Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Top Three Sea Food Restaurants in San Francisco, USA

San Francisco, located on the western seaboard of the USA, is among the largest metropolis in the US state of California. This city has been witness to changing times and is home to migrants from all over the world, who have contributed significantly towards developing San Francisco’s culture and cuisine. This is a list of three sea food joints you must check subsequent to buying tickets aboard San Francisco, USA flights.

Tadich Grill 
The oldest sea food restaurant in town with a history spanning over a century, Tadich Grill is definitely the place to go if you are looking for a unique American experience after booking tickets aboard San Francisco flights from anywhere in the world. Definitely among the best places in the city to sample broiled, grilled, baked or sautéed fresh catch from the Pacific if you are interested in buying the tickets required to reach there.   

Hyde Street Seafood House and Raw Bar
The Hyde Street Seafood House and Raw Bar began operating in 1985 and since then it has delighted locals and out of town holidaymakers alike with its impressive selection of delicious seafood. With its interior décor styled on the lines of a ship’s cabin, this restaurant serves the perfect meal during an evening outing for those buying tickets on cheap flights that terminate at San Francisco, California.  

La Ciccia 
La Ciccia is a family owned and operated establishment which emphasises on intimacy and cosiness during an unmatched culinary journey through a meal comprised of Sardinian fare and Italian wine. Anyone who de-boards from flights landing at this city and is interested in Italian cuisine must visit La Ciccia, located on the edge of Noe Valley, USA. 

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