Friday, April 12, 2013

Two More Luxury Hotels to Come Up In India Soon

Extravagant travellers to India will soon have a couple of more accommodation avenues to splurge their money on! Lalit Suri Hospitality Group has announced its plans to set up two new luxury hotels in India by the end of the current year, offering big-spending tourists, who are booking tickets on flights bound to India, more alternatives for their lodgings in the country.

The group’s management announced that the first property will open very soon in Chandigarh, a modern city in the northern part of India. The second one will come up around November 2013 in Kolkata, a prominent business hub in the eastern part of the nation. Surely, tourists who do not shy away from spending big bucks for tickets on flights will definitely like to explore the offerings of two new resorts that will come in different parts of the country. Both Chandigarh and Kolkata are not only top business centres but also great tourist destinations that attract hordes of holiday makers who invest on tickets aboard flights arriving in India.

Also, there are reports in the Indian media that the hospitality group is making investments to develop mid-range accommodation as well. The variety is definitely good news for vacationers who look for comparatively cheap lodging options after getting hold of tickets on flights that take them to the colourful India!

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