Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lebua Hotels to Establish More Hotels in India

Tourists who are seeking a holiday in India and are looking to save big by netting tickets on cheap flights only to splurge it later on lavish accommodation will shortly have more top class choices available to them. Lebua Hotels and Resorts has announced its plans to establish new luxury properties in different cities of India. The Thailand-based luxury hotel operator will be setting up four new properties in big cities of the country in next two years. Availability of more luxury resorts automatically means more options to consider for big-spending travellers who buy tickets for flights to the destination and look for top addresses.

Lebua has three properties in Rajasthan, a top tourist hub among leisure vacationers who spend on tickets aboard India flights and holiday packages for an authentic Indian experience. Currently, the company’s total room inventory stands at 140 and this would rise to 1,500 once the firm’s 4 resorts start operating in India. These properties will come up in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Goa – each a popular destination that attracts not only vacationers booking air tickets for flights but also business travellers who grab tickets aboard India flights to look after their commercial interests.

The hospitality firm has six lavish addresses in three countries—Thailand, New Zealand and India, and if media reports are to be believed than the company plans an air charter service in the next few months in each of the three countries to offer convenient transfer to guests.

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