Saturday, December 17, 2011

Multiple Hues of Muscat Tourism

Muscat, the financial hub of Oman, is a top tourist destination too and flaunts a charming blend of tradition and modernity. Bounded by serene beaches, lush parks and splendid architecture, this great city acts as a temptress to all those who wish to sample something exotic and incredible. Muscat tourism surely incorporates all the great qualities that one can expect from a top class tourist destination.

It surely would not be wrong to say that Muscat holidays is the pinnacle as far as tourism in Oman is concerned, something that is vindicated by the number of tourists booking flights to Muscat.

Sightseeing in Muscat
Muscat tourist trappings include beaches, mosques, forts, gardens, natural parks and others.

Beaches in Muscat are perhaps the biggest lures that entice people to start looking for cheap tickets on flights to Muscat. The Qurum Beach and the Bandar Al-Jissah are perhaps two of the most popular beaches in the city that are known to entrance beach bummers. While, the Qurum Beach ‘placifies’ beauty with all its gorgeous palm trees, Bandar Al-Jissah is more of a isolated bay surrounded by steep rocks.

Mosques & Forts
People who vie to book cheap flights to Muscat to unravel the region’s rich history can travel to magnificent forts and palaces that this city boasts. A visit to Al Jalali and Al Mirani Forts and Al Alam Royal Palace is perhaps the finest way to witness the splendour of the region’s scintillating past. Then there is the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, the place to be for religious aficionados in search of some serene bliss.

Museum is yet another place to learn about a culture of the place and when that place is Muscat it becomes all the more relevant to include a visit to museum in your travel itinerary. Natural History Museum, Children's Museum and the Omani-French Museum are some of the top venues that people can incorporate in their tour to the city.

Parks and Gardens
Trust the city of Muscat to startle tourists with its unbelievable assortment of verdant gardens and parks! Muscat is dotted with numerous parks and gardens in different part of the city and it sure is a good contrast from the russet look of the arid deserts. The Riyam Park, Al Naseem Public Park and Quram Natural Park are few of the biggest parks in the city and these are the ones that are majorly responsible for bestowing a sort of pleasant bliss upon tourists who book flights to Muscat.

The Riyam Park is easily one of the most frequented venues in the city. The park’s emerald beauty is highlighted by its location as it overlooks the sea. Riyam Park is additionally known for its fascinating architectural marvels.

The Al Naseem Park is a public park that mostly attracts families as the park has multiple picnic spots and ample playing areas for children. Tourists with intellectual leanings can pay a visit to library that is situated within the premises of the park.

Culture & Festivals in Muscat
Tourism in Muscat goes way beyond just sightseeing and attractions. Muscat’s charismatic culture is another radiant lure that ‘tricks’ people into booking flights to Muscat. There are multiple festivals and events that are organized in the city that speak vehemently of the region’s joyous and ethnic milieu.

Eid Al Adha is a celebrated with great passion all over the country but with Muscat being the epicentre, the festivities and revelries here are always compounded and amplified.

Eid al Fitr is another significant Islamic festival that generates huge fervour and splendid celebrations all across. European tourists who are alien to such festivals and revelries must plan their trip during these events to understand and acknowledge a culture much better.

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