Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Egypt’s Pyramid Trail: Explore it!!

The pyramids of Egypt are one of the most iconic symbols globally and the sustained interest of people from all over the world has continued to drive the demand for tickets aboard flights reaching the country since the beginning of air travel. But the popular complex at Giza near Cairo, the capital city of Egypt, is not the only place where one can see these architectural marvels close up. Following are some of the other destinations that will make holidaymakers gloat over their decision to buy tickets on flights landing in the country. 


The necropolis of Dashur is located to the south of Memphis, the capital of ancient Egypt. The area is frequented by travellers from all over the world who come to see the early attempts at creating these mammoth structures and the progression towards the one at Giza. A must visit site for anyone buying tickets onboard flights bound to Egypt with the intention of closely observing the architectural marvels of this grand civilization. 


Saqqara is another famous necropolis and the site of the oldest known marvel created by the Egyptians. The step pyramid of Djoser is the oldest Egyptian tomb in existence and it is so distinctive that it can easily be identified by anyone taking an aerial view while onboard local sightseeing flights. Considering that there is so much to see, it is only natural that international air tickets to the destination Egypt in general and Cairo in particular sell like hot cakes all year round.

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