Thursday, January 5, 2012

100 year old boat sets sail in Abu Dhabi

A century old Irish boat has been transported to Abu Dhabi to take part in the Volvo Ocean Race.

Travellers heading on flights to Abu Dhabi in order to attend the Volvo Ocean Race could see one very special vessel taking part in the event.

A 100-year-old Irish boat named the Nora Bheag has been shipped over to the emirate to act as a guest on Irish Day on January 6th 2012, among the modern racing yachts.

The eight-metre long Galway Hooker was transported in a refrigerated container to reduce the risk of it being damaged as it travelled.

Owner Coilin Hernon explained he was concerned that the change in weather conditions could harm the century-old vessel as it had not had a chance to dry out after being used in Ireland over the summer months.

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