Monday, October 14, 2013

Top Two Destinations to Visit for India’s Rich Cultural Heritage

Besides its captivating natural splendours, what leaves one who grabs travel tickets for holidaying in India becharmed is its glorious history and invigorating culture. Almost every corner of the nation has a story to tell and offers something exotic in terms of culture. However there are a few destinations where holidaying is a sure-fire way to immerse into India’s cultural ecstasy and make the most of the monies spent on deals for flights and vacation packages. Here is a quick look at top two!

Not for nothing is this state considered as the miniature India, particularly in terms of history and culture. Brimming with awe-inspiring forts and palaces, enticing marketplaces and splendid art centres, it offers visitors a rare chance to soak in the royal histories of its rulers and their lifestyle. Tourists can even experience that royalty by staying in heritage hotels of the state. The exotic fairs & festivals in Rajasthan also set visitors on a quest for air tickets aboard flights arriving in the state. Some popular tourist places to visit there include Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur and Jaisalmer.
Located in Indian province of Madhya Pradesh, it is a second to none destination to have an insight into spellbinding temple architecture, superb stone carvings and rich local traditions. Khajuraho’s temples are unique not only for their architectural beauty, but also for the religious and cultural significance they have. On the outer walls of these temples are interactive sculptures of kings and deities engaged in physical intimate acts. The place also features many enriching programmes all year-round, and lives up to every penny spent on tickets on flights for sojourning India.

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