Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Enjoy the Best of Art in San Francisco

San Francisco is an art lover’s paradise! There is no end of museums in this wonderful city for wallowing into the unparalleled glory. These treasure troves of chef-d'oeuvres are the enchanting tourist trappings that catch the fancy of global travellers and lure them to spend on tickets aboard flights and USA holidaypackages. Here is a look at the most prominent ones.

Located in the downtown, the five-storey structure is a wonderful attraction. One of the brilliant architectural landmarks, it is a monument to contemporary works attracting hordes of keen travellers who buy tickets for San Francisco bound flights and USA holiday packages. You can feast eyes on marvellous range of masterpieces. The repository has exhibited outstanding works by Richard Diebenkorn, Cindy Sherman, Matthew Barney and Paul Klee.

The Asian Art Museum
It is the largest repository exclusively devoted to Asian objects. Set in a marvellous building, it features three floors of galleries inundated with diverse and wonderful masterworks. There is a vast collection of pieces redolent of unique religions of China, Tibet, India, Thailand and Japan. You can catch sight of awe-inspiring variety of woodblock prints, painted scrolls, screens, bronze, stone relics and much more.  Certainly, the place has ample of attractions to leave you gloating over your decision of booking tickets aboard flights and planning vacations in USA.

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