Monday, January 2, 2012

Foreign students and education tour to India

Welcome to Incredible India! The land of greatest philosophers, scholars, architects, scientists and whatnot! One of the most favourite holiday haunts, India has emerged as a sought after educational tourism spot in the world. This enigmatic country has been a leader in terms of education and learning for centuries, such that India tops the travel itinerary of scores of foreign students.

With far-famed institutes like the IIM and IIT - Indian Universities tempt foreign students in droves to take flights to India. Every year, Indian institutions witness streams of overseas students flocking here for enrolling into time efficient and knowledge packed short term courses. Diverse choices of multi disciplinary courses along with renowned faculties are key lures that tempt overseas students to catch cheap flights to India.

Additionally, the tuition fees for these enriching courses often turn out to be a fraction of what is charged in many other parts of the world. No wonder, scores of knowledge seekers who buy tickets for cheap flights to India for pursuing these courses save a great deal of money.

Another major reason that prompts a large number of foreign students and scholars to catch flights to India for educational pursuits is the prolific usage of English in most institutions. And the brilliant climatic conditions and varied diversity of the country add to the already long list of factors responsible for flourishing for educational tourism here.

Apart from the regular courses, many Indian universities and institutions also offer cost efficient educational tourism packages for foreign students details of which can be gathered from the internet. Occasionally, these brilliant educational tourism packages comprise of a number of supplementary features like an introduction to India’s rich history and cultural legacies, wildlife and ecology.

The beneficial students exchange program and educational tours that numerous Indian universities actively indulge in, are effective ways for foreign students to get a rare insight into India’s cultures and traditions.

Almost all the recognised Indian universities help foreign students with passport, visas, flights and hotel bookings. Internationally approved knowledge packed courses and perfect environ with utmost security and facilities remains the key strengths of Indian institutes.

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