Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hong Kong Disneyland Hotels Promise Fun & Adventure

Families just love it here at the Hong Kong Disneyland! A relatively recent addition to Hong Kong’s growing entourage of tourist pleasers, the theme park has managed to etch its name right on the top of most of the travel itineraries. The popularity of the venue can be credited to, of course, the entertainment factor and its ability to create a universe within a park. And this universe, among all other things, features two accommodation options that are hugely distinctive from not only each other but also from other proprieties in Hong Kong. Not surprisingly, a good number of foreign tourists who grab tickets on flights and land in the region opt to stay at these two beautiful ‘fun houses’. In particular families boarding flights headed for Hong Kong choose to stay amidst all the fun that goes on in the Disney land! 

Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel
This one is a beautiful property that boasts Victorian style interiors and promises one great ride of unmatched excitement and entertainment. It is at the lush rooms where one finds enough validation for spending money not only on the accommodation but also on tickets for flights that carry one to Hong Kong. Dining is incredible too with wonderful in-house restaurants serving the best of international delicacies and acting as tickets for the complete satiety of the being! 

Disney's Hollywood Hotel
Investing money on tickets for flights bound to Hong Kong sure finds a great return once the family decides to check-in at Disney's Hollywood Hotel! A fun property that’s inspired by Hollywood, it has 600 rooms across multiple categories. A bus runs every 10-15 minutes to the Park from the property. No tickets are required for the bus journey as it is free of cost. Even the dining establishments here are supremely enjoyable with Chef Mickey perhaps taking the top honours. The buffet offered at the eatery surely allows foodies to let their flights of culinary adventure take air and find their respective airports!

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