Thursday, September 26, 2013

Two Stunning Architectural Delights of Glittering Emirate - Dubai

Dubai is a globally renowned tourist spot, known for its amazing culture, world-class shopping, lavish hotels and particularly the mind blowing architectural marvels. Be it the fascinating remnants of its glorious past or the charismatic structures of modern days, this glittering gem of the UAE is more than capable of becharming even the blasé travellers tempting them to grab air tickets on flights for the destination. While beholding these architectural splendours in this modern utopia, it seems that creating the biggest, largest and utterly incredible things has been a penchant for its rulers.

Here are just two stunning structures of Dubai that catch the fancy of almost every tourist buying flights tickets for holidaying here. 

Burj Al Arab
This splendid structure has pushed the envelope when it comes to architecture and design. Built on an artificial island near the famous Jumeirah beach, the Burj is luxury at its best. It is in fact a hotel, the only ‘7-star’ hotel in the world, that leaves its guests as well the sightseers completely overwhelmed with its breathtaking design, impeccable perfection and ultra-modern amenities. This superlative paradigm of luxury has no wonder caught the fancy of countless of tourists and is a reason enough to set holidaymakers on a quest for tickets aboard flights for holidaying in the emirate.

Bastakiya Quarter
Look no further than the fascinating Bastakiya Quarter of Bur Dubai if you have a desire to explore the culture and heritage of Dubai from the pre oil days. Dotted with an array of historical landmarks including the traditional courtyard dwellings, museums and wind towers, this place makes for a compelling stop for historians and culture enthusiasts spending on tickets for flights arriving in Dubai. The traditional architectural brilliance of this heritage village is simply splendid and worth checking out.

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