Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Leading Sight-Seeing Destinations in Bangalore City

The metropolis of Bangalore in Karnataka state of India is famous as the country’s Silicon Valley. Though, an oft-visited location among business travellers from round the world, this city is also a preferred destination among those seeking leisure holidays at the leading urban centres across the country. Following are few of the popular sightseeing attractions included in the itinerary of tour packages operating in this part of South India.    

Bangalore Palace

Currently owned by the heir of Mysore’s Royal Family, this palace was originally built by the British and features the characteristic touches of gothic architecture as well as intricate turn of the century woodwork. Surrounded by expansive well maintained gardens, this Palace has hosted numerous concerts featuring popular musicians from across the world. Holidays spent visiting Bangalore city can never be considered complete unless your sight-seeing packages include a visit to this attraction. 

The Forum

For travellers seeking retail therapy during their holidays in India, The Forum is surely the place to be! Billed as one of the largest malls currently operating in the country, The Forum is centrally located and well-connected to the nearby areas by taxi services and cheap public transport. The continuous increase in popularity of this site among international travellers has forced the operators of many tour packages to include this destination as a stopover in their itinerary. 


A number of those travelling to India during their holidays are in search of spiritual awakening and a unique experience not commonly found through the packages offered by travel operators. For those who are truly serious about such pursuits, The ISKCON Temple in Bangalore is a must visit destination. Equipped with a guest house on premises, those manage a stay at this temple complex will surely enrich their experience of a visit to this popular metropolis of India.

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