Friday, December 28, 2012

Attractions & Activities on Family Holidays in Las Vegas

The Sin City of USA where hedonism is religion and committing sin is a rule, Las Vegas is as ideal a holiday destination for family holidaymakers as it is for gamblers and other pleasure seekers buying cheap flights tickets. It transforms into a playground for mesmerizing recreational activities and learning opportunities while it turns into an incredible vacation where families can celebrate togetherness!

Given the wealth of suitable attractions and plethora of fun deeds, family holidays are never at odds with Las Vegas! This city of USA is quite a popular spot among couples and children and lures them to buy flights tickets time and again. Here’s why!

Las Vegas, USA promises the same bliss for families as it does for hedonists! Kids will have their hands full with amazing amusement parks, saltwater aquarium and other attractions while big ones can feast eyes on scintillating fountains and many other sights. Fountains of Bellagio, Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay, Airport Runway Vista and Lied Discovery Children's Museum are some popular places to see and make the most of your money spent on cheap deals on tickets for flights arriving in the city.

Las Vegas overwhelms with plenty of exhilarating activities that are fit for the purpose of tykes and families making tickets reservations for flights to USA. You can go on helicopter tours in Great Canyon; camp in the woods or enjoy boating at Lake Mead.  There are whole lot of great things that let you experience the pinnacle of fun and leave you gloating over your decision of booking flights tickets for a tour of the USA.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Free Attraction in Montreal - A Guide

Montreal is a glorious holiday destination of Canada that glistens with towering skyscrapers that stand alongside with ancient buildings and flaunts an awe-inspiring cultural aura mixed with traditional glory. Its jocund summer festivals, satiating shopping scene, intoxicating nightlife and urban delights aptly fit the pocket of budget travellers who spend on cheap deals for flights tickets to travel to Canada. Indeed, a number of budget vacationers take tickets deals on Montreal bound flights. Here are some most popular free attractions that are popular among such travellers.

Basilique Notre-Dame:-
Basilique Notre-Dame is the first Gothic Revival style church that appeals highly to every shoestring vacationer who books cheap flights tickets to travel to Montreal. Featuring 11-ton Jean-Baptiste bell and a 100-year-old organ with nearly 7,000 pipes, the legendary church is surely hard to miss out on. While there is some charge for entering the church as a tourist, one can attend a service and take in the splendid interiors of the place free of cost.

Jardin des Floralies - Ile Notre-Dame:-
One of two major gardens in the city, Jardin des Floralies boasts 5,000 or more rose bushes, weeping willows, and host of other flora kinds. Surrounded by man-made canals it was originally created by some renowned landscape artists who took part in the 1980 International Floralies fair. The month of August is ideal to feast eyes on rainbow of flowers and mesmerizing trees. With no fee for entrance, it is an apt place where holidaymakers buying cheap deals on tickets for flights arriving in Canada can spend a day.

Besides, Summit Park – Westmount and Redpath Museum are some more free attractions that catch the fancy of travellers who make tickets reservations for Montreal flights.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

India's Low-cost Airlines Serving International Routes

Given the growth of India’s aviation sector, a good number of low-cost carriers have mushroomed in the country that not only offer wide-connectivity within the nation, but also connect to foreign destinations. With cheap airfares for flights tickets and the assurance of comfortable air travel, these airlines enjoy immense popularity among domestic as well as foreign flyers who seek tickets options to fly to and from India. Read on to know more! 

Air India Express
The low-cost subsidiary of Air India, Air India Express is based in Mumbai and offers flights tickets to India and from Indian airports. It provides services majorly from Kerala, a state in South India, to many cities in Middle East and Southeast Asia. Surely, it is one of the best options for budget travellers seeking tickets deals on flights to popular metropolises like Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bahrain, Bangkok and Colombo.

Spice Jet
Headquartered in Chennai, SpiceJet has prominent hubs in Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. The carrier is highly popular for its vast offerings of reasonably priced flights tickets to travel to Dubai, UAE; Malé, Maldives; Kabul, Afghanistan and Kathmandu, Nepal. SpiceJet is in the expansion mode and is looking forward to begin its operations to Riyadh in UAE and Guangzhou in China. Its fleet of modern aircrafts are configured with single passenger class, and feature refined passenger in-flight services that aptly cater to the needs of passengers who book flights tickets with the airline.  

Indigo is another recognized airline that offers flights services and cheap options to fly to Gulf, Southeast and Indian Ocean destinations.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Delhi, Mumbai - Top Places to Grab Handicrafts

Colourful, glossy and reflecting essence of India from its every nook and cranny, Indian handicrafts are nothing but the best souvenir for every holidaymaker who books tickets for flights arriving in the country. Delhi and Mumbai, the most sought after destinations are filled to brim with outlets, stores and roadside vendors that sell masterpieces of hand works like wooden carvings, jewellery and much more.

It is an unbeatable destination and compelling stop for heap of vacationers who bag tickets deals for India flights when it comes to handicrafts shopping. The striking, cultural hub Dili Haat is inundated with umpteen outlets selling striking handworks and much more. In addition it also boasts myriads of epicurean delights and cultural grandeur that leave one smiling ear to ear and gloating over your decision of making tickets reservations for flights. Pahar Ganj, the central Delhi’s bustling neighbourhood, on the other hand, is another great haunt of handwork shoppers. You can buy wide range of stuff like beaded necklaces, colourful bangles, intricately carved wooden statues, brass wares and much more.

It is a paradise for buying rich collection of handicrafts. It is dotted with multitudes of shops that offer marvellous works of wood carvings, paintings, jewellery and more. The Colaba Causeway market that remains a hit with shoppers buying cheap flights tickets to travel India features an array of outlets that sell awe-inspiring range of cheap yet captivating items. Avante is reasonably priced store to grab some beautiful pieces.

Monday, December 24, 2012

2 Must Do's for Culture Trail of Magnificent Kerala

Kerala surfaces in minds the thoughts of jovial festivals, fascinating art and dance forms, gourmet food, the Dravidian (culture) charm, and brilliant practice of ancient medical treatise called Ayurveda – the spellbinding culture is truly an inescapable lure that this southern state of India features. Cultural treasures brightly reflect amid nature splendour, offering the best of both worlds to holidaymakers who make tickets reservations for flights landing in India. Here are quintessential Kerala activities to bask in the glory of its distinctive ethos.

Explore Kochi
Exuding enchanting aura influenced by Portuguese, Dutch, French, British, Chinese, Japanese and Gujaratis, Kochi is a cultural hub that catches the fancy of every keen traveller booking tickets for flights landing in India. Fort Kochi Beach radiates a hard to escape gleam through its mesmerizing gems namely Santacruz Basilica, St. Francis Church and VOC Gate.

Plan Your Visit during Celebrations
Not for nothing is Kerala called the Land of Festivals! Here myriads of festivals are celebrated with memorable pomp and gaiety. Onam is one of the biggest jamborees redolent of the state’s agrarian side and is revered as harvest festival. The full of life celebrations of Onam attract heaps of foreign holidaymakers to plan their visit and buy tickets deals for flights. Or you can also time your trip according to Christmas, New Year Eve, Temple Fests namely Thrissur Pooram and Navarathiri, the other major fetes that offer the best of colourful local revelries to make the most of money spent on flights tickets to travel India.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Kerala to Operate Seaplanes to Boost Tourism

Domestic and international holidaymakers booking air travel tickets aboard India flights will be the happy campers as they find out that Kerala, India’s popular state is going to offer seaplanes and special bogies to promote tourism and ensure convenient connectivity to the visitors.

The tourism authorities are coming up with a proposal of operating sea-planes on water bodies and exclusive railcars. They are contemplating to set up jetties for arrival and departure of these sea-planes - each at Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Alappuzha and Kochi, considered as well-known destinations among air travellers who make tickets reservations for flights arriving in India. The operations are believed to begin by 31 January 2012.

The department has also decided two Indian trains - Trivandrum-Kozhikode Jan Shatabdi Express and the Maveli Express running between Mangalore-Trivandrum for railcars. The bogies will be completely transformed to provide comfortable and elegant facility to travellers grabbing flights tickets to explore Kerala.

Authorities believe in the idea of re-invention and aim to offer extraordinary to one and all. The fares for the introduced services are yet to be decided.

Featuring utter lushness, backwaters, ayurveda delights and more, Kerala already enjoys immense popularity among domestic as well as foreign vacationers buying tickets on flights landing in India. As the state is leaving no stone unturned to attract more and more tourists, it is expected that the efforts will definitely bear fruits.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Garuda Launches Free Limo Service For Business Class Flyers

Those booking Executive Class flights tickets with Garuda Indonesia from Hong Kong to Jakarta will now have the pleasure of taking the free service of limousine. Business class flyers can enjoy a complementary airport-to-destination limousine service after landing at the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta from Hong Kong. The offering of transfer on a limo will ensure that passengers taking tickets on flights landing in Indonesia will have a wonderful travel experience throughout their journey with the airline.

From now on to May 31, 2013, passengers booking Executive Class tickets will be presented complimentary limousine voucher that could be redeemed for a free ride.

Riza Perdana Kusuma, Garuda’s General Manager, Hong Kong & Macau expressed his enthusiasm at the offering of limo transfers by the carrier and also mentioned other series of services, including fast track immigration services and the Premium Check-in Area launched earlier this year for tickets buyers. The carrier unveiled a set of conveniences for flyers netting flights tickets for its Executive Class like extra baggage allowance, upgrades on flights, flights re-routing and flights reservation.

All the new facilities offered to the travellers hopping on flights from Hong Kong and booking tickets for the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport is sure to make the passengers smile from ear to ear.

Garuda Indonesia offers two flights daily on the Hong Kong-Jakarta route with an aim to cater to the increasing demand for tickets from Hong Kong by business travellers.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Royal Brunei Changes Schedules for London & Melbourne Flights

Bringing cheers to tickets buyers, Royal Brunei Airlines has revamped the timings of its London and Melbourne flights for the upcoming summer schedule in its endeavour to lure tickets buyers with better and improved connections to beyond destinations in Europe and Australia/New Zealand.

The carrier’s daily flights from London will now shift to an evening departure at 17:50, with effect from March 31, 2013. The new flights timings will replace the existing morning departure times to offer improved connections from UK domestic, Continental Europe and USA to the airline’s network.

In addition, the airline will also renew its daily arrival time at Melbourne to 05:00. This will help passengers booking tickets for easy transfer to cities like Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide from Melbourne in Australia, and to New Zealand on the same day.

The operator will not change departure times from Brunei to Dubai/London and to Melbourne (Australia) to Brunei so as to maintain existing connections to all parts of its network. With a renewed timetable, passengers will be able to net tickets for seamless same day connections in both directions without essentially getting an overnight stopover at either UK or Australia.

The airline’s schedule change is already live online and is now available for passengers looking to book flights tickets online or through local travel agents.

With its sophisticated fleet of narrow and wide-body Airbus and Boeing aircraft, the airline serves several destinations in Asia, the Middle East, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Two Tantalizingly Unique Accommodation Options in India

Incredible India simply bursts at its seams with a staggering range of hotels and resorts to accommodate the increasingly high influx of visitors spending on flights tickets to India. But what places India high on the wish list of more seasoned visitors is the fact that the nation packs countless exclusive pads that unfold as the perfect antidote to usualness! Take a look at two such accommodation choices that are hugely responsible for soaring enquiries about cheap flights tickets to the country, year round.

A Beach Symphony
One of the most apt pads to beat the Indian winter blues, A Beach Symphony is located in the golden sands of Marari beach in Alleppey, Kerala. This dreamy resort is widely known for its peerless hospitality and is frequented by expats and patrons. If you are planning to book tickets on international flights for holidays to India, make sure to leave enough room in your itinerary for at least a short spell at this fascinatingly charming resort to experience luxury like never before!

Kushalgarh Lodge
Located in the royal Indian province of Rajasthan, Kushalgarh Lodge unfolds as some palace of the bygone era allowing its guests to taste the privileged life of an Indian royalty. With its intricately designed and royally embellished 14 rooms, broadly divided into haveli suites and luxury tents – the property never fails to impress its guests who struggle hard to book tickets on cheap flights to the country only to splurge on accommodations here. With its elegance, extravagance and style, Kushalgarh Lodge whisks one away on a peaceful break!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

India as a Hot Holiday Destination – Changing Trends

The land of snake charmers and inimitable mystique has never been short of splendours to becharm tourists. However, the absolute explosion of India as a top of the line holiday destination is a somewhat recent phenomenon! Heaps and heaps of people are standing in line outside their travel agents’ office to pluck out deals on flight tickets for an affordable journey of India. While the recent economic and infrastructural growth of the country can be the reason of the soaring enquiries for flights tickets to India, there are several other factors that are at work that have led to the blossoming of Indian tourism.

First and foremost, it is the interest shown by the Government of India in marketing the ancient nation as a riveting holiday spot among foreign tourists. In the early 2000’s it was the Incredible India campaign that led many foreigners sit up and scram for cheap deals on flights to the country. Now, it is the “Find what you seek” promotional drive that is tempting keen vacationers to grab tickets deals on India flights. The new tourism campaign has been launched very recently and is expected to work wonders for the industry. 

The decision to allow private domestic airlines to operate more flights on international routes is another major factor that has led to the spurt in the sales of flights tickets. Low-coast carriers like SpiceJet and IndiGo are now offering tickets on international routes and people have cheap options for air fare deals.

Some would call it a catalyst feature; others may term it as a cascading effect, but the fact remains the foray of many leading hotel brands into has everything to do with Indian tourism and ensuring the comfort of tourists who are taking tickets on flights bound to the nation.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

RAK Airways All Set to Increase Its Calicut Flights

The national airline of Ras Al Khaimah, RAK Airways has announced its decision to enhance its flights frequency on the route connecting UAE and India. The airline will now offer tickets on a daily service between UAE and South India’s city of Calicut from December 15, 2012.

The news of the carrier strengthening its frequency on the route has certainly delighted Britons as they now have even more flexibility to grab cheap deals on tickets for travelling to South India’s popular destination via UAE.

Calicut has long been one of the key markets for RAK Airways. And the airline has increased its frequency in its endeavour to tap the increasing travel demand on the route by tourists as well as the significant number of Indian expatriates from the South India’s state of Kerala, working in the UAE and in GCC who are often found looking for tickets to travel on the route.

In addition to its increasing its flights services to India, the carrier will also offer tickets to five new international routes and new domestic flights to the capital Abu Dhabi. The airline's presently offers flights to 10 cities including Abu Dhabi, Peshawar, Lahore, Chittagong, Dhaka, Cairo, Kathmandu, Calicut, Doha and Jeddah.

The carrier is offering tickets to London Heathrow, Manchester, Dublin, Geneva and Bangkok in code-sharing with Etihad Airways.

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Emirates' Dubai- Singapore Sector to Have A380 Service

Lovers of the double-decker A380 would be pleased to know that Emirates has announced the super-jumbo service on the Dubai- Singapore route. Flyers seeking flights tickets for the route will be able to experience the A380 charm, now.

One would be able to enjoy a new set of facilities that are exclusive to the aircraft. Tickets holders on the aircraft flights will have the opportunity to experience two in-flight shower spas, each featuring a shower cubicle, vanity unit and wash basin.

The management at the Emirates said that the strong demand of Dubai-Singapore flights tickets has made the boost to the flights services possible.

The inclusion of the A380 will mean more option of seats for tickets buyers on the sector. Tickets seekers will have 1,600 seats on the sector served by the carrier’s flights. Airbus A380 will operate on one of the four flights that serve the popular route. 

The flight will depart from Dubai at 3.25am and will arrive in Singapore at 2.40pm. The return flight will depart Singapore at 9.35pm and arrive in the emirate at 1 am the following day.

Emirates has the world’s largest fleet of A380 aircraft with 27 super-jumbo jets and more to be delivered. The carrier offers flights tickets to the patrons on the aircraft on around 20 different routes all over the world.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

USA's Delta to Start One More Daily Atlanta-London Service

Flyers seeking an added connection on the popular Atlanta-London route would be delighted to find the same happening as USA’s Delta Air Lines has decided to expand its flights services on the sector. The carrier currently offers two daily flights on route and from March 31, 2013 a third option will be added, resulting in more opportunities for tickets seekers.

Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson International and London Heathrow are hugely popular hubs that attract millions of flyers, every year. The carrier’s third daily connection between the large airports will ensure that there are maximum travel opportunities and travellers who are seeking flights tickets are not disappointed.

Additionally, customers who book air travel tickets on the new Atlanta-London service would find themselves enjoying the in-flight Internet access. The carrier’s press release makes it clear that from early 2013, the USA carrier will start establishing Wi-Fi on its fleet of more than 150 international aircraft. Delta will be the first and only operator that would be offering Internet access to tickets holder at 30,000 feet on non-stop flights between the U.K. and the USA.

London-Atlanta flights are huge hits with British passengers as they book tickets on the flights for making onward connections to other cities in the USA, like Orlando, Tampa, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Miami.

In the last few years, Delta has really pushed its Heathrow connections and has gone from no to nine daily nonstop flights to different cities in the USA.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

US Airways to Inaugurate Charlotte-London flights in March 2013

Bringing smiles on the faces of British holidaymakers who are often found looking for flights tickets to travel between USA and UK, US Airways recently announced to start a daily, non-stop service connecting Charlotte and London Heathrow Airport (LHR) from March 2013.

The airline will deploy its sleek Airbus A330 aircraft featuring Envoy, its international business class, to offer tickets on the route connecting USA’s Charlotte and LHR.

By introducing Envoy that features private suite fitted with adjustable reclining fully flat seats, the airline plans to lure more passengers in the USA and UK to book tickets deals on flights to travel on the route.

Besides, the Envoy Suite is also expected to feature personal in-flight entertainment system and a 110-volt universal power outlet that will surely please the tickets buyers. The USA airline is yet to release its specific schedule and fare details.

Airline’s new service is expected to complement airline’s existing daily flights between Philadelphia and LHR.

The new flight will originate in Miami, offering passengers a chance to net tickets for convenient one-stop flights connecting London and South Florida via the carrier’s hub.

With its hubs at Charlotte-Douglas International, Philadelphia and Phoenix Sky Harbour International airports, US Airways offers tickets on its extensive network of domestic and regional flights services within USA, North America and international services to South America and Europe.

India's IndiGo Spreads Global Wings, Starts Kolkata-Bangkok

In what could be great news for budget-conscious travellers who seek a steal of a deal for their flights tickets on the India-Thailand route, IndiGo will start offering new flights connecting Kolkata-Bangkok.

India’s low-lost carrier will begin the new flights from December 21, 2012. It will be a daily, non-stop service and is sure to bring smiles on the faces of tourists in the eastern region of India as it provides them cheap options for travel tickets on the popular route.

Aditya Ghosh, President, IndiGo made it clear that the expansion of operations is undertaken keeping in mind the growth strategy of the airline for both the countries. There are tons of flyers who seek travel tickets on the India and Thailand route and IndiGo seeks to offer them low-fare flights tickets, he said.

The airline is even offering introductory return tickets for Rs 9,009 (a little more than 100 GBP) on all its new flights, something sure to be relished by flyers seeking cheap deals on flights.

India’s budget carrier, IndiGo is a new entrant as far as international operations is concerned.  Currently, the operator offers tickets deals on its flights services to Bangkok, Singapore, Dubai, Muscat and Kathmandu from India’s Delhi and Mumbai. From Kolkata, it is the first international service for the carrier.

IndiGo maintains a fleet of 60 new Airbus A320s and provides flights tickets on 373 daily services that connect 33 destinations.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Best Places in India to Celebrate New Year

With countdown bashes, overnight parties, cultural shows and events, firework displays and much more, India offers an extravagant dose of entertainment all through New Year festivities. In fact, every nook and cranny of the country turns to a celebratory venue during this time! Here’s a little smattering on some tantalizing destinations that define the larger than life celebrations of the country, adding that extra popularity to cheap flights tickets deals to India.

Dubbed as the Las Vegas of India, Goa is one place that turns to a vibrant party mosaic where party doesn’t seem to end! Sun-kissed beaches, incessant fun and free flowing booze - that’s how most visitors describe the destination during this time. Well, it is hardly surprising that the place tempts scores of merrymakers from across globe to book tickets on flights to the country.

Pride of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer is yet another tantalizing New Year destination in the nation. Tourists taking flights tickets to the city may partake in celebrations at the sand dune camps, cultural events in the city or by hopping aboard a camel for a desert safari taking in the brilliant firework that dazzles the sky.

India’s entertainment powerhouse, Mumbai turns to a brilliant festive mosaic allowing its visitors to soak in incessant fun and frolic during the celebrations. The nightclubs and pubs at the destination stage different musical nights and overnight parties to entertain the visitors who spend on tickets for international flights scheduled to land in the city.

Low-cost Brand 'Formule1' Launched in Ahmedabad by Accor

Budget holiday makers who are looking for cheap flights tickets or have already booked their tickets on flights scheduled for a landing in India will have an added option to consider while deciding on their accommodation pick!

Those tourists who have Gujarat on their tour itinerary of India can choose to their book rooms at the newly launched 'Formule1' in Ahmedabad, the coastal state’s major commercial hub. The hotel has been launched by Accor, a European operator that owns brands like Sofitel, Pullman, MGallery, Novotel, Suite Novotel, Mercure, Adagio, ibis, and Formule 1. The group’s properties range from luxury to budget.

Earlier in the year, Accor launched its low-cost brand 'Formule1' on the outskirts of Delhi, India’s capital, offering cheap alternative to visitors in the region. Similar property is scheduled to be established in Pune, next month.

The hospitality group aims to offer basic comfort at the best of prices for domestic and international tourists booking flights tickets and landing in India. The management of the chain believes that destinations like Ahmedabad hold great potential and the budget pad will surely attract customers there.

As of now, the group has 19 hotels with 3780 rooms and two convention centres in India and looks to cater to all kinds of tourists and business travellers who grab tickets deals on flights to the country.

'Formule1' in Ahmedabad is a 132-room property and is located away from the city's central business district (CBD). The location allows it to offer competitive tariff to international tourists picking up tickets deals on India bound flights.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Jet Airways to Launch Flights Connecting Mangalore and Dubai

Foreign vacationers in South India’s popular city of Mangalore looking for cheap flight tickets for travel to the popular holiday destination of Dubai will soon be able to enjoy Jet Airways’ premium in-flight services on the route.

Various reports in Indian media reveal that one of India’s premier private carriers, Jet Airways is all set to operate flights services on Mangalore- Dubai route from December 14, 2012. 

The airline is expected to offer business class tickets for swift and comfortable connections between UAE and India. Furthermore, the development will tempt increasingly higher number of corporate flyers and extravagant passengers who look for business class tickets but could not avail it on Air India Express, which is currently the only carrier in India that serves the sector.

Jet Airways would certainly make for a good option for those passengers who choose flights tickets for quality air travel on the full service carriers over cheap deals offered by low cost carriers.

As per Jet Airways’ tentative schedule, flights scheduled to land at Dubai International Airport will depart at around 9 pm from South India’s Mangalore Airport and the return flight will return at Mangalore Airport at 6 am.

Based in Mumbai, Jet Airways is one of the largest airlines in India that offers flights tickets to various destinations in Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia and North America. Presently, the airline offers tickets on 46 daily flights between India and the Middle Eastern region. The carrier operates Boeing 737-800 aircrafts for offering tickets for Premiere and Economy class seats. 

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

MAS Launches Twice Daily A380 Kuala Lumpur-London Flights

British travellers planning to travel between Kuala Lumpur and London have a reason to smile now as Malaysia Airlines has launched its double daily A380 flights between the destinations. 

The introductory daytime flight MH4 departed Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) for London Heathrow (LHR) at 10.45am on Nov 24, 2012. The airline was able to offer tickets for its twice daily flights only after it received its third and fourth A380 aircraft on November 19 and 23, 2012, respectively. 

With its new A380 services in place, MAS will now stop offering tickets aboard its 359-seater B747-400 flight connecting Kuala Lumpur and London.

The new daytime flight MH4 will depart KLIA at 10.45 am and will arrive at LHR the same day at 4.15 pm. The return flight MH1 will depart LHR at 10.00 pm and arrive at KLIA the next day at 6.20 pm. 

The airline will also offer tickets on its daily night flights to London. MH 2 will depart Kuala Lumpur at 11.40 pm and will arrive in LHR at 5.50 am the following day. The return flight MH3 will depart LHR at 12.00 noon and arrive at Kuala Lumpur at 7.25 am the next day. 

Malaysia Airlines is the only full service carrier that offers tickets on direct flights connecting Malaysia and the UK.

Malaysia Airlines’ move to add double daily A380 flights between London and Kuala Lumpur would mean higher availability of economy class tickets for those seeking cheap flights tickets connecting the two cities. Earlier, the airline was able to offer tickets for only 5,026 seats through the double daily B747-400 operations on the route.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Kerala - the Lush Land of Ayurveda

Amid the Kerala’s full of foliage landscape shines the ayurvedic charms that transport you to an Eden blossoming with bliss and peace. Ayurveda is one of the popular drawing cards of the destination that catch the fancy of almost every vacationer who books cheap tickets on flights arriving in India.

Given the abundance of medicinal plants and herbs, a good number of resorts have mushroomed up in this state of India. They not only provide effective treatments, but also promise wonderful stays. Here are some of the renowned ones that prompt holidaymakers to get on with their quest for cheap tickets on flights landing in Kerala.

Kairali Ayurvedic Healing Village
Kairali in Palakkad district is a star attraction and promises an invigorating experience to every traveller who nets tickets deals on flights arriving in India. You can enjoy oil massages by veteran doctors or get an array of treatments in the middle of matchless lushness. It serves only vegetarian food and does not provide alcohol. Early morning mediation and yoga sessions are some more rejuvenating offerings of Kairali.

Somatheeram Ayurvedic Health Resort
One of the top hotels in Kerala, Somatheeram offers various yoga and meditation programs for complete restoration of mind, body and soul. It also provides therapies, massages, herbal medicines, diet control and many other assorted services. Pair this with its lush environs and you have the perfect place to sample the splendour of this magical, medical treatise. Cultural performances held every evening is another fascinating attraction for visitors making tickets reservations on India flights.

Finnair and Malaysia Airlines Join Hands, Sign Code-share

Finnair and Malaysia Airlines have decided to sign a codeshare and have thus allowed increasing access to the airlines’ respective hubs that are based in Helsinki and Kuala Lumpur. 

Under the new agreement, selected flights that are being operated by the government-owned flag carrier of Malaysia between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, Bangkok and Hong Kong will carry the flight code of the Finnish operator. In the similar way, MAS’ flight code will be featured on certain flights run by Finland’s flag carrier between Helsinki and London, Paris, Frankfurt and Amsterdam. 

Welcoming the agreement, MAS’ Senior Vice President of Government & International Affairs, Mr Germal Singh, expressed his desire of expanding the carrier’s international reach without operating flights services connecting Malaysia and the Scandinavian region. Mr Singh also hoped the agreement will bring in more tourists to Malaysia, enticing them to book tickets on flights to the affordable tourist destination. 

Hannu Sundberg, Finnair Vice President, Commercial Partnerships, too was buoyed by the development and expressed delight at offering its tickets buyers an extended reach to Kuala Lumpur, which is not only a popular tourist hub but also the cultural and economic heart of Malaysia.  

Surely, the codeshare between the two operators is going to present fine benefits and rewards for tickets holders as they could experience seamless connections.

MAS serves 80 destinations throughout the world, while the Finnish operator covers 11 destinations in Asia and provides tickets for travel to more than 50 destinations in the European continent.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

‘Tourist-Centric’ Makeover for an Old Hill Station in India!

Vacationers seeking flights tickets for an invigorating tour of India would be delighted to know that authorities in the region are coming with grand plans to keep the visitors engaged. Matheran, a quaint old hill station located close to India’s financial epicentre, Mumbai, is likely to undergo a sea of changes by the tourism department of the province. In time, those planning an India tour would be pleased to find a wonderful entertainment avenue very close to country’s busiest gateway.

Massive plans are in order for the hill station and a wonderful entertainment-cum-leisure hub is likely to enthral domestic and foreign tourists taking flights tickets for the destination. If all goes as per the plans of the tourism authorities, the place is set to create a mad rush for travel tickets facilitating seats on India flights! A blossoming entertainment venue with fantastic casinos, discotheques, music halls and a range of other facilities is likely to come up at Matheran. Especially those foreigners who love their cards and dices would be thrilled to find such a spot in India! Currently, the only place where one can satiate casino craving is at casinos that are located offshore in Goa, the popular beach paradise located further down south of the country. 

Beyond the hoopla of new age entertainment, tourists who book cheap flights tickets and land here can unravel a fine assemblage of heritage structures at Matheran.

Rajasthan - The Land Of Maharajas, Forts and Palaces

Rajasthan, India’s erstwhile playground of maharajas and kings breathes to life with countless bygone palaces, majestic fortresses and other ancient buildings that scream out the tale of bygone royalties! Unsurprisingly, the desert state makes one of the most impressive parts of the itinerary of most Britons booking tickets on flights to the country. Take a tour of just three destinations that are well worth the money spent on tickets deals for India flights to Rajasthan!

India’s pink city, Jaipur packs in a regal aura, flurry of activities and fascinating charms to impress every visitor taking tickets on flights to the city. And once here, it gets extremely hard for anyone to resist the lure of enchanting elephant safaris and checking out numerous historic structures like Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Jal Mahal, Jaigarh Fort, Nahargarh Fort, and Amber Fort.

Jaisalmer is one of India’s biggest attractions for any foreign tourist buying tickets on cheap flights to the country to get a big bite of country’s glorious past. The city is famed for its inundating charms like Jaisalmer Fort, Patwon-ki-Haveli, Khaba Fort, etc. Those overwhelmed with history and culture can indulge in sand bashing safaris and hot air balloon rides.

Ranthambore National Park
Once a princely game conserve, Ranthambore National Park makes for an apt place to indulge in wildlife photography for lensmen grabbing tickets on cheap flights to the country! With its fascinating blend of India’s history, wildlife and nature, Ranthambore National Park impresses one and all! No wonder, spending some time at the place is well worth the money spent on India holidays and buying flights tickets.

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Monday, December 3, 2012

Air India Launches New Route Connecting Delhi and Dhaka

Foreign vacationers already vacationing in the colourful Indian capital and looking for flights tickets to Bangladeshi capital city will now be able to enjoy Air India’s premium on board services on the route.

Various reports floating in Indian media reveal that state run carrier; Air India started operating its newest flights services on Delhi-Dhaka route from December 03, 2012. 

The airline is expected to deploy its sleek A320 airliners to offer tickets for its new flights between Indian capital and Bangladesh. The development is sure to tempt increasingly higher number of passengers who are often to be seen in a look out for flights tickets on the route with premium full service carriers.

Popular for its award winning in-flight services, Air India would certainly make for a good option for those passengers who choose tickets for quality travel on the full service carriers over cheap deals offered by low cost carriers.

Airline’s introductory flight AI 0231 departed from Delhi International Airport at 0545 hours (local time) and reached Dhaka at 0845 hours (local time). The return flight AI 0232 flew from Dhaka at 0945 hours (local time) and arrived at the Indian capital city at 1145 hours (local time).

The airline is also expected to offer a convenient flight schedule for those netting tickets for onward connections from Delhi to London, Paris and Frankfurt besides its direct flights to the USA and the Persian Gulf.

National carrier’s inaugural flight coincided with the inauguration of the India Show, a conference devised to explore and strengthen commercial relation between the two countries.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Turkey Keen to Tempt Indian Tourists, Increase India Flights

Turkey is expecting to entice tourists from India into purchasing tickets to the nation by providing the top leisure and entertainment facilities and an extravagant dose of quaint traditions and flamboyant modernity.

The local government and the airlines based in the country are eagerly contemplating to double the flights frequency between the two countries from Delhi and Mumbai, and are seeking to launch new flights services from Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Ahmedabad.

Over the years, Turkey has transcended to become one of the leading holiday destinations across the globe. The nation draws in over 30 million international visitors who are often to be seen in a lookout for cheap deals for tickets to India the nation to discover or rediscover its charms.

And in its endeavour to present itself as a feasible choice for tourists who look for tickets to less travelled destinations, the country is offering an extravagant slice of its arts, history, culture and modern glitters. Apart from regular offering, visitors buying tickets to the country may also find prolific opportunities for honeymoon, golf vacations, wedding destinations, etc.

Besides, the increased number of flights operating on route will also mean heavy tourist influx to India. Plus, it would benefit those international travellers from Asia and Europe who seek added flights offering convenient connections at India and Turkey.

The Turkish Tourism Board in association with the Turkish Hoteliers Federation also planned a five-city road show at Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Delhi, set to take place between November 19 and 23, 2012. This move is seen to help them to communicate with India based travel operators and also improve tourist upsurge by showcasing its offerings.

Emirates to Offer Double Daily Flights on Dubai-Mauritius Route

Leisure vacationers seeking flights tickets for flying between Dubai and Mauritius will be a happy lot as Emirates, the largest airline in Middle East, has decided to amp up its operations between both the destinations.

The airline has announced an increase of three frequencies to its present 11-weekly flights. Lately it started 12th weekly service and now it will fly double daily operations from December 2. 

Mauritius is an extremely popular holiday destination throughout the airline’s network. A good number of Europeans, Americans and other holidaymakers book tickets deals for touring the island. These increased services will bring out more tickets options for such travellers. 

Boeing 777-300 in a three-class configuration will be plied on the announced route. According to the schedule, flight EK3705 will depart Dubai at 1000 hrs arriving in the Mauritius at 1645 hrs. On the return journey, EK3706 will depart at 1820 hrs arriving in Emirati city at 0110 hrs, the following day.

With flights operating twice a day, passengers can hope for better flexibility and ease of availability as the volume of economy class tickets is going to go up.

Emirates currently flies to 126 destinations in 74 countries and is a proud winner of about 500 international awards and. Its unique features include in-flight entertainment system featuring over 1,400 channels of new release Hollywood movies, TV, music and games and complimentary chauffeur-driven airport transfers for premium customers.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Two Tantalizing Budget Hotels in Kuala Lumpur

From gawkers to the glitterati, each and every soul grabbing tickets deals on flights scheduled to land at Malaysia’s capital, Kuala Lumpur is taken aback by the sheer abundance of sightseeing marvels, engaging activities and abundance of accommodation options. While the city features many lavish properties for sybarites, it is not devoid of cheap options for shoestring visitors buying tickets on cheap flights. Let’s take a quick tour of two prominent budget properties in Malaysia’s colourful capital that make guests feel at home away from home.

Cube Hotel
The newly-opened Cube Hotel is a highly affordable option for tourists having limited dough in their wallets. The two-star property features rooms fitted with all possible mod and cons and is a fine alternative for the kinds who keep a keen lookout for tickets deals for Malaysia flights. Located close to the Jalan Bukit Bintang, which plays host to dozens of shopping, dining and sightseeing opportunities, the property allows the vacationers to save on transportation within the city too.

My Hotel @ Sentral
This 88-room contemporary property manages to put smile even on the faces of most cash-crunched travellers spending for tickets on cheap flights for holidays in Malaysia’s thriving capital, Kuala Lumpur. The lodging option is located in the close proximity of Kuala Lumpur International Airport, making for a great base for travellers, who look for flights tickets to experience Malaysia’s finest architectural marvels and attractions in Kuala Lumpur and look for accommodations at pebble’s throw from city’s major shopping, entertainment and financial district.

Singapore Airlines and Virgin Australia Extend Codeshare

Singapore Airlines and Virgin Australia are looking to further blossom their romance by expanding their code-share agreement! The two carriers will be extending their pact by providing flights to more destinations in Australia, Asia, Europe and the United Kingdom. The code share has been extended to Virgin Australia’s domestic connections, with immediate effect. This means that customers seeking tickets with SIA will now have access to 32 cities in Australia.

Further, Singapore’s flag carrier will be expanding the code-share to cover trans-Tasman flights between Australia and the New Zealand cities of Dunedin, Queenstown and Wellington. This will happen in the coming few months and will thus offer convenient connections to tickets buyers. 

On its part, in the first quarter of 2013, Virgin Australia will inflate its code share with SIA and will offer tickets on flights connections from the East Coast of Australia to Europe, the United Kingdom and additional destinations in Asia, via SIA’s hub at Singapore. Currently, Virgin has code sharing on SIA flights to Europe and the United Kingdom and offers tickers from Australian cities of Adelaide, Perth and Darwin. In totality, VA patrons seeking tickets will be able to enjoy connections to 64 destinations in Asia and 12 destinations in the Europe on the SIA and SilkAir networks from different parts of Australia.

The wide-ranging codeshare between the two carriers was forged last year. Apart from codesharing on flights, the alliance allows reciprocal frequent-flyer program benefits and lounge access to tickets holders. Moreover, for the ease of tickets seekers looking for flights connections, coordinated schedules are provided by the carriers.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

British Airways Inflates India Network

Presenting an additional option to flyers seeking flights tickets for a journey between London and India, the UK’s flag carrier, British Airways has announced its decision to expand its network in India. The largest airline in the UK, in terms of fleet size, will be offering added frequency of flights from Hyderabad and Chennai from summer 2013. These cities in South India will witness an increase in their frequency from five flights per-week to six flights per-week. 

Making the announcement in India, BA’s Regional Commercial Manager, South Asia - Christopher Fordyce expressed his pleasure at the further growth in the two cities of India. He revealed there has been a significant rise in the number of flyers seeking tickets with the carrier from Hyderabad and Chennai in the last couple of years and to meet the increasing demand, British Airways is enhancing flights frequency for the benefit of tickets seekers. 

Mr Fordyce further expressed his hope of becoming a part of the India’s growth story and stated that the economy giant is one of the BA’s fastest rising markets. 

Furthermore, offering excellent news to budget travellers looking for relatively cheap deals for tickets, the airline would be offering attractive discount offers on flights services from Hyderabad and Chennai to London. Those seeking affordable tickets deals will be able to enjoy a 25 per cent discount on all Club World tickets booked before November 23 to London. The flight travel will be valid until December 15.

Monday, November 26, 2012

First Holiday Inn Express in India Launched

International vacationers grabbing flights tickets and keen on India travel would now be able to enjoy the familiar settings and standards of Holiday Inn Express. The global hotel chain has opened up its first property in India at Ahmedabad, Gujarat and looks to cater to the mid-level business and leisure vacationers booking tickets on flights bound to the coastal state. 

The 173-room property will be set up in state’s commercial hub and is likely to attract corporate executives and businessmen to book tickets on flights for travel to India. Also, leisure vacationers who seek flights to the region to unravel its many sightseeing gems would be able to enjoy this fine accommodation alternative. 

Holiday Inn Express, a global brand of hotel chain, has ventured into business partnership with Duet India Hotels (DIH) for its foray into India. The collaboration is set to establish 19 properties in the country, offering enough options to tourists taking flights tickets and seeking quality lodgings in the country. 

Ahmedabad’s Holiday Inn is located near the airport and the city centre and presents itself as a viable choice for smart travellers making reservation for airline tickets for the region. A range of amenities awaits guests at the hotel, allowing them to enjoy full value of their money. Apart from well designed and fully furnished rooms, one can enjoy complimentary breakfast and Wi-Fi at the place.

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Air India Deploys B787 Dreamliners on London-Mumbai Route

Air India fans looking to grab tickets to travel on the sleek Dreamliner aircrafts can now relish their much coveted dream. India’s national carrier has announced booking of tickets on its long haul London-Mumbai flights aboard its sleek Dreamliner aircrafts starting from next week.

In the recent months, the airline kicked off its services to popular international routes like Frankfurt and Dubai aboard Dreamliner planes.

Air India’s Boeing 787 airliners have been configured to offer tickets for 18 full-flat business class seats and 238 economy class seats. With the new, game-changer planes, India’s national carrier is hopeful of tapping the increasingly high number of tourists who look for flights tickets to travel on the famous London-Mumbai sector.

Owing to the extremely delayed delivery of the Dreamliners, the airline was compelled to operate flights to popular international routes of London, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Seoul and Shanghai using its Boeing-777 aircrafts. But-777 aircrafts are usually not very fuel efficient and are meant to be operated for flights on short-haul sectors. 

However, Boeing 787 are typically long- haul aircrafts optimised for flights of over 15 hours and are around 20 percent more fuel-efficient as compared to other similarly-sized airliners. It would now be interesting to see if the carrier would be keen on passing on the benefits to delight its passengers with cheap flight tickets to India and other travel deals on its popular Mumbai-London route.

Emirates’ All Set to Enhance Frequency to Mauritius

Five-star carrier, Emirates has announced to introduce 2 additional flights services connecting Dubai and Mauritius from December 2, 2012. 

The news of the carrier strengthening its frequency between Dubai and Mauritius has certainly delighted many Britons as they now have even more flexibility to grab tickets for travelling to the Indian Ocean destination via Dubai. 

Presently, Emirates offers tickets on 12 weekly flights between the two destinations. With two new flights the total number of weekly flights operated by the airline will increase to 14 weekly flights!

The full service carrier is expected to deploy Boeing 777-300 aircrafts on the route to offer tickets in a three-class configuration aboard the airliner. 

Flight EK3705 will depart from Dubai at 1000hrs and will arrive in Mauritius at 1645hrs. The return flight EK3706 will depart from Mauritius at 1820hrs and arrive in Dubai at 0110hrs, the following day.

Mauritius has long been one of the key markets for Emirates. And in its endeavour to promote the island nation, the airline is all set to offer tickets on 2 additional flights scheduled to land in Mauritius. 

The higher availability of tickets will ensure that travellers planning to tickets to travel between Dubai and Mauritius a happy lot.  

Presently, the airline operates with its hi-tech fleet of 188 aircrafts to offer tickets to travel around 126 destinations in 74 countries.

British travellers can catch flights to the emirate of Dubai from London Heathrow, Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle and Glasgow airports.

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Flydubai Starts Flights Services to Male from Dubai

Bringing cheers to British flyers considering tickets options on flights to the Maldivian capital via Dubai, flydubai has announced to start its new flights services between Dubai to Male from Jan 19, 2013!  

The budget airline has devised the newest flights to make it easy for shoestring travellers who are often to be seen in a lookout for cheap deals for flights tickets to travel between Maldives and Dubai! 

Flydubai is all set to lure passenger with cheap deals on tickets for five weekly flights between Dubai’s Terminal 2 and the Maldives’ Ibrahim Nasir International Airport. Including its new routes, the low cost carrier offers low-priced airline tickets to a total of 9 destinations across 6 countries in the Indian Subcontinent.  

Flights (FZ561) to Malé will depart from Dubai Terminal 2 on every Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1855hrs arriving at Malé International Airport at 0040. The return flights (FZ562) will depart Male on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 0140hrs arriving in Dubai at 0540 local time.

On Saturdays and Sundays flights (FZ561) to Male will depart Dubai at 0030hrs, landing in Malé at 0615 local time. The return flight (FZ562) departs on the same day at 0715hrs and arrives in Dubai at 1115 local time. 

The recent move by the airline is sure to delight budget holidaymakers in the region. However, it may also turn out to be a good option for British and other European travellers who are often found hunting tickets on flights for onward connection to Maldives from Dubai.

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