Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sea Plane Services for Tourists Taking Flights to Goa

Goa would soon be offering the services of a sea plane for tourism purpose, bringing much cheer to the local and foreign tourists taking air tickets on India bound flights landing in the smallest state of the country, said a government official.

The authorities will be introducing a nine-seater aircraft which will have the capability of taking off and landing on water. It is said that the services will be launched around the time of Christmas, a high tourist season when hordes of holiday makers book air tickets on flights to Goa to explore the vibrant beach destination of India.

Terming the service as a “joy ride’, the official stressed the new initiative of the state govt will be affordable and apt for budget vacationers taking cheap air tickets on flights landing in India. A ride in the plane is not surely going to put much strain on the pockets of the tourists netting air tickets to India.

While a private party is going to handle the operations of the seaplane, other details like logistics are yet to be chalked out by the relevant establishments. Offering a novel experience to all those taking air tickets on India bound flights, Goa will be the first state in the country that will be using the seaplane for tourist-centric purposes. The islands of Andaman and Nicobar have a similar aircraft but they are not used for tourism interests.

The plane can also be used to carry passengers from the airport to different locations in the coastal state.

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