Monday, July 22, 2013

Useful and Imp Tips for First Timers in New Zealand

If you are planning for a trip down under to the mystic land of New Zealand, here are a few tips you could use. If you have already booked your tickets aboard flights to this island nation, there’s a chance that you know these already, but please read on to ensure you have not missed out any critical information.

Travel Documents 

Those who have travelled overseas aboard flights or cruises already know that a passport, if valid, is your best friend and there are many unpleasant experiences in store for those who lose it. Get numbers to the local embassy office in case there are problems and retain scans or photo copies of your flight tickets as other travel documents just in case. For updated information visit New Zealand travel page of FCO’s official website.  


Those arriving at New Zealand onboard long haul flights can get a prepaid SIM card at designated outlets in any of the country’s international airports. Broadband speeds in this nation tend to be a bit on the slower side and free Wi-Fi access is available only at a few locations in the country. Something to keep in mind while buying air tickets to the country.    

Bio-security Check

This is a unique feature of New Zealand immigration intended to minimize the number of new pests, diseases and risk items entering the country. Please go through the complete list of risk items after you have booked you flights tickets and be sure to declare risk items at the time of immigration check to avoid fines and/or prosecution.

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