Friday, January 18, 2013

Hong Kong's Fantastic Food: Top Eateries!

From shopper and sightseer to sybarite and shoestring, everyone has a reason to lay hands on flights tickets deals that would take them to the glittering Hong Kong! The incredibly remarkable parade of offerings that dot the landscape make it possible. Among the cluster of travellers who keenly look for cheap offers on airfares for flights tickets to the destination, there are always a high number of foodies! The reason is simple – the abundance of resplendent restaurants.

Foodies who are successful in grabbing cheap flights tickets for a plane travel to Hong Kong are most likely to visit the Tim's Kitchen, the place for the discerning epicureans! It is a simple place that won’t dazzle you with brilliant interiors but with great food. Cantonese menu is one of the best here, with preparations like sea cucumber and fish maw scoring most with locals as well as out of state foodies landing here after making tickets reservations on international flights. The Chairman is another joint that has created a sort of following for itself in the population. 

With weeks of advance booking, the restaurant remains much in the wish list of foreigners as well. Authentic local offerings are the highlight of the place. Aqua is in the priority list of party lovers and loungers who are blocking airline tickets on flights arriving in Hong Kong. The place is as renowned for its wonderful scenic views as it is for its yummy concoctions putting diners in a delirium!

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