Saturday, October 6, 2012

Las Vegas’ Caesars Entertainment Enters to India

Times are likely to get even better for leisure vacationers taking tickets on flights landing in India! Caesars Entertainment, one of the world's biggest casino companies, is planning a foray in the country and is likely to offer a big treat to the locals and foreigners who will book flights tickets and land here. However, the corporation is only allowed to bring in its non-gaming businesses to the country.

The firm will involve itself in businesses like luxury hotels and the management of Bollywood-centric events, concerts, musicals, drama and stand-up comedy.

This Las Vegas-based company currently owns 50 hotels and casinos in different countries of the world and is now hoping to bring in the same level of quality and excellence in India with its 15 hotels that are being planned for the country.

The hotels are likely to be plush properties that will cater to luxury seekers making booking for tickets on flights headed towards India. Caesars, the popular hotel brand of the corporation, will be set up and is sure to offer wonderful set of services and amenities to tickets buyers for India bound flights. However, it can also be safely presumed that budget travellers with eyes on cheap flights tickets to India are unlikely to opt for such lavish properties.

Caesars’ entry into the country also makes it possible for a string of noted world level performers to come to India, as they are associated with the corporation properties.

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