Friday, December 30, 2011

Delhi Metro builds two underground sub-stations

The Delhi Metro will soon be powered by two sub-stations which have been constructed underground.

People taking flights to Delhi who plan to use the city's Metro system could be among the first to benefit from the construction of two new sub-stations.

Delhi's city-wide transportation link is now being powered with the assistance of two new underground sub-stations, the first of their kind to be used in the city.

"The sub-station, which is six metres below the ground, has already started feeding the Airport Line since June and will provide power supply to the Central Secretariat-Badarpur Line from next month," said Delhi Metro Rail Corporation director for Electrical Satish Kumar.

There are plans to expand the use of these power stations with the creation of a further nine sites as part of the next phase of the project.

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Visit to Casablanca on a Budget

The Casablanca has a range of interesting sites to visit, it is generally regarded as the main entry point to the country, and has a large international airport that serves several airlines, making it easy on a budget to find an inexpensive cheap flights into the city from United Kingdom.

The hotels are scattered across the city. Many of the main attractions located in town are within easy reach of Casablanca accommodation, including the famous shopping districts that make a truly unique culture altogether. A Casablanca tour package may be the best option for travellers looking to save money. Accommodation, transport, and trips to the various souqs, temples and historical structures can be arranged at the lowest price possible.

The Casablanca and not end up totally broke can focus their holiday around the shopping districts of the Casablanca city. There are more than half a dozen major shopping areas in Casablanca.

Other interesting places to visit in the Catholic Cathedral, the Casablanca Techno Park, Parc de la Ligue Arabe, the Twin Center, Lycée Lyautey, Mohammed V International Airport, and the Casablanca City Hall. Casablanca Port is considered as one of the world's largest artificial and main ports.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

ABTA Releases ‘The Travel Trend Report 2012’

ABTA released the Travel Trends Report 2012, developed in partnership with FCO, on Tuesday 27th 2011. This report predicts a boost in the demand of authentic and specialist holidays, in the coming year.

The report indicated that specialist holidays like cruising, adventure, learning and activity holiday or wedding/honeymoon packages are expected to perform well in 2012.

The early booking figures for of airline tickets for summer 2012 suggested that tickets for tried-and-tested short and mid haul destinations like France, Greece, Italy and Spain were the most sought after.

The figures further indicated flights to USA to be in demand. The family friendly reputation of USA is likely to tempt more UK families to book flights to USA in 2012.

Though, destinations like Tunisia and the Red Sea Resorts so far show less booking activity for summer 2012, travel companies are looking to woo tourists back to these relatively affordable destinations with cheap flight and hotel package deals.

The report also indicated that the luxury and budget holiday markets are expected to perform strongly in 2012. It is expected that budget tourists will seek all inclusive packages including cheap flights and accommodations, while extravagant travellers pick up less well touristed destinations.

Despite a reduction in overall shop numbers, there was an increase of 25% in the number of travellers booking their airline tickets for their foreign holiday on the high street in 2011 as compared to 17% in the year 2010.

The Travel Trend Report acknowledged Poland and Ukraine, Jordan, Colombia and Cape Verde and Iceland to be the hot destinations for the coming year.

Cheap flights to Casablanca - Top 5 Hotels

Make your plan to visit Casablanca on holidays offers.

Manzil Hotel in Casablanca

The air conditioned hotel offers modern guest rooms with satellite TV and Wi-Fi access. It is located 800 metres from Casa Voyageurs Train Station in the Roches Noires district in the Casablanca.

Guests can enjoy a buffet breakfast every morning in the Manzil Hotel. Packed lunches are available upon request and snacks are served in the Yaghilaze bar. The 24 hours reception facilities, the hotel Manzil also provides a computer with internet access.

Hôtel Central Casablanca

The Hotel Central is located in the Medina area of the Casablanca. It is just minutes away from the Hassan II mosque and the Grand Port. It offers Wi-Fi and a dry cleaning service.The features a restaurant and tea room with a terrace where guests can enjoy a panoramic view of the Medina.

Atlas Airport Hotel

The Atlas Airport Hotel is located in the Nouasseur area of the Casablanca, near the Mohammed V International Airport. It offers air conditioned guest rooms with a private bathroom, satellite TV and Wi-Fi. Guests can also use the sauna, enjoy massage treatment and exercise in the fitness room.

Hotel Moroccan House Casablanca

Set in Casablanca City Centre, this hotel features a typical Moroccan setting. It offers a central patio with fountain, a fitness centre and Wi-Fi access.The air conditioned rooms are lavishly decorated and feature a four poster bed and a balcony.

Hotel Azur Casablanca

The Hotel Azur is situated along the Atlantic coast in the Casablanca. It offers 2 restaurants, a night club, a piano bar and Wi-Fi internet access.Guestrooms at Hotel Azur are air conditioned and have satellite TV. Room service is available 24 hours.

Holiday trends 'changing for 2012'

The types of holiday people want to take in 2012 could be very different to what has been seen in the past.

The number of people planning to take flights to South Africa to take part in specialist trips could be on the increase during 2012.

A shift will be seen in the types of holidays people are taking and where they plan to travel to, according to Abta - The Travel Association.

The organisation predicted more people will be looking to try out specialist holidays, ranging from cruising to adventure, as well as learning and activity trips.

"Holidaymakers are also expected to seek out destinations that have a strong and authentic sense of location, in everything from food and setting to excursions and entertainment," the travel group added.

In addition, it noted that both budget and luxury trips will remain popular, although the middle market will see a decline in popularity.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cheap flights to Marrakech - Luxury Hotels

Find cheap airfare on holiday from United Kingdom to Marrakech

If you come to Marrakech, you will find a large range of accommodation, riads, hotels, villas, apartments, etc. The riads are a particular accommodation choice, unique in Marrakech, not everyone has a clear idea of what they really are, the services they offer and the advantages they provide to people.

Small Luxury Fellah Hotel Hotel

The Fellah Hotel in Marrakech to join the brand the hotel is set in a calm six hectare park, and with beautiful views of the Atlas Mountains, the modern and streamlined hotel is the brand’s fourth hotel in the Marrakech city, and cheap offers its guests tranquillity and peace as well as choice of experiences in this beautiful environment.

Taking an excursion to the lively souks of nearby the Marrakech city and visit Jemaa-El-Fna Square with its array of musicians, snake charmers and acrobats it is also just a short distance away is Toubkal National Park in the Atlas Mountains. Alternatively guests can discover the traditional Berber villages, or take a day trip to Essaouira on the coast. Once back at the hotel, sample natural juices blended with fresh spices from the garden at the hotels in Marrakech.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Melbourne erects statue of Shane Warne

A bronze statue of Shane Warne has been created in Melbourne to honour his sporting success.

Travellers on flights to Melbourne will have a new landmark to visit in the city after a bronze statue of Shane Warne was unveiled.

Melbourne Cricket Club unveiled the statue in front of the Melbourne Cricket Ground to honour his services to the game.

Warne himself was on hand to display the statue, which shows him in the middle of preparing to bowl a ball, with his arm behind his head and own foot lifted from the ground.

"It's a great honour, it's a bit weird seeing yourself up there, but I'm very proud," the sportsman said.

He joked that as the statue weighs in at 300 kilos it is close to his own weight when he played.

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Flights to Marrakech - Cheap Accommodations

If you are searching for the perfect and cheap accommodation for your Marrakech vacation holiday, the Marrakech is a remarkable place. It is like stepping into a time machine and going back a few centuries. With camels, donkeys, snake charmers and acrobats lined up all along the streets. All you need to complete your vacation would be the perfect place to stay in Marrakech. These accommodations offer an amazing stay that you will be talking about for a long time to come to get offer on cheap flights to Marrakech.

The Marrakech Riad Papillon

When you stay in Marrakech Riad Papillon, you are just a short walk from the main square and from the Dar Bashah Palace. The names of the native flowers and trees that draw in the butterflies with their nectar and beauty are used to name the rooms as a way to symbolize their beauty. You can even rent in Marrakesh Riad Papillon exclusively for family get togethers, weddings and birthdays.

The Riad Hajra Marrakech

North of the souks near of the Marrakech museum is where you will find Riad Hajra Marrakech. This gorgeous restored merchants' house is located in the heart of Medina in a very quiet residential area. This small palace is the perfect example of the traditional Riad Marrakech style. You can come inside to relax in the air conditioning the new modern design offers. The friendly staff is available to make sure you enjoy your stay at the Riad Hajra Marrakech.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Flights to Marrakech - Marrakech city holidays

The Marrakech city in Morocco is truly among the most bewitching Middle Eastern metropolitan areas. Once you visit in this beautiful city, you will soon find a lot of reasons to stay for several days or even for weeks in Marrakech. Starting from its friendly locals, breathtaking palaces, mosques, and madrasas in Marrakech.

The Marrakech holidays are potentially going to be warmer and busier than you are expecting, no matter how many times you are told it will be warm and busy. Generaly people are also going to try and sell you things at every opportunity, so spend your first few holidays in Marrakech

Embrace the Moroccan culture through entertainment activities and festivals in Marrakech. The Popular Arts Festival is a good way to add more life to your flights to Marrakech adventures.

You can also check out the city's grand taxis, which are old Mercedes cars that can accommodate up to six passengers. These are quicker modes of transportation compared to the city buses in Marrakech city.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Cheap flights to Casablanca - beach tours to Casablanca

The Casablanca city is pride on its grand royal architecture, unique attractions and fabulous sights. It is a gorgeous location to splurge on holidays. This multi ethnic environment pulls tourists to take the flights to Casablanca from United Kingdom to unearth the mystic charm of the city. The cheap accommodation facilities are also abundant and reliable in Casablanca.

The exact position of Casablanca is on the banks of Atlantic beside of the ocean. Ain Diab is the chief beach located in Casablanca and welcomes the more international tourists through cheap flights to Casablanca. Just a little journey from the city center, several modern beach bars exist to entertain its guests. The Ain Diab is a stretch of beach that is easily more than a mile. The beach clubs situated on the front of sea, offer various memberships available to purchase and the hotels will also offer some non-residents inns on a little charge to accommodate the global visitors through taking the flights to Casablanca from United Kingdom.

There are some other beaches within the Casablanca counting Bouznika that is located between both the Casablanca and neighboring city, Rabat. Distinct from the Ain Diab, the beach still preserves some of its Moroccan allure and draws many locals and tourists identically through the flights to Casablanca.

The Agadir beach is an awfully admired for tourist destination as it is nestled in a curved shaped bay that is privileged by surrounding hills and bears over 300 sunny days in a year. It is quite enjoyable during of the winter.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Flights to Casablanca - Casablanca tourism and accommodation

Plan for a cherished tourist destination to Casablanca from United Kingdom which its rich in its architectural, splendid marketplace, ancient mosques, prehistoric minarets, temples and other magnetism thing.

The French New Town present area of the Casablanca was delivered and designed by the French architect, Henri Prost that surely attracts several foreign visitors. The New Town is a unique attraction in Casablanca that is settled with admistrative buildings and contemporary hotels built in a true Hispano-Mauresque Décor style. Make cheap trip on flights to Casablanca.

Enliven yourself in the land of Casablanca where one gets an unparallel tourist guide as far as accommodation is concerned. The Casablanca is positioned within the western of Morocco region that is placed on the Atlantic Ocean. Casablancian Accommodation provides sufficient information related to your traveling requirements, which includes resorting to both residing as well as its associated recreation. While traveling one is always in search of a suitable place for resting that too within reasonable rates.

Luxurious 5 star hotels

The Le Meridien Royal Mansour Hotel that is festooned with Moroccan architecture and caters to the needs of both official as well as general tourists. Other Accommodation is Sheraton Hotel and Towers Casablanca.

Cheap luxurious 4 star hotels

Cheapluxurious 4 star hotels like Golden Tulip Farah Hotel Casablanca, Ramada Les Almohades Casablanca, Riad Salam Hotel Casablanca, Kenzi Basma Hotel Casablanca, Rivoli Hotel Casablanca and others.

Odyssey Airlines: New All-Business Class Airline for Flights to NYC

The mysterious to-be-launched Odyssey Airlines is all set to challenge British Airways. Odyssey Airlines is expected to offer all-business flights to New York and other westbound destinations from London city.

Odyssey Airlines, a new British venture, is anticipated to woo business class flyers with its non-stop all-business class services from London City to New York's JFK airport and several other undisclosed locations. The newest to-be-launched airline would use 10 newly-ordered Bombardier CSeries passenger jets to break into a market long dominated by Airbus and Boeing, revealed the online sources.

This possible start-up is expected to challenge the long dominance of British Airways which uses Airbus A318 aircraft to offer twice-daily all-business flights to New York and several other destinations from London City airport.

BA operates these flights with a stop in Ireland for refuelling the planes before further travelling westbound. A318s, the smallest planes in the Airbus fleet, do not have enough range to complete the whole trip due to prevailing headwinds. Reports indicate that the Odyssey Airlines plans to use the future CSeries jet to eradicate the need for a fuel stop in Ireland for travellers taking flights to New York.

The newbie airline primarily aims at enticing executives and business class travellers away from BA and other business travel options such as Netjets. It remains to be seen if the airline will only rely on its no-stop flight to New York or would also plan to roll out cheap flights tickets to acquire the market.

There is a little doubt that even the business class holiday makers would not mind paying a little premium on their cheap flight tickets for a shorter transatlantic travel.

However, the factors that led to past failures of several airlines which followed a similar model, may pose potential hazards for Odyssey too.

Several all-business airlines got rooted out because of the high costs and the difficulty in matching benefits offered by big players in the past; the U.S.-based Maxjets, filed for bankruptcy in 2007 and UK-based Silverjet, which foundered in 2008.

Mystery over Odyssey Airlines

While the launch of Odyssey Airlines is shrouded in mystery, this latest entrant in the cut-throat travel industry is known to have been incorporated in the UK in September 2010; no other major information has come up about the organisation so far. However, the public UK records reveal the name of its main director to be Adam Scott.

Adding to the mystery of the newest to-be-launched airline, few people identified to be related to the project have denied their involvement. However, news reports state that at least two web addresses - and - have been reserved for "Future Odyssey Airlines International".

Bombardier's Advantage

Bombardier, the popular train and plane maker organisation, already reported sale of two sets of 10 passenger jets to unspecified clients sometimes back in June. However, the mystery over possible clients prevails as Bombardier has informed the client being an "unidentified European buyer".

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Emirates Holds Dinner to Promote Its New Flight to Dublin

Dubai-based Emirates Airlines hosted a gala dinner in Dublin to promote its new flight service - Dubai-Dublin. The service will operate from 9th January. More than 800 guests attended the event that saw a performance from Lionel Richie.

Emirates Airline organised a gala dinner earlier this week to promote its new daily flight to Dublin, which is all set to take to the skies from 9th January.

The event took place at the Convention Centre Dublin with no less an entertainer than Lionel Richie headlining the event. Some 800 guests, who gathered at the event, also enjoyed the energetic performances of the internationally-renowned Spirit of the Dance show.

Ireland's Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, Leo Varadkar and UAE Ambassadors to Ireland and the UK – His Excellencies Khalid Nasser Rashid Lootah and Abdulrahman Ghanem Almutaiwee, respectively – graced the do.

"We can see unusually high demand for the first two weeks after launch. This is an excellent response from the Irish market and we have not witnessed this level of bookings, nor such strong interest in a new route, for many years,” Thierry Antinori, Executive Vice President, Passenger Sales Worldwide was quoted in Emirates press release.

"This gives us huge confidence in Ireland and the figures support the commercial research that precedes any decision we take to launch a new service,” he said.

From 9th January, EK 0161 will depart from the Dubai airport at 0700hrs and arrive at Dublin Airport at 1130hrs. The next day, EK 0162 departs Dublin at 1255hrs and lands in Dubai at 0025hrs.

This new service offered by Dubai's flag carrier will allow passengers to travel non-stop from Ireland to Dubai. Air travellers will also be able to travel onwards to more than destinations in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Australia is undoubtedly one of the key markets for Ireland. And Emirates has 70 flights to Australia every week and this includes an A380 flight to Australia's Sydney.

Emirates is also the largest A380 operator in the world with 19 double-deckers in the fleet and 71 on order.

"Dublin has always been on our radar and there are already strong levels of trade and tourism activity between Ireland and the UAE, not to mention the important equine affiliations,” Mr Antinori was quoted.

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Cheap flights to Marrakech - Marrakech Weather and Hotels

Best time to visit in Marrakech

The Marrakech is a magical place for a cheap weather holidays of the season. Winter is bright and crisp, while autumn brings delicious fresh produce inside of the markets. Spring sees the Atlas Mountains covered in flowers, while the city’s red-hot summers may be offset by a day-trip to the sandy coast. For North African music lovers, one particularly good time to visit in the Marrakech in June or first week of July, during the Festival of Popular Arts or the third week of June, when the annual Gnaoua Festival is held in Essaouira. Compare cheap flights to Marrakech on weather holidays.

La Maison Arabe Marrakech Hotel

Opened in the 1940, La Maison Arabe was a popular dining place for the rich and famous. It closed in the 1980 but reopened in 1998 as a hotel under the new ownership of Italian blueblood and African antiques collector Frederic Ruspoli. His collection is now the centrepiece of luxuriously restored suites and rooms, most with private terraces, set around central courtyards.

La Mamounia Hotel

Set within lush gardens and with fine views of the Atlas Mountains, this art deco luxury hotel has been the place to stay in Marrakech for the rich and famous since it was opened in the 1920. Winston Churchill described it as the loveliest spot in the world and was a frequent visitor,the Churchill Bar is named in his honour. In its heyday, it was not so much a hotel as a way in life, with a casino to rival Monte Carlo and silver screen movie stars sipping highballs at high tea. The major sumptuous overhaul is now complete and La Mamounia is once again the grande dame of the Marrakech.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday offers from United Kingdom to Marrakech

Are you making a plan on Marrakech holidays? there are many great things to see and do and the Marrakech Riad can be your dream destination when you want to see all that great in Marrakech, cheap holidays offers on flights to Marrakech from United Kingdom.

Once you have arrived in Marrakech you will find that there is so much to do and the perfect place to start in city break is at the Djemaa el Fna. This is a lively square and market place in the old part of the city and is popular place for tourists.

A good way to start you in the Marrakech city break is by choosing the appropriate accommodation in Ochre City. The best choice is no doubt to rent a Marrakesh riad, which are traditional houses turned into hotels or guesthouses while preserving their original structure and style.

The shops in Marrakech are open all days the only break is for some middayprayers. There are food stalls serving people with home cooked meals almost all day long at very reasonable prices.

Kingfisher Airlines to Join Oneworld Alliance

Kingfisher Airlines said it will become a part of oneworld, one of the premier global airline alliances. The first Indian airline to be a constituent of such an alliance, Kingfisher will become a member from 10 February 2012.

Kingfisher Airlines announced on Monday that it will become a full-time member of the global airline alliance, oneworld, from Feb 10, 2012.

Kingfisher will be the first carrier from the subcontinent to be a part of any international airline alliance. The Indian carrier is also first of three airlines to join oneworld in its largest membership expansion drive for five years, with airberlin set to join it shortly afterwards and Malaysia Airlines following later in the year.

Kingfisher Airlines said the development is expected to strengthen the carrier financially.

"It will strengthen us financially, through revenues from passengers transferring to our network from our oneworld partners and the cost reduction opportunities the alliance offers," Kingfisher Airlines Chairman Vijay Mallya was quoted in news reports.

"We will be flying as part of the worlds leading quality airline alliance - and the first carrier from the subcontinent to be accepted into any of the global airline groups," he said.

The Indian airline was invited to be a part of the oneworld in 2010 after seeking an approval from the Indias civil aviation ministry. British Airways sponsored Kingfishers entry into the alliance.

Indian air travellers and international customers who seek cheap tickets on flights to India frequently have a cause to celebrate.

Apart from better connections, better services and possibly cheap flight tickets, the membership with oneworld will enable the Kingfishers frequent flyers club members to redeem their travel miles in other airlines of the consortium.

"Our King Club frequent flyers will have more opportunities to earn and redeem mileage rewards and enjoy all their other benefits," Mallya stated in the companys press release.

Kingfisher to add to oneworlds network

Formed in 1999, oneworld is a consortium of 12 carriers, including American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific and Finnair, among other prominent global airlines.

Kingfishers addition to the alliance will enhance oneworlds global coverage to nearly 800 airports in almost 150 countries, served by a total of almost 8,500 flights a day. The alliance has a combined fleet of more than 2,250 aircraft, carrying more than 300 million passengers a year, with annual revenues of US$94 billion.

And once airberlin and Malaysia Airlines join the group, oneworlds network will swell to more than 850 destinations.

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Top Beaches for Travelers Taking Flights to Toronto

The largest city of Canada, Toronto is home to some of the most exciting and awe-inspiring beaches in the world. Every year millions of travellers plan holiday tour book flights to Toronto to flock to the city’s beaches for a cool escape from the scorching summers and turmoil of the city life. From lying down under the pleasant sun to partaking in various thrilling water activities, the beaches of the city offer endless fun activities that arouse a sense of being at some heavenly location.

Read below to know about the top five beach locations in Toronto before taking your flights:

Sugar Beach
Sugar Beach is an incredible beach that lures the heart of every traveller booking tickets for flights to Toronto. This beach is a complete play station for the travellers and locals where they can read their favourite books, play with the soft fine-grained sand and explore the various mind-blowing landscapes of the city. The jovial crowds, cheerful ambience and soothing sun blessing from the top make Sugar Beach one of the most popular and visited beaches in Toronto.

Bluffer's Park Beach
Situated at the bottom of Brimely Road, Bluffer's Park Beach is a great spot for the travellers seeking a place to enjoy a day drip with family or friends. The various small soft sanded beaches of the Bluffer's Park are awe-inspiring and offer endless attractions to the visitors such as picnic spots, leisure walks, excellent sights of the sandstone cliffs and a double launching slope to name a few. Moreover, for the sports enthusiasts, the beach park features many spine-tingling sports such as boating, sailing, swimming, and volleyball. With such stimulating charms, the Bluffer's Park Beach tops the travel itinerary of every vacationer booking flights to Toronto for air travel. Moreover, travellers may also find an array of hotels near the Bluffer's Park Beach offering beautiful beach views such as Crowne Plaza Don Valley Toronto, Best Western Executive Inn, Delta Toronto East, etc.

Cherry Beach Park
Located at the foot of Cherry Street, Cherry Beach is a lakeside park. Regardless of its location at the tip of Toronto's formerly heavily industrial Port Lands area, Cherry Beach is highly famous among the locals and travellers and stays jam-packed all year long. Travellers booking cheap flights to Toronto love to participate in the stirring water activities at the Cherry Beach Park including swimming, windsurfing and kitesurfing. In the past few years, the park underwent several changes and has came up with some fantastic modifications such as cemented entrance and modernized restrooms and swimming change room facilities.

Sunnyside is a lakefront district in Toronto that features many amazing beaches, an exhilarating park area and Lake Ontario's Humber Bay. Though Sunnyside is not that popular among the travellers booking cheap flights to Toronto, yet it presents great opportunity to swim and relax in the serene location. During the pleasant summer evenings and weekends, Sunnyside beach stays quite cheerful with travellers seeking a serene place to unwind and escape from all the hassles of the city life and work pressure. Other main attractions at the Sunnyside such as Sunnyside Bathing Pavilion, Gus Ryder Pool, Joy Oil Station and dragon boat races are awe-inspiring and bestow great fun and amusement to one and all.

Hanlan's Point Beach
Travellers who feel too lazy to indulge in any tiring and thrilling water adventures, may plan a trip to the Hanlan's Point Beach. This beach comes under the category of few locations in Canada where full nakedness is allowed. On the pleasant summer days, the Hanlan's Point Beach gets crowded with loads of travellers and locals seeking a perfect tan. Travellers who wish to enjoy a nude sunbath at this astonishing beach need to stay within the boundaries of the clothing optional area. With a cheerful atmosphere, happy crowds and soothing sunrays, Hanlan’s Point Beach is a perfect place to spend a weekend.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Some Tips on Flying Over Christmas Day 2011

If you are planning on flying over the Christmas day 2011 here are some top tips on how to make it a merry experience instead of a stressful one!

Book cheap flights

Book your cheap flights, and fast So if you have not yet booked your flight then hurry up! from United Kingdom to all destination in world, flights over the festive season get booked up fast.

Cheaper Flights As many people want to fly before or straight after Christmas Day it means that often flights are a little bit cheaper on Christmas Day as they are not quite so popular as the days running up to the big day or straight after. So if you want to save of money and do not mind flying on Christmas Day then it is worth looking at this day to travel on.

Avoid Busiest Days The busiest days to fly over Christmas are actually a day or so before, and then a couple of days after. Quieter days to travel are usually Christmas Day, most people want to be celebrating the day instead of being on a flight or stuck at an airport.

Classy Hotels to Stay After booking Flights to South Africa

South Africa is a terrific country that brims with an eternal range of accommodation options to satisfy each and every sort of guest.

Travellers booking flights to South Africa love to spend some time at the pleasant hotels of the country, which not only provide a blissful stay but also make one feel like someone important.

The swish hotels of South Africa are feast to hop on. Their lush ambience and awe-inspiring services impel travellers to book tickets on flights to South Africa and land up at any of the incredible hotel. The vivacious cities of the country like Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth and East London are great hubs for swanky hotels.

The most prominent hotels in the country are Cape Grace Hotel (Cape Town), African Sands Kingsway B&B (Durban), Westcliff Hotel (Johannesburg), 36 on Bonza (East London) and Radisson Blu Hotel Port Elizabeth (Port Elizabeth). Out of these, the African Sands Kingsway B&B and Westcliff Hotel are located close to the international airports and hence stay jam-packed with travellers all year long.

All the hotels at this vibrant holiday destination are unparalleled and provide the ambience full of joie de vivre. With rattling interiors, jovial crowds and world-beating services, these hotels entice the soul of every traveller to book cheap flights to South Africa. The budget-oriented travellers may also enjoy a stay at these dazzling hotels by planning their holiday trip in the off-seasons when cheap flights to South Africa are available in abundance.

A tour to South Africa is a blissful ecstasy into a world where even the winds bestow a soothing pleasure that touches the soul and make one feel alive.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Book Flights To Hong Kong – Hong Kong Holiday

Brimming with many top of the line attractions, Hong Kong is a dream destination for any fun loving holiday maker. A myriad of incredible restaurants and stunning shopping options further make flights to Hong Kong so hugely popular.

Shopping in Hong Kong

Shopping in Hong Kong is all about variety and fun! The city is flooded with spectacular shopping options that are bound to make keen shoppers smile from ear to ear. The city is neither short of swanky malls nor street side markets where people can test their bargaining talents! The city offers everything to its visitors – from electronic gadgets to clothing and from traditional items to cosmetics.

Hong Kong Ocean Park

Continuing with incredible family attractions, Ocean Park is a remarkable theme park that has been regarded as the best in the city by many travellers who are prompted to book cheap flights to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Museum of History

A major component of city tourism, the Hong Kong Museum of History baffles all who visit this remarkable place! The Hong Kong Museum of History exhibits artefacts dating back from the prehistoric times, prompting many a historical aficionados to look for cheap flights to Hong Kong.

Virgin Australia supports new aviation biofuel

Virgin Australia has lent its support to the attempt to produce aviation fuel through the conversion of biomass.

Travellers on flights to Perth and other locations in the future could be on aircraft which are kinder to the environment if they travel with Virgin Australia.

The company has lent its support to a new process of converting biomass energy into aviation fuel, which could make taking flights less harmful to the environment.

Virgin Australia has submitted a Memorandum of Understanding to biofuel company Licella to demonstrate its support.

Group executive of operations for the airline Sean Donohue said: "By pioneering the use of water technology, Licella's CAT-HTR offers a clean, fast and cost-effective method of processing biomass."

He added the company was attracted to the firm as their work supports the creation of Australian jobs, as well as helping the environment.

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Multiple Hues of Muscat Tourism

Muscat, the financial hub of Oman, is a top tourist destination too and flaunts a charming blend of tradition and modernity. Bounded by serene beaches, lush parks and splendid architecture, this great city acts as a temptress to all those who wish to sample something exotic and incredible. Muscat tourism surely incorporates all the great qualities that one can expect from a top class tourist destination.

It surely would not be wrong to say that Muscat holidays is the pinnacle as far as tourism in Oman is concerned, something that is vindicated by the number of tourists booking flights to Muscat.

Sightseeing in Muscat
Muscat tourist trappings include beaches, mosques, forts, gardens, natural parks and others.

Beaches in Muscat are perhaps the biggest lures that entice people to start looking for cheap tickets on flights to Muscat. The Qurum Beach and the Bandar Al-Jissah are perhaps two of the most popular beaches in the city that are known to entrance beach bummers. While, the Qurum Beach ‘placifies’ beauty with all its gorgeous palm trees, Bandar Al-Jissah is more of a isolated bay surrounded by steep rocks.

Mosques & Forts
People who vie to book cheap flights to Muscat to unravel the region’s rich history can travel to magnificent forts and palaces that this city boasts. A visit to Al Jalali and Al Mirani Forts and Al Alam Royal Palace is perhaps the finest way to witness the splendour of the region’s scintillating past. Then there is the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, the place to be for religious aficionados in search of some serene bliss.

Museum is yet another place to learn about a culture of the place and when that place is Muscat it becomes all the more relevant to include a visit to museum in your travel itinerary. Natural History Museum, Children's Museum and the Omani-French Museum are some of the top venues that people can incorporate in their tour to the city.

Parks and Gardens
Trust the city of Muscat to startle tourists with its unbelievable assortment of verdant gardens and parks! Muscat is dotted with numerous parks and gardens in different part of the city and it sure is a good contrast from the russet look of the arid deserts. The Riyam Park, Al Naseem Public Park and Quram Natural Park are few of the biggest parks in the city and these are the ones that are majorly responsible for bestowing a sort of pleasant bliss upon tourists who book flights to Muscat.

The Riyam Park is easily one of the most frequented venues in the city. The park’s emerald beauty is highlighted by its location as it overlooks the sea. Riyam Park is additionally known for its fascinating architectural marvels.

The Al Naseem Park is a public park that mostly attracts families as the park has multiple picnic spots and ample playing areas for children. Tourists with intellectual leanings can pay a visit to library that is situated within the premises of the park.

Culture & Festivals in Muscat
Tourism in Muscat goes way beyond just sightseeing and attractions. Muscat’s charismatic culture is another radiant lure that ‘tricks’ people into booking flights to Muscat. There are multiple festivals and events that are organized in the city that speak vehemently of the region’s joyous and ethnic milieu.

Eid Al Adha is a celebrated with great passion all over the country but with Muscat being the epicentre, the festivities and revelries here are always compounded and amplified.

Eid al Fitr is another significant Islamic festival that generates huge fervour and splendid celebrations all across. European tourists who are alien to such festivals and revelries must plan their trip during these events to understand and acknowledge a culture much better.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Flights to Marrakech - luxurious holiday

Marrakech is a fabulous place to visit if you are looking for a luxurious holiday destination in an exotic and friendly location. While there are plenty of cultural highlights and historic sights to enjoy, the city is also home to a variety of relaxing attractions and some entertainment that is sure to leave you feeling refreshed.

The Museum of Marrakech

Omar Benjelloun Foundation is responsible for restoring Dar Menebhi Palace into a museum and tempting tourists into grabbing air tickets on flights to Marrakech. The Museum of Marrakech displays modern as well as traditional Moroccan art. Visitors to the museum can also take a look at the riveting collection of historical books and coins.

Travel essentials revealed for holidaymakers

The essential things which people need to take into account before heading on holiday have been revealed.

The essential things which people look for before booking flights to South Africa or other locations have been found in a survey.

A poll of travellers carried out by Abta - the travel association has shown that people will see having safe and secure accommodation as their main priority, with 86 per cent stating this option.

Having a financial protection scheme in place was listed as the second most important aspect for a trip with 79 per cent of votes, perhaps suggesting that many will look for travel insurance before heading away.

Finding a low price was ranked tenth, with 53 per cent of votes.

Mark Tanzer, Abta chief executive, said: "Even in a year when customers are tightening their belts the lowest cost is not their number one consideration."

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Most thrilling water activities in Morocco

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

Adventure is one thing that can fill the life of a man with endless fun and thrill. It can make a dull man’s life content and a content man’s life exciting! This is the reason why today millions of people plan for adventure holidays to various exhilarating destinations on the planet to add a pinch of excitement in their life. However, while counting the most adventurous and vibrant holiday destinations in the world, the name of Morocco always shines like the brightest star!

With far stretched coastline, pristine soft sands, blissful winds, sparkling waves and clear sky, Morocco lures the heart of thousands of surfers from far and wide and entices them to book flights tickets to this amazing holiday destination. The country offers endless surfing spots which promise a whale of a time to the leisure vacationers! Listed below are the most famous surfing spots in the country that entice millions of travellers to book flights to Morocco.

Anchor Point
Situated just few kilometres from the village of Taghazout, Anchor Point is one of the most popular surfing spots in the region and greets hordes of travellers who book flights to Morocco. The clean and sparkling waves at the Anchor Point range from 3 to 15 feet in length and offer a perfect backdrop for enjoying surfing. From beginners to experts, Anchor Point welcomes all sorts of surfers and bestows them with a great surfing experience to be cherished for a lifetime.

Hash Point
Located in Central Morocco, the Hash Point is a sheltered spot that is renowned not only for surfing but great many other water sports. Swarms of travellers book cheap flights to Morocco to explore the thrilling and exciting waves at the Hash Point. At time of the winters when surfing enjoys the very peaks of its popularity, one can see numerous locals and travellers flocking at this spot to enjoy surfing and spending some time relaxing under the soothing sun. During his time of the year, Hash Point receives offshore winds from the northeast direction, making the waves suitable for a great surfing experience.

Killers Point
Located just 12 km north of Agadir city, Killers Point is one of the most beautiful and renowned spots to enjoy a breathtaking and heart-pumping surfing experience. Killers Point proffers a year-around perfect weather and thus is a huge hit among surfers who book off season to land up with cheap flights to Morocco. Moreover, Killers Point is home to many sea facing lavish and comfortable resorts and hotels where one may enjoy a luxury stay. Budget options are also available for the tourists.

Positioned just 100m north of Anchor Point, Mysteries welcomes all sorts of surfers - from beginners to experts. All year long, this astounding surfing point experiences high tides and thus tempts surfers from far and wide to flaunt their terrific surfing skills. Whether one wants to unwind at the beach or to indulge in some thrilling water activities, the Mysteries has every sort of lure that make travellers include this surfing spot in their travel itinerary.

No matter from which angle and what perspective one observes Essaouira, this beach is a complete heaven of fun! The beach is a prominent surfing destination in the country and bestows enormous excitement to the surfers craving to ride some of the best waves in the world. After enjoying surfing for a couple of hours, travellers may plan a trip to other attractions of the Essaouira Beach like Skala de la Ville and Marquetry Workshops.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hamilton Island 'most popular on Google Australia'

Hamilton Island is the most searched location on Google Australia.

More people could be planning to take flights to Australia to visit Hamilton Island after the location was named the most searched for location on Google Australia.

In its 2011 Zeitgeist study, the search engine stated the location was the most popular travel destination by people in the country, as more looked for information or images about it online than anywhere else.

Hamilton Island's online marketing manager, Bernie O'Keefe, said: "We won't rest on our laurels, being a top search term is just the start and we will continue to innovate and enhance the online experience for our guests and trade partners."

Several other destinations around the country were also listed in the top ten, including Byron Bay, the Great Barrier Reef and Uluru.

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Flights to Casablanca – Biggest Excuses to Grab Them!

Casablanca is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Morocco and rightly so. Incredible sense of culture and a long rich history make Casablanca a preferred holiday destination among those who seek a blissful journey through something extraordinary.

Casablanca may be just a step away from the European continent but the city is light years away in terms of cultural experience, brimming with vivid colours and hypnotizing mysteries.


Volubilis is the place to head to if ruins and specifically Roman ruins attract you. Volubilis boasts the largest and best preserved Roman ruins in the entire region. The triumphal arc, Roman baths and the basilica are few of the biggest highlights of the place.


Casablanca is the largest city as well as the focal point of all the major activities of the country and the heart of business and economic centres of Morocco. Casablanca has a great historical significance and is very popular amongst the tourists for a number of notable sights, a bustling city which tempts an agglomeration of people to take cheap flights to Casablanca to observe the magnificence and elegance of the city.

Flights to Egypt for a Blissful Sojourn

Renowned for its ancient civilization and incredible monuments, Egypt has become a legendary tourist destination on the globe. A trip to this amazing country acts like an eye opener for the travellers where they get to know about some hidden treasures of awe-inspiring beauty, historical facts and astonishing monuments brimming with endless stories of the past.

With such great lures, the country entices millions of travellers to book tickets for cheap flights to Egypt. The country is a kind of an adventure that never ends, a bliss that never fades and a shining sun that illumes the whole world with a light of splendour and pride.

The precious gem of Egypt, Cairo welcomes swarms of travellers booking flights to Egypt every year. The splendid range of tourist attractions in Cairo plays a great role in elevating tourism in the country. The most prominent attraction of Cairo is the much-admired Pyramids at Giza, which are counted among the Seven Wonders of the World. With grand size, astonishing construction and awe-inspiring architecture, Pyramids at Giza tempt the heart of millions of history enthusiasts to dig for cheap flights to Egypt.

Moreover, the great Khan Al-Khalili market, Coptic Museum, Museum of Islamic Art, and the El-Azhar Mosque are also must-visit places for the travellers booking flights to Egypt.

Sun, Sea and Sand are the three words, which perfectly illustrate the eternal beauty of the coastal resort city Hurghada. The far-stretched pristine coastline, sparkling waters and soothing ambience of this fantastic city lure plenty of travellers to book flights to Egypt. For adventure enthusiasts, Hurghada features an array of exciting water sports like diving and snorkelling, which provide an extreme edge to the life.

Apart from coastal attractions, the city also offers many historical sights like Bazaar in El-Dahar, Red Sea Aquarium and Giftun Islands, which narrate stories about the rich culture and glorious civilization of Egypt.

A tour to the historical city of Luxor is a must for travellers on holidays to Egypt. Luxor is a land of vivacious and stimulating temples, which are considered to be blest with blessings of the almighty. The most prominent temple of the city, Temple of Luxor is world famous for its soaring height, wonderful structure, blissful ambience and prosperous history attached to it.

Moreover, the marvellous cruises in the famous river Nile that pass through the city’s vivacious markets, stupendous sightseeing attractions and natural sceneries are also worth a call.

Sharm El-Sheikh
“The City of Peace”, Sharm El-Sheikh caters the needs and desires of all sorts of travellers ranging from serenity lovers to excited adventure partisans. The city features many contemporary hotels, resorts and restaurants, which enrich the holiday experience of the travellers seeking peace and calmness. The majestic beaches and thrilling waves of Sharm El-Sheikh offer great opportunities to the travellers to indulge in various water activities like surfing, snorkelling and the most famous diving. The flourishing variety of underwater flora, coral reefs and endless species of aquatic animals never fail to draw in the crowds.

Moreover, travellers who wish to relish and explore the glorious culture and lifestyle of the city must travel to the traditional markets in the city like Naama Bay and Old Market.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Monteal amazing array of sights, activities and events

Montreal is the most fascinating city of them all! Incredibly vibrant, this Canadian city is one of the most iconic travel destinations all over the world. Montreal teems with amazing array of sights, activities and events. It sure is a treat to visit the world’s third largest French speaking metropolis!

Visitors to Montreal are blown away by the region’s riveting amalgamation of old world charm and a modern outlook. Travellers book flights to Montreal to seek an adventure that remains unparallel all across the globe. First time travellers to the city, however, must take care of certain things.

Culture and Etiquette
Tourists must be aware that people in Montreal are really proud of their ethnic and cultural identity. Travellers who book flight tickets and land up in the city must show respect to the local sensibilities.

Canadians, in general, are a reserved lot and take matters of etiquette seriously. Tourists are advised to do the same.

A firm hand shake is appropriate when meeting the Canadians for the first time. In Montreal, the French custom of kissing on the cheek is common however foreign tourists are advised against it.

Health Tips
Montreal has a first rate health care system with fully equipped medical facilities. Tourists who need any medical assistance while visiting Montreal will be looked after well.

Medical treatment is, of course, not free for foreigners. In fact, cost of treatment for the non residents can be really steep in the city.

Best Time to Fly to Montreal
Thanks to a range of riveting festivals and events, Montreal remains a year-round tourist destination irrespective of its long and harsh winter. Summer (June to August) is the best and the busiest time to visit the city. This is also the most expensive time to book flights to Montreal. Numerous festivals are organised during the period that further tempt the tourists to book air travel tickets.

Travellers can find relatively cheap flights to Montreal during the fall when the region is less crowded and the weather is mild.

Rovers who do not mind fluctuating weather conditions, can plan a trip to Montreal during spring to find cheap hotels, car rentals and cheap flights to Montreal.

Safety Tips
Montreal is a safe city with much lower crime rate when compared to other large cities in different parts of the world.

Petty crimes such as pick pocketing are still a threat. It is best to be on guard and apply common sense while travelling in the city. Tourists are suggested to avoid carrying valuables.

Certain areas of the city like St. Catherine should be avoided in the night time. Be extra cautious around bars and clubs.

Getting Around
Montreal has a remarkably safe and efficient transport network.

Cars on hire are easily available in the city. However, not many tourists opt for it as finding parking space in busy areas can be a tricky job. Certain streets are blocked off in summer for fairs and festivals. This makes it even more prudent to avoid car rentals.

Public transportation, including metro (subway) and bus, is the most popular as well as reasonably priced way of getting around in the city.

Montreal Airports
Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (YUL) is the major gateway to the city of Montréal. Located 20km away from city downtown, Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau is the hub of Air Canada. Aérobus shuttle service connects the airport with the centre of the city. Taxi and limo service are also available.

Alamo, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Entreprise, Hertz, National and Thrifty car-rental desks are represented at Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport.

Focus on heritage for Delhi centenary

Some of the key landmarks around Delhi will be considered as the city celebrates its 100th year as capital.

Travellers on flights to Delhi could be able to learn more about some of the city's grandest sites as it celebrates its 100th year as the capital of India.

People who visit the city are often impressed by the architecture but do not understand much about it, according to A G K Menon, convener of conservation group Intach's Delhi Chapter.

He told the Times of India architects Herbert Baker and Edwin Lutyens were behind many of the most iconic structures, but many people will not understand when they are told the city was influenced by the Garden city movement.

"We will have to tell people what the Garden city movement was and how it influenced the construction of New Delhi," Mr Menon added.

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Tom Cruise arrives at Dubai Film Festival

Tom Cruise has arrived in Dubai for a screening of the latest Mission Impossible film.

People taking flights to Dubai could see Tom Cruise as he is currently visiting the emirate to promote his latest film.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol is the newest instalment in the movie franchise and much of the filming took place in Dubai.

A scene from the trailer showed Cruise climbing up the side of the world's tallest building, the 828 metre high Burj Khalifa.

Many of Cruise's fans turned out to see him as he attended the premier, which marked the opening night of the Dubai International Film Festival.

It was also a royal premier for the film, as Dubai's ruler Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum attended the opening night of the festival to watch the new film.

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

New hotel and resort to open in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi will soon be home to a new Starwood Hotels and Resorts.

Travellers on flights to Abu Dhabi looking for luxury accommodation will now have more options to choose from following the news Starwood Hotels and Resorts is to open a new location in the emirate.

The Westin Abu Dhabi Golf Resort & Spa sees the launch of the Westin brand in Abu Dhabi and promises to be a fantastic location for golf fans.

Situated along the fairways of the Abu Dhabi Golf Course, the site offers incredible views along the course to hotel guests.

Roeland Vos, president of Starwood Hotels & Resorts in Europe, Africa, and Middle East, said: "We are proud to open this new hotel in Abu Dhabi, where we offer a respite from the rigors of travel with the help of our signature brand amenities."

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Flights to Chicago Are Keys to Plush Hotels and Elite Shopping

Chicago, the Second City, is one of the finest regional cultural pot boilers in the USA. Merry festivals, superb entertainment scene, cutting-edge architecture, scrumptious dining, eclectic shopping and finest hotels – Chicago has it all!

Amazing shopping scene and finest lodging facilities make it one of the most popular destinations in America. No wonder, numerous travel agents offer all-inclusive holiday tour packages to Chicago, year-round.

With so many travellers taking flights to Chicago each year to take in its wondrous attractions and to unravel the city’s diversified charms, it’s unsurprising that this windy city is home to an assortment of impressive hotels with competitive rates. With everything from cheap to ultra-deluxe hotels available easily, Chicago’s accommodation scene scale high on the popularity quotient.

Tourists procuring tickets on cheap flights to Chicago can easily locate chains of hotels like Embassy Suites in the action-packed Michigan Avenue area. While couples or honeymooners taking a romantic trip here can choose to stay at the Dana or Hotel Sax and those on family vacations can head to Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers.

Numerous Chicago budget hotels offer well-maintained rooms with revered services. Budget-friendly hotels like the Western and Holiday Inn chains or Essex Inn provide free Wi-Fi feature assuring best time for net savvy tourists reluctant to spend a bomb on accommodations.

From luxury-oozing environ to exceptional services, from 24 hour room service to ultra-lavish amenities – Chicago’s top-tier hotels assure everything on offer to delight the tourists willing to unwind in the luxury of prestigious 5-star hotels. Trump Hotel and Towers Chicago and Four Seasons Hotel Chicago are some such options for tourists willing to spend big on hotels.

Visitors who prefer to live close to the international airports of the region have at their disposal a wide range of budget and luxury options. Several hotels are located near both O'Hare Airport and Chicago Midway Airport.

Chicago, a delightful city for shoppers, brims with compelling shopping precincts overflowing with unique shops. Chicago offers a wide variety of shopping experiences, from upscale boutiques to discount outlet malls, and everything in between. Bargain hunters taking cheap flights to Chicago need not venture much to discover bargains on everything from jewelleries to souvenirs.

The primary shopping district here is the Magnificent Mile, which extends along North Michigan Avenue to Oak Street. Chicago’s world-beating Magnificent Mile lures thousands of avid shoppers to take flights to Chicago every week. This huge shopping zone offers array of brand outlets as well as a host of boutiques and specialty shops. The fashionable shopping district also features grand indoor shopping malls, like Water Tower Place and 900 North Michigan Shops.

State Street is yet another major shopping destination here that brims with discount departmental stores enticing bargain hunters to take flights to this windy city.

Neighbourhoods shopping districts like luring Lincoln Park, lively Lakeview and bombastic Bucktown attract tourists too. These sophisticated yet delightful shopping zones are crammed full with antiques stores, home-furnishings shops, high-end boutiques and specialty stores that cater to shoppers' every desire.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Explore the Awing Entertainment Zones with Flights to Auckland

Auckland, the city of Sails, offers a galore of sightseeing attractions, adventure opportunities, diverse leisure activities, extravagant shopping, vibrant nightlife and incredible music scene which tempts million of tourists every year to plan holidays here to explore the picturesque beauty.

A trip to Auckland offers a lifetime experience to redefine the mores of entertainment. There are multitude of music venues that can be frequented by families, couples and honeymooners taking flights to Auckland to enjoy an evening with privacy and placidity.

Jazz and blues club
The jazz and blues club is an implausible music zone which was established to enhance the popularity of Jazz music. The club nights held here are the key lure for Jazz lovers across the globe to book flights to Auckland to enjoy the incredible performance by the local Jazz and blues bands that spell pure entertainment.

The Deschlers
One of the most elegant and sophisticated entertainment zones, The Deschlers is well known to be a jazz house in Auckland. The music scene here is a landmark in the music genre of "jazz" and “blues” which immensely adds to the popularity of tickets to Auckland. While this club is a big hit amongst the jazz lovers taking holidays here, the blues are also played frequently to entertain the guests. The nerve-tickling customary jazz and blues sessions lure music lovers taking cheap flights to Auckland to plan a tour to revisit the club.

The Dog Bollix
One of the most important music venues, The Dogs Bollix, boasts its fashionable and trendy atmosphere. This amiable entertainment zone offers astonishing live music for six days a week to entertain music lovers taking cheap flights to Auckland.

The Mexican Cafe
Yet another entertaining music zone of Auckland, The Mexican Café is utterly popular for its delectable cuisines and live band performances. This café boasts its urbane locale and promises to lures music lovers to travel to Auckland for holidays with its astonishing Portuguese, French to English numbers and excellent samba performances.

Devonport Folk Music Club
Devonport Folk Music Club is easily one of the best Acoustic sites of the world with its superior folk music genre and hugely adds to the popularity of cheap tickets to Auckland. This entertainment zone brags its "traditional jingles" and folk songs which offers a cultural tour to the city’s traditions and folklores.

Auckland - Getting There And Around
Auckland with its superior music scene enjoys throngs of music lovers from all over the world who make trips to this city year-round. All thanks to the Auckland International Airport that serves almost all the international flights to the city. The airport taxis help in the easy transit of tourists to different points in the city. Those who prefer to travel fast can choose to take the The Tranz Metro Train service.

Top Draws that Tempt Travelers to Book Flights to Egypt

The Gift of the Nile, Egypt is home to some of the most awe-inspiring cities, which represent the rich traditions, astonishing splendour and enticing historical attractions of the country.

Cities like Cairo, Luxor, Sharm EL Sheikh and Hurghada are few gleaming jewels, of the country, which lure millions to book tickets for flights to Egypt to relish remarkable holidays.

The capital of Egypt, Cairo is an ecstasy to experience. A trip to the city’s splendid shopping malls, stupendous historical palaces and delightful lavish hotels make travellers gloat over their decision of buying cheap flights to Egypt. The most prominent attraction of Cairo is the legendary Pyramids at Giza – one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The magnificent edifice, engaging design and momentous facts attached to the Pyramids of Giza make travellers crazy to book flights to Egypt.

For water lovers, Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh are the best picks. Both these cities offer amazing pristine beaches to laze around and indulge in most thrilling water sports. The flourishing flora, splendid coral reels and astonishing aquatic species in the waters of these cities bestow a shooting pleasure to the souls of the travellers on tour to Egypt.

Luxor is another vivacious choice for travellers on quest for cheap flights to Egypt. The city features some of the most awe-inspiring holies including the world-renowned Temple of Luxor. This temple holds a great importance in the life of the locals and acts as the central point to celebrate all the prominent festivities in the country.

With such exhilarating draws, Egypt tops the list of the travel itinerary of the tourists.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Take Flights to Chicago for Lavish Lodgings and Elite Shopping

Chicago, the windy city, is a vivacious cultural hub of shopping and entertainment. Every year, thousands of visitors take air tickets to experience the diverse Chicagoan delights.

There are plenty of hotels to choose from during your Chicago holidays. The Four Seasons Hotel Chicago is a good option for anyone who wants luxury without spending a bomb, while the Embassy Suites is a save-big lodging for budget travellers taking cheap flights to Chicago. For someone who wants nothing but the top-tier may consider the luxurious Trump Hotel amongst numerous other options. While couples or honeymooners taking flights to Chicago can choose to savour the romantic ambience of Hotel Sax, those on family vacations enjoy their evenings at the Sheraton Chicago Hotel.

The very mention of Chicago brings to mind a colourful cosmos of appealing shopping scene. Shopping lovers are enticed by this city to book flights and dive in an unrivalled domain of choices. Flights to Chicago take you to a macrocosm of numerous shopping arcades and ritzy malls that abound this city. This shopper’s Zion exhibits myriad of interesting shopping options to have even the seasoned shoppers taking cheap flights to Chicago in a dilemma. The Magnificent Miles is one of city’s most impressive shopping destinations that draw scores of shoppers to travel here. Tourists plan shopping trips to explore the Magnificent Miles and State street for elegant brands like Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger, just to name a few. Lincoln Park, Lakeview and Bucktown are other sparkling avenues for an exhilarating shopping tour.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

IAA Contrives To Initiate ‘Unique’ Routes in Indonesia

Budget carrier Indonesia AirAsia, a part of Malaysian budget carrier AirAsia is contriving to open new routes connecting several prominent Indonesian holiday destinations to major ASEAN cities in order to support country’s tourism.

The unique Indonesian routes that IAA has offered includes flight service between Bandung, West Java; and Singapore; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Yogyakarta and Singapore; Kuala Lumpur, Surabaya, East Java, Penang, Malaysia, and Bangkok; and Medan, North Sumatra, and Bangkok.

Furthermore, IAA is planning to open new international and domestic air travel routes in anticipation of the arrival of five new Airbus A320 aircraft in 2012. The airline currently operates 16 Airbus aircraft.

AirAsia already operates from five major Indonesian hubs that are based in Jakarta, Denpasar, Medan, Bandung and Surabaya airports.

Based on recent data from the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), the number of tourists taking cheap flights to Bali, Singapore and other destinations in Southeast Asia has increased to 72.9 million in 2010, which marks a growth of 12.4 percent from 2009.

Additionally, Indonesia AirAsia plans to broaden its consumer base by promoting ASEAN’s brand in the thriving international travel market next year, which will focus on promoting the ‘four pillars’ of country’s tourism; culture, cuisine, eco-tourism and business.

As per the Indonesia’s Central Statistics Agency, the number of foreign tourists taking cheap flights to Bali, Jakarta and other Indonesian cities as of September 2011 reached 5.61 million, marking a growth of 8.26 percent as compared to September 2010.

Indonesia’s Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry is expecting 7.7 million people to take air tickets to visit Indonesia in 2011, which would be approximately 10 percent more as compared to the 7 million people in 2010.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Exciting exhibition planned for Johannesburg

An art project which will look at how different artists view life in Johannesburg is set to be unveiled.

An ambitious art project may interest people who take flights to Johannesburg as it forms part of the forthcoming Artspace gallery event.

The centre is set to showcase a work entitled 360 degrees of Johannesburg, which offers several perspectives on the city created by different artists who live there.

Each of the works will be presented in a circular format and will be an interesting interpretation of the brief offered to the various artists.

A range of both emerging and established artists are taking part, including Sally Rumball, Paul Cooper, Reney Warrington and John Smyth.

"All works will be hung to form a mosaic in the gallery and artworks will be presented as special little gems and as unique artworks and gifts for the festive season," says Teresa Lizamore, the director and curator of Artspace.

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Dubai Airport 'to be second busiest in the world'

Dubai Airport is on track to become one of the world's busiest airports this year.

People travelling on flights to Dubai are helping the terminal to become one of the busiest in the world.

The terminal is enjoying a record year of growth and is currently on track to be named the second busiest in the world by the end of the year.

Passenger growth at the airport grew by 7.3 per cent year on year to October to a total of 4.3 million, despite there being a drop in travellers visiting the Middle East overall across the period.

If passenger numbers continue to rise at the same rate it will result in the airport overtaking Paris and Hong Kong in terms of passenger numbers.

"New routes, additional frequencies and extra capacity continue to drive passenger traffic growth at the Dubai hub," said Dubai Airports chief executive officer Paul Griffiths.

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Dita von Teese to attend Melbourne Fashion Week

Dita von Teese has been announced as a special guest at the forthcoming Melbourne Fashion Week.

Fashion fans taking flights to Melbourne could see Dita von Teese in the city as she visits some of its most stylish events.

The burlesque star has announced that she will be attending Melbourne Fashion Week and will showcase her own range of lingerie on the catwalk.

Speaking to the Herald Sun, she explained that she was delighted to have the chance to visit the city again when the week kicks off on March 10th 2012.

"I look forward to appearing on the coveted runway for the first time in my very own designs," she told the newspaper.

The organisers said they were looking forward to the extra glamour her presence would bring.

It is not the first time that people taking flights to Melbourne have had the chance to see her in the city, as she also attended the Melbourne Cup Derby Event earlier this year.

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Dance Festival transfers to Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai has been announced as the new host of the International Dance Festival.

Travellers taking flights to Chiang Mai will now be able to catch the International Dance Festival in the city after it was moved from Bangkok.

Following the flooding which has recently affected the city, the Dance Centre has announced it has decided to move the event to Chiang Mai as artistic director Vararom Pachimsawat has been working from there for the last month, the Phuket Gazette reported.

She explained it could be a challenge hosting the event in Chiang Mai, as many of the people there may not know what to expect from a contemporary dance performance.

"But there are artists in related fields who are interested, and we've been working with many professors from Chiang Mai University," Ms Pachimsawat added.

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Mumbai Literature Festival 'to have strong south Asian feel'

Mumbai's forthcoming Literature Festival will showcase a range of great works and not just those produced in India.

Travellers taking flights to Mumbai could be interested to hear that the city's forthcoming Literature Festival will offer a wide range of work from writers across south Asia.

This weekend, the first Mumbai Fully Booked event is taking place between December 2nd and 4th 2011, with associate festival director Namita Devidayal telling that it will take influence from other countries in the region.

"It's a crossover festival focused on south Asia, curated in a way that brings people together from different fields via books," Mr Devidayal said.

There will be a wide range of talks taking place across the weekend, with the director suggesting that a discussion between Pakistani author Mohammed Hanif discussing his new book Our Lady of Alice Bhatti with filmmaker Anurag Kashyap will be one of the highlights.

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Exciting exhibition planned for Johannesburg

An art project which will look at how different artists view life in Johannesburg is set to be unveiled.

An ambitious art project may interest people who take flights to Johannesburg as it forms part of the forthcoming Artspace gallery event.

The centre is set to showcase a work entitled 360 degrees of Johannesburg, which offers several perspectives on the city created by different artists who live there.

Each of the works will be presented in a circular format and will be an interesting interpretation of the brief offered to the various artists.

A range of both emerging and established artists are taking part, including Sally Rumball, Paul Cooper, Reney Warrington and John Smyth.

"All works will be hung to form a mosaic in the gallery and artworks will be presented as special little gems and as unique artworks and gifts for the festive season," says Teresa Lizamore, the director and curator of Artspace.

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