy volte-face and now conventional walkouts are perhaps not likely.

A BA spokesman urged Unite to consider the peace deal that was shaped out last year but was rejected by the union’s branches. "There have been enough ballots. It is time for Unite to return to the deal we negotiated, which leaves our existing Heathrow crew the best rewarded in the UK industry, and to put this dispute behind us," BA’s spokesman was quoted by different online sources as stating.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Airlines to Hike Fares in the Backdrop of Rising Fuel Costs

United Airlines and Continental Airlines have raised their airfares. This move was followed by American and Delta Air Lines. Approximately, $20 to $60 has been added to the cost of round trip tickets. The move is geared towards business travel segment air travellers making last-minute bookings. These steps are an attempt by airlines to balance out their losses due to the continuous spurt in fuel prices. The Associated Press reported that travellers who book ‘first class and instant-upgrade tickets’ will be effected by the rise in fares. The Associated Press also reported that such travellers ‘are less likely to put off or cancel trips because of rising prices’. Since mid December, leisure fares have gone up four times.

Twin Cities’ Passengers to be Hit Hardest

With Delta Airlines also increasing ticket prices, travellers catching Delta flights from the Twin Cities of St Paul and Minneapolis will have to bear the brunt of the impact at the local level. Delta Airlines is the largest airline in the town and handles more than 450 departures from the Minneapolis St Paul Airport everyday. However, there has been no instantaneous response to this hike from budget airlines such as Southwest, AirTran, Frontier, and Sun Country.

Qantas to Also Hike Fares

Qantas voiced plans to increase the fares of trans-Tasman, regional, and domestic airfares by a maximum of 5%. The move will significantly dent its cheap flights segment. The airline claimed that the rise in the average prices in Singapore Jet Fuel (SJF) and West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil (WTICO) are the major factors behind the step. Qantas has claimed that the prices in WTICO and SJF are higher than the level of prices during the first half of FY11 and also at their peak after FY08. In fact, the SJF average per barrel rise has been from US$88 from September, 2010 to US$110 in January 2011. In the present week, this reached the figure of US$117 as per internet sources. The increased airfares would be applied to the tickets sold from February 25th onwards.

Qantas CEO’s Take on the Issue

Alan Joyce, the CEO of Qantas commented ‘Airlines in Australia and around the world continue to monitor oil and fuel prices very closely, and many have already responded to the current high prices with changes to their surcharges and fares’. He went on to say ‘Domestic, regional and Tasman fares have been under review and, while we have been absorbing higher fuel costs for some time, this increase is an appropriate response to this significant and additional cost to our business’. Mr Joyce even voiced the concern that future hikes can be a possibility and that ‘after fuel hedging and this change to our fares, Qantas will still not fully recover these higher fuel costs’.

Friday, March 4, 2011

South African Airways announces partnership with JetBlue Airways

South African Airways (SAS) has developed an extended partnership with JetBlue Airways to increase options for those taking flights to South Africa and the US.

The new deal means that SAS will now code share on services on JetBlue flights to 20 cities across the US including New York and Washington.

"Customer response to the interline service between South African Airways and JetBlue has been overwhelmingly positive on both sides of the Atlantic. They appreciate the ease with which they can connect between these two award-winning airlines," explained Marc Cavaliere, executive vice president, North America, for SAS.

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Single Travel Asia – Gaining Popularity

Solo travel is about fun, emancipation and self-indulgence. Thousands of solo travellers embark upon journeys every year. For them it is about getting close with their new surroundings unfiltered by the preferences, tastes and prejudices of a travelling companion. Solo holidays to Asia are gradually gaining popularity and prominence as several tour operators are vigorously promoting solo travel packages to Asian destinations.

Asia as a Popular Solo Travel Destination

The incredible diversity of Asia is perhaps the biggest reason why it charms solo travellers so much. Cheap tickets to different Asian countries are always high in demand as the region boasts of each and every kind of geological feature in its abode.

Bangkok, Thailand
Be it solo travellers or a group of 20, Bangkok is one city that attracts all. The myriad of options that the place offers in terms of fun and entertainment are so attractive that Bangkok features in every list that has anything to do with tourism in Asia. For single tourists, the city is perhaps the perfect place to make new friends!

Rishikesh, India
India is another big name in the world of tourism. Cheap flights to India are sought after by almost every kind of traveller. However, for solo travellers flights to India are particularly special and Rishikesh is the city to land up in for them. The city is all about vivacious religious fervour that permeates each and every facet of the region. Numerous ashrams, which have been highly popular among solo travellers, line up along the shores of the Ganges.

Bali, Indonesia
Bali is also big among single travellers as the place offers a number of options to have fun. The city is inundated with incredible beaches that are venues for pulsating parties that charm tourists. Along with the beaches, temples, jungles and yoga are the prime attractions that make cheap tickets on flights to Indonesia popular.

With basic safety precautions and by following simple measures, Solo travel can be extreme fun and enlightening for tourists.

Advantages of Solo Holidays
A solo journey into an unknown country is perhaps the ideal way to leave behind worries, pressures and issues of day to day life. Be it work, family or friends – you leave everything behind with no strings attached. It’s like you have a new life altogether! Another positive impact of solo travel is that an individual gets closer with his inner self understanding himself better and clearer. People also tend to gain in confidence as they become more adept in handling difficult situations and people. But perhaps the most fun part of being a solo traveller is the freedom it allows you. From meditating in some ashram in India to snorkelling in Thailand – you can do anything you wish to!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Incredible Mountain Ranges Make Cheap Flights to Morocco Popular

Most people around the world perhaps envisage large desert plains or old medinas when they think of Morocco. While it is true that these physical features constitute a big part of the country’s geography, it is equally appropriate to say that there is much more to the landscape of this enthralling country! The country’s landscape is dominated and completed by numerous majestic mountain ranges that are spectacular tourist attractions beguiling holiday makers from all over the globe to grab cheap tickets on airlines to the country. Amazing rich in flora and fauna, these mountain ranges are also home to a variety of nomadic tribes who practise ancient cultures and traditions!

The mountains of Morocco offer an array of interesting adventure activities for the enthusiasts enticing them to seek cheap flights to Morocco. Holiday makers can take part in sport activities like climbing, hiking, mule-aided trekking and skiing! People can also buy handicrafts at these mountains that are much more durable and much cheaper than found in any medina.

Top Mountain Ranges in Morocco

Take in the incredible views, sample the remarkable flora and discover an altogether new world on your way up! Take a look at various mountain ranges that make different airlines’ flights to Morocco so incredibly popular.

Atlas Mountains
Atlas Mountains extend for about 2,500 km and divide the Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines from the Sahara Desert. The Atlas Mountains is almost a paradise for trekkers, providing year-round trekking, spectacular scenery and crowd free trails. However, the mountains are perhaps best known for offering an insight into the fascinating Berber cultures in the numerous lovely villages in the valleys. Most mountain enthusiasts have the incredible Atlas Mountains as the key reason to hunt for cheap tickets on flights to Morocco.

Amtoudi Peak
Amtoudi is as fascinating an area as it gets! Slightly off the beaten path as far as regular Moroccan tourism is concerned, Amtoudi is still able to hold the attention of tourists and makes for one of the most attractive stops on any visit. Amtoudi feature one of the oldest and best preserved granaries in North Africa. These granaries (or agadirs as they are called) belong to the times when bandits ruled the roost and agadirs were used to store grain, dates and gunpowder!

Chefchaouen Mountains
Chefchaouen Mountains is one fascinating range that is located in the midst of several other mountains. Chefchaouen Mountains has two major peaks - Jebel Meggou and Jebel Tisouka. While Jebel Meggou is 1625 meters above sea level, Jebel Tisouka is situated at a dizzying 2050 meters above sea level. Jebel Tisouka additionally features a mosque at the top – regarded by the locals as the most splendid location for morning worship!

Tafraoute Mountains
The grand rocky mountains of Tafraoute are perhaps the biggest attractions in the area that make cheap flights to Morocco such a popular affair. The inhabitants around the pink-coloured Tafraoute Mountains are proud but simple people who strive to keep their surroundings neat and clean. The windows of the crimson houses that are framed by white painting offer quite a dramatic sight for the travellers!

Tan Tan Mountains
Located in South West Morocco, the Tan Tan Mountains are majestic ranges that outshine the town of Tan Tan. Famous for its rare flat top, Tan Tan Mountains are revered all over the region. Perhaps the best way to experience the remarkable splendour of the Tan Tan Mountains is to get on top of them from where travellers can enjoy the splendid views of the Southern Slope as well as the mesmerising views of the Tan Tan plain with all its glittering brooks, ridges and sand dunes.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Phuket airport may welcome new food service

A catering firm is planning to open a second facility at Phuket Airport in order to meet growing demand from the increased number of flights to Thailand.

Bangkok Air Catering (BAC) is currently having discussions with Airports of Thailand (AoT), the operator of Thailand's six main airports, about the possibility of expansion that could lead to the company supplying around 8,000 in-flight meals per day.

BAC's Suvarnabhumi current facility has around 500 workers responsible for producing around 17,500 in-flight meals each day, reported the Bangkok Post.

Thavatvong Thanasumitra, Bangkok Airways' executive vice-president for finance, said the Phuket facility would form a key part of BAC's long-term plans.

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