Friday, January 18, 2013

Life of Pi Inspired Tourism for India Authorities

It seems that the blockbuster status of the movie, Life of Pi has given a sort of stimulus to India’s tourism authorities! India government is looking to cash in on the huge popularity of the movie that has been partly shot in India. Indian govt. is hoping to attract vacationers and tempt them to book flights tickets for the country, encouraged by the prospective of visiting the expanse where the Oscar-nominated was filmed.

As per media sources in India, the government of the country would soon launch a campaign, “Land of Pi”, across all media, including print, online, electronic and outdoor, to promote tourist destinations in India, in particular Puducherry and Munnar of Kerala. The promotional drive is expected to bring in a significant change in the number of keen holiday makers looking for cheap options on flights tickets for a tour of India.

Govt. of the country has already announced special awards for the maker of Life of Pi, Ang Lee and the author Yann Martel on whose book the movie is based.

The production has been a massive hit in the west with thousands taken in the by the visual aspect of the film. The wonderful scenic vistas of Puducherry and Munnar have also been appreciated and these are places that have traditional hits among those grabbing tickets on flights arriving in India.

As per the campaign strategy, posters of the motion picture would be showcased at India’s tourism offices all over the world, in order to entice foreign vacationers to get hold of flights tickets for the nation where the film was partly shot.

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