Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sri Lanka’s Top World Heritage Sites for History Enthusiasts

Sri Lanka has always lured history aficionados from across the world! Thanks to its mesmeric remnants of past and an array of historical sites where tourists can walk down the memory lane and make the most out of their bucks spent on flights tickets and holiday deals. A few of the historical destinations in Sri Lanka have been designated as UNESCO World heritage sites. Here is a rundown to two of the prominent ones. 

Cave Temples of Dambula
The magnificent cave temple, located about 150km from Colombo, overwhelms visitors with its architectural grandeur and mesmerising murals. The largest as well as best preserved cave temple in the country, this enchanting shrine remains in the itinerary of almost every culture-enthusiast who spends on air tickets aboard Sri Lanka bound flights. One can behold a vast array of statues, inspiring paintings and various religious artefacts at this place. It was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991, and is worth visiting for culture-lovers buying flights tickets for holidays in Sri Lanka.   

City of Sygiriya
Perched at and around a 200 meter granite rock, this fascinating city is one of the most visited historical sites in the country by those who grab tickets on flights and land here. It was built by the King Kassapa-I (477 – 495 AD), and is counted among the world’s best preserved examples of ancient urban planning. A fortified palace decorated with colourful frescoes is built on the top of the rock. About halfway up the side of this rock is an enormous gateway in the form of a lion. The sloppy, ancient alleys don legendary look. Then there are resplendent rock sculptures and terraced gardens embellished by fountains and canals that add more to the charm of this erstwhile capital of King Kassapa-I. The city of Sygeria is today a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and catches fancy of hordes of holidaymakers buying flights tickets for historical tour in Sri Lanka.

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