Tuesday, December 4, 2012

‘Tourist-Centric’ Makeover for an Old Hill Station in India!

Vacationers seeking flights tickets for an invigorating tour of India would be delighted to know that authorities in the region are coming with grand plans to keep the visitors engaged. Matheran, a quaint old hill station located close to India’s financial epicentre, Mumbai, is likely to undergo a sea of changes by the tourism department of the province. In time, those planning an India tour would be pleased to find a wonderful entertainment avenue very close to country’s busiest gateway.

Massive plans are in order for the hill station and a wonderful entertainment-cum-leisure hub is likely to enthral domestic and foreign tourists taking flights tickets for the destination. If all goes as per the plans of the tourism authorities, the place is set to create a mad rush for travel tickets facilitating seats on India flights! A blossoming entertainment venue with fantastic casinos, discotheques, music halls and a range of other facilities is likely to come up at Matheran. Especially those foreigners who love their cards and dices would be thrilled to find such a spot in India! Currently, the only place where one can satiate casino craving is at casinos that are located offshore in Goa, the popular beach paradise located further down south of the country. 

Beyond the hoopla of new age entertainment, tourists who book cheap flights tickets and land here can unravel a fine assemblage of heritage structures at Matheran.

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