Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Authorities to Start AC Buses to and from Mumbai Airport

International travellers booking tickets aboard flights arriving in India’s entertainment powerhouse, Mumbai in the near future will have all the more comfort in terms of travelling to and from the airport. Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) is planning to start AC buses from Mumbai Airport, every 15 minutes. 

The service has been planned to offer reasonably cheap local travel options to the millions of passengers who spend on tickets on flights landing in Mumbai, India and then look for affordable transportation to move to the prominent city centres.

Authorities at BEST maintain that the bus tickets would cost around one-fifth the fares of prepaid cabs to both locals and tourists booking tickets on flights bound to India’s financial hub. There could be point-to-point service for business passengers to city’s prominent commercial hubs like Lower Parel and Nariman Point.  

At present, the airport is a transit point for BEST buses with five to six coaches in operation. But, these coach services are mainly non-AC. 

The development will spell as affordable and convenient options for tourists, who book tickets aboard India bound flights arriving in Mumbai. In addition, the services will help strengthen city’s public transport system with locals as well.

The authorities also plan to start counters for distributing smartcards to tourists boarding India bound flights so that they can make a one-time payment and travel by any bus across the city.

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