Saturday, March 2, 2013

Vivacious Nightlife of Chiang Mai Overwhelms One and All

With live acts going on at one corner and other side quivering with euphonies of jazz band, a night in Chiang Mai is a way to celebrate the eternal glory that never fades even when the sun bows down. The joys of pulsating bazaars; thrill of chic restaurants and the breathtaking vim and vigour of bars and clubs dapple the ebon shades of night-time with multihued hues of life.

As you walk down the ever quivering streets of Chiang Mai, you will catch sight of mesmerizing dioramas that literally leave you bubbling over with delight and bliss. No wonder, the vibrant night-time diversion appeals to travellers who spend on flights tickets to jaunt the cultural capital of Thailand. 

Shoppers looking forward to immerse into the shopping glory of Thailand can make way to Night Bazaar and bag the remarkable range of items. The market boasts an array of stalls selling tremendous stuff and offers myriads of opportunities to make the most of your money spent on flights tickets. While travellers keen on sightseeing can make a beeline to Walking Street and get into the skin of Chiang Mai. They can relish the gourmet street food, booze to heart’s content and get a maximum bang for the bundles invested on holiday deals and flights tickets to visit Thailand.

On the other hand, music buffs can take delights at live jazz by the riverside around River Ping at Charoenrat Road that has the best line-up of bars playing live music. There is no denying the fact the vivacious nightlife of the city ticks all the right boxes of every vacationer who makes tickets reservations for cheap flights landing in Thailand.

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