Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cool and breezy beach tours to Casablanca in Morocco

The Casablanca city is an excellent mix the culture of French heritage, Arabic customs and Spanish. The Casablanca is pride on its grand royal architecture, unique attractions and fabulous sights. This is a gorgeous location to splurge a holiday. This multi ethnic environment pulls loads tourists to take the flights to Casablanca from United Kingdom to unearth the mystic charm of the city. The tourist accommodation facilities are also abundant and reliable. Among the various tours of Casablanca, the beach tours are very much liked. If you also like to enjoy slightly a chill beach vacation, then the springtime is the best take cheap flights to Casablanca to pleasure the cool blue waters in Casablanca.

Ain Diab Beach Casablanca

The exact position of Casablanca is on the banks of Atlantic side of the ocean. Ain Diab is the chief beach of Casablanca and welcomes the more international tourists through the cheap flights to Casablanca. It is a little journey from the city center, several modern beach bars exist to entertain its guests. Ain Diab is a stretch of beach that is easily more than a mile.

Bouznika Beach Casablanca

Bouznika Beach is located between the Casablanca and neighboring city, Rabat. Distinct from Ain Diab Beach, still preserves some of its Moroccan allure and draws many locals and tourists identically through the cheap flights to Casablanca. Bouznika beach is best for surfing and swimming activities and long walks upon a fresh sandy beach, sunbathing and enjoying the cool atmosphere are also the popular activities of Bouznika.

Agadir Beach Casablanca

Agadir beach is an awfully admired tourist destination as it is nestled in a curved shaped bay, it is privileged by surrounding hills. This is quite enjoyable during winter. Taking the flights to Casablanca and spending your vacations involve several activities and water sports including water skiing, swimming, sailing, surfing, and windsurfing.

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