Thursday, May 2, 2013

Stretch of Paradise: Rann of Kutch

Close your eyes and imagine infinite stretches of emptiness, nothing but an extensive stretch of frost coloured land! And you will realise why most visitors who book tickets on flights flock to the popular Rann of Kutch fall so in love with the place!

The great Rann of Kutch is the magical stretch of paradise in Gujarat characterised by an imposing aura and mystic ambiance! Fondly dubbed as the gateway to the desert, the village of Dhordo remains a prominent attraction at Rann of Kutch. Pleasingly surprising holiday makers buying tickets on flights landing in India, the region enfolds various religious sites, historical monuments and museums, solitary beaches, archaeological and architectural treasures and wildlife sanctuaries.

A very unusual fact about this place is that it gets submerged during the monsoon season in India and for the rest of the year; this place becomes a tremendous habitat of white sands, enamouring people to grab tickets on flights. The rustic exquisiteness of the region wows travellers with its wild smorgasbord of power-packed surprises. Adventurous souls booking tickets on cheap flights heading towards the region never fail to venture desert’s emptiness on the back of camel under the shade of moonlight. Mounting on the back of the ship of the desert to take a ride across the rough shorelines of the desert is again a bizarre experience in itself.

Famous sanctuaries of the place tempt several enthusiasts to invest on tickets on India bound flights to witness various endemic species of wildlife. Some rare as well as endangered animal species like Khur- Indian wild Ass, a close relative of horse family and other Asiatic wild ass species like Onager are conserved in Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary. Narayan Sarovar Wildlife Sanctuary and the great Indian bustard sanctuary are some of the many other famous sites that offer an up-close encounter with the native species of the region.

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