Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Transit Visa Push for Indian Tourism Likely

Travellers who have always longed to experience the glorious splendours of India need not necessarily plan holidays for the country. Indian authorities are considering the alternative to relax its visa rules with the tourism ministry coming up with a transiting visa - for 48 to 72 hours - to give a boost to the number of foreign fliers picking tickets deals on India bound flights for quick stopovers in the country. 

It sure could be great news for those time-pressed travellers who plan transit travel through India and wish to revel in top Indian charms like Agra’s Taj Mahal and Jaipur’s regal forts. As per news reports, the move could be implemented in coming few months and Delhi and Mumbai could be the first cities to be benefited from the development. 

Tourism ministry of the country is said to be interested in tapping the growing demand of leisure and business travel for Southeast Asia. The authorities hope to prolong the stays of those fliers in India who have booked flights tickets for a transit travel through India for travelling to other countries in the region. Even industry insiders believe the move is likely to result into more number of foreigners taking tickets on flights bound to India. A large segment of business travellers who book flights tickets deals for countries like Sri Lanka and Nepal can be tapped into, according to some industry experts. 

In spite of its incredible natural and historical wonders, India hasn’t really captured the world tourism market. However, initiatives like these are likely to push more international travellers to consider making tickets reservations on flights arriving in India.

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