Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Delhi to Host Mango Festival in July

Cheap deals and tickets for India bound flights have long been popular amongst those who wish to sample the cultural and historical lures. The destination is also known to host dozens of incredible colourful and interesting events. And this time it’s International Mango Festival, a two-day event celebrating the Indian mango fruit to be held in July.

The fascinating event hosted by Delhi Tourism is going to showcase the specialities of mangoes from various states of India. The festival is scheduled to take place in Delhi Haat, Pitampura, one of the cultural attractions attracting hordes of foreign tourists who buy tickets on flights and holiday packages to visit the capital of India.

Boasting a fine repertoire of multihued activities associated with mango including eating competitions, slogan writing, quizzes and folk performances, it will definitely spell a rewarding affair for both local as well as international travellers who spend on tickets on flights to tour Delhi. In addition, there will be an overwhelming demonstration of over hundreds of varieties that can be easily savoured by the visitor.

Delhi Haat is one of the wonderful stops where tourists can make the most of their money spent on tickets aboard flights. Resembling a vibrant traditional marketplace of India, it features arts, crafts and speciality foodstuffs. During the event, the place converts into a dedicated place celebrating the King of all tropical fruits.

It is one of the magnificent attractions of Delhi that increase the demand for cheap packages and tickets on flights. It will add a dash of fun and flair, providing maximum bangs for the bucks to foreign vacationers spending on tickets aboard flights and Delhi holiday packages. 

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