Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dubai passenger numbers on the increase

The numbers of people taking flights to Dubai is on the increase.

A rise in the number of people taking flights to Dubai has been recorded, with the state's airport seeing the strongest increase in arrivals for 14 months.

Passenger traffic at Dubai International Airport increased by 14 per cent during the month of January when compared with the numbers who arrived at the terminal during the same month in 2011, the airport authority has stated.

In total, it saw 4.85 million people pass through the airport across the four-week period, up from the 4.25 million seen during January 2011.

"The fantastic start to the year is partially due to the traffic surge caused by the holiday season, the recently concluded Dubai Shopping Festival and the ongoing expansion of the hub network," said Paul Griffiths, chief executive of Dubai Airports.


Over-50s 'becoming more adventurous with holidays

People in their 50s and over are no longer sticking to tried and tested locations when it comes to taking a holiday.

People in their 50s are becoming more adventurous when it comes to choosing their holiday destinations, with many now opting for exotic locations rather than heading to tried and tested resorts.

The trend has been noted by Tom Hall at Lonely Planet, who explained it is often older travellers who are looking to get guides to places like central Asia and book tickets on the Trans-Siberian railway.

"I think some of the most popular ones will probably be some of the destinations that are maybe more popular with travellers, with India, south-east Asia being examples," Mr Hall said.

He noted many are very passionate about where they want to go and have a long list of places they want to visit.


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New casino planned for Sydney

There are plans in place to construct a new casino close to Sydney's famous harbour.

Sydney could soon be boasting a new attraction on the banks of its famous harbour as plans are in place for a casino to be constructed.

The new casino would be built at Barangaroo by James Packer and comes as part of his plans to make the city a more attractive place for affluent Asian travellers.

It is believed the project will come as part of an AU$1 billion (£679 million) scheme to construct a hotel on the site, which will be under the control of Mr Packer's Crown group.

The casino is expected to house mainly gaming tables, as the company which is behind the plans does not have a licence to install fruit machines at the location.


Find fantastic publications at the Bangkok International Book Fair

The Bangkok International Book Fair is poised to open its doors at the end of next month.

The Bangkok International Book Fair is set to open its doors during March and will be offering bookworms from around the world the opportunity to pick up a new read from a wide range of titles.

Held at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, the event will begin on March 29th and run to April 8th.

It is expected there will be a wide number of titles to choose from, as during 2011 412 exhibitors from 18 countries around the world showcased their latest releases to 1.6 million visitors.

The event also hosts a number of staged event, talks and seminars with authors, which could help visitors to make the decision over which book to read next.

It is free to attend and guests simply need to turn up on the day in order to browse the titles on offer.


Monday, February 27, 2012

Emirates Expands Capacity at Newcastle Airport‎

Emirates has given people in North East England a reason to smile! The airline, which is considered in the industry to be one of the fastest growing carriers in the world, has announced to add more capacity from Newcastle airport to Dubai.

This Dubai-based carrier will be able to offer 2,000 additional seats per week to and from Newcastle once it starts operating on the route with a much larger aircraft on its daily flight to Dubai from 1st September, 2012.

This upgrade will coincide with the 5th anniversary airline’s route launch of 2007.

Around 100,000 passengers will be able to travel on flights to and from Dubai or get a connecting flight to far-off holiday destinations in Australia, the Far East and the Indian Ocean.

The airline conveyed that flights to Dubai, Bangkok, Sydney, Perth, Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Mauritius are the key operations for North East travellers.

Currently, the airline plies a 278-seat Airbus A330-200 on the route. This aircraft will be replaced with the much larger Boeing 777-300ER, a 428-seat aircraft. People who wish to explore the regal charm of this full-service airline will have more chances to do so on the route. Emirate is not a cheap airline by any stretch of imagination; however availability of higher number of seats might enable travellers to land up with cheap flight tickets. There will be two-class option for the passengers, with 42 lie-flat beds for business class travellers and 386 seats for those who prefer the relatively cheap flights tickets of economy class.

Boeing 777-300ER is also going to boost cargo carrying capacity on the route by some 22 percent.

Tourism in Cape Town is back on track

Tourists are once again flocking to Cape Town.

Cape Town is one of the hottest tourist destinations on the planet and has been popular among travellers for decades.

Its vibrant city life, stunning natural beauty and brilliant location make it the perfect getaway - no matter how long you are planning on staying.

It is one of the reasons that cheap flights to Cape Town have been is such high demand.

However, like all tourist destinations around the world, the economic turmoil has had a huge impact on visitor numbers to Cape Town as people rein in their holiday spending.

But it looks like demand for cheap flights to Cape Town will be back at pre-recession levels soon as tourists flock to the city in their droves.


Cape Town - where the streets have your name

Cape Town has opened up the renaming of a number of the city's streets to the public.

Cape Town is planning on overhauling the names of numerous streets across the city and is trying to get the public to offer up their own suggestions.

A series of adverts have been published in the local press listing the proposed new street names - which are dotted across the capital.

A naming committee came together last year to discuss renaming streets, buildings and public places.

Since 2007, 31 name changes have been proposed and four of those have been implemented.

Brett Herron, who chairs the naming committee, said: "We invite the public to comment on the remaining 27 name changes before a proposal is made to council."

"The process to change street names will be as inclusive as possible," he added.


Flights to Casablanca - Largest City of Morocco

The Casablanca is modern city situated in the Western of Morocco and is the most developed and largest city. The international flights from London to Casablanca can be observed at international airport of the Casablanca, the Muhammad V international airport. The city is blessed with lots of modern skyscrapers where international trade and business deals are carried out. The Casablanca city center is the economic and financial zone which represents a hustling and bustling environment and plays a vital role in the overall economy of city.

Enormous number of huge attractions and some landmarks are quite inspiring for the tourists traveling in the Casablanca city throughout the year. Some most visited places or tourist's popular destinations include Hassan II Mosque where several hundred persons perform their religious obligations and also visit the inspiring beauty of its fabulous architecture. The mosque is the second biggest mosques in the world and tourists from all over the world flying by their direct or indirect cheap flights to Casablanca love to offers their prayers in the grandeur architecture. It is the second largest mosque in the world.

Whether you are on a long trip to Casablanca city or just on a mere day's excursion you will need some clean, safe and luxurious accommodation and for that there are so many cheap hotels, private accommodations, cheap guests houses, inns and cafes with accommodation facilities etc with every facility will be endorsed in them all. To get a accommodation is just like to book tickets on flights to Casablanca. While checking ensure that you have everything with you to enjoy a decent journey. The environment and the atmosphere for visitors is quite friendly in the city.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Do’s and Don’ts to Follow During Morocco Holidays

Rich aromas of the spices, multihued cultures, lilting music, and an ambience of pleasing hospitality and warmness - Morocco seems like a blissful land stepped out of some fairy tale of Cinderella. Home to some amazing sights, Morocco lures millions of travellers to plan air travel and book flight tickets to this vivacious holiday destination. However, being a land of diverse cultures, traditions, customs and beliefs, travelling to Morocco becomes a bit tricky for the travellers at times.

While it may be easy to book cheap flights to Morocco, travellers who are not aware of the basic do’s and don’ts while in Morocco might find it difficult to make the most of their Morocco holidays. Read on to know about some useful tips to relish rewarding and enjoyable holidays in Morocco.

Being an Arabian country, Morocco is very rigid for its customs and beliefs and do not accept any sort of disobedience from the outsiders. Having booked cheap flights to Morocco, travellers must heed these tips about all that is considered wrong in the eyes of Moroccans:
  • Ramadan is a significant festival of Morocco in which people are not allowed to eat, drink and smoke in public. Therefore, travellers visiting Morocco during Ramadan must not indulge in any such pleasures of life in public and must limit them to their hotel rooms.

  • Visitors to Morocco must not offer alcohol to any Muslim unless they are sitting in a bar.

  • While going on an outdoor trip in the country, travellers must dress conservatively without flaunting the skin of their arms or legs. Swimsuits should be limited to beach areas or hotels’ pools only.

  • Do not hurt the religious sentiments of the locals of the country by doing anything offensive or unacceptable.

  • Travellers must avoid carrying excessive cash and valuables with them while going on outdoor tours in Morocco.

  • The travellers must take prior permission before taking pictures at any religious spot in the country. Moreover, taking pictures of the women folks of the country is highly intolerable and may lead the photographer into great troubles.

  • Morocco has zero tolerance for drugs and has severe penalties for suspects involved in any such cases. Therefore, travellers booking cheap flights to Morocco must not engage in any such cases.

  • It is advisable for those taking air travel to Morocco to avoid huge public gathering and processions.
The locals of Morocco are deeply rooted to their culture and tradition. They like the fact when travellers respect their religion and make efforts to follow them. If Moroccans take someone in their good-list, they leave no stone unturned in offering them the best hospitality and reception ever.

  • Learning a few Arabic words can be really helpful for the travellers in interacting and getting friendly to the locals of Morocco. Though most of the population of the country speaks French, but a “salam” (hello) can do wonders for sure.

  • While interacting with the locals, travellers may greet them with a handshake and welcoming inquiries about wellness, contentment and family chitchats.

  • While travelling in the country, travellers must keep a low profile to avoid catching too much of unnecessary attention.

  • For the women travellers visiting the country, it is very important to be polite yet confident to stay away from pit holes. They must not trust strangers and may make a polite refusal in case asked for an invitation. Unnecessary eye contacts, mixing with unknown people, and excessively frank nature can be really hazardous for solo women travelling to Morocco.

  • Much as it may sound funny, most small-scale hotels in Morocco do not keep toilet papers in their amenities. Therefore, travellers may bring toilet papers along with them while visiting the country.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Kirstenbosch is Cape Town's botanical jewel

Cape Town's botanical gardens are a jewel that travellers simply must see.

Kirstenbosch is one of the most popular tourist hotspots in South Africa. The national park, which can be found at the foot of Table Mountain, is a prime example of the natural beauty to be explored in South Africa.

Just a stone's throw from central Cape Town, it is home to the National Botanical Gardens, which were established in 1913 to help preserve South Africa's unique flora and fauna.

The gardens are large, incredibly beautiful and house an array of impressive greenhouses with some of the most unusual plants on the planet.

Back in 2008, the Kirstenbosch display at the Chelsea Flower Show won gold and since then the area's popularity has increased.

So much so that Cape Town tour guide Jason Menzies has described the area as a must-see destination for anyone with a cheap flight to Cape Town.


Cape Town to host major design event

Cape Town will once again become the global epicentre of cutting-edge design.

Cape Town is undoubtedly one of the most fashionable cities on the planet. Its cosmopolitan nature, fine food and buzzing art scene are all major draws for travellers.

The city is also incredibly beautiful and a perfect base for people keen to do a bit of safari adventuring.

This heady mix is what keeps people coming back and Cape Town's reputation is growing.

2012 Design Indaba will be held in the city next week at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

Open to the general public - and anyone with cheap flights to Cape Town - the event will showcase some of the finest design work being carried out around the globe.

Last year boasted leading lights in the world of design from Mexico, Burkina Faso and - of course - South Africa.


A Handy Guide for Travellers Booking Flights to Canada

Canada is a fantastic holiday destination that never lets down the holidaymakers. The country brims with endless fun and frolic and comprises of a whole world in itself. From awe-inspiring sightseeing places to dazzling shopping attractions and from vibrant eating joints to world-class accommodations, every facet of Canada is amazing and enchants one and all to the hilt.

Here are some most bewitching lures that every traveller booking flights to Canada must know about.

Pleasing Sightseeing
The list of sightseeing attractions in Canada is eternal. For travellers who wish to witness the heavenly beauty of the country, a trip to the dazzling attractions like Niagara Falls, Canadian Rockies, Baffin Island and the Rocky Mountaineer is worth a call. These spots are priceless jewels of the country and win the admiration of every traveller booking tickets for cheap flights to Canada.

Canada also features a rich collection of natural parks flaunting some of the rarest and exotic species of birds and animals. The most popular wildlife attractions of the country such as Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, Banff National Park Waterton Lakes National Park are fascinating and boast a blend of striking nature with amazing wildlife. Nature enthusiasts who travel to Canada often include tour to some of the popular Canadian nature trails.

For history buffs booking flights to Canada, the various historical attractions in the country such as Markham Museum & Historic Village, Fort York, Scarborough Historical Museum, Brooks Aqueduct and Rutherford House are worth exploring. These places narrate stories about the glorious history of Canada and let the visitors peep into the past world from a closer perspective.

Impressive Shopping Hubs
For shopping lovers planning air travel and booking flights to Canada, the country is a complete dreamland where they may fulfil their dream to shop till they drop. Canadian cities are home to an array of shopping spots ranging from bustling street markets such as Chinatown, Queen Street, Kensington Market and St Lawrence Market to sprawling and glittering malls including West Edmonton Mall, West Oaks Mall, Portage la Prairie, Bayshore Shopping Centre and Bridlewood Mall. A shopping experience at these and many other interesting spots in the country bestows endless pleasure to the shopaholics and makes them gloat over their decision of buying cheap flights to Canada.

Exciting Eating Outs
Canadians have a special fervour for lip-smacking food and this is the reason why one may see endless number of eating joints dotted in all the major cities of Canada. The eating joints in the country are known for offering the best of local and intercontinental cuisines served with great warmth and friendliness. The most famous and visited eating joints in Canada are Canoe (Toronto), Le Grain de Sel (Montreal), Vij's (Vancouver), and Hardware Grill (Edmonton).

Excellent Accommodations
Canadian cities boast a large collection of accommodation options including lavish resorts, guesthouses, bed and breakfast, lodges, Inns, and many others. Travellers planning holidays to Canada may reserve an appropriate hotel for themselves depending upon their budget and needs. For example, for those with lavish pursuits, the five-star hotels of Canada such as Shangri-la Hotel Vancouver, Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, Ritz Carlton Montreal and Fairmont Chateau Whistler are the best picks. Whereas, for budget-travellers the various cheap hotels like Holiday Inn Express Hotel, Best Western Inn, the Nuvo Hotel Suites and Rodeway Inn & Suites are worthwhile to stay in.

Best Time to Visit
September and October are considered to be the best months for planning holidays to Canada when popular airports in the country welcome tourists in hordes from all over the world. During this time of the year, the country’s splendour stays on cloud nine and offers excellent opportunities to the photographers to click some spectacular pictures of graces of nature. Moreover, the weather during these months also stays appropriate to relish outdoor activities.

Flights to Marrakech & Casablanca Dwindle Fast - Here’s Why!

In Africa and close to Europe, Morocco offers the best of the both worlds. Volumes of romanticism, loads of modern lures, heaps of old world charm and piles of historical wonders – Morocco is one place that is hard to resist!

Travellers who make bookings on flight tickets to Morocco are drenched in a virtual flood of tourist attractions. Tourists with a leaning towards culture and traditions will find Marrakech a more viable option while those who prefer balance of modernity and traditional will opt for Casablanca!

Millions of tourists who plan Morocco holidays are most likely to book flights to Marrakech. The city is a colourful jamboree of incredible unusualness that seems to awe-struck the most hardened of souls. Book cheap flights to Marrakech and plan a tour to carnival-like Djemma el Fna and get prepared to be blown away by sheer absurdness. Snake charmers, singers, sorcerers, acrobats, story tellers and what not! The Koutoubia is another giant of a tourist attraction that beguiles people to plan an air travel for Marrakech!

“Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine”! Yes, this is city whose namesake movie created box office records all over the world. Millions book flights to Casablanca just to ‘live’ the great celluloid experience.

City’s vibrancy tempts leisure vacationers to book cheap flights to Casablanca, but to be fair this city is more of a commercial centre with a dash of historical lures.

Hassan II Mosque is the biggest lure in Casablanca and people who concoct their holiday travel itinerary are sure to include this attraction on their trip. City’s colonial architecture is another beguiler!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

World Travel Awards to be hosted in Dubai

Dubai remains at the forefront of Middle Eastern tourism and will host the World Travel Awards this April.

The World Travel Awards will be heading to Dubai this April, with the Jebel Ali Golf Resort & Spa playing host to the so-called Oscars of the travel industry.

Attendees will be able to enjoy the luxury resort's first class amenities during the event, which is set to take place on April 30th.

The gathering will double as the opening ceremony for the WTA's 2012 Grand Tour, which will scour the globe for the best travel firms in the world.

WTA will take into account the tourism provisions of 162 countries across the globe.

It is the fifth consecutive year that the WTA will host its Middle Eastern event in Dubai - an indicator of the world-leading tourism industry the emirate has built up over the years - not least because of its vast array of luxury hotels, with the world's tallest hotel set to open in Dubai later this year.

Graham Cooke, president and founder of the WTA, said: "I am delighted that we will be returning to Dubai for what promises to be the most exciting and competitive Middle East ceremony yet.


Smart payments come to Dubai

Instant payments are likely to take off in Dubai as consumers demand convenience.

Smart payments are taking off across the globe and tourism hotspot Dubai has jumped on the bandwagon as it vies to boost the number of shoppers visiting the emirate.

It is clear from the emirate's investment in super-sized hotels boasting the utmost luxury that Dubai places tourism at the top of its agenda and the introduction of contactless payment technology further cements its reputation as a world leader in travel.

However, Ann Cairns, president of international markets at MasterCard Worldwide, said that there are some areas in which improvements can be made - even in Dubai.

"We think there are some things that consumers would naturally use their card products or their phones for, such as [buying] petrol, that aren't here in the market right now," she said.

She added that travellers wanting to keep control of their holiday spending are turning to pre-paid top-up cards, that limit the amount of cash available to them.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Visitors to UAE to increase to 9m

The United Arab Emirates is experiencing a tourism boom.

The number of visitors heading to Dubai and the other members of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is expected to exceed nine million this year.

New figures from Business Monitor International show that demand for flights to Dubai and its neighbouring nations is high.

The projected figure is nine per cent higher than it was last year, when 8.2 million people travelled to the UAE.

Mark Walsh, portfolio director at Reed Travel Exhibitions, which organises conferences in the region, said: "With unrest particularly in Egypt and North Africa last year, the UAE experienced an influx of tourism, boosting its status as a regional safe haven."

He added that more airlines are opening up routes to the region to take advantage of the unprecedented demand from travellers.

Another factor that seems to be affecting visitor numbers is the UAE's desire to become the top tourism destination in the world.


New luxury hotel to open in Bangkok

A new luxury hotel will soon be opened in Bangkok - adding to the city's impressive skyline.

After securing cheap flights to Thailand, you will be able to spend the cash you have saved on a little bit of luxury once you land in Bangkok.

Thailand is renowned for the quality of its fine hotels and paying that little bit more once you are there can guarantee a five-star experience.

New hotels are springing up all the time, but one in particular is likely to get plenty of advance bookings.

The Park Hyatt Hotel is expected to open in 2014 and will be one of the finest in the whole of Bangkok - with 222 rooms and 49 luxurious suites.

What's more, the new hotel will boast a business centre, spa, fitness room and swimming pool, making it the height of decadence for travellers.

Stephen Haggerty, global head of real estate and development for Hyatt Hotels Corporation, said: "Park Hyatt Bangkok's premier location within this attractive and rapidly growing international city represents our commitment to introducing the luxury of Park Hyatt to gateway locations around the world."


Monday, February 20, 2012

Underpass to connect major Kolkata landmarks

Tourists will be able to gaze at incredible, tropical fish en route to the Alipore Zoological Gardens in a new, specially-built underpass.

A new underpass is being constructed in Kolkata that will connect two of the city's top tourist destinations.

Busy streets and almost un-crossable roads are something that many parts of India are renowned for and Kolkata is no different.

The Alipore Zoological Gardens and the city's Aquarium are just minutes apart - but they are on opposite sides of the same street, which is causing traffic managers in the area no end of trouble.

Some 80,000 visitors flock to the zoo every weekend. During the week between 6,000 and 10,000 people head there, making it the most popular tourist destination in the city.

So, authorities have decided it is about time that an underpass is built to limit traffic disruption.

Speaking to the Times of India, a government official involved in the underpass project said: "People from far-flung states, including Punjab, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra, come to the zoo. It's a preferred picnic spot for Kolkatans as well - especially because the zoo entertains children and can accommodate the whole family at an affordable cost."


Special event to be held at Kolkata's Akar Prakar Gallery

India's literary legacy is to be celebrated at the Akar Prakar Gallery in Kolkata.

Kolkata's Akar Prakar Gallery is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city.

It is a well-known landmark and a haven for the contemporary arts of sculpture, painting and literature.

This year, the Akar Prakar Gallery will be celebrating the 150th anniversary of the birth of literature laureate Rabindranath Tagore with a special exhibition entitled Enduring Legacy.

Tagore was the author of Gitanjali, a famed piece of literature throughout India, and became the first non-European winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, which he scooped in 1913.

His poetry career began at the tender age of eight and Tagore is credited with modernising Bengali art by abandoning traditional literary forms and linguistic rules.

To commemorate the visionary's legacy, Akar Prakar Gallery has invited several young, practising artists to exhibit pieces inspired by the writer.


Book Flights to Seychelles to Relish Blissful Beach Holidays

With a collection of over 115 beautiful beaches, Seychelles has become a perfect holiday destination for travellers seeking seclusion and solitude. This amazing island country offers some serene moments to the travellers where they can relax and bury all the miseries and worries of their routine life.

From honeymooners to backpackers, from family vacationers to lonely souls, this island country charms every sort of travellers and entices them to book tickets for cheap flights to Seychelles. Here are the top five beautiful and blissful beaches of Seychelles that make this place a synonym to heaven.

Beau Vallon
Located on the island of Mahé on the northern side, the Beau Vallon beach is one of the most popular and visited beaches in Seychelles. The travellers planning air travel and booking flights to Seychelles never miss a chance to witness the exotic beauty of this beach and surely include it in their travel itinerary. The long-stretched pristine sands, shimmering waters, cool ambience and jovial crowds at the Beau Vallon beach make a perfect backdrop where one can unwind and rejuvenate oneself. Moreover, Beau Vallon is also known for its thrilling water sports that give an edge to the life and arouse a true holiday feel in the heart of the holidaymakers.

Anse Royale
Being the longest beach of Mahe, Anse Royale offers a wonderful background for the lovebirds to enjoy a sunset walk along the coastline with their partner. The water of the Anse Royale beach proffers a safe and comfortable swimming experience to the travellers of all age groups and thus entices many family vacationers from far and wide to plan a tour to Seychelles. The best time to visit Anse Royale beach is between the months of May to October when the winds stay favourable and water stays serene to enjoy a peaceful day out.

Intendance Beach
Renowned to be a paradise for surfers, Intendance Beach is widest beach in Seychelles. The multi-directional currents at the Intendance Beach bestow a perfect surfing experience that gives goose bumps to even a veteran adventurer. Travellers visiting this amazing beach may find a number of sea-facing resorts and hotels that offer pleasant stay and blissful ambience. With such remarkable attractions, travellers visiting Intendance Beach gloat over their decision of buying cheap flights to Seychelles.

Port Launay
Travellers who want to see the mad character of Seychelles must plan a trip to the Port Launay beach. The beach is counted among the most favourite beaches of the country and stays jam-packed with locals and travellers all day long. From jovial locals to multi-hued beachside shops, from amazing water sports to an array of vibrant cafes and restaurants, Port Launay beach features all the traits of an ideal beach and hence gains the admiration of every traveller booking flights to Seychelles.

Anse Bois de Rose
Located next to the hotel Coco de Mer, Anse Bois de Rose is a perfect place to enhance ones swimming skills. The picturesque landscapes and stunning beauty of the Anse Bois de Rose beach has made it one of the most photographed beaches in Seychelles and thus it has become a hotspot for shooting and picture taking by various renowned filmmakers. As the burning sun melts in the cool sea, Anse Bois de Rose beach turns into a serene place where one can meditate and feel the power of divinity.

With such remarkable beaches, Seychelles has become a blissful holiday destination that greets millions and millions of travellers every year who book flights to bask in the magnificence of its splendid beaches.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Games 'help to keep kids busy on flights'

Keeping kids entertained on flights does not have the be difficult if you take plenty of things to amuse them.

Keeping kids entertained on long flights is often one of the things that can give parents the most stress before heading to the airport.

But it does not have to be the most difficult part of a holiday as travel journalist James Ellis explained it just takes a little forward planning.

Depending on how old children are it can be more difficult to keep them amused, but he noted that having an ample supply of things for the child to do will hold their attention.

Considering the kinds of toys children play with at home will give some indication of what they will like to play with, even during long flights.

Having some water to hand is also important, Mr Ellis said, "so as soon as the plane takes off they are swallowing, which helps to alleviate the pressure on their ears."


Holidays 'are good for the health'

Taking a summer holiday overseas can help you to boost your wellbeing through boosting your immune system.

Booking a holiday overseas can have a range of benefits to your health and wellbeing, as it offers you a chance to relax away from work or spend time with loved ones.

However, a sunshine break also has the added benefit of offering the chance to get a boost of vitamin D, something which many people suffer a deficiency of during the winter months, Andrew Johnson, herbalist and nutritional therapist, has stated.

The health expert has explained a lot of people can feel under the weather between January and March as their exposure to sunlight is at very low levels, which can result in a lot of people catching colds or flu.

He said that people who find they have low levels of the vitamin could take supplements or take a break, as "that would be a very good thing and would support immunity enormously".


Top Cities for Ideal Holidays in Canada

Canada holiday is like a sea of choices. It has natural beauty to amuse the senses; an entrancing culture to caress the soul and awe-inspiring heritage to recapture the bygone era. With soaring Rocky Mountains, the largest Pacific Ocean and the cascading Niagara Falls, the country has become a repository to revel in unparallel natural splendour.

Home to some of the utterly cosmopolitan cities like Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, Canada is a place for rejoicing the modern sophistication amid the grace of Mother Nature. No wonder, even a discerning holiday maker can look forward to being spoilt for choice in this mesmerizing country.

The largest city of Canada, Toronto is grandeur personified. Located on the northern shore of Lake Ontario, the metropolis is one of the major reasons of air travel to Canada. With clusters of dazzling skyscrapers accentuating the skyline, a mesmerizing arts and music scene and bright and breezy festivals, Toronto is a true delight for the visitors. The enthralling city quivers with invigorating shopping scene and intoxicating nightlife and heralds travel buffs with striking sightseeing attractions and flurry of exhilarating activities.

CN Tower, Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), Bata Shoe Museum, Canada's Wonderland and Casa Loma are some of the key attractions that urge the sightseers to visit the city time and again. Strewn with infinite shopping boutiques and vibrant markets, Toronto has remained a paradise for shoppers. Eaton Centre, Yorkville and St Lawrence Market are popular haunts to try retail therapy.

Immaculately sitting at the meeting point of captivating Western mountains and polychromatic waters of Pacific Ocean, Vancouver epitomizes the rendezvous of glory and immensity. The city is inundated with sun-kissed beaches, verdant waterfront forests and soaring crags and cosmopolitan delights like high end hotels, glitzy shopping malls and uber-cool nightclubs. Embracing a vivacious live theatre scene and jolly festivals, Vancouver ensures no-dull moments for its guests.

A tour to Vancouver is all about feasting the eyes on some of the spellbinding attractions like Capilano Suspension Bridge, Granville Island, Grouse Mountain, Museum of Vancouver and Stanley Park and Vancouver Aquarium.

Perched besides the serene St Lawrence River, the sheer charm of Montreal cannot be put into words. The charismatic metropolis is one of the oldest cities on the continent and offers array of attractions to holiday makers taking flights to Montreal. Bewitching the masses with its highly pulsating nightlife and enamouring the hearts with satiating shopping scene, the entrancing metropolis of Canada truly pays off for the money spent on tickets for cheap flights to Montreal.

Notre-Dame Basilica (Basilique Notre-Dame), the oldest church in the city, is one of the popular attractions that shine on the itinerary of almost every holidaymaker booking flights to Montreal. Centre Canadian d'Architecture (CCA), Montreal Science Centre, Oratoire St-Joseph (St Joseph's Oratory) and Parc Olympique (Olympic Park) are other magnificent attractions that add joy to one’s trip to Montreal. Travellers hopping on cheap flights to Montreal can also partake in myriads of amusing activities like canoeing, white water rafting, skiing, hiking and trekking.

Last but not the least, the capital city of Canada, Ottawa overwhelms the visitors with its affable charisma and rich history. Dotted with some of the world-beating museums, art galleries and historic architectural wonders, the metropolis is a must-visit for historical aficionados on Canadian tour.

Canada Agriculture Museum, Canadian Museum of Civilization, Canadian War Museum, and National Gallery are some of the notable, sightseeing attractions for wallowing in the majesty of bygone era. Besides, Sparks Street Mall and Glebe and Westboro are ideal spots for true-blue shoppers while party animals can hit the pubs of Elgin Street for a night of revelry.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Gourmet Abu Dhabi now open

The biggest food event to take place in Abu Dhabi each year has opened its doors to visitors.

Sampling some delicious food can be very enjoyable during a stay overseas and people currently in Abu Dhabi have the opportunity to taste some delicious treats at Gourmet Abu Dhabi.

Opening today (February 16th 2012) the event will see some amazing foods offered by a range of producers and restaurants, while guests will also have the chance to sample the offerings of a number of esteemed chefs.

There is a wide variety of food on offer, from the tasty mid-morning snack that is created for the Gourmet, Chocolate and Pastry Bunch on February 17th to the Foie Gras dinner that takes place the same day, featuring the skills of chef Bruno Menard.

Anyone who wants to learn some new skills try heading to the Chocolate and Pastry workshop, held from 09:30 local time on February 18th.


New footbridge project announced for the Adelaide Oval

A new footbridge is to be constructed in Adelaide to make access to the Oval easier.

Visitors to the Oval in Adelaide could soon find it easier to gain access to the site as a new footbridge is to be constructed.

Atkins has been given the task of completing the project, which will see the Riverbank Bridge created to link the city side of the River Torrens with the Oval venue on the north side of the bank.

The bridge is being built as part of an ongoing project to rejuvenate the city and provide better links to the sporting stadium, which can seat up to 50,000 people.

Cameron MacDonald, Atkins' project developer, said: "The new bridge will form a vital part of the plans that will support the new Adelaide Oval project and the redevelopment of the Riverbank precinct."


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Moomba Festival launches in Melbourne

The Moomba Festival has begun in Melbourne, with the city's mayor officially launching the event.

The streets of Melbourne are likely to be awash with colour as the start of this year's Moomba festival has been announced.

Taking place in the city each year, it is hoped the 2012 event will be even more successful than the record-breaking festival in 2011.

Held over three days in the city, Robert Doyle officially opened the 57th festival and announced changes will be made to the route, as it will now be going down St Kilda Road.

"This year we have a theme for the parade again, 'Melbourne is delicious', and you are going to see a celebration of food," Doyle said.

Spectacular events people can expect to see at the festival include a birdman rally, water skiing and fireworks to mark the end of the day.


Explore India's culture at the Kabir Festival

The Kabir Festival in Mumbai will offer a chance to experience some of India's traditional culture.

Mumbai is rapidly establishing itself as a place for people interested in culture and the arts to learn more about the latest works and artists.

However, the city has not lost sight of its own cultural heritage and each year it celebrates this with the Kabir Festival.

Taking place in Mumbai between February 17th and 19th, the event provides the chance to learn more about Sufism and mysticism through a range of different methods, including poetry, folk music and talks.

Events are scheduled to take place across the city so there is sure to be something happening close to wherever you are in Mumbai.


A Handy Guide for Travellers Booking Flights to Hong Kong

One of the fastest growing cities in the world, Hong Kong is a marvellous holiday destination that enchants the slogan of “live life king size”. The endless beautiful sights, heavenly religious spots, intoxicating shopping hubs and dazzling eating joints serving lip-smacking local and intercontinental cuisines elevate the status of Hong Kong in the world of tourism and make it a worth exploring holiday destination.

Sightseeing Places
Hong Kong is home to such a long list of tourist attractions that it almost next to impossible to travel all in one single visit. From incredible views of city’s skyline at Victoria Peak to luxurious dining experiences at Repulse Bay, from fairytale rides at the Disneyland to magnificent underwater flaunts at Ocean Park, from masterpieces at Hong Kong Museum of Art to wonders of Mother Nature at Kowloon Walled City Park, every facet of Hong Kong is awe-inspiring and charms millions of travellers to book tickets for flights to Hong Kong every year.

For shopping buffs booking flights to Hong Kong, the city-state is an unbeatable paradise. From sky-touching contemporary malls to bustling street markets, Hong Kong has everything for everyone. For budget oriented travellers booking cheap flights to Hong Kong, shopping markets like Ladies' Market, Temple Street Night Market, Stanley Market and Li Yuen Street East and West are the best picks where one may find numerous exciting deals at knock down prices. Whereas, for travellers looking for branded stuffs, the lavish malls of Hong Kong such as Fashion Walk, iSQUARE, K11 and Lee Gardens are pre-eminent to buy exclusive trendy goods of world-renowned brands.

Eating Out
The local cuisines of Hong Kong are as diverse as its culture. Travellers booking cheap flights to Hong Kong may find an array of hotels, restaurants, eateries, pubs and bars that offer a cool ambience to chill out and serve delicious international cuisines including continental, English and western. The Cantonese cuisine is one of the most famous cuisines of Hong Kong and tops the menu list of every restaurant here. Travellers who wish to enjoy a lavish dining experience in Hong Kong may visit eating joints like Lung King Heen, Gaddi's and Hutong. Whereas for budget travellers booking flights and planning air travel to Hong Kong, restaurants like Good Luck Thai, Maxim's Palace City Hall, Nha Tranga and Nomads are best picks.

Accommodation Options
Finding a good accommodation in Hong Kong is as easy as pie. Due to a soaring status in the world of tourism, many lavish and budget hotels have been raised in Hong Kong to provide travellers with pleasurable and world-class stay. Some of the luxury hotels of the Hong Kong such as the Peninsula, Harbour Grand Kowloon, Four Seasons Hotel, and JIA Boutique Hotel are ranked among the best hotels on the globe and offer high-class services to make guests feel important and privileged. Moreover, the various small hotels including Silka Seaview Hotel, YWCA -The Anne Black, Hotel MK, USA Hostel and POP Hotel are prominent for budget-travellers and offer decent facilities at reasonable prices.

Best Time to Visit
Though Hong Kong is an all-year-round holiday destination, yet there are some months when the beauty and splendour of this city stay at zenith. The best time to plan a tour to Hong Kong is between the months of the middle of September to the end of February. During these months, the weather of the city stays cooler and pleasurable to enjoy outdoor trips.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Free Wi-Fi to be trialled in Melbourne railway station

Passengers at the Flinders Street railway station in Melbourne will soon be able to access free internet connection.

Passengers waiting to catch a train at Flinders Street railway station in Melbourne will soon be able to log on to the internet for free as Wi-Fi is to be fitted at the facility.

The system is being rolled out for a trial period and people will be able to surf the web for free for 15 minutes after they have watched a short advert.

In order to log in people need to provide their age and gender and will be shown an appropriate ad, with the option of watch more commercial and receive more time online.

GoConnect, the company behind the new service, has estimated as many as 15 million commuters will be using the service each month once it is up to full use.


Direct flights to Beijing from Johannesburg

Direct flights from Johannesburg to Beijing have been announced by South African Airways.

There could be an increase in the numbers of people taking flights to Johannesburg from Beijing soon as a direct route between the two cities has been announced.

South Africa Airways (SAA) has revealed it is to start offering a direct journey from Johannesburg to the Chinese city, with three trips to be made each week.

While the route has been established primarily for business reasons, it is likely to be also used by leisure passengers.

Commenting on the new route, SAA chief executive officer Siza Mzimela said: "The introduction of aviation links between nations nurtures economic activity, with domestic and regional benefit within the Southern African Development Community expected to pay dividends both in terms of trade and tourism."


Monday, February 13, 2012

Scottish fashion company to open first Cape Town store

A Scottish fashion company has announced it will be opening its first store in Cape Town this month.

Scottish fashion brand Lyle & Scott has announced it will be opening its first store in South Africa, which may be good news for people planning to take flights to Cape Town.

The company, which is often worn by famous names including the Arctic Monkeys and Kasabian, will be selling its products for the first time in the country in its 138-year history from the Cape Town store.

The grand opening of the new store took place on February 8th and was attended by local celebrities including actress Rosie Motene.

As the brand is also very popular among golfers it is thought the company will do well with the many people who travel to South Africa to practise their swing on its stunning golf courses.


Jennifer Lopez to perform in Mumbai

Jennifer Lopez is set to become the latest star to visit Mumbai when she plays a gig in the city.

People taking flights to Mumbai could be interested to know they might bump into Jennifer Lopez during their stay as the star is set to give a concert in the city.

The singer and actress will be becoming the latest in a long line of stars to perform in the Indian city by agreeing to sing at the first Mixed Martial Arts Super Fight League gala taking place on March 11th.

It is the first time that Lopez will make a visit to the country as she follows in the footsteps of other big names such as Lady Gaga and Tom Cruise, who filmed part of the latest Mission Impossible movie in the country.

Lopez will join a line up of other big name Indian stars and organisers have stated they are planning to add further acts to the bill ahead of the event.


Friday, February 10, 2012

Puppet festival taking place in Hyderabad

A puppet festival is taking place in Hyderabad which is seeing groups from India and Germany working together.

People travelling on flights to Hyderabad could decide to take in some of the events of a puppet festival in the city as part of cultural exchange event.

Puppeteers from Germany and India are working together on the Germany and India 2011-2012: Infinite Opportunities event in the city, which has seen a variety of performances taking place to showcase the skill of the art form.

Taking to IBN Live about the festival, German puppeteer Matthias Kuchta said: "Working with puppets gives me a sense of personal joy."

Visitors who attend the event can see a range of productions taking place, including performances of the classic Indian story Sanjay and His Master, which tells the story of a boy who aspires to become a better musician than his very talented master.

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Consider family friendly airports to start a trip smoothly

When travelling with kids, it can be important to look for an airport which will offer them plenty to do.

When planning to take flights to Australia and other far away locations, it can be important to plan your time at the airport in order to get the trip off to a good start.

Spending several hours at the airport ahead of boarding a flight, or even longer if you are faced with delays, can be stressful for parents, so travel writer James Ellis advises thinking about which airport you fly from.

He noted that both Edinburgh and Glasgow have recently scored highly for being family friendly places to fly from.

"If you go to British Airports Authority desk - BAA is the company that runs the airport - they will give out colouring books, crayons and things like that," Mr Ellis said.

He added that they also have family lounges which can be used rather than staying in the main departures area.

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Trade and export conference to be held in Dubai

A trade conference is to be held in Dubai later this year, the emirate has announced.

People working in the trade and export industry could be planning to book flights to Dubai soon after it was announced that the latest edition of its international conference will be taking place in the state.

The 2012 edition of the Middle East Trade and Export Finance Conference will be held in the emirate between February 14th and 15th at the stunning location of the iconic Jumeirah Emirates Towers.

Workers from within the sector will travel from around the world in order to discuss the changes and issues which are now impacting on the sector.

In total, 140 companies from 20 different nations have registered to take part, with more possibly being announced before the start of the event.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Free car parking introduced for Delhi Metro passengers

Taking the Metro in Delhi could soon be an even more attractive option as free parking is introduced.

People taking flights to Delhi who are planning to drive around the city could also be tempted to use the public transport system following a new development.

The city has announced it will now be offering free parking to people who use the city's Metro network instead.

As of next month, commuters travelling on the Delhi Airport Metro Express will be able to leave their vehicles free of charge at Shivaji Stadium station.

A spokesperson of Reliance Infrastructure, the company that owns the line, said: "Multi-level car parking facility is already operational at New Delhi Airport Metro station. The Shivaji Stadium Airport Metro station parking will become operational within a month's time."

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New flights to be added to Delhi

Travellers in Bangkok will soon be able to fly on to Delhi with Cathay Pacific.

People taking flights to Delhi who are planning to continue on with a longer trip across Asia could be pleased to hear more flights have recently been added by Cathay Pacific.

The carrier has announced it is to reinstate its journey between Delhi and Bangkok from February 14th.

This marks the return of the service which had been cancelled by the carrier on December 11th 2011 as a result of the fog that is seen over Bangkok during the mid-winter period.

It was replaced with an additional flight from Delhi to Hong Kong.

An improved service will be offered, with a bigger seat capacity available across both business and economy class, with more attempts being made to cater for corporate customers.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Art festival opens in Mumbai

An international art event has begun in Mumbai, with many of the different works being presented on the streets.

Travellers who take flights to Mumbai in the coming days may not have far to travel in order to see some of the works at its art festival, as many have been set up out on the street.

The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival is one of the most popular events in the city and this year's free event is set to be one of the biggest yet, with a range of arts events, performances and street sculptures to be set out in locations around the city.

While many of the events are situated on K.Dubash Marg, to see an even bigger range of the innovative works on offer it is good to head off the beaten track to see the exhibitions at the likes of the Jehangir Art Gallery and the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Museum.


Heathrow Airport Resumes Services after Flight Cancellations

London's Heathrow Airport is back on track, offering almost normal services on Monday. Heavy snow forced the airport to cancel a number of flights to and from London over the weekend, leaving travellers high and dry.

Travellers breathe easy as London's Heathrow Airport returned to its normal schedule on Monday after nearly half its regular flights were grounded on account of heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures all across the European continent.

London Heathrow, one of the world's busiest airports, generally operates approximately 1,300 flights a day and caters to nearly 180,000 people. However, the schedule was trimmed down considerably on Sunday after a snow cover blanketed the UK.

"Heathrow is open and our usual flight schedule is operating today," the airport said in a statement yesterday.

"There will, however, be a handful of cancellations as result of yesterday's disruption. We advise passengers to contact their airlines to check before they come to the airport," the statement added.

Thousands of passengers were left stranded as the airport cancelled a number of flights on Saturday and Sunday.


Monday, February 6, 2012

Get some interiors inspiration at Design Days Dubai

There will be plenty of hints and tips on offer for decorating the home at Design Days Dubai.

People on flights to Dubai can pick up some tips on how to decorate their homes if they head to Design Days Dubai.

The annual show will see some of the finest designs from around the world displayed and could leave visitors feeling spoilt for choice over the wide selection of objects and furniture which is on sale.

Taking place in partnership with the Dubai Culture & Arts Authority, the interiors show will open in Downtown Dubai on March 18th.

Running for four days, the event will also provide guests who register the chance to attend free workshops on how to make certain looks work for them in their own homes.

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Perth Writers Festival 'ideal for budding travel authors'

Travellers who have dreamed of publishing their own accounts of their trips overseas could find the Perth Writers Festival very informative.

People on flights to Perth who have dreamed about publishing works based on their experiences overseas could find the city's Writers Festival is a very helpful day out.

Taking place in Perth between February 24th and 26th, the event will offer plenty of opportunities for people to attend talks hosted by some of the biggest names in travel writing from across Australia.

Among those speaking at the event include the travel editor of the West Australian newspaper Stephen Scourfield, who will also be discussing his latest book at the festival.

Talks will also be held across the three days by Julietta Jameson, Peter FitzSimons and Andrea di Robilant, who will talk about following in the footsteps of the Zen brothers on their trip from Venice to Greenland.

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

New flights announced from Bangkok to Macau

People heading to Bangkok will soon have the option of travelling on to Macau with Thai Smile Air.

Travellers on flights to Bangkok who are planning to continue on to Macau will soon have the option of booking their trip with Thai Smile Air.

The low-cost carrier, a part of the larger Thai Airways company, is set to complete its first journey between the two locations on July 1st 2012.

Passengers have the choice of two flights daily and the first tickets will go on sale in April, with each journey predicted to have a 70 per cent passenger load.

Thai Airways executive vice-president for strategy and business development Chokchai Panyayong said the pilots and cabin crew are looking forward to the carrier's first flight.

In addition, the airline will also be offering journeys to cities including Chiang Mai, Jakarta and Phnom Penh.

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Australian art exhibition makes Cape Town visit

An exhibition of Australian art is to be showcased in Cape Town this month.

Travellers on flights to Cape Town could use their visit to the city to learn about another culture by paying a visit to an exhibition of Australian art.

The Message Stick: Indigenous Identity in Urban Australia is a touring exhibition made up of works of art put together by people of Aboriginal heritage in the country.

Containing 21 works of art from 11 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, the event opened in the city on February 1st and will run in the city throughout the month at the Lovell Gallery.

Visitors also have the option of attending a special gala evening on February 16th which will be hosted by the High Commissioner.

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Abu Dhabi unveils new airport plans

People flying into Abu Dhabi will be landing at an amazing new terminal.

Travellers planning to take flights to Abu Dhabi in the future could be left feeling very impressed by their stay before they have even left the airport.

The Abu Dhabi Government has approved the construction of the new Midfield Terminal Complex, which has a futuristic design.

Abu Dhabi Airports Company announced it had received news that the new terminal can be constructed, which will become the primary gateway into Abu Dhabi and the new home of national airline Etihad Airways.

It is expected the airport will be ready to use from the first half of 2017.

On completion, the site will be the largest airport in Abu Dhabi, covering 630,000 and 702,369 square metres in size, as well as being visible from more than 1.5 km away.

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Penguins to be put on show in Dubai

Visitors to Dubai will soon be able to see some penguins during their time in the state.

Travellers on flights to Dubai could soon be able to see some unexpected visitors in the state's sunny climate as a group of penguins are set to go on show.

A colony of 20 Genoo and Emperor penguins are to unveiled to the public in their new home at Ski Dubai in the Mall of the Emirates.

The penguins were first seen by the public on January 31st but on Sunday February 5th people will be able to get up close to the animals.

As they were all hand reared, the creatures are happy to be around people and will take food from them, as well as sitting on the knees of visitors.

Director at Ski Dubai Omar El-Banna told 7 Days: "The Snow Penguins at Ski Dubai have received a tremendously warm and enthusiastic response from walk-in encounter bookings to online and telephone queries."

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Mercure hotel opens in Dubai

The first Mercure hotel in Dubai has opened its doors.

Holidaymakers booking flights to Dubai can now choose to stay in a new Mercure hotel that has opened in the emirate.

Accor, which is one of the leading hotel operators across the Middle East, is seeking to expand its Mercure brand in the region and has opened the Mercure Gold Hotel in Dubai.

The four-star hotel has 184 rooms and is situated close to the popular districts of Sheikh Zayed Road and Jumeirah Beach Road.

It is also close the state's business district, which may appeal to those looking for somewhere to stay due to work commitments.

Christophe Landais, managing director of Accor Middle East, said: "We are delighted to add the franchised Mercure Gold Hotel Al Mina Road Dubai to our network ... which is also our first Accor hotel to open in 2012."

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Countdown begins to Melbourne Fashion Week

The most fashionable people from across Australia will be planning to head to Melbourne in the coming weeks.

Fashion followers could be planning to book their flights to Melbourne in the coming weeks as the city has begun its countdown to its annual style festival.

The L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival is set to kick off in the city on March 8th 2012 and the organisers have been promoting the show by hosting a preview event.

A line-up of models showcased a range of gorgeous dresses at Flinders Street station, with festival chief executive Graeme Lewsey stating more than 3,000 people are expected to attend the opening night party.

"Consumers will literally be rubbing shoulders with the fashion industry: designers, celebrities and models," Mr Lewsey said.

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Johannesburg prepares for Jonzi Film Festival

Johannesburg is gearing up to host the Jonzi Film Festival later this month.

People on flights to Johannesburg who have an interest in emerging cinema could enjoy paying a visit to the Jonzi Film Festival in the city.

Kicking off on February 10th, the festival is a new annual showcase for feature films that have been made by people working in Johannesburg and Gauteng.

This year it will see the South African premiere of the film Man on Ground by Akin Omotoso, with the event taking place at the Bioscope Independent Cinema, with the films included in the line up to showcase the lives of the people of Jonzi.

On February 12th, the best films showcased during the festival receive prizes at the Jonzi Film Festival awards, which will be presented by John Vlismas and Nthati Moshesh.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Phuket Air Show to have romantic ending

An air show in Phuket is likely to attract many visitors as it will see a very romantic finale.

Travellers taking flight to Phuket who are looking to see something different during their stay could decide to attend an air show, just to see its finale.

The White Sand and Blue Sky Air Show will be a big event in the city, with acrobatic displays visible to people on both and Kamala beaches.

However, it is the climax of this year's event which may have visitors queuing up to watch, as a bird man is set to make an incredibly romantic gesture.

Finnish skydiver Jari Kuosma is poised to jump from a plane and land on Surin beach, where he will get married to his fiancee.

Taking place on February 25th, the wedding is open to all the people who have been watching the air show, so it is expected a large crowd will assemble in order to see the couple tie the knot.

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Tram line construction work to begin in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi will soon be able to boast a new tram line as construction work is set to begin.

People on flights to Abu Dhabi in the future could have the choice of travelling around the emirate by tram as work on the project looks set to begin.

Spanish consultant company Sener explained to 7 Days that work on the scheme is ready to start, with a 30 km route set to link the north of the city to the city centre.

There will be two lines on completion which will cover around 300 km of track.

These lines will link up downtown Abu Dhabi with Al Sowwah Island, where there will be a new financial district, while the second will connect to Saadiyat Island, which will be home to the new museums currently being planned.

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Sentosa Island – The Biggest Lure to Catch Flights to Singapore

Infused with joie de vivre and brimming with fascinating aquariums, striking amusement parks, posh hotels and magnificent attractions, Sentosa Island is a veritable delight for every holiday maker who grabs tickets for flights to Singapore. Located at just 30 minutes drive from airport, the Sentosa Island tour is all about experiencing unparalleled ecstasy at its mesmerizing offerings!

The island has become a popular reason for air travel to Singapore and is visited by every holiday maker who takes flights to Singapore.

Dazzling Beaches
Sentosa Island is a destination for all. Whether you are a beach lover, surfer, kayaker or sport enthusiasts – the place fulfils all your desires and truly pays off the value for money spent on tickets for cheap flights to Singapore. Dotted with three great beaches like Siloso Beach, Palawan Beach and Tanjong Beach, the island makes for a perfect beach destination. And countless exhilarating activities like sun basking, surfing and swimming sprinkle joy to your trip.

Siloso Point
A haven for historical buffs catching flights to Singapore, Siloso Point is an apt place for walking down the memory lane. Home to Fort Siloso and Underwater World and Dolphin Lagoon, the place ensures no dull moments for travel buffs.

Resort World Sentosa
Featuring Universal Studios Singapore, Lake of Dreams, Maritime Experiential Museum & Aquarium, FestiveWalk and Voyage de la Vie, Resort World Sentosa is a true delight for travellers hopping on cheap flights to Singapore.

Imbiah Lookout
Latest addition to Sentosa, Imbiah Lookout is a fun destination that heralds its offerings in the guise of attractions like The Merlion, Skyline Luge Sentosa, Tiger Sky Tower and Images of Singapore.