Saturday, September 29, 2012

Kovalam Literary Festival to Tempt Flyers to Grab India Flights

The enchanting Indian land is offering yet another prerogative to its guests taking flights to the country. And this time it is the fifth annual Kovalam Literary Festival being held at Delhi and Kerala, the two most exotic destinations of the nation.

India International Centre on October 3 will be the venue for Delhi leg while the Southern state will host the affair for two days - October 6 and 7 at Kanakakunnu Palace in Thiruvanathapuram.

Book lovers travelling on flights to India during this month will be overwhelmed with whirlwind of reading sessions, presentations, discussions and other intriguing events.

In capital, the festival will feature six sessions including the reading sessions and conversations. Renowned authors like Monisha Rajesh (author of Around India in 80 Trains), Israeli writer Dorit Rabinyan and Sudeep Sen, a famous poet in India will be the participants.

The literary event in Kerala will kick off with the KC John memorial lecture by Dr Binayak Sen at 10 am and proceed with a good number of presentations and conversations. The affair will conclude with an evening of musical performance by a popular band, Indian Ocean and a one-man band from Israel, 'Tal Kravitz', at Nishagandhi Auditorium.

October is the best time to book flights to these two spectacular destinations. The month is ripe when Delhi enlivens up with bright autumn shades while Kerala invigorates with pleasing weather, offering a gala time to tourists. With such an elating event to boot, foreign vacationers will be able to make the most of their money spent on flights to the ancient country.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Soon, More Hotels to Greet Flyers Taking India Flights

Finding it tough to locate a quality hotel room in India may soon be a thing of past for those taking country bound flights! Taking a cue from a host of other hospitality firms that have decided to open up hotel properties in India in the recent past, another major global player has announced its plans to establish properties in the nation.

Much to the delight of domestic and international vacationers taking flights to India, InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) has divulged expansion plans for India by establishing as many as 150 properties across the nation by 2020.  

As of now, the firm has 12 properties in the nation under three brands - InterContinental, Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn, catering to local population and those on flights to the ancient nation for tourism or business interests. Holiday Inn Express, another brand of the company, will open up in November, serving those on flights bound to the west part of the country.

India’s stock as a popular vacation destination is on upswing for long now, with many wanting to take flights to the country to sample a slice of the region’s legendary cultural diversity and vibrant traditions. However, there have been some concerns when it comes to accommodation options in the country as various reports reveal that demand greatly outstrips supply in Indian hotel sector. But things have taken a turn for the better now with several firms making investment plans for the nation, much to the cheer of country’s tourism industry as well as those taking flights to Indian cities.

A Take on the Popularity of Travel Agents in Southall

Southall, a suburban district in the West London, surely finds a mention every time one talks about travel agents for air tickets on flights to India and Asia. And there is a reason for that!

Mushrooming of Travel Agents in Southall
Southall’s distinctiveness emanates from the fact that the town boasts one of the largest concentrations of Asian people outside of the Indian sub-continent. Huge number of Indians, Pakistanis, Sri Lankans and Bangladeshis can be found in this beautiful town of Southall. From food to clothes and from shopping stores to restaurants – Southall seems to radiate the glory of every thing that is Asian! Among the gamut of businesses and commercial interests that have cropped up in Southall, the presence of travel agents is perhaps the most visible. Southall has a plethora of travel agents that line up the town landscape. Some of these travel agents that started out as small units are now full-service agencies offering air tickets for travel to any part of the world.

Southall Travel Agents – Expanding Scope
The credit for the rise of travel agents in Southall can be attributed to the fact just mentioned above – a large number of migrants from Asia. Many travel agents established primarily to target the ethnic populace who look for flights tickets especially to India and other neighbouring countries. While most travel agents in Southall are still specialists in India holidays for locals, they have expanded their scope to include patrons from all over the UK and sell flights tickets and holidays not only to India and Asia but to any part of the globe!

Extensive Destination Knowledge
It cannot be rebuffed that travel agents in Southall are most adept in tailoring all-inclusive holiday packages including flights and hotels to Asian destinations. The extensive knowledge and the business links of these travel agents based in Southall are unmatched for places like India. A common factor that affects a travellers buying decision is the knowledge of the travel agent about the destination being booked. No wonder, these travel agents are the frontrunners when it comes to tailoring cheap flights and holiday packages to India or other destinations in the Asian continent.

Booking With Southall Travel Agents
The ethnic Asian population in Southall is still the major part of the clientele that is served by the travel agents in the town. While these air tickets booking agencies are easily accessible by locals who can simply walk-in to them, holidaymakers from across the country can book with them either using their safe and secure websites or over the phone – a facility offered by most of these travel agents. Some of most reputed and renowned Southall travel agents even run round-the-clock customers contact centres to cater to those looking for flights tickets and holidays. Surely, these agents in Southall are more capable of offering you cheap flights deals for Asian holidays rather than the ones that are based elsewhere.

Summary: Southall has become a hub of travel agents who specialise in cheap flights tickets for those travelling to India and other Asian destinations. The popularity of travel agents in Southall can be credited to certain reasons.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Environment Film Festival All Set To Be Staged In Delhi

The 5th edition of Quotes from the Earth, 2012 is just around the corner and it is time for every nature enthusiast to pack bags and hop on flights to India connecting Delhi! The environment film festival will be hosted on place on December 6 and 7, 2012. 

The fest strives to highlight environmental issues and is a strictly non-commercial event. Both locals and foreign visitors on flights to the vibrant country of India flocking to Delhi to be a part of the event will be able to see numerous films, documentaries and animations on themes like water, wildlife, climate change, mining and forest during this two day event.

Apart from offering a platform for environment-friendly films, documentaries and animations, Quotes from the Earth, 2012 will also hold panel discussions on important environmental issues. The festival’s special panel will feature some of the most eminent academicians, vibrant activists, media persons and filmmakers.

Nature enthusiasts from different parts of the world are sure to book flights tickets to the country to be a part of this astounding event. All of those who wish to avoid those soaring airfares on India bound flights must make early bookings as the fest is set to take place during the peak travel season of India. 

Introduced in the year 2004, ‘Quotes from the Earth’ is an eco-friendly cause that encourages both locals and out-of-state visitors on India bound flights to save environment and make this planet a better place to live in.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Air Kerala Hopes To Start With Flights to Middle East

Air Kerala, Kerala government’s proposed airline, may soon start operating flights connecting India and Middle East using five leased aircraft.

The move is expected to increase flights options for people from South India working in the Middle East who are currently dependent only on the Air India Express and other international airlines to book their flights to India connecting the state.

The proposed carrier will deploy five leased aircrafts to start operating destinations in the gulf countries.

However, things aren’t going to be too rosy for the airline as the Indian Government makes certain stipulations and restrictions on international flights operations. But state authorities believe state-proposed carrier may be granted exemption from the norms stipulating that an airline should have a fleet of 20 aircraft and five years’ experience in domestic operations before it can fly to international destinations. Earlier, government made an exception for the norms when Air India started operations with its low cost subsidiary.  

Besides enriching tourism, the state-run carrier is expected to bring pleasing rewards to international flyers, who net flights tickets to South Indian province to relish the powers of nature and experience alternate rejuvenation therapies. The state is known for its revitalising spas and offers amazing Ayurvedic treatments for ailments.

The state proposed airline will be established as a subsidiary of India’s first private-public funded Cochin International Airport Limited. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

India, Philippines Hope to Boost Tourism

Top Asian holiday destinations, India and the Philippines will be working together to push their tourism interests. Media reports disclose that both countries will be promoting tourist activities and look for newer opportunities in the tourism industry. Education, promotion, marketing and destination development are some of the key areas that these nations plan to work on to meet their objective. The two nations had signed an accord in 2006 for tourism cooperation.

India and the Philippines would also be looking at ways to strengthen flights services between the destinations. A rise in the number of flights on the route is likely to push up tourist traffic, offering more and flexible flight options to travellers. Even foreign travellers in India or Philippines will be able to pick from more flights alternatives when it comes to travelling to the other destination. Both these countries are highly popular among European vacationers and entice many to take flights and look for twin centre holidays.

It is believed that rise in tourist traffic between the two countries would also strengthen the bilateral relations.

Over the years, there has been a steady hike in the number of tourists taking flights to India from the Philippines. In the year 2008, 17,222 travellers took flights to India from Philippines. The number went up to 21,987 and 24,534 in 2009 and 2010, respectively.

In 2011, India extended the Visa on Arrival (VoA) for tourists taking flights from Philippines.

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

SpiceJet to Launch Flights from Surat, India to Dubai

Much to the cheer of flyers, India’s diamond city, Surat will now be connected directly with Dubai.

SpiceJet, a low-cost carrier of India, has announced its decision to link Dubai to the West Indian city by connecting its Mumbai and Delhi flights to Dubai with Surat.

Surat is a highly industrialised city that has always been a favourite among business travellers and corporate executives taking flights to India. The city is also a fairly popular tourist destination of India with charms like the Old Fort, Dutch Garden and Vansada National Park dotting the city.

A direct flight between Surat and Dubai, another top business and holiday hub, is sure to bring cheers to all sections of the travellers who wish to fly directly to the Middle East city from Gujarat.

Passengers who wish to take flights can book tickets online or from the travel desk at Surat airport, as per a spokesperson at SpiceJet.

Experts and travel agents believe the availability of direct flights between the two important commercial centres is bound to push up the traffic on the flight route. 

In June this year, SpiceJet initiated its daily flights services to Dubai from Mumbai and Delhi. The airline deployed its new generation Boeing 737-800 on the popular flight routes.

SpiceJet is one of the most popular low cost airlines in India and is renowned for offering cheap deals on flights on its domestic network in India. The airline recently started operating flights to few international destinations from India. Kathmandu and Colombo are other international destinations served by the carrier.

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Air India Express to Withdraw Abu Dhabi-India Services

Air India Express is planning to chop off its services on Chennai-Trichy-Abu Dhabi and Abu Dhabi-Trichy-Chennai sector. The airline, known for offering affordable cheap ticket deals, plans to drop the flights from its winter schedule with effect from October 28 2012.

Presently, Air India Express operates flights to Abu Dhabi on Thursdays and Saturdays. Under the airline’s new winter schedule, the flights services on the route will be withdrawn till March end next year.

The axing of services on the sector will surely affect the budget passengers who used to book with the airline for its cheap flight tickets to India. Air India Express is indeed a popular airline that is renowned for offering affordable flights tickets.

The cancellation of services on Abu Dhabi-South India route will also make the number of weekly domestic flights between South India’s popular cities of Chennai and Trichy go down.

However, Chennai-Trichy-Abu Dhabi sector’s loss is Trichy-Dubai-Trichy sector’s gain as Air India Express plans to operate more flights on the route.

Off late, Air India Express has been on some sort of ‘flight cancellation spree’ with the airline withdrawing 10 weekly flights from Trichy in December, 2011. It followed it with trimming down its Abu Dhabi services to twice a week from three weekly flights. The daily direct Trichy-Kuala Lumpur service was also reduced to three days a week, which was subsequently fully withdrawn.

Currently, Air India Express operates around 100 weekly flights majorly from South India’s beautiful provinces, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The airline mainly offers flights to Gulf countries and Southeast Asian destinations.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

White Water Rafting – Added Attraction in Goa

Inimitable Goa is going full steam ahead to ensure that it remains India’s premier holiday destination! The coastal state, a big reason for tourists to haggle hard for cheap tickets flights to India, has come up with a new lure - white water rafting!

In a bid to lure India and international tourists to take flight tickets to the state, the government recently commissioned white water rafting in the wonderful surroundings of Sattari. The development is expected to give a major push to the authorities’ plans to make the destination a year-round holiday hub, enticing more and more adventure enthusiast to look for tickets on flights that land in India.

The facility, recently inaugurated by State’s Chief Minister, is collaboration of Goa Tourism Development Corporation and Southern River Adventure Sports Pvt Ltd.

Enthusiasts keen on rafting will be needed to saunter through the beautiful hamlet of Ustem in Nagargao village to get to the starting point of the course. Once there, they will be provided with guidelines and essentials like rafts, paddles and life jackets. A trained guide will also be onboard to ensure safety and security of rafters. Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary is an added charm for the adventurers who can sight a wild animal or two there.

This new tourist-centric facility is expected to bring in more people on flights from places like Europe. Goa remains a huge hit in the continent with people looking for tickets on India bound flights just to sample the famous Goan languidness!

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

India Maldives May Enhance Flight Operations

International tourists who are often seen in a lookout for flights between India and the renowned Indian Ocean destination of Maldives may soon have added flight options available to them as both the countries are planning to enhance flight operations.

In a meeting held in New Delhi, the delegates from both the countries decided to reconsider the bilateral air services agreement that does not allow flights to India and from this Indian Ocean destination with a carrying capacity of more than 150.

It is believed that Indian authorities will relook the agreement to support tourism between the two countries that have long been on the radar of international holidaymakers.

A fair share of reputed airlines, other than Air India, operates flights from India to Maldives with a higher capacity.

Indian officials also requested the Maldivian authorities to make proactive efforts to facilitate these flights operations. 

Many Indian and foreign carriers like Island Aviation, Mega Maldives and SpiceJet are planning to start their flights connecting India’s popular cities of Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai with Maldivian capital, Male.

Maldives and India are two highly popular destinations among millions of international tourists across the globe. The increased flights operation is surely going to benefit the foreign passengers taking flights from India to this Indian Ocean destination.

The meeting also discussed the issues faced by GMR Group who was awarded the privatization contract for Male International Airport. The Indian officials emphasised to strengthen the airport infrastructure.

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Visakhapatnam Airport All Set To Expand Its Operational Hours

Thankfully the long wait for India’s Vishakhapatnam Airport (VTZ) is finally over! The airport has received a nod from authorities in India to extend its working hours by four hours.

Currently, VTZ operates only till 8 pm which is now extended till 11.55 pm to enable international outbound and inbound flights to India connecting this popular South Indian destination also known as Vizag to the rest of the world. The extended working hours will be available only on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays and will be effective from October 1, 2012 for six months.

The last flight from VTZ will depart at 10.55 pm, but the airport will remain open till 12 am in order to ensure there are no exigencies and other technical issues.

For long, VTZ authorities were requesting to extend the working hours and get the permission for round-the-clock flights operations from the airport.

Industry experts believe that now with the extended operational hours, several international airlines will start offering new flights or enhance flight frequency to Vizag in the next few months.

Thai Airways is planning to operate direct flights to India connecting Vishakhapatnam and Bangkok. SriLankan Airlines and wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, SilkAir are also reportedly thinking of initiating operations of international flights to and from Vizag.

Even from the perspective of business and leisure flyers taking flights to India connecting Vishakhapatnam, it comes as a great development as it allows them a flexible and much longer time frame in the airport. One can also engage in activities like shopping and dining for longer hours.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Flights Between India and Sri Lanka by SpiceJet

Foreign vacationers taking flights to India and looking for cheap flights connecting onwards to Sri Lanka will soon be able to enjoy affordable alternatives with SpiceJet as the airline plans to unveil yet another flight service between the two nations. 

A report in Indian media reveals that India's popular low-cost carrier SpiceJet will be operating direct flights connecting Colombo and Madurai from September 20th 2012. Presently, the airline operates flight services between Colombo and Chennai.

The carrier’s newly launched direct flights between Madurai and Colombo are the first international flight services to be operated from newly inaugurated Madurai Airport in the popular tourist city of Madurai.

Both India and Sri Lanka are top holiday destinations that attract heaps of tourists every year. Apart from serving natives of the two countries, the new flights between the two destinations are also going to prove beneficial for foreign vacationers in India looking for flights to Sri Lanka and vice versa.

The new flight will depart from Madurai in South India at 12.30 pm and land in Colombo at 1.30 pm.

SpiceJet is thrilled with the development and is offering inaugural, cheap offers on the route for limited seats.

Chennai-based, SpiceJet is a renowned name in India’s domestic aviation sector as the airline has an extensive network within the country. The carrier also offers international flight services to Dubai and Kathmandu from India. Furthermore, the carrier is hoping to expand its international presence by planning to launch services to destinations like China and Bangladesh soon.