Monday, August 5, 2013

Two-day Heritage Festival to Take Place in Lucknow, India

India has taken out yet another surprise from its Pandora’s Box for those planning to book cheap flight and accommodation packages well in advance for holidays to the country during the peak travel month of October 2013. One of the nation’s popular historic destinations, Lucknow is all set to host the Kaiserbagh Heritage Festival on October 27 and 28, 2013. 

The festival is aimed at restoring and reviving the lost heritage of Kaiserbagh, which was once a popular hub for cultural activities in the city. This two-day dazzling fiesta will feature a wide variety of music, street performances, dance and cultural programmes to engage and entertain the visitors who book travel packages for holidays to the country. In addition, those who opt to attend the event will also be able to enjoy entertaining activities like craft bazaar, sound and light show and programme on light Sufiyana music.  

Authorities are ensuring all measures to provide adequate infrastructure and security to tourists who have already booked or are planning to spend on affordable packages to enjoy the historic glimpses of this superb location during their holidays to northern India.

Full of colonial edifices and historical ruins, Lucknow has long been one of India’s popular hotspot amongst history and culture buffs from across the globe. Every year, millions of foreigners seek air travel packages to explore the historical legacy of this city in northern part of the country during their holidays.

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