Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Look at Top Tourist Attractions of Amritsar

Nestled in Indian state of Punjab, Amritsar is one of the most culturally and religiously rich cities in the country. It boasts an array of marvellous attractions including imposing memorials and vibrant marketplaces, and hence remains a compelling stop for most international tourists who buy packages for holidaying in this part of India. Though each corner of Amritsar holds a unique magnificence, here are some of the spectacular possessions of the city that make every penny spent on India holidays worth it.   

Golden Temple 
This iconic Sikh shrine is one of the most sought after religious attractions in India. Surrounded by a divine lake (Amrit Sarovar), this magnificent edifice has a unique vibe and charm and hence has been a port of call for almost every holidaymaker in Amritsar. Some parts of the holy shrine built with solid gold, which gives it a unique identity. Inside the temple complex you will behold Amrit Sarovar, Akal Takht (Holy Scripture of the Sikhs) and an intriguing museum. The overwhelming experience and striking views of the site can leave anyone spellbound and are well worth the cost of packages for holidays in India

Jallianwala Bagh  
The Jallianwala Bagh, located in the vicinity of Golden Temple, is a monument of great historical importance for India and a must visit site for all those who buy packages for Amritsar holidays to take a peek into city’s unforgettable contribution in India’s freedom fight movement. The sprawling site houses a memorial that stands testimony to that gruesome massacre in Amritsar when thousands of India died of General Dyer’s gun-firing. 

Amritsar holidays are also renowned for satiating one’s culinary appetite to the core. Savouring the delicious street food or dining at city’s top-notches restaurant is one of the wonderful prerogatives of buying tour packages for the destination. Additionally, the city is brim with an array of shopping spots, which can leave shopaholic spoilt for choices.

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