Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mihin Lanka Enhances Flight Service to Madurai, India

In a bid to offer seamless connectivity and added options to flyers seeking tickets for India bound flights, Mihin Lanka Airline, the low-cost carrier of Sri Lanka is increasing flight services between capital city Colombo and Madurai, a city in southern India.

The airline currently offers tickets aboard flights running three days in a week - Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday. From June 1 2013, it will offer additional service running every Thursday.

The no-frills airline commenced its operations to Indian city last year. Motivated by great demand for tickets on cheap flights, it is now increasing frequency to four per week.

According the schedule, the new service will depart from country’s capital at 12.30 pm (local time) and arrive in southern Indian metropolis at 1.30 pm and the flight will depart from Madurai by 2.30 pm and land in Colombo by 3.30 pm.

The carrier will deploy A320 type aircraft with 180-seat capacity on this route.

Run by the nation’s government, the airline is known for offering cheap deals on tickets on flights to various cities in India, the Gulf and Southeast Asia from Colombo. Madurai is popular attraction of India highly acclaimed for its stunning range of temples and historical remnants. It is expected that increased frequency is going to be music to the ears of leisure travellers who look for tickets for flights.  

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