Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Holi - India's Colourful Celebration Invites Tourists

It is time for the colourful combustion in India!! India, the most culturally charged country on the planet, is set to celebrate its most vivacious festival, holi in March 2013. The country is known all over the planet for its culture and celebrations and holi is the perfect occasion to witness both after getting hold of tickets deals on India bound flights. And indeed many are planning to book flights tickets for travelling to India to have a wonderful time. The festival will be celebrated on March 27.

Holi, also known as festival of colours, is a fest of gaiety and revelries. People exchange pleasantries and throw coloured water on each other. Foreigners will find it an opportune period to enjoy Indian hospitality and at the same have a time of their lives by getting themselves engaged in gaudy festivities. Sweets are also offered to add the all important gastronomic touch to the event! Foreign tourists can block flights tickets for a March visit to India and experience it all.

Indian diversity is also apparent during the celebration. Different parts of the country celebrate the festival in a different way, offering multiple versions of the same fiesta to those who are making flights tickets reservation chiefly to enjoy the day.

The month of March is also a delightful time to plan India holidays and grab flights tickets, given the climatic conditions during the period.

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