Thursday, August 15, 2013

Best Adventure Choices in New Zealand

The mesmerising beauty of New Zealand as showcased in numerous popular movies has been one of the key factors driving its tourism industry. But this island nation is also renowned as the leading hub for a broad range of adventure activities. Following are a list of adrenaline pumping activities that are guaranteed to leave thrill seekers gloating about their decision to purchase tickets aboard long-haul flights to reach the country.


The view from the top of this incredibly scenic destination is definitely possible if one buys the tickets to board any of the short sightseeing flights that operate at the country’s major tourist hubs. However those with a greater thirst for adventure have the alternative option of skydiving. Apart from providing an incredible adrenaline rush, the view from the top during the freefall is memorable to say the least. Leading locations for such dives include Queenstown and Lake Wanaka because of the scenic backdrop of such a jump. This is one of those activities which would be criminal to miss out on!

Bungee Jumping

New Zealand is presently classified as one the leading bungee jumping destinations globally and commercial jump services have been operating in the nation since the early 1980s. Visitors who purchase tickets onboard New Zealand flights seeking an adventurous holiday can jump off stadium roofs, rail bridges, cliff edges and much more. Preferred locations for the activity include Auckland Harbour Bridge as well as the incredible 134 feet drop at Nevis. Most assuredly an activity adventurers can ill-afford to miss out on if they are on holiday in this picturesque nation.


The sport of spelunking (caving) is slowly emerging as an ultimate adventure sport and New Zealand is a veritable hotbed for this activity. In recent years, this has been responsible for greatly increasing the number of holidaymakers booking tickets on flights terminating in New Zealand. This escapade can contain subterranean rafting (black water rafting), walks through caves that feature a surreal ambience and heart pumping rope dangles. Though the Waitomo Caves on the North Island are the most popular haunts for caving, numerous sites also abound in the South Island including Fiordland and Nelson.

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