Thursday, January 26, 2012

Grab Flights to Toronto & Explore City’s Top Museums

Toronto is a delightful melting pot boiler of different ethnicities, cultures and traditions. It is a fascinating city that is fully capable of offering you not only the North American charms but also presenting you the Asian enigma and European romanticism!

A visit to top Toronto museums is a nice way to unravel the mystery of this Canadian city. Museums in Toronto take you back in time, make you glide across different continents and introduce you to all sorts of cultures. People from far and wide book flight to Toronto to experience all this and much more.

The Royal Ontario Museum
Referred simply as “The ROM”, Royal Ontario Museum is one enormously popular Toronto attraction! Most of the millions who book flights to Toronto are more often than not found exploring the incredible collection of this magnificent museum. The ROM features scores of enchanting exhibits that mirror the great history and culture of this nation. The museum also organises a wide variety of enrichment programmes for kids and adults alike, making it the perfect holiday stopover for families on a Toronto tour.

The Gardiner Museum
The Gardiner Museum is a treat for ceramic lovers, displaying some of the most exciting creations fashioned out of clay. Located just across the street from the ROM, the Gardiner Museum features exhibits of artists from different pars of the globe. The museum displays ancient as well as contemporary ceramic arts, beguiling art lovers to make reservations on Toronto bound flights.

The Bata Shoe Museum
The Bata Shoe Museum is dedicated to footwear and emphasises on the significance of footwear in the culture. The museum boasts an astonishing permanent collection that ranges from celebrities’ boots to silk shoes from early China. It sure is an interesting attraction to add in the travel itineraries of holiday makers booking cheap flights to Toronto.

The Textile Museum of Canada
The Textile Museum of Canada is yet another tempting addition to the sightseeing schedule of a rover in Toronto. This museum charms tourists with its large assortment of displays as well as by organizing interesting themed exhibitions that show off clothing, carpets and other related stuff from different cultures and eras.

Canadian Air & Space Museum
Tourists with a slightest of hint of interest in the subject will find the Canadian Air & Space Museum an incredible spot! The museum puts on show photos, artefacts and full-size aircraft and replicas, much to the visitor’s intrigue. Canadian Air & Space Museum is surely a place to be after grabbing those cheap flight tickets to Toronto.

Black Creek Pioneer Village
Featuring costumed historical interpreters, Black Creek Pioneer Village is a fantastic duplication of village life in 1800s Ontario. It has a general store that doles out items true to the time, lending a touch of authenticity to the whole scene. Black Creek Pioneer Village also organises programmes on special holidays.

Arthur Conan Doyle Collection
For the ardent fans of Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle Collection at the Toronto Reference Library is as fascinating an attraction as any other in the world! Tucked away on the fifth floor of the library, Arthur Conan Doyle Collection is an incredible gathering of everything and anything that concerns the celebrated author. A huge collection of Sherlock Holmes books can be found stacked in an orderly fashion, giving bursts of joys to interested visitors on a city trip!

MZTV Museum of Television
The MZTV Museum of Television is all about television! The museum claims to have one of the most complete collections of television sets in the North America. Along with television sets of all shapes and sizes, the museum also displays related documents, discs, books, magazines and toys to the visiting public. This museum of television also aims to contribute towards the understanding of the significance and impact of the television.

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