Thursday, December 29, 2011

ABTA Releases ‘The Travel Trend Report 2012’

ABTA released the Travel Trends Report 2012, developed in partnership with FCO, on Tuesday 27th 2011. This report predicts a boost in the demand of authentic and specialist holidays, in the coming year.

The report indicated that specialist holidays like cruising, adventure, learning and activity holiday or wedding/honeymoon packages are expected to perform well in 2012.

The early booking figures for of airline tickets for summer 2012 suggested that tickets for tried-and-tested short and mid haul destinations like France, Greece, Italy and Spain were the most sought after.

The figures further indicated flights to USA to be in demand. The family friendly reputation of USA is likely to tempt more UK families to book flights to USA in 2012.

Though, destinations like Tunisia and the Red Sea Resorts so far show less booking activity for summer 2012, travel companies are looking to woo tourists back to these relatively affordable destinations with cheap flight and hotel package deals.

The report also indicated that the luxury and budget holiday markets are expected to perform strongly in 2012. It is expected that budget tourists will seek all inclusive packages including cheap flights and accommodations, while extravagant travellers pick up less well touristed destinations.

Despite a reduction in overall shop numbers, there was an increase of 25% in the number of travellers booking their airline tickets for their foreign holiday on the high street in 2011 as compared to 17% in the year 2010.

The Travel Trend Report acknowledged Poland and Ukraine, Jordan, Colombia and Cape Verde and Iceland to be the hot destinations for the coming year.

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