Saturday, June 15, 2013

Top Three Incredible Attractions of New York

New York is perhaps the first city that pops in mind on mere mention of this massive country called the USA. And why not! The city, although located on the eastern extreme, is the beating heart of the country.  It is a blend of rich history, multicultural people, shopping and entertainment precincts steeped in glitz and glamour, world beating hotels and restaurants, clubs and bars… and the list goes on! But the countless man-made heritage-steeped monuments and gigantic structures that the city is peppered with are among its main claim to fame, compelling holidaymakers from far and wide to look for cheap air tickets to this ‘Big Apple’ of the USA. Here are just some of such draws that fuel the demand of tickets on flights to the destination.

·   The giant, green statue of a crowned woman holding a torch is perhaps the most identifiable landmark of the city of New York. You guessed it right; we are talking about the Statue of Liberty! Any visit to New York is simply incomplete without visiting this colossal statue officially called ‘Liberty Enlightening the World.’ This magnificent structure has captivated the visitors who book tickets for USA flights for rewarding holidays in New York.

·   The Times Square is the ever vibrating and the most happening precinct of the New York City on any given day. The brightly illuminated area on the Broadway, which is primarily a theatre district, shows high on the itineraries of hedonists and culture vultures buying tickets and boarding flights to arrive in NYC, USA for delighting entertainment and an interesting insight into the city’s multiculturalism. The place is worth a visit especially during popular holidays of X-mas and New Years etc.

·   Majestically spanning the New York City's East River, the iconic Brooklyn Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge Park overlooking Manhattan offer a unique experience to locals and tourists alike. People who buy flights tickets for New York holidays come here to indulge in a leisurely stroll on the elevated walkway and delight in the stunningly enchanting vistas of the New York Skyline. Relax in the waterside park, or gorge on tasty food and take a cultural trip at nearby DUMBO precinct – an expedition here is always great. 

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