Monday, March 25, 2013

Top 2 Places to Behold the Heritage of Abu Dhabi

One of the glorious gems of UAE, Abu Dhabi is by all odds a great destination where you can behold how the precious remnants of past glisten amid the splendours of present. There is panoply of enchanting sites firmly rooted in Arabia's Islamic traditions where cultural aficionados spending on tickets for cheap flights and holidaying in the city can make the most. Here is a rundown to top two destinations!

Heritage Theme Park
It is a sure beguiler blending the revitalizing air and Emirati culture. The place is more than capable of enchanting the senses of even the blasé travellers. You can immerse into the magical tradition and culture of UAE and have a whale of time. Visiting the glorious destination is well worth the money spent on booking ticketsaboard flights and holidays in Abu Dhabi. It also boasts an old, fascinating café, pulsating market and two theatres featuring shows and concerts.

Al Ain National Museum
The captivating museum, located on the edge of Al Ain Oasis, is nothing less than a treasure trove filled to brim with the most enticing artefacts that justly depict the unique facets of UAE. It is divided into three main sections - archaeology, ethnography and gifts. You can catch sight of entrancing collections of Bedouin jewellery, musical instruments, weapons and traditional majlis redolent of marvellous ethos.  There is no denying the fact the wonderful place is one of the great rewards for booking air travel tickets for flights and holidaying in the Emirati city.

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