Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Giant crab on show in Sydney

A giant crab at an aquarium in Sydney has grown even more since it was first put on display to the public.

People taking flights to Sydney could decide to pay a visit to the city's aquarium in order to see one of its faster-growing residents.

The aquarium has only had the Japanese spider crab on display for three months, but already it has grown by an impressive 15 cm, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

The crab, which is known as Sake, was measured for the first time since it arrived and its startling rate of growth was found.

As the creature is still only a juvenile, it is predicted it is likely to reach the upper limit of its estimated leg span, which is up to four metres.

"The Japanese spider crabs are a hugely exciting species of crab to have welcomed to the attraction and their significant progress highlights that they are comfortable and relaxed in their new home," said Martin Garwood, senior aquarist at Sydney Aquarium.

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