Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Some Must-Try Adventures in New Zealand

Beyond just a land of surreal natural beauty, New Zealand boasts an array of enthralling sports that set adventure buffs on a mad scramble for cheap tickets on flights arriving here. Ranging from mountain trekking to bungee jumping and skiing to skydiving, the country offers a plethora adventure sports and is justly called a paradise for thrill-seekers. Here are some popular adventures to enjoy for adrenaline junkies buying flights tickets for New Zealand holiday. 

Bungee jumping: New Zealand is the motherland of this thrilling sport and never dismays the ones who love to fall freely from lofty heights. There are plenty of sites in forms of bridges, climbs and cliffs around the nation where one can enjoy the thrill of bungee jumping and make most of the money spent on flights tickets and holiday deals here. Some popular places are Auckland Harbour Bridge, Waitemata Harbour, Kawarau Bridge at Queenstown, etc.

River-Rafting: The stimulating rapids and heart-touching panorama on New Zealand Rivers will surely grab your imagination and let your spirit run free. Undeniably, white water rafting is a luring bait that sets adventure-lovers rummaging on the web for cheap tickets for New Zealand bound flights. One can opt for a Queenstown tour for enjoying the real thrill of rafting. Rotorua in North Island is another great place to go for rafting, both for novice as well as veterans. 

Skydiving: A land of breathtaking locales and many world-renowned sites to relish skydiving, New Zealand gives an unmatchable experience to all adrenaline junkies who book flights tickets to the nation to enjoy this heart-stopping adventure. Lake Wanaka near Queenstown enjoys a cult status among sky-divers that gives their imaginations wings. The Bay of Plenty is another popular site that has taken skydiving experience to new levels.

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