Tuesday, September 18, 2012

India Maldives May Enhance Flight Operations

International tourists who are often seen in a lookout for flights between India and the renowned Indian Ocean destination of Maldives may soon have added flight options available to them as both the countries are planning to enhance flight operations.

In a meeting held in New Delhi, the delegates from both the countries decided to reconsider the bilateral air services agreement that does not allow flights to India and from this Indian Ocean destination with a carrying capacity of more than 150.

It is believed that Indian authorities will relook the agreement to support tourism between the two countries that have long been on the radar of international holidaymakers.

A fair share of reputed airlines, other than Air India, operates flights from India to Maldives with a higher capacity.

Indian officials also requested the Maldivian authorities to make proactive efforts to facilitate these flights operations. 

Many Indian and foreign carriers like Island Aviation, Mega Maldives and SpiceJet are planning to start their flights connecting India’s popular cities of Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai with Maldivian capital, Male.

Maldives and India are two highly popular destinations among millions of international tourists across the globe. The increased flights operation is surely going to benefit the foreign passengers taking flights from India to this Indian Ocean destination.

The meeting also discussed the issues faced by GMR Group who was awarded the privatization contract for Male International Airport. The Indian officials emphasised to strengthen the airport infrastructure.

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