Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Air Kerala Hopes To Start With Flights to Middle East

Air Kerala, Kerala government’s proposed airline, may soon start operating flights connecting India and Middle East using five leased aircraft.

The move is expected to increase flights options for people from South India working in the Middle East who are currently dependent only on the Air India Express and other international airlines to book their flights to India connecting the state.

The proposed carrier will deploy five leased aircrafts to start operating destinations in the gulf countries.

However, things aren’t going to be too rosy for the airline as the Indian Government makes certain stipulations and restrictions on international flights operations. But state authorities believe state-proposed carrier may be granted exemption from the norms stipulating that an airline should have a fleet of 20 aircraft and five years’ experience in domestic operations before it can fly to international destinations. Earlier, government made an exception for the norms when Air India started operations with its low cost subsidiary.  

Besides enriching tourism, the state-run carrier is expected to bring pleasing rewards to international flyers, who net flights tickets to South Indian province to relish the powers of nature and experience alternate rejuvenation therapies. The state is known for its revitalising spas and offers amazing Ayurvedic treatments for ailments.

The state proposed airline will be established as a subsidiary of India’s first private-public funded Cochin International Airport Limited. 

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