Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Travel Tips to Ensure Rewarding Safari in Kenya

Kenya is an epic safari destination that boasts mesmerising wealth of wildlife. It attracts legions of holidaymakers from all over the world to grab tickets on cheap flights arriving in the country. Britons make for a considerable proportion of that tourist inflow into Kenya. It is thus vital that British travellers who are planning to invest on those tickets on flights must pay heed to certain travel aspects such as where to go, when to go and more.
Where to Go
Kenya is laden with tons of savannah and rainforest-clad mountains inhabiting millions of mega fauna and little creatures. But it is the Masai Mara National Reserve that steals the show and visited by almost every vacationer who spends on tickets on flights for touring Kenya. It is the very land that boasts a range of wildebeest, and other epic herbivores. Tourists can catch sight of lions roaming like king; cheetahs running across the savannah and crocodiles waiting for its target. Apart from Masai, tourists have wonderful choices like Amboseli, Tsavo, Lake Nakuru, Aberdare, Meru and Kakamega National Park. All of these destinations are filled to brim with spectacular range of creatures and offer legendary experiences that are worth more than the bucks invested on tickets on flights and the overall trip. 

When to Go
Mid-June to October, the dry season makes for the ideal time to tour Masai Mara. It is a period when the grasslands of the destination attract good number of gnu, zebra and various other kinds of herbivores of Africa. Tourists can enjoy the immense density and diversity of the wildlife. It should be considered that August is a peak tourist season when cheap deals on tickets for flights a rare commodity. Other natural reserves can be toured during dry months (from January through March and July through October). It is a period of water scarcity and hordes of animals tend to gather around water ponds, streams, rivers and lakes. In addition, the vegetation is comparatively less dense and ensures trouble-free visibility from distance.

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