Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Melbourne Film Festival 2013 to Start from July 25

Tickets on cheap flights arriving in Australia have long been popular amongst those who wish to soak up some Australian sun, sample cultural offerings and see iconic landmarks. However, foreign cineastes booking tickets aboard flights arriving in Melbourne during the month of July-August will be treated to an amazing entertainment extravaganza as one of the world's oldest fests; Melbourne International Film Festival 2013 is all set to unfold in the city.

The 2013 edition of Melbourne International Film Festival will take place from July 25 to August 11, 2013. All set to catch the world’s fancy, the fest will showcase the best in current cinema from around the world as well as from new-age cinema Australia.

Though Australia’s popular destination of Melbourne is most known for its laid-back culture, pulsating shopping, tantalizing nightlife and iconic attractions, the fiesta is all set to introduce visitors who have booked flights tickets to the country with such a colourful showcase of thought provoking Australian cinema like " Frances Ha", "Upstream Color", "The Captain", "I Missed My Mother's Funeral", "Galore", "Patrick" and "Tim Winton’s The Turning", amongst a host of other thought-provoking films.

The time of July-August remains cold and windy and is not a very bad time for those booking tickets on flights arriving in Australia for sightseeing trips. Surely, motion picture enthusiasts booking flights tickets to the city particularly for the event can have a wonderful time with plenty of things to do and see in Australia.

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