Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Flights to Egypt for a Blissful Sojourn

Renowned for its ancient civilization and incredible monuments, Egypt has become a legendary tourist destination on the globe. A trip to this amazing country acts like an eye opener for the travellers where they get to know about some hidden treasures of awe-inspiring beauty, historical facts and astonishing monuments brimming with endless stories of the past.

With such great lures, the country entices millions of travellers to book tickets for cheap flights to Egypt. The country is a kind of an adventure that never ends, a bliss that never fades and a shining sun that illumes the whole world with a light of splendour and pride.

The precious gem of Egypt, Cairo welcomes swarms of travellers booking flights to Egypt every year. The splendid range of tourist attractions in Cairo plays a great role in elevating tourism in the country. The most prominent attraction of Cairo is the much-admired Pyramids at Giza, which are counted among the Seven Wonders of the World. With grand size, astonishing construction and awe-inspiring architecture, Pyramids at Giza tempt the heart of millions of history enthusiasts to dig for cheap flights to Egypt.

Moreover, the great Khan Al-Khalili market, Coptic Museum, Museum of Islamic Art, and the El-Azhar Mosque are also must-visit places for the travellers booking flights to Egypt.

Sun, Sea and Sand are the three words, which perfectly illustrate the eternal beauty of the coastal resort city Hurghada. The far-stretched pristine coastline, sparkling waters and soothing ambience of this fantastic city lure plenty of travellers to book flights to Egypt. For adventure enthusiasts, Hurghada features an array of exciting water sports like diving and snorkelling, which provide an extreme edge to the life.

Apart from coastal attractions, the city also offers many historical sights like Bazaar in El-Dahar, Red Sea Aquarium and Giftun Islands, which narrate stories about the rich culture and glorious civilization of Egypt.

A tour to the historical city of Luxor is a must for travellers on holidays to Egypt. Luxor is a land of vivacious and stimulating temples, which are considered to be blest with blessings of the almighty. The most prominent temple of the city, Temple of Luxor is world famous for its soaring height, wonderful structure, blissful ambience and prosperous history attached to it.

Moreover, the marvellous cruises in the famous river Nile that pass through the city’s vivacious markets, stupendous sightseeing attractions and natural sceneries are also worth a call.

Sharm El-Sheikh
“The City of Peace”, Sharm El-Sheikh caters the needs and desires of all sorts of travellers ranging from serenity lovers to excited adventure partisans. The city features many contemporary hotels, resorts and restaurants, which enrich the holiday experience of the travellers seeking peace and calmness. The majestic beaches and thrilling waves of Sharm El-Sheikh offer great opportunities to the travellers to indulge in various water activities like surfing, snorkelling and the most famous diving. The flourishing variety of underwater flora, coral reefs and endless species of aquatic animals never fail to draw in the crowds.

Moreover, travellers who wish to relish and explore the glorious culture and lifestyle of the city must travel to the traditional markets in the city like Naama Bay and Old Market.

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