Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival to host sustainable company

Melbourne's forthcoming Food and Wine event will see a company with an interesting source of sustainable power hosting a stall.

People on flights to Melbourne who attend the city's forthcoming Food and Drink Festival could find that one stall has a very interesting idea on how to power its stand.

The pop-up restaurant from Greenhouse will be run by restaurateur Joost Bakker, who will be making his produce as sustainable as possible by using mustard seed oil to supply power to the stand, Hospitality Magazine reported.

He is also planning to harvest the urine from his customers to use it as fertiliser on his crops ready for the 2013 festival.

"We're building a waterless female urinal - and of course waterless male urinals already exist - and that gets diverted into a storage tank that goes straight to the farm," Mr Bakker explained.

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